After Watching That 7AM Stuff You Decided to Come to Dream and Hustle to Learn How Really to Create Black Economic Empowerment

wtf Hey I was there at the 7AM viewing – I saw how cats looked walking out of the movie with WTF I just paid to watch some YouTube quality shit instead of learn economic solutions to black empowerment. I saw the side shady bullcrap like showing the DC mayoral candidate white wife but not showing nobody else wife and showing what look like dead fish floating around Dr. Claud Anderson fisheries – that didn’t escape me and I think Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed knew those scenes were there the way they were placed. There is a whole bunch of stuff I saw and picked up on and realize we dealing with some jiving ass characters. Look, I don’t make any money or my comeup is based on selling books, DVDs or talking to black folks so I don’t have a dog in the fight to hustle or lie to black folks. I grew up in the Chicago Housing Authority and on the West Side of Chicago and put in work to get out of the hood and I genuinely care about my people and my community. I don’t need to lie to black folks or hustle black folks or even get black folks to like me because I got skills to put good food on my table and raise my son and sit there being mad at my girl got me all waiting around in Lenox mall while she shopping and talking to her girls on the phone spending my damn money – I don’t need to bullshit or lie to any of you brothas and sistas. So when I tell you cats like Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed are running some jive ass hustle, I don’t say that to bullshit you, I’m telling you brothas and sistas to help you. Let me be frank and we will get to the point – 2015 is going to be a great economic year and cats will be blowing up like it is back in 1999 and 2000 with low gas prices, strong US dollar, transformation of jobs to change financial and retailing secctors and even restaurant jobs. I’m going to discuss this later but minimum wage jobs are going to disappear within two years and you don’t need to fight this. There is no way McDonald’s can pay minimum wage and keep up with gourmet burger joints like Five Guys and Smashburgers. If you chicks were stripping on the pole, you might want to get your clapping and pole dancing skills back up because cats going to be making it rain all up in the club this year with all the money going around..tell that cat to throw some more dough because he going to have it in 2015. netflix ‘In addition your job 401K you may want to review it as if you didn’t realize all of the disruptive firms are blowing up right now. Look at CNN Tech 30 for example and look at Netflix which they invested $1000 in at January 1st and now it is $1200 before the end of January. There are a whole bunch of stocks that are disrupting shit blowing the fuck up like that right now and we just got to jumping in 2015. I just came back from several industry shows and talked to cats and they are optimistic this year and those who are implementing technology we talked about on Dream and Hustle (they read Dream and Hustle too, btw) are blowing up in revenue numbers and Wall Street is getting a little irrational exuberance. So while those clowns at 7AM tried to shit on cats with jobs, remember that millionaires are made not from MLM but cats who work jobs and invest in the stock market and get compound interest year after year and 2015 looking to be a good stock play year to take a loan out the 401k and play the market a little. Go ahead and be sleep on Uber in 2015 too and slip up on that stock also while we chatting about this. So with that said, you brothas and sistas can get with this or get with that. You can follow some jive ass poverty pimp cats like Jason Black or Tariq Nasheed who is trying the same crap Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry and Michael Baisden does or some mega church preacher where they want losers following them and buying their DVDs and listen to them run their mouth. Or you can remember how we brothas and sistas had it back in 1999 with all that money flying everywhere and cats are acting a fool and you flying into Atlanta and as soon as you get out of the airport to the expensive blue parking lot to get your Manheim auction Range Rover and you drive out and you see that BMF “world is yours” sign on the freeway in Atlanta and you going to the strip club tonight and throw all that fucking extra money all over the place and buying bottles and shit and got girls giving you their number while some ATL rapper is sweating the stripper you banged the other day – oh damn, I got carried away. What I’m saying is you brothas and sistas need to thank President Obama because things are about to be on and popping in 2015 and you need to be go about this the right way to have real economic empowerment. But this time around, we need to be smart in 2015 and make sure we can build up instead of act a fool. So what you brothas and sistas want to do in 2015 is learn how to leverage the gains you will get in 2015 and you going to see money everywhere if you are in the game right and re-invest that money in yourself. So this is what brothas and sistas are going to need to do to create economic empowerment. redrobin Get Back Into the Stock Market – focus on disruptive firms like Uber, Netflix, Amazon and Alibaba and others like – Alibaba made $9 billion in one day last year, you think this is a joke? And gourmet burger joints like Red Robin that is disrupting fast food burger joints – yeah, I caught you looking at that Red Robin stock price since the beginning of the year and now you realizing, huh? Yeah, cheap gas prices and stocks blowing up and you already liking this 2015, I see you. Create a Center of Excellence – this means create an innovation center in your room and throw out that home office crap. Create a space for you and your family to research and invest in stock, try out business ideals and plot on multiple ways to earn income. It is a place you also have a your vision board or your post it notes to create the details and strategic planning. It starts at home and if you do not have a home office, use the kitchen or dining area – who eats in the dining room anyway? Establish Micro and Modular Enterprises – these are enterprises that allow an entrepreneur to operate in a small and short fashion like pop-ups shops and operating on a small piece of land that Detroit and Chicago are selling for $1 and allow food truck and truck selling in the corporate parking lot. These are small steps to help learn how to operate a business and there is no big downside if the operation fail and can start over. Keep in mind that subscription models sending out products on a monthly basis is blowing up – shit, I love subscription boxes and knowing I got something coming for me in the mailbox and millions of other people do too. Crowdfund Infrastructure Development – the two biggest infrastructures we need in the black community is a commercial zone and media framework. We need commercial zones to cluster businesses together to create shopping activity to generate tax revenue and increase land value and we need media to get the word out about black businesses and news about black people that mainstream media do not want to cover about us. Establish Global Group Buying – because the US Dollar is going strong, that means brothas and sistas should be able to import more products from Asia and Europe. One thing brothas and sistas can do is establish group buying exchanges to buy in bulk collectively to ship products to all the major urban markets. Then this same collective can work with experience to establish trade lines with Africa and Latin America and build up global empires. moneyup Overall, the money will be coming in and we brothas and sistas can make ish happen and build up fast in 2015. All indications are pointing to the fact 2015 is going to be a blow up year so do not waste any time listening to or paying attention to any funky jive ass mouthpieces like Dr. Boyce Watkins or a Tariq Nasheed or Jason Black who lives off black victimhood and whining about black problems. Instead, you brothas and sistas focus on plotting out 2015 to be your year and your time to shine and your time to rise and start making moves with the new money to establish your generational wealth and empire and make big things happens. Me and my crew will not be seeing you at the top – we are going to walk with you brothas and sistas on the way up..let’s go and get this.

