Their Fantasy of Being a Reckless Media Bigot with Impunity and Without Repercussions

mediabigot While mainstream media scrambling headlines and governments is running trying to claim the assault on Charlie Hebdo over in Paris was a terrorist attack, let’s be real and honest here. The truth is the assault on Charlie Hebdo was not a terrorist attack and just people getting what was coming to them. There is a saying I heard when I grew up and that is don’t start no shit, it won’t be no shit and I’m sure many of you heard it also. But one thing I’m learning and seeing is these bigots think they can start shit and think there should be no shit to follow up on their ass and they are being a bit unrealistic here. I don’t know, when cats start showing videos of cutting off Wall Street Journal Daniel Pearl head around 10 years ago, that is kind of a clue these cats ain’t playing around. Then we see ISIS cats filming their collection of head trophies with cats in orange jumpsuits, plenty of ISIS videos of head-popping captured soldier in front of a ditch and some people are acting like these cats are playing around and joking? When we see how they were going to go after Rushdie and his coward ass went into hiding while his people was being killed who was affiliated with his coward ass – if cats coming at you, damn at least give your own life up for what you done instead of other cats getting killed for your shit, that’s all I’m saying about that punk coward Rushdie. Many of you guys may not know this because this was before the Internet but Arafat wasn’t playing that shit either and popped some heads of some New York journalists who were making fun of the PLO back in the days, do some deep digging on that backstory. These cats bogged down the biggest armies in the world, Russia and the United States of America and took over airliners and crashed them into buildings in the USA causing the global stock markets to crash – do anybody here think these cats are fucking around and a joke and to be played with? They ran up on the US Embassy in Libya, ran up in some hotel in India years ago and ran up a mall in Kenya and I’m just saying, I don’t see anything here to suggest these people ain’t anything less than HAM when it comes to communicating their message about they didn’t like something. So I sit back here and I grew up in the hood any many of you grew up in the hood and I wonder – who does shit like antagonize cats who will always bring it? Who goes around making Arabs their enemy, make black people their enemy, shit on Hispanics and stereotype Asians in their media? In other words, I’m sitting here thinking about crap like Rupert Murdoch empire and realize every last one of those employees at News Corp should thank a black person when they see one for not acting out on the racist shit they be doing from the New York Post to Fox News. I’m going to be real – it’s plenty of brothas and sistas who are extremely more effective than ISIS and ain’t got shit to lose and don’t give a fuck either but they are not attacking anybody for being offended. But now I’m seeing media trying to antagonize these same brothas and sistas with media streaming of bigots screaming about they love some cops and ignore the fact too many black people are being shot and killed by cops with no trial and jury and the majority of cases, not serious charges either. You all saw that one police union rat-face looking guy named Lynch or whatever talking about going to war with us black people. It ain’t enough NYPD to go to war with us and we’ll bring that shit if cats want to come after black lives like that. What I’m saying is these racist ass media characters from CNN to Fox News and other media outlets are fanning flames and starting up shit creating enemies and tensions everywhere and claiming they are about Freedom of Speech. Well, cats can talk that free speech shit all they want but other cats got free will to respond anyway they feel with no regard to the law or whatever. A lot of these cats like those NY Post and Fox News characters be talking acting like a group of bodyguards or some off-duty cops is going to protect their bigoted ass from swarm intelligence and it will not. But also, cops are now being targeted because of these media bigots when it was a grand jury of bigots who made the decisions and people who look the other way to enable cops to act the way they do. So all this had me thinking and I realize something. As far as I’m concerned, those cats at Charlie Hebdo got what was coming to their ass and cops had to die because Charlie Hebdo wanted to fuck with people who everybody know don’t appreciate being played with. That shit that went down wasn’t no terrorist attack, those cartoonists got what exactly what they ask for. Here is the thing with me, if I’m fucking with someone at least I’m ready to bring it to their ass also if they want some. These punk ass cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo were making enemies that they obviously were not capable of defending themselves against. That is the moral of the story here – don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit. We need to hold these media bigots accountable at all level because they are some punk bitch cowards creating tensions and division that erupts into violence while they sitting there being protected by cops like a coward. I don’t want my tax dollars paying a cop to protect these bigots in media, these bigots need to pay to protect their own ass since they starting shit. News Corp ran by Rupert Murdoch is full of these bigots who drive this shit and there are bigots at CNN also got cowards hiding in the backroom pushing out bigoted ass shit also. We can look at all of the mainstream media and local news where they stereotype all black and Hispanics as a problem to the American way of life. These media bigots need to be dealt with and that’s real talk because now we seeing people getting killed because of these morons.

