How to Tell a Black Feminist in 2015 She Didn’t Just Lose but She Never Had a Chance in Hell

An african american man trys to cheer up his sad girlfriend on the couch One of the things Afro-feminism have to come to grips with in 2015 is she is a loser and better just get used to brothas running ish and get over that bitterness and hate. She can act all maaad and run her black feminist mouth on a blog or in a comment board or discussion group somewhere but she still have to face the fact that black feminist crap ain’t going nowhere and never will. The truth of the matter is when we look at all of the data and facts, the black woman is choosing to following the doctrine of men like Steve Harvey, Michael Baisden, Tyler Perry and Tony Gaskins over any black feminist on any given day. We know the Afro-feminists don’t want to hear this but we brothas have to look after our sistas and we have to let the black feminists know the truth and sit them down and explain the hard truth and be there to provide support. So we brothas need to approach this situation in a way not to upset the black feminists but let them know..hey, this is how it is and what is going on. So let’s go into how a brotha should approach. The first thing we brothas need to realize is the Afro-feminists already know her situation. Black feminists already alienated herself from the white feminists by advocating swirling as a spiteful subservient bedwench response to dealing with us brothas loving some non-black sistas like those fine East European sistas like Kim Kardishan, those fine Asian sistas like Mao Hamasaki and some Iggy Azalea, mmmmmh, we brothas love us some Iggy tho. But anyway, she already know she lost the war by alienating herself but we brothas need to be the strong party here and talk to the black feminist in our lives and let them know what up. Here are some talking points you brothas want to consider: Explain That We Black Men Got More Experience With the Black Women. The black man been getting inside the black woman head for the past 1.8 million years while the black feminist only got about a good 30 to 40 years at best. Let her know she need another 1.799960 million more years to catch up with the black man on being able to figure these sistas out and get inside her head to know how a sista tick. Explain That Black Feminists Are Too Logical. Black feminists forgot that women are emotional creatures and do not respond to logic or reason but what feels good. The problem with Afro-feminists is they be trying to argue reason and logic as if anybody care. Black women ain’t going to be convinced by any logic or rationale, she going to see someone with light skin and light eyeballs like Tony Gaskins and follow that dude based on her emotions. Explain that Black Feminists are Too Negative. Being negative don’t get you anything from a sista and we brothas already learned that. The only way you going to get with a sista is to be positive and loving and compliment her even when she wrong. Black feminist think being angry or some Angela Davis crazy looking ass persona is going to attract a woman attention. Nah, you got to tell a chick what she want to hear and be positive and sweet talk her into seeing things your way. Explain that Black Feminists Are Too Weak. Be firm and say look, yall black feminists been killing yall selves for more than a minute and no one understand that ish. Explain to the black feminist how other groups like FEMEN go hard while black feminists just run their mouth and think some black twitter bully shaming campaign supposed to shake a brotha..we brothas don’t give a shit about that stuff. Let her know that the sistas like a strong character like a brotha who take charge and show a dream and vision and stand up to adversity and struggle and the black feminists have not demonstrated any of this to convince the sistas out there. What is important for you brothas is to let that Afro-feminist know we black men had to earn the respect and trust of the black woman for the past 1.8 million years and no black feminist is going to compete with us brothas just on some bitter angry rhetoric. Respect is earned and not given and that is why the sistas are flocking in millions and millions to Steve Harvey, Michael Baisden, Tony Gaskins, Tyler Perry and the rest of these dudes out here and not Afro-feminists. So running around saying men ain’t ish ain’t going to get a black feminist any points. Now after you brotha tell that black feminist the reality she needed to hear, tell that Afro-feminist to get the fuck off your couch and go somewhere and wash her stinky ass hair because you got a sista coming over in two hours that need some loving from a real man like yourself. That is how you brothas need to tell these black feminists they didn’t just lose, she never had a chance to begin with to come between the love of a real black man and a real black woman to create a black family that serves as the foundation of the black community and our culture.

5 thoughts on “How to Tell a Black Feminist in 2015 She Didn’t Just Lose but She Never Had a Chance in Hell

  1. This post is a breath of fresh air, a long time coming, a very good and “important” post, I must admit I didn’t think your generation had it in you cause mines didn’t until it was too late. It’s about time y’all brothers stood up and take your rightful place and “LEAD” so the two of you bothers and sisters can come together put you resources together and “BUILD” strong black families, strong black communities thus build black wealth, real sister been waiting for this a very long time now so you brothers need to stop apologizing for your manhood cause the universal god made you strong for a reason, stop running around changing acting schizophrenic trying to adjust to and appeases these illogical non independent thinking, self hating black feminist, male feminist or any other schemes these so call liberal and progressive come up with to side track and keep you brothers from your rightful place in this world that haven’t worked of the last 50 years.

    1. Well’s time to let losers know they lost and focus on what been winning which is brothas and sistas working together as you stated. We need to focus on love not hate among ourselves in 2015…the black feminists and their worthless anger and outrage are done.

  2. Ed, i thank you for posting as we sisters need to allow our men to lead and take their rightful place. I applaud you and glad someone else said it.

  3. This piece is hilarious! I’m a black woman and I don’t give a dawn who black men date. I am sick of black women complaining about black men. Yes, there are some Ratbastards out here! There are challenges in being a woman but hot dawn…. there is power in having a Pussy! There are billions of Chinese men, fine ass dudes in Dubai, Costa Rica and plenty of men right here in the good olé USA of all races and nationalities….. pick one.

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