Unity Day at Dr. Claud Anderson Powernomics Facebook Group Chasing Out Worthless Black Identity Clowns to Establish Black Economic Empowerment

runthemout If you want to get somewhere, you going to find people getting in the way of your mission with sideway stuff. This been happening in my life all of the time and I caught on to it at an early age. When I say I’m going to put in work, cats I thought were real supportive friends come at me with some “you want to hang out bro?” crap to try to tell me that socializing with them is more important than taking time to invest and better myself. This is also the same dilemma when it comes to the progress of African-Americans where we talk about putting in real work, we get these “black identity” clowns coming with sideway crap with meme quotes, victimhood crybaby stuff and false black history stories and anecdotal talking about we need to read a book or learn our history. A while ago, I talked about modernizing Dr. Claud Anderson Powernomics framework to a more organic circular sharing paradigm. But in that article, I made reference to the Dr. Claud Anderson Powernomics Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/drclaudeandersonpowernomics/) about how much of an embarrassment that Facebook was to Dr. Claud Anderson mission and purpose. That Facebook group had nothing but whack brothas and sistas posting up black-identity memes, links to articles and talking about we should do this and do that and they just running their damn mouth with no real action to get anything done. Well, I guess someone showed that group FB admins what I wrote and maybe the admins went nuts and finally got fed up and they snapped! Well, let’s talk about how the one admin Unity Day snapped over there and all I can say is good for the person who finally woke the hell up over there and decided they had enough with black identity and want to move towards black empowerment. So let’s cover some of that “snapping” and how Unity Day decided they want the Facebook group to have real black economic empowerment topics in 2015 and not some black identity worthless crap that adds no value. Now if you really look and observe, notice these dudes posting up are an embarrassing example of black men who are supposed to be stewards of our community right now...and we wonder why black women are tired of these sorry ass black men we got out here. Case Example 1: The Same Tired Ass Tales of Black History This posting is a guy posting up Black Wall Street and this is some straight tired shit right here. Cats can spend the next 100 years talking about some shit that happened before their lifetime in Oklahoma somewhere in the early 1900s like a Black Wall Street - fuck a Black Wall Street in bumfuck Oklahoma that happened before most of us were alive. So Unity Day questioned the person who posted and notice there is no response: edjukation Case Example 2: The Book Reader Now this dude here post some old ass book by Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu when we in the mobile technology age and things changed dramatically like pop-ups and circular economics. Notice when Unity Day questioned him, he didn’t respond but some other brotha retorted with some lame response about Powernomics being an old book also published in 2001. Noticed that this Dream and Hustle is ran by a real brotha that can articulate and modernized Powernomics in an article while these pro-black dudes bicker and cannot articulate anything. Notice no real response from the original poster. readabook Case Example 3: The Multi-Level-Marketer Cat These are the funny kind of people on Facebook because they swear to God they doing better and making more money than a technology expert like me who been in the game for 20 years. Then they want to get emotionally mad at me for saying that and you know what my response is? My response is fuck you MLM lame ass cats who have to resort to multi-level-marketing because you didn’t put in real work and you peddling some bullshit and trying to appear rich with your desperate pathetic ass. Putting on a suit, standing next to luxury cars and selling a story as your hustle – you guys want to hear a real story? When Atlantic Station opened up in Atlanta, Georgia, I parked my Mercedes S-class there to meetup with a brotha I have not seen in a while and we wanted to check out the place. There was some MLM business that sold some pomegranate juice and I don’t remember the name but remember this stuff you can buy in Asia at a supermarket but these black folks were peddling these pomegranate juice bottles as MLM here in America. I come back to my car and a bunch of punks with suits on are leaning on my Mercedes S-class passing out MLM brochures to people walking buy. I told them to get the fuck off my car real loud and got in my car and drove off. The problem with these MLM cats is they assume you broke because they broke and they talk down on cats like they broke and need money because their broke ass need money. And they try to dress up and show pictures of them standing next to Bentleys and BMW 7-series. One cat made me laugh talking about he got the new Mercedes S-Class when it was the 2007 version you can buy off Mannheim auctions for $23,000 with less than 50,000 miles – that’s the luxury car hustle cats do to front at these nightclubs in case you didn’t know. Cats be working at Cox media here in Atlanta that also owns Mannheim auction and be having the "hookup" to get off-lease Maseratis, Mercedes and Range Rovers, Porsche and shit like that to front at the clubs and MLM meetups here in Atlanta. Well anyway, Unity Day called this one dude out and noticed he didn’t post a response either. So that tells you this guy is just posting all over Facebook instead of making real world connects. I don’t get it – you guys bragging you have Bentleys and shit but you on Facebook target marketing broke cats and asking broke cats if they want to make money. Money only mess with money, not broke cats so you MLM people are strange to me. mlm1 So what you see is Unity Day got tired of these lame ass dudes and decided to call them out on the worthless bullcrap they posting in the name of Dr. Claud Anderson and Powernomics. These black dudes posting up memes, quotes, get rich MLM and black books and video links and stuff like that simply don’t have anything to offer and in addition ain’t willing to learn anything to have the ability to have something to offer to advance the mission of Powernomics. And Unity Day had enough. At the end of the day, the only path to progress and a good outcome is defined vision and goals with tasks and strategic knowledge to execute a campaign towards the end goal. Sitting around making up some bullshit pseudo-Egyptian Kemit names with an Ankh symbol and quoting book writers and speech makers and dickriding book writers and speech makers for the past 40 years is not progressive and that is what these lame black identity characters been doing. I’m pretty sure all those lame ass black identity dudes ran off to another Facebook group so they can run their damn mouth to post of the same pro-black memes and same ass Marcus Garvey stuff that their lame ass been doing for the past 40 years without putting in real work to progress our people. pinned solo As you see, Unity Day is all alone but I hope they are not discouraged. Notice nobody is adding comments to Unity Day posting the same way nobody used to add comments to Dream and Hustle posting when I post articles on self-empowerment. This shows that those cats originally in that Dr. Claud Anderson were full of shit all along and worthless black identity clowns who cannot do a damn thing to uplift black people other than run their damn mouth. I sent Unity Day a private message and told them the same thing happened with the Black Professional Network Facebook where it was full of multi-level-marketing spammers with photos of them standing next to leased Bentleys talking about 5Linx and some Oregano coffee and shit like that. I had to kick all of those clowns out and lost close to half of the members as a result to 14,000 members from 25,000 members. But we slowly built the group back up with quality and legit black businesses and black professionals up to 60,000 in less than a year after getting rid of the bozos. The lame cats was holding the Black Professional Group back from growth and as soon as I wiped out those MLM and other clowns, the group tripled in size very fast and continue to grow to this day. The same thing here at Dream and Hustle – we had some lame ass cats coming to this blog who had zero interest in doing for self and their people and wanted to play me and this blog like we on some fantasy stuff about black empowerment. Then when someone want to clown on Dream and Hustle, the same people who claim they love this blog allowed these clowns to take over in the comment section. It was these same Dream and Hustle readers don’t speak up or call that clown out causing me to be distracted and fight with petty ass dudes who is stopping overall progress. So I was going to shut this Dream and Hustle down and just work with the Indians and Hispanics on self-empowerment. But I decided to rebuild Dream and Hustle back up, keep the lame dudes out of here and put in real work and make these lame ass dudes see what real work look like. Then I started attracting high-quality brothas and sistas who showed interest in learning what was being put out here and now we are on a good path to making things happen as we already are. Now Dream and Hustle can focus on progress, addressing real issues and covering technology and provide better focus. The same with the Global Urban Collective Facebook group where we shut down fast anything that has nothing to do with progress or collaboration. Here is the moral of the story - you going to have to tear out and rip out the nonsense that you put up all your life in 2015 to create room for the positive things to enter. I cannot date these sistas because these sistas got too many negative dudes in her life she propping up and she don’t make room for quality brothas like me to be with her. Too many of you brothas cannot work with me because I see you affiliated with black nationalist resources that all about instilling pride instead of working towards measured progress of our people. A lot of you cats are emotionally tied to your family and homeboys and homegirls and want to stay in some lame ass Indiana or Ohio instead of go to where the action is at in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, London or Sydney. You got to learn to get rid of all the crap and negativity and nonsense and rip it out and focus on building up with things that you want to be in your life and in your path to your purpose. Yes, spend this January 2015 getting rid of lame ass activities, lame ass jobs, lame ass friends and African-American people definitely need to get rid of these lame ass black identity characters out there that ain’t doing nothing to help us progress as individuals, communities and as a people on the whole. Having nothing there or being alone is a hell of a lot better than putting up with BS in your life because it gives you the chance to fill the emptiness with what you want and that whole process of rebuilding is fun and fulfilling if you stay committed to only deal with what involves progress. So the same way that Unity Day straight snapped and got rid of lame ass black identity characters, you focus on tearing out lame and negative elements in your life and build your 2015 back up with everything you need to progress.