11 thoughts on “After Watching That 7AM Stuff You Decided to Come to Dream and Hustle to Learn How Really to Create Black Economic Empowerment

  1. Glad to see someone else who can see through these clowns. It’s all about pimping our people who do not know any better.

  2. I’m really concerned at the level of weak black guys coming here to Dream and Hustle bringing up simp commentary. I can tell and you guys are not young by a longshot – most young guy ask me about business and doing for self.

    Let me just put it out there – what the fuck is going on with you black guys? Why are you entertaining everything except being a man that has his own and can maintain and defend his tribe? I would like an answer to this question.

    What’s funny is you guys posting simp commentary be posting here on Dream and Hustle 2:00am – 4:00am in the morning – why are you up that late at night on the Internet? Man, yall brothas better get yall shit together and stop following cats, know your self-worth and focus on building yourself up, real talk.

  3. You are really putting this out there and no one-Black Guys are paying attention. I think this will put the Black Male back in control of not only their families but the world. The power is there, they just need to use it the right way versus some junk to push out and bring in “little” money! Ed, I hope brothers take what you are putting out and make it work!

    1. The black dudes pay attention..they dont say anything but they do. I think they realize Jason Black nor Tariq Naseed represent anything close to the model of a stable progressive black man holding down his family, taking his black women out to a Chicago stepper set and being able to talk to our black youth with vision and direction..

      These black dudes are probably realizing they been following some jerks once they see something real like me and what Im about..they silent but they know…

  4. I do see the economy getting better. I am starting to have extra money in my pocket. I still think we are in the recession even though we are on the up side of it. But, I’ll be damned if I trick my money off on strippers. I need to put all the money away that I can. all off it. But, I am starting to look at investments trying to see where I can buy in. I’m looking at property to see what I can fix up and sell/rent out. Im researching business start up trying to figure out what I can pull the trigger on. I have this dumb car note falling of the books next month. This has to be my year to make it. It just has to be. I came out of the dark and the future is bright.

    I am doing everything in my power to get out of my job. I just don’t like working under people and I don’t see myself doing that my whole life. I think that is just crazy.

  5. I just want to say that this site has a “wealth” of information and I truly appreciate that you’re showing real world business models that the average person can apply. I can’t speak for every brother but thanks for being the alternative to these cats who are only preaching about the work instead of “doing” the work.

    I realize after reading through this site that I’ve got much more work to do and much more to learn. Thanks again Ed.

  6. Great post! I agree, focus on the disruptive firms. I’d keep eyes on companies like Grubhub, Palo Alto Networks, Avago, Ambarella, and secondary players that live off platforms like AMZN and Netflix. Also,look for those companies that have analyst estimates showing positive revenue and earnings comps, this way you’re focused on companies that aren’t just growing earnings through buybacks and/or cost cutting. Who’s going to the Money 2020 conference this year? FINTECH is booming. the effects of Apple pay are just beginning. Keep an eye out for the Roku IPO too fellas.

  7. Thank you for this thread. I’m moving away from the “Sweet Dick Willie” crowd of those who are only concerned about “black consciousness”, but not about black empowerment.

    My new mantra with cats is, ” Show and Prove…or STFU!” I’m moving to get back in the market myself, as well as expand on my business.

    Thank You

  8. Getting an economy sure does bother people. I will wait for those of you who love hip hop to throw away your Lil wayne music and start business.

  9. Well, we’re here at the end of 2016 and the economy for me still isn’t any better. My tuition increased, as well as EVERYTHING ELSE I have to pay for-including FOOD. WTF? I’d like to know where the hell is the upturn this thread referenced in 2015….It was all LIES from my perspective.

    1. Yep it’s the end of 2016 and the Post-Obama Era is in full swing. You are avoiding your reality – you didn’t handle your business, plain and simple.

      Once again, you are another character that posting on old articles but don’t got much to say on the new articles because you don’t want to hear of the rise of the Afro-Tech and trust me, we got a beautiful economy because we made our own.

      Go dance at a gay strip club to make a few extra bucks…that might help your economy, homey. The cats like me who handle our shit, no better time than the present

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