Our 2015 Solution Framework and Roadmap to Empowered Urban Communities and Empowered Brothas and Sistas

ourfuture On our side of town, big changes and big things are going to be happening in 2015 and I want to spend time laying out everything for you. 2015 is a pivotal and critical year especially for African-Americans as we are reaching terminal velocity for African-Americans who have not prepared themselves for the upcoming Barackalypse and there is nothing me and you can do to save them once things reach the point of no return. The old days of black people engaged in docile consumerism, self-serving materialism, subservient assimilation, ignorant black identity and divisive elitism are coming to a quick end. The opportunities for STEM-focused brothas and sistas, global-business brothas and sistas and those that understand the sharing economy will reap serious rewards and unlimited potential. In this articles, we are going to outline our roadmap in 2015 for everybody to review because quite frankly, me and the 3rd Strategic Institute know we are the trendsetters and leaders of the new school. Whenever I speak, people listen, when I organize, people join, when I lead, people ride along with me and that is real world and real talk. I’m not one of these mouthpiece characters who made a career selling books and running events running my mouth with inspiring quotes and anecdotal stuff – I’m someone with real-world skills and share those real world skills for others to better their own lives. So our 2015 roadmap is going to lay down the real path and cats be lurking but they do pay attention and I hope they read this like they read everything else we be doing over here. Because when I change the game, other change up to follow and we need that kind of progress. Overall, I’m going to discuss Dream and Hustle which is this blog, the Global Urban Collective, 3rd Strategic Institute, Swagg-Scientific and my personal initiatives in 2015. Before I get started, I hope all of you brothas and sistas replaced that stupid home office with a center of excellence for you and your family to have a place to research and innovation ideas and solutions to start businesses and generate revenue . Ok, now let’s get into the 2015 roadmap. Dream and Hustle Dream and Hustle will cease being a blog operation in 2015 as Hustle Space will be the new destination and is bigger and better. Dream and Hustle will be converted to a fiction publication that focus on black lives as it pertains to urbanism, entrepreneurship and economic empowerment. We do not have this kind of media and I’m deeply inspired by what I saw in Asia in terms of great storylines and movies focused around personal development and economic development. In America, these types of stories are hidden from African-American as we are bombarded with negativity and ignorance. What many people do not realize is the stories on Dream and Hustle actually transformed real changes in the world and real people changed up their life as a result. We saw this and got the feedback from readers and we are moving to this direction in 2015 for Dream and Hustle this spring time. This is going to be a “freemium” service where some contributing authors will have works for sell and downloadable with only a preview while others will have published works for free. But overall, you guys may not realize this is a far superior direction for Dream and Hustle. Do not worry, all of the content on Dream and Hustle has been archived and reviewed by the Hustle Space team in the Philippines so we don’t lose any content/message in the transistion. Global Urban Collective Facebook Group The Global Urban Collective will be tightened up to basically be a co-op and collaborative information sharing and knowledge repository for urban entrepreneurs worldwide. If you are not part of the Global Urban Collective you are seriously missing out on exclusives and big things. Did you know I done a presentation and provided screenshot to our upcoming community-based mobile payment system for the hood? Did you know I held conferences on how to create ASP.NET web sites, QR codes and SQL Server database at the Global Urban Collective? Do you realize there are other brothas and sistas contributing important information on a daily basis at the Global Urban Collective we all learn from, including me and have discussions on how to implement in our own hustle or in the hood? Here is the thing on the Global Urban Collective – this is a group of black people who are collaborating on patterns and practices, future technology and implementation, business models right here and right now while everybody else is just talking or preaching. Progress is being made and we are making some breakthrough here – in fact, one of the Global Urban Collective exclusive research items is an enterprise smart watch and I already learned how to do Android Studio and create an Android app that can sync a smartwatch solution – meanwhile, everybody else is just talking. But here is the 2015 challenge – the Global Urban Collective is a valuable group meaning the people in that group can end up creating global solutions while making a lot of money if we stay focused. A lot of corporate people and big names lurked in the GUC and was shocked at the quality of the information and what we were doing in collaboration. What was most shocking? The number of