Knowing the Price Martin Luther King Jr. Paid, How Do You Plan to Pay It Forward?

payitforward It’s not a hard question to answer if you are really about it – how do you plan to pay it forward the legacy and sacrifice of Martin Luther King Jr? We want to look back and reflect on this question and to be honest, every brotha and sista need to think about the answer and the plan to pay it forward. None of us can deny what Martin Luther King Jr. did for our people and how much he gave it up for the love of his people dealing with not only external adversity but black apathy and hatred. I personally can answer that question but not a lot of other people can answer that question. Look at all these black people chasing fame and attention nowadays because of Dr. King sacrifice but they done nothing to pay anything forward for anybody. Look at all these pundits that is on television running their mouth trying to sound intellectual and ish – they done nothing to pay it forward and just want to be seen and admired by the rest of us. I can understand someone being immature and under 25, but once a cat hit the 25 year old mark it is time to find purpose and courage to carry out a mission with conviction and passion. It is time to take a stand for what is right and execute strategy to prevail over those who are wrong. It is time to look at the younger generation of kids and look them in the eyes because the younger generation are looking up to you and decide you are going to give a fuck about them more than the previous generation didn’t give a fuck about you when you was growing up. How can we pay it forward in 2015? We focus on economic clustering to create economic ecosystems, we focus on the sharing economy to pool resources together to get the same result, we control the transactions in our communities to control economic activity and recycling of the same money within our community. We work with our Diaspora family in Europe and build economic trade bridges with partners in Asia, Latin America and Africa and the Caribbean and work to empower our brothas and sistas with crowdfunding and micro-grants to start up businesses and organizations with the resources we have. You know exactly what the key word of our mission in 2015 and it is economic. It’s time for us as a people to write the thank you letter to Martin Luther King Jr. for his works and his ultimate sacrifice. That letter cannot be written in words, it has to be written in our actions and our result. We need to have economic empowerment, community empowerment and wellness empowerment to demonstrate as our thank you to this great man who gave so much for our people. Please take this time if you have not done so to find a way to pay it forward.

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