Your Top 10 versus My Top 10 Dream and Hustle Articles in 2014

biggerbetter Looking back at Dream and Hustle 2014, I would say it was a great year. So much was covered on this blog on entrepreneurship, technology and urban issues and focused on original research providing real depth and perspective. But what is most important and make this the best year ever was how brothas and sistas start taking information and making something happen for themselves. So let’s cover the top articles of 2014 here at Dream and Hustle. The one thing I will say and this is the honest truth – Dream and Hustle has the best quality black audience hands down. I would be ashamed and embarrassed to have the kind of crackpot loser followers these other characters have. But my audience are real cats recognizing opportunities to do for self and know there is a way if the will is there. But anyway, I’m going to cover the top articles by visitors and going to talk about my favorite articles. Your Top 10 Articles What you should notice about the top 10 articles on Dream and Hustle is these articles are likely took off on their own viral nature out of my control. Someone posted these articles up in their own Facebook page or BBS group and other places and had heated back and forth discussions on these topics. But the thing is, these articles enabled brothas and sistas to take action, take a position and reflect upon themselves and that is what good writing and blogging should do. So let me try to explain the best I can but to be honest, you guys made these articles viral and I really don’t know why. 10. ABC/Disney Do Not Promote Interracial Relationships, But Dominate/Subservient Relationships I wrote this article observing ABC which is ran by a mostly Jewish executive board tend to pair black women with white guys in their programming but reluctant to pair black guys in relationship roles with some nice curvy Jewish women. No one was calling ABC out on this and I don’t know what is going on inside ABC or secret memo they spreading that making them pull this racist type of casting crap either. So I just put up ABC and Disney history of pulling this race nonsense of showcasing black women with white men and pretending the brothas do not exist. Well, you guys passed it around and it went viral and it also look like ABC realize we are on to them. ABC was promoting white male fantasy with non-white women that is prevalent in the pornography industry, not interracial relationships. All I ask of ABC and Disney to make things right is show an accurate portrayal such as a brotha booty hugging his curvy Jewish chick while riding the F-line to Brooklyn. 9. Outrageous! Sh*t Black People Say about Issues within the Black Community. I was just making up one of those viral content articles other bloggers do and didn’t realize this article would go viral. I do not even remember much about this article as it was over two years ago but I do remember speaking on the hypocrisy of gay marriage hatred in the black community. I believe what happened was gay marriage was on the ballot in California and black people were outspoken about banning gay marriage and forgetting to look in their backyard of failed black identity relationships. I need to update this article when I get a chance or maybe you can think of things. 8. How the Afro-Chinese Youth Explosion Will Destroy the American Black Boule in Less Than a Decade When I wrote this, it was more of focusing on a trend that will show a global shift in black power worldwide. But I found out the sistas like beyond black white hated this article with a passion because of how I was gloating with the brothas to make some Chinese chicks their baby momma as their retirement package. Then I taunted the brothas about still wanting to deal with sistas with all the drama and failure of black identity relationships. I personally find this article funny because it was not meant to be taken in that fashion but I probably convinced a lot of brothas to say screw the sistas and start making some smart d*ck moves. But regardless, a billion Asian chicks for a black man to be choosey to create millions of blasian sistas for our young brothas to be choosey when they grow up. 7. The Black Woman Guide to Dealing with Radicalized Black Men Hating Black Women Online I’m personally happy this article finally went viral after the sistas woke the hell up to the climate of hostile hate going on against black women among a certain group of black dudes. Many sistas are still in denial and not realize the increasing level of random violence against black women from black men who hate black women has actually increased. Brothas are straight shooting black women and these are not domestic related either and this is not being talked about. I did not want Asia McGowan to go out in vain and wanted sistas to know this story and stop being a victim in denial and realize the climate out there and do something. 