women, not just black women but women in the Global Urban Collective providing and sharing business and technology information. The group is debunking all kinds of myths and showing what we are capable of when we are in an environment where we can do us. In 2015, I will move the group to the next phase which is introduction to the global economy. This involves bringing in quality people from all over the world with similar interests and skills to also join in the information sharing and knowledge. If you do not realize, the Global Urban Collective was established by brothas and sistas and we are going to tighten up our act and then we going to hit the road into the global economy and show what we about and take ourselves to the table. Also in 2015 – I’m looking at creating a trip for us to go to China and tour wholesalers and other businesses who can help urban entrepreneurs and it will be a business trip where we there to make business happen. Once again, if you are not part of the Global Urban Collective Facebook group, then you missing out – the good thing is the Boule and trifling cats are too scared to join anything I’m a part of so the Global Urban Collective has a benefit of staying quality as a result. 3rd Strategic Institute I have already assumed the full-time leadership role of the 3rd Strategic Institute and my focus will be on Asia and North America. Me and the original crew have recruited talent for Europe, Africa and Latin America areas and we working to have North Africa and Middle East ramping up in 2015. With that said, all of the items I have been working on independently is now underneath the 3rd Strategic Institute. The 3rd Strategic Institute mission is to operate in the best interest of urban economic growth worldwide. It doesn’t matter if it is the West Side of Chicago, United States or Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or South London, UK – we are specialized in urban development and that is our focus. The business models and location intelligence gathering was done by the 3rd Strategic Institute. The mobile payment service we are rolling out was researched by the 3rd Strategic Institute. Some of the pop-up models and retail technology in the mainstream were also spearheaded by the 3rd Strategic Institute working with professional firms under non-disclosure globally. Stony-Ellis the crowdfunding discount software was exclusively developed by the 3rd Strategic Institute as well as DBEXX. So while all these other clowns talking about they are a think-tank or they are technology leaders, me and the 3rd Strategic Institute is the real thing. The 3rd Strategic Institute is a global group of members and we take urban economic development seriously and with a passion. For brothas and sistas here are the 2015 roadmap of the 3rd Strategic Institute: Shore Up the Black Professionals Network Facebook Group and Global Urban Collective. I have personally grew the Black Professionals Network group from 14,000 members to 60,000 members and we filtered out bozos so that group is a quality social media resource for black entrepreneurs and black professionals to network and grow their business. I’m going to copy the success models from the Global Urban Collective such as white paper development and presentations to tighten up this group to help nurture and grow black entrepreneurs and professionals in their career field in 2015. Global Urban Collective will have white papers and exclusive exposure to research from the 3rd Strategic Institute. Hood Commercial Zone Development. We will work with local groups and help advise them on setting up their hoods with commercial zones and economic self-empowerment zones such as an empty lot to setup a food truck park or small marketplace with shipping containers and provide resources to setup sharing economy solutions. We are also going to work with city developers and planners with recommendations on setting up zones in urban areas to convert into policy and budgeting and planning to make things happen in 2015. Create Channels for Black Media Development. Black media is a fundamental lacking channel in the African-American community and we take this as the #1 serious issue in 2015 for African-Americans. We need physical zones in our communities that can operate as media stations to report news and information and host TV shows to showcase local businesses and events. This is not that crap community cable nonsense – this will be real media. We are also working to help black entrepreneurs establish media signage opportunities. Setup Global Markets. The 3rd Strategic Institute have been working with connects in major trade cities and we are going to push in 2015 for brothas and sistas to act like Star Trek and go where no brotha or sista have gone before – me and the African-American community is going to sponsor our people to move or already living in China, Japan or South African to serve as ambassador of trade to help get products and services into black merchants and black entrepreneurs and establish markets and trade development. I can name so much more but I just wanted to give you a highlight of me and the 3rd Strategic Institute team is doing. Swagg-Scientific Swagg-Scientific was purely in stealth and prototype mode in 2014 and I learned a lot and the biggest lesson is never launch a technology company until you got it all tested out and