We Real Black Men are Stepping Up in 2015 and You Punk Black Dudes Need to Step Up Too

timeforrealtalk The black community has way too many worthless punk black dudes who spend more time on the Internet than I do and talking too much. I know there is a cultural phenomenon with the current generation of black dudes out there who cannot get a woman and barely have sex except self-pleasuring and spend their time on the Internet following PUA web sites and working lame jobs to rock $179 sneakers and posting up witty memes on social media craving for virtual attention – I get all of that. But we are in 2015 and we have been talking for the past 7 years and Dr. Claud Anderson has been warning the past 15 years that brothas and sistas are going to get wiped out and marginalized with no point of return. President Obama is going to leave office as the first black president and everybody will have their next up and their own agenda on the table and black folks will not even be an afterthought. African-Americans will never be as irrelevant come mid-year 2016 than any previous point in history. We need real brothas and strong brothas to get on mission and make things happen. Unfortunately a lot of black dudes spent their life BSing everybody and themselves and cannot do anything or have anything of value to offer during this critical moment in 2015. And many of these black dudes are getting in the way of progress wanting to run their mouth like a gossip girl. I see these brothas keep trying to come at me with BS and we need to get some thing straight. In 2015, no one got time for that beef crap no more and some of us were never about that – we will just straight terminate a problem brotha if necessary and keep it moving to focus on the mission. Many of you brothas want to keep running your mouth like you following someone on YouTube or talking about someone else like a following fanboy. I had a funny dude come here with his lightweight operation bragging about his dirty hands work like he was on some greater than stuff than me the other day looking for attention. Then I got other cats who want to bring that black identity garbage over my way and act like I’m down with that crap. All of that is lame nonsense and these brothas are becoming a problem and getting in the way of real man work that need to be done. The number one reason these lame black dudes have a problem with me or Dream and Hustle is I represent real work, plain and simple and they want to keep having excuses to why they a lame brotha. Cats be bringing false arguments to me talking about I’m not famous when I never sent out a press release to anybody looking for attention. Cats be making up stuff saying I’m not doing anything when I’m always doing something and I personally watch these same lame black dudes run away like boys when it’s time for real men like me to put in that work. Notice that I call these fake characters out and these same lame characters bring some stalking horse my way to see if I can be messed with. Here is the thing and let’s wrap this up because I have to get to some important things. The first thing is you lame black dudes including you black identity characters are not on my level and in my league and that’s your damn problem if you frustrated about me. None of you cats never seen me in action and you ain’t never seen me make a move and cats who do know me know I can quickly wipe out all you lame jokers and those cats you are currently following real quick. A lot of you cats think you can challenge me or try to disagree with me – I don’t give a damn about your opinion - you better bring STEM, facts and skills to the table when it comes to anything that have to do with business and betterment homey, those are the only attributes I respond to and you lame brothas simply ain’t there. What you brothas need to do is take a step back and look at what is going on all around and recalibrate yourself to the environment. This beefing nonsense and all that other stuff you black dudes been on and talking up on the Internet is some sissy crap and you better accept that you been involve in some lightweight bitchy stuff as a black male in your life and give all of that up. The black community need real black men right now to step up for the black community and do for our people right. The black kids need us black men and black women need us black men to handle our business and you lame dudes are not handling your business. In 2015, you brothas need to stop acting like a punk and stop running your mouth on some lightweight stuff. The reason why I don’t even respond to you lame brothas is because 2016 is going to wipe you out. I don’t have your problems and not on your level, I can easily pack up and move to Tokyo, London, Rio or Shanghai and handle my business as usual because I got skills while all you lame brothas got is a big mouth. You lame brothas better change up your handle, start learning some STEM and putting in real work and start working on real solutions you can contribute for your people and those around you and start acting like a real black man for once in your life.

8 thoughts on “We Real Black Men are Stepping Up in 2015 and You Punk Black Dudes Need to Step Up Too

  1. Another good post, but I disagree with international aspirations if America is spewing forth hatred of us and our image is tarnished globally, especially in East Asia. Do what you can and what you must though. Good luck.

    1. What about Africa? There is a reason that they white elite want to keep Black Americans from collaboration with Africans.

      1. Nobody white is keeping Africans from doing anything with African-Americans. What we African-Americans have to bring to the table to do global business with something other than our skin color will always be the core matter.

  2. We NEED action that leads to RESULTS!!! Otherwise, we are just talking. As James Brown said…”Talking Loud and saying nothing”. We can use the National Plan developed by Dr Claud Anderson or modernize/customize to make it more relevant using the ecosystem approach. Bottom line: If we are still just responding/replying to e-mails at the end of Feb 2015…we’s wastin’ time!!!

    1. Who is we? Most of the people who come around saying we need action and not talk are the ones that are the ones just talking themselves.

      We doing more than talk and do action..go and ask those bullshit black media cats you patronize why they scared to talk about us or what we doing..

      We do things over here..

  3. One thing to consider too is the lack of brothers involved in the capital markets and venture capital world. Access to deal flow is an important factor to build wealth as well. Technology and financial education is a priority. I recommend anyone read the venture capital handbook, and any books about the debt and equity markets.

  4. Does anyone know where a high school graduate can begin with learning STEM? And Ed, I’ve been coming up with business ideas but I don’t know exactly where to begin setting aside starting up a GoDaddy domain.

    1. You were told by me how to get started Muhammed Abdul-Ghaffar – are you just talking? You have to read and research, not post questions and keep talking.

      There is no need to repeat to you how to go out in this world and get yours. Either you going to go and get it or you are not, welcome to the world as an 18-year old…

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