6. Understanding Why Warren Ballentine Got Booted From WAOK 1380 AM in Atlanta This old article pretty much break down Warren Ballentine hustle against the black community and what is funny to me is how he was able to have a nationally syndicated radio show and no one spoke up and called out this dude on this BS. Cats even brought this article to Warren Ballentine and I heard he was pissed and didn’t respond. I never figure out why these guys never respond to me or come at me – is it because I’m real Chicago West Side? No, it’s because I see these cats for what they are and call them out on it and they know I will expose their behinds and break their hustle down to the atomic level. The monopoly card photo with Warren Ballentine booty sticking out getting kicked out is still funny to me everytime I look at it. 5. Two Videos Worth Analyzing – Dr. Claud Anderson and Ghetto Mall Incident I think this is a reference video to the taser video because it is hard to find on WSHH and that is why cats come to this article. But I was and still critical of Dr. Claud Anderson because he spends 75% of his speeches talking about the past and what going down but fail to get deep into the solutions. Only solutions is going to bring us forward and that is why I’m focusing on applying solutions based on Dr. Anderson approach. Now the ghetto mall tasing thing is sad all around. What I saw in that video was a security brotha who just hate his own people but want to keep his job and turned on people. 4. Top Five Foreign Films to Watch on Netflix during the Holiday Break This is probably a universal search term and I probably tapped into a demand for a list of Netflix movies to watch. Most of the incoming search says Netflix movies with sex scenes so that should give you a reason why this article is showing up as being a popular one. I’m sorry but I do not watch regular movies and like my movies hard core. Most of those movies are not even on Netflix anymore but they are some very good movies to watch if you can get the DVD. And yes, the YouTube videos have some sex scenes in them. 3. The Guilty Conviction of Warren Ballentine : Special Coverage I noticed the time Warren Ballentine was to start his trial, the article featured as #6 shot to number 1 for a period and search terms for Warren Ballentine was all up in Dream and Hustle stats. So it was people searching for information on Warren Ballentine while Radio One and others were trying to be hush-hush about mentioning Warren Ballentine. So when the guilty verdict came down, I noticed these other media outlets were going to play it quiet – nah, I decided I’m going to do special coverage specifically on Warren Ballentine guilty conviction and provide coverage. What I did was created a special coverage pop-up media section on Warren Ballentine and filled it up with in-depth commentary and analysis of his situation. This is how you do pop-up media and notice I use the word Warren Ballentine and Guilty in the title for search engine click bait. 2. How the Black House Music DJs Shut Themselves Out of the Global House Nation Explosion This article just blew up on me as I written it months ago because some Chicago house music dude I know who still spins at cheap clubs and weddings was dissing Calvin Harris success and Swedish House Mafia. So I written this article up as a written record of why the Eurodance movement took over house music and making millions while Chicago House dude is asking people on Facebook to help find him a gig to DJ and he been doing this Chicago house music DJing for over 20 years. Well, someone who had to be famous on Facebook and a few house music groups linked to this article and they were blowing up and it became a serious discussion, the most serious discussion on this blog. I still do not know the source of incoming traffic. Well, as a result of this article, a lot of Chicago house cats realize they need to step up their game and get back to business and take advantage of this genre that is blowing up all around them and you are seeing more organic festivals being created and a lot of Chicago house cats are going back to the studio and beginning to get back on tour – good for them. 1. How to Keep Ballin Hard Like a Boss with the Hair Extension Hustle This is Dream and Hustle consistent number one article and hard to knock this article off the #1 spot. It is testament that there is demand for the sistas to get into selling hair extensions as a side hustle and I and others did not realize the demand was this big for this kind of article. I wrote this article as a follow up to the article showing how the sistas should start their own entrepreneurial efforts marketing to other sistas like the Japanese sistas are doing so well. The goal was to move black women away from butt modeling to broke dudes or stripping for broke dudes and instead, market beauty and fashion to other sistas which is more money to be made out here. The good thing is this is the number #1 article on Dream and Hustle is because sistas are getting the message that marketing products and services to other sistas is the business. My Top 10 Articles Now that we covered your favorite articles that I had no control over on how you guys would react them them, let me share what my favorite articles are. Many of you guys do not realize but I am a forward thinking person and keep it moving and do not remember many of the stuff I write until I read it again