everything tight. You be surprised at how many other people, especially black people want to be so quick to put out something that is obsolete before they released it because the code they used, that software company went out of business. I learned to take my time, make sure everything is tight and the business model is solid. For example, I’m not releasing any product that I have to spend money before seeing a profit and I learned to overcome that. All of Swagg-Scientific businesses will debut on the Global Urban Collective and I already debut a few like Stony Ellis which was created by the 3rd Strategic Institute and the mobile payment software and the next generation Shop Wall Star that one of the members made me give it up after talking about virtual cube shops. I cannot list them all but I will list out only one that is coming out. PartyMixZone. This is the upcoming streaming service that will focus on dance music .This is not just another streaming service as this will be a private club model ran by DJs who determine the playlist and collectively run the DJ parties and mix shows on the streaming broadcast. This here is a super game-changer and let me tell you why because I blogged about it on Dream and Hustle. We are streaming 4 channels simultaneously like a Grand Theft Auto radio station where a person can switch back and forth and hear different genres. Actually now that I think about it – it is kinda like Grand Theft Auto radio functionality, I just realize that! But that help us recruit house djs, EDM djs, trap DJs, southern bass DJs and all kind of DJs to run on each channel and create party music and we will have pop-up events, festivals and corporate-sponsored club events and will have good music and we will take on the racist segregated AM/FM radio model as we will use streaming technology to have better advertising options for local merchants to choose. We will dominate Atlanta radio market before moving on to other markets. This solution was the result of that house music blog article I wrote and I mentioned in the comment section this was our solution, years in the making. So as you see, Swagg-Scientific is going to be a hot year as we do the releases and get them out. Another thing is we are going to crowdfund some of our services to help raise money to get it off the ground and I will keep you in the loop of those activities also. Personal A few days ago, I was talking to a young student who wanted to be a software programmer like me when he grow up. I was talking to him and he asked why I was there and who paid me I told him that no one can pay me to care about him and that’s what all of this boils down to. No, you will never see Ed Dunn smiling up in Forbes or Black Enterprise talking about me and my talent and skills even though I have an interesting story being from the West Side of Chicago, a combat veteran and an early Internet entrepreneur from 1995. The only thing you going to know about me is I give a fuck about my people and the West Side of Chicago and will work to improve lives of others and betterment of their communities with the life I got. I cannot fight all the wars out there even though I have the talent. I cannot spend time fighting worthless black nationalists who ain’t doing nothing but running their mouth as the Barackalypse is going to marginalize them anyway. I cannot worry about racist elements in America when all the opportunities are in Asia and the money is there also and business opportunities and trade lines are reaching to Africa, Latin America and Asia. I cannot engage in counter-warfare against the media when I see black people posting up links from Forbes and Fast Company and other racist media outlets subscribing to the same media that discriminate against black people or black people are watching negative TV shows and listening to negative music. I cannot fight all these wars. What I can do is mentor the younger generation to do for self and that is my focus in 2015. I will work towards creating private club models similar to what I see in Japan for brothas and sistas to learn how to work collaboratively. I will work to help social activists in local communities become more tactical and smarter in urban development from creating smart parks to food truck parks and famers markets and living spaces. I have taken a more active role in the startup scene here in Atlanta after realizing I’m actually smarter than the rest of these people who are trying and they begging me to tell them more. But most important, I will focus on helping heal the relationship between brothas and sistas and last week, I dealt with a lot of black women who simply been hurt by all the black male/black female hate shit that went down all over in 2014. Last week, I ran into brothas who are just unmotivated and desperately looking for a non-black woman to get with as brothas are dejected and turned off by all that shit that went down in 2014. I think we have too many bullshit black relationship experts in the black community promoting bullshit drama like Michael Baisden, Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry. So I’m going to make a personal stand and do something and will announce later in 2015. I think the bottom line to bettering black relationships will be done economically as a baseline and build up from there.

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