How Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP and National Urban League Try to Stop Other Black People From Being Successful in America.

sterlingjenkins One of the first things you experience as an African-American making big moves is how these same “black organizations” and activist people claiming to be about black people are really stopping other black people from progressing and working with the bigots to benefit themselves. If you do not know what I’m talking about then you ain’t making big enough moves, so please don’t go to the comment section all anonymous saying dumb ish in denial of what is going on as I will delete your dumbass commentary. Everybody black who are real go-getters making big moves know exactly what I’m talking about. There is a reason Black Enterprise worked hard to avoid talking about black people like me and my technology works early on and I have plans to deal with those punk clowns Butch Graves, Alfred Edmonds and Derek Dingle at Black Enterprise and the bitchy crap they pulling on real black entrepreneurs. Why you think Black Enterprise don’t talk about real black entrepreneurs out here in these hoods who are millionaires and doing good? And you black folks straight stupid acting like you don’t notice this crap and never asked why you don’t see a black business owner with a chain of restaurants like Harold’s Chicken Shack but never mentioned or displayed on the front page of Black Enterprise magazine? White people put Apple CEO and Chik-Fil-A CEO and Starbuck CEO all on their magazines covers as real business leaders and Asian magazines do the same with Jack Ma and but Black Enterprise don’t celebrate independent black business leaders like the Bronner Brothers and their words of wisdom, right? But yet, none of you dumbass black folks notice this and yall liking Black Enterprise and defending that bullcrap? rendering Then you see the Urban League and I specifically told exactly how the Urban League cut a deal with Mayor Bloomberg to kick some small black merchants off a shop in Harlem on 125th which is going through major gentrification to build their cornball headquarters and none of yall black folks didn’t say anything. ( Where was the National Urban League during all this time with Bloomberg in office doing all the crap on black folks? You guys act like you don’t see Marc Morial show his head everytime looking to take money from the White House and other budgetary committees claiming this will help black folks and urban communities – where? When? How? You see Urban League run some poster boy crap showing one or two “success stories” of a black kid but you ain’t seeing major infrastructure changes going on with the millions of dollars they get from these organizations claiming they helping black folks. Yall New York City cats talking about Brooklyn gentrification but want to ignore what the Urban League plotted with Bloomberg to do in Harlem on 125th street: A state board approved a controversial plan to turn a string of small Harlem businesses into a headquarters for a world renowned civil rights organization and a black history museum. The five-member Public Authorities Control Board unanimously rubber-stamped the city- and state-backed $225 million National Urban League project that will include a headquarters for the group, a museum and retail space on 125th St. between Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and Malcolm X Blvds. State Sen. Bill Perkins (D-Harlem), a foe of the project, said he’d sue to protect the handful of small businesses that currently occupy the redevelopment site. "Their life investment, time and energy is being treated as if it is of no value," he said. And then we have Jesse Jackson who is now talking about spear-heading “diversity efforts” in Silicon Valley and you see other clowns like Angela Benton no-talent hiding from real cats like me while running her mouth and jokes like Tristan Walker and his Bevel crap all up in Silicon Valley trying to promote themselves as the model minority. But Jesse Jackson is going after Silicon Valley firms for not hiring enough black folks and then you have these other clowns talking about they not getting money from VC firms. Let Ed Dunn, a 20-year real veteran of this industry and game break down a little secret. First of all, I can take my black behind to Silicon Valley right now and get a job tomorrow because I got real skills and Silicon Valley is full of brothas and sistas with skills and some good looking sistas too! But they will work me with long hours and play office politics with me when I get that job in Silicon Valley. And if I got skills, VCs don’t have a problem giving me a few million to own my ass and make me work like I’m on their plantation. So the whole bullshit about getting a job and getting money from payday loan sharks called VCs is not the issue with black folks and Silicon Valley. I don’t want their job or their money in Silicon Valley, I want to do for self with my tech skills. The 100% problem in Silicon Valley is the same thing we see in the music industry with EDM/house music and that is misappropriation by trade media and that is Fast Company and New York Times, Forbes tech writers and Wired magazine writing up articles pretending only white people and token blacks are making technology moves and creating solutions. And I will confirm