when I got some free time. Some of the articles are just outright shocking to me as they were to you as I cannot believe I wrote that. I wrote something that still kills me where I said some of these sistas look like something God built in a Build-A-Bear store – that makes me laugh 10. Black Women Continue to Blissfully Ignore the Black Elliot Rodger and the Black MRA Threat After the Elliot Rodger mass shooting spree targeting women who would not date him, the sistas continue to walk around and act like none of this is going in the black community. I wrote this article with the intention to let the sistas know they were still ignoring this important issue and pretending it does not exist. This article served as the catalyst for the sistas to start acknowledging and recognizing what is going on and it’s brothas out there seething with hate for any black woman and willing to scapegoat his own lack of manhood to the sistas rejecting him. This article made a lot of sistas aware of what is going on and sistas took it from there going after these PUA clowns and that is a good thing and I’m glad the sistas woke up. 9. Hustle Space Teach or Take Part Three: Black Greek Letter Organizations This article is very important to black culture as it show how black institutions fail to keep up with changing trends because they want to stick to some worthless snobby tradition. Black Greek Letter Organizations will not have any significant growth in the future and will gradually fall off in numbers in a downward spiral. The primary driver will be virtual education options and emergence of virtual fraternities and sororities. But most important, BGLOs rape their active members with fees and expensive gatherings instead of provide them any real value or revenue generation strategies. This article tried to teach the BGLOs to pursue a more for-profit model and if they don’t, brothas and sistas can create their own virtual fraternity/sorority that can easily overtake 100 year old BGLOs with bigger membership numbers and revenue and cash on hand in just a few years. 8. Rise of Empires: Applying Circular Economic Modeling to Operate an USB Power Bank Rental Service You guys seem to love this business model and I love it also. It is easy to setup and offer a service that can be reused and pay for itself. If this business model is situated in the right location, it can be extremely profitable. Most important, kids and ex-convicts can run this operation with little startup effort and no real barriers. This model use the circular economic model and this is one of the many new paradigm of business models we can pursue now in our hoods. We are definitely going to pursue and document more circular economic models in the upcoming Hustle Space. 7. The African-American Guide to Getting Started Right Now at Innovating and Creating Solutions This is the baseline for brothas and sistas who want to get started to do something right now with no delay. The bottom line is you don’t need money at this point, what you need is the ability to innovate and create the culture of innovation and everything else will fall in place after that. I recommend everybody read this if they want to get started at making things happen. 6. Sista Guide to Swagger-Jacking Japanese Storyline Techniques to Create an E-book Series This was the best hint I could give to a sista on how to create a real empire and gave an example storyline. I talked about creating a series off a theme and write shorts after shorts to create a long-term explosive effect. One of the topics I brought up was a running clue. Well guess what? Yep, I will be launching this running club series in the spring of 2015. 5. It’s Time for You to Cut the Crap, Man Up and Marry Her Because She Loves You This article was for the brothas who have someone in their life and explain how the brotha need to set the landscape properly to be the man he is meant to be in this world. All that bro stuff and PUA stuff is garbage when you look at your life as a man. I will tell you as a man myself, nothing is more rewarding than being with a woman that excited to be with you, loves you, support you, laugh at your jokes and you meet her dad and mom from China and they make you step up your game to be a better man for her. If you brothas have this in your life, this article is your manhood development guide to step up and be the man for someone who loves you. 4. Because Today My Birthday I’m Covering 8 Years of Concepts, Business Models and Technology from Dream and Hustle I actually went all out on this one and broke down all of the angles this blog is about. What you guys do not realize is I actually mind mapped all of Dream and Hustle articles since 2006 (yes, I have every article from 2006) for the transition to Hustle Space and put it all out there in this article. And yall showed a brotha some love in the comment section and appreciate it. 3. Observing Other People Rise Up While African-Americans B*tch Down During Black History Month The truth hurts and this article is real – cats overseas are fighting and rising up and dying and fighting and standing for theirs while African-American youth just being pretty. I believe this