13 thoughts on “Their Fantasy of Being a Reckless Media Bigot with Impunity and Without Repercussions

  1. I agree this is nothing new these people have always started shit then jump and hide behind a law or a powerful military just like the book said if you keep pulling a dogs by his tale expect to get bit.

  2. You guys are baloney hot air-name a time and place and we’ll be there…of course you won’t you cowards, we’d wipe you out.
    If you want to spit on tolerance and the law, look out b/c your blood will run.
    Your opinion isn’t even worthy of being on toilet paper.

    1. You havent wiped out shit and cant wipe out shit dont forget you been trying for the longest time. How many JDAMs been dropped in the middle east and they still coming?

      And who is this “we” shit you speak of? You will 100% get your life altered the minute you decide to get off your computer and fuck with real funny tho.

      Listen to you talking about tolerance and law sounding like a comformed bitch and then trying to talk brave when cats out here dont give a fuck, got nothing to lose and will bring it HAM if pushed far enough. See how real cats can easily see through you?

  3. Notice dudes like bbauer who show up speaking for everybody promoting the kind of violence he never been through before and getting other people shot and killed and bbauer is nowhere near the fire. This is exactly what punk coward ass media like Fox News does all the time. That is why we need to zero in on these media elements and deal with them.

    1. Do you know the New York Times always post up that copy/paste stuff over the years? We spoke about that article by the New York Times when some cartoonist from the New York Post made a cartoon of cops shooting a pet primate that attacked the owner and alluded to the monkey as being Obama.

      The New York Times used some ancedotal about an anti-Semitic journalist is the early 1900s where a Jewish Supreme Court justice defended the anti-semitic works. I wonder if they copy/paste that same ancedotal.

      The reason why i bring this up is because we got the mainstream media already figured out and they not fooling us as we learned to collect data and patterns on them and these mainstream media characters are predictable and scripted.

      But here is my response – yeah we got the first amendment but we also got the second amendment also to defend the first. so why these punk coward Fox News and New York Post want cops and soldiers to die for their opinion and not fight their own damn war?

      Those frenchie charlie cartoonist decided to fuck with ISIS but relying on cops to protect their ass and we saw how that turned out. Bad enough soldiers had to die fighting for oil but Im damn sure not going to see cops and soldiers die because some bigot in corporate media want to run their racist bigoted ass mouth

    1. So in less than 30 days President Obama drag the USA into matters not over oil, not over shipping routes but some non-USA global corporate media entity that promote racist and bigoted media killing a NK dictator or mocking ISIS that has nothing to do with the average USA citizen…

  4. The media’s never been right. I remember they paraded Donald Trump talking about a birth certificate knowing the whole time it was bullshit. They went after Michael Jackson after his hair caught fire. They even demonized Middle Easterners promoting Chuck Norris fantasies. They’ve been playing innocent for a long time.

    I believe Ben Affleck tried to tell people to watch how they talk about others. You think they’ll listen now?

  5. “They’ve been playing innocent for a long time.”

    I think that is about to change – the media is going to have to be held accountable…….

  6. You are 100% right on target Ed. Racists believe they can insult and demonize others with impunity while they hire behind their phony white supremacist laws. … This is yet another reason a Black media is needed.

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