that I’m actively looking at suing these tech publications for not covering black people which is antritrust and establishing a competitive disadvantage for black tech entrepreneurs through narratives and it appear I have a case. Because if I or another black person create a tech solution and these trade magazines (this is not freedom of speech/opinion, this is business trade) do not cover black people submitting press release information to them but then turn around and write up an article saying some 11-year-old Jewish whiz kid invented the same shit, then that when it clearly an illegal violation of the Sherman Act and these tech writers and those tech magazines need to be sued. But what you see is black people like Jesse Jackson or Angela Benton running around talking about diversity problems and then you find out they got some kickback from a VC firm or a “deal” and they ain’t got no talent or skills. Yeah, these black folks were really looking out for everybody else, wasn’t they? donald And then the one big event last year – Donald Sterling and the NAACP. All this racist stuff LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling was about and then you have the NAACP giving him awards in exchange for Donald Sterling giving them money so he can maintain being a Jewish bigot against black people and run this basketball players like a plantation. So you see the same pattern over and over of these black people and black organizations running their mouth talking about they fighting discrimination and advocacy for black people but you see them cutting self-serving deals with the very same bigots that are still engaged in discriminating against black people. What you should notice and what is most important - the mainstream media is making sure they only talk about Marc Morial, Al Sharpton and NAACP in their media. The mainstream media like NBC and New York Times will focus only on these black figures to prevent discussing black issues with real black people like me and you because we may tell the truth while those others cats ask for shakedown and gatekeeper money. sharpton And now we have Al Sharpton and the new bombshell lawsuit that claimed that Al Sharpton in exchange for money and funding and his own TV show, created a buffer for Comcast to practice discrimination against true black-owned TV channel producers.


The lawsuit document how Comcast worked with inside black folks getting their money and Al Sharpton to concoct a scheme of putting on “black celebrities” (this is that same shit Magic Johnson pulls and dumbass black folks be referring to Magic Johnson as a successful black entrepreneur) and that black celebrity is a front for white-owned media channels pretending to promote black content. Now I want you to read something interesting from the Hollywood Reporter article: Comcast is one of the biggest companies to employ a chief diversity officer, and its practices have been lauded by many including Black Enterprise magazine, which recently named it as one of the 40 best companies for diversity. The lawsuit figures to face many hurdles, from the sufficiency of its allegations to possibly the First Amendment, but for now it presents a larger portrait of a media company that isn't carrying many fully owned black channels and the dangers of allowing it to grow bigger. Notice Black Enterprise magazine name is mentioned about Comcast and I wonder if Comcast sponsored in Black Enterprise magazine? Then you see the article talks about the First Amendment – once again, these media bigots are confusing trade publications with free speech publications and I realize they made a big mistake thinking they can practice in this manner creating antitrust legal liability all over – even some of the Chicago House cats can sue some of the EDM trade magazines for misappropriation claiming white people invented or pioneered house music like Dancing Astronaut keep publishing. But let’s get back to the core issue – you see the same pattern that we outlined above of Al Sharpton benefitting himself and helping Comcast not work with black entrepreneurs in the media industry. You black people go around supporting these people and organizations and act blind to these activities and you know what that instantly tells me? It tells me you black folks are a joke and a piece of worthless shit and that is the first indicator I know you ain’t shit as a black person when you support stuff like Al Sharpton, Warren Ballentine, Black Enterprise, NAACP and Urban League. Because if you were a black person and really about something, making real moves and was actually going somewhere, these people and organizations working as gatekeepers for bigots would make themselves your enemy and you would have noticed it and you would have experienced it firsthand. And because you are a black person Facebook liking and defending these people like Al Sharpton and Black Enterprise and Urban League or Warren Ballentine, I instantly know and recognize you are a piece of shit and a joke for a black person and I been 100% right all the time on this assumption and prediction when judging other black folks. Let me remind you – show me where Black Enterprise magazine covered Garrett’s Popcorn or Harold’s Chicken or even Sylvia’s Kitchen on their magazine cover to show other black people these successful elder black people advice and