article hit brothas and sistas and put it in their face to stop acting like pansies dealing with oppressive forces. Yeah, we got a lot of cowards in the black community talking about prayers and marching but we beginning to see cats realizing only a real fight is going to change things and make the enemy see what’s really up. 2. Opinion: Black Women Must Love and Accept Us Black Men Practicing Circular and Shared Economics This article is #2 because this is now the most important thing to me when dating. When I date non-black women of color, we do Uber and do AirBnB and Groupon and we have the experience. Unfortunately, black women still on that tired materialistic crap of wanting me to have a nice car, own something and spend a lot of money and I’m not having that anymore in my life. In fact, why would any brotha want to go back to that nonsense of spending money and owning things to impress? So the sistas better get her arse on board and focus more on having great experience with a man instead of trying to have a brotha spend money or show he can buy things. 1. Sista-to-Sista Modeling Case Study: Edwige À-La-Mode This is simply the best article I written in 2014 because I really enjoyed covering this beautiful Afro-European model that is pursuing her dream in fashion and modeling. I rarely cover other people on this blog and when I do, it is because I can see their passion, spirit and ambition and these people are usually phenomenal. Edwige is going places and it will take that one big break for her to breakthrough and that is it. She was just as excited as I was to share her story and technique to help other sistas and brothas out there that want to be a fashion model and that is kind of people I love to discuss and share with you. I actually enjoy for some reason doing write-ups here on Dream and Hustle on phenomenal sistas like the one lady living in Japan, the sista that started up her clothing company in Nigeria and now Edwige. 2014 Big Bang GUC I think the biggest accomplishment in 2014 for Dream and Hustle is the spinoff creation of the Global Urban Collective Facebook group ( While other cats are out there running their mouth talking about they doing hackathons, showing cats how to code and claim they the hippest on technology, I have held various presentations and call-in conferences on business models and technology at the Global Urban Collective. Brothas and sistas are sharing valuable information and knowledge on all topics and we have brothas and sistas all over the world in the Global Urban Collective. Here is the deal – the Global Urban Collective on Facebook absolutely establish the best brothas and sistas in this technology game is me and you when we work together and share information and learn in a collective fashion. We talk about urban communities, talk about patterns and practices and how to implement solutions. If you are not part of the Facebook group, you are really lacking as we have went deeper into the hair extension business model and I know we are going to go further into the marketing and business development of selling hair extensions in the group. I really hope you guys enjoyed your 2014 here at Dream and Hustle and realize that we are making the transition to Hustle Space in 2015 which will be bigger and more awesome with business models, think tank and learning for brothas and sistas and a stunning impressive magazine. Dream and Hustle in 2015 will turn into a short story web site that will be even more awesome as you see characters and scenarios and anybody who read the stories on Dream and Hustle a few years ago know you guys are going to love the new Dream and Hustle format with short stories more than the articles. So with that said, I want to wish everybody the best and hope to see you soon in 2015 where big things are ready to start popping off.

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  1. Hello ed. My name is Brad and I have been following your blog for years. I had an article book marked a while back that you wrote called “the mindset of blacks in the 20th century “. I was wondering if you permanently deleted that article. If not, is there any way to get it? Thanks for your time.

  2. My personal favorite was the hair extension hustle. And that’s b/c I can apply that strategy to other products…I even saved it to my computer when you said that the site may be shut down. M first thought Oh yeah. I bet you wont take this one from me…

    I like other people rise. b/c it shows that you have to be willing to die for what you believe in. I try to tell people this around me and they think I am crazy. I think they are the crazy ones. .

  3. Ed, I’ve submit your article on the so-called interracial relationships on TV on Tumblrs No Fetishization! website. It had gotten a lot of hits and commentaries. It’s so true that mainstream media goes out of their way of not showing positive Black and interracial relationships. Instead, they use domination as a way to have access to women of color while maintaining whit edominance. I don’t understand why some Black women are upset over your factual article.

    Stephanie B.

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