7 thoughts on “Unity Day at Dr. Claud Anderson Powernomics Facebook Group Chasing Out Worthless Black Identity Clowns to Establish Black Economic Empowerment

  1. I’ve seen your exact words quoted on another site (buy black economics) without you being given credit. We need more people like you willing to share what you know, without trying to rape the black community in the process.

    1. Myron I hear you but that not a problem as it is just words – I want cats to steal business models and solutions so they can do for their people. I want cats to step their swaggerjacking game to copy actionable things that create empowerment and betterment…

    2. But I do want to add that buy black economics using existing platforms like fundify (http://demo.ignitiondeck.com/) wordpress crowdfunding is never the way to go. We got to own the technology and wordpress is not as scalable as people want to believe.

  2. Brother hustle this post is one of the greatest narratives I have read in the last five years. You are right on point about the disconnect with those who do a lot of talking and no real economic empowerment in today’s economic paradigms. Yes brother Anderson book, brother Amos wilson book blueprint brother kimbro book brother kunjufu book should be used as reference material not how we should move forward in today’s society. For today’s info we should read magazines and journals which exposes today systems, i.e. Money, Bloomberg, Inc, entrepreneur, real estate and other monthlys. I have found that most do not read these on a regular basis. I think we have a fear as a collective to build real economic power and create the systems to protect it and maintain it. We still let all these other social cultural groups rape us economically. I thank you for your work. All revolution starts with a vision.

  3. Ed, I’m glad that there’s a movement towards black empowerment in 2015.

    I have a couple questions, I’m at a local community college in Connecticut on the way to earning an Associate’s degree in computer information systems. Since you have been in the technology sector for a while, What advice do you recommend to me and other brothas to take to get into the tech industry? Would it be better to go overseas for opportunities or get certified and find something here in the U.S.?

    1. Your best bet is to create technology solutions for your local community and for urban areas. Join the Global Urban Collective Facebook group to find good resources and information to help understand technology and business models trends and patterns to give you some ideas on how to proceed. People overseas only want experts so you should build up locally. Work on establishing a nice portfolio of smaller tech solutions and you will eventually grow to bigger and better enterprise solutions to get your empire up.

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