While All of Yall Enjoying Christmas, Let Me Tell You How I Really Feel About Now

xmasmfs I want to wish all of you a wonderful and joyful holiday season and take time to sit back and reflect on where you at and realize the most important thing is you are given another day and another opportunity to go out there and define who you are and what you believe in. The best thing about Christmas is giving to others and knowing you show others you cared. For me, all of my chicks left the country or their parents are visiting from China so I’m all here alone and I’m currently living in the bottle right now and partying it up as a single guy. But damn, every year I go out here in Atlanta and celebrate this time of year, I do not realize how many fine single sistas be out there. I been hanging out with a motherland sista but she start showing some primitive tendencies I’m not used to, especially when she eating and when I heard her using the bathroom and will leave it at that. So I’m good and will just be here alone for the holidays mostly. But overall, I’m drunken happy because I accomplished so much. I got in better shape and living an active lifestyle and eating a lot better. I quietly got all of my businesses and operations up and running and was in prototype mode and doing good. I also met someone who I will be honest, we both fell in love in each other on the first sit down and I met her father and daddy is a straight boss in China and that mean I have to step my game up. I love the fact I’m going to work to earn daddy respect for his daughter and that’s some real man ish I wished I did earlier in life when it comes to finding a wife. Real talk to all the brothas out there - find a woman to marry that has her dad or love her dad, just screw the rest of them. But one of the biggest thing I did was divested myself from black identity – I no longer have friends because they black and I don’t do business with cats because they black and I definitely do not date women because they black. When I started getting rid of funny acting black people in my life and wiped them out, I felt like I wiped out a whole bunch of deadweight that was holding me down. And what I did was embrace quality and went where I was celebrated and appreciated and accepted nothing less than that. I’m very proud I took a strong stand in my life to stop being loyal to black skin color and focus on just being a brotha who going to do for his people, his community and his future and just do it without the BS race rhetoric these other cats keep recycling. These personal and professional developments have me sitting back and like I’m actually happy and where I want to be. And I got rid of the ugly women who thought they can hold me back and acted proud thinking they were hurting me. And I got rid of those brothas who act like they cannot congratulate or acknowledge me for any accomplishments or good in my life. And my crew is tight, our gunplay is tight, the money is tight and my girl vajayjay is tight and I cannot complain about life right now. Now, I do have some issues but you know what – I been through adversity so much that I don’t care about issues because I always find a way to make things work. With that said, I hope you brothas and sistas out there work to find yourself and do what it takes to get you to the point where you happy. That’s important but let me give you guys a bit of advice – what will make you truly happy is when you are on a path to better the world for others and help others. My hustles involve helping brothas and sistas worldwide who live in urban communities and grew up like I did in the hood but I’m looking at how to make cats in the hood lives better no matter if they are in South London or Southwest Atlanta. I hope whatever you brothas and sistas do, make sure you pursue your passion with social responsibility towards the betterment of others who you care about and you should already know, I will be there helping in the best way I can helping you reach your goals and dreams. Have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season!

9 thoughts on “While All of Yall Enjoying Christmas, Let Me Tell You How I Really Feel About Now

  1. Happy holidays to you and thank you for your efforts to put broth as and sistas on. I have looked at things very differently since coming across this blog I can say that the way I wanted my mindset had lead me to this site. Because of broth as like you this sista will definitely be dropping new solutions worldwide and continuing opening up doors for others no matter where they reside. Much love! 2015 is definitely a year that will better than my last few and I’m truly grateful for not giving up on this.

  2. Ed. Finding your sites has been like finding treasure. Thank you for all you do. I wish you much happiness in the new year.

  3. Ed, Happy holidays to you and yours-You have been a wonderful impact on me. I truly thank you for helping others out who are searching for their own happiness and roles in life. Thank you Ed!!! Thank you!!! Enjoy and see you next year!

  4. Happy Holidays Ed. Thank you for your insights and guidance throughout the year. Your blog has been a godsend – I truly appreciate you and your efforts.

  5. Merry Christmas Ed. Its been a another great year with D & H. Thank you for all of your great works. Best wishes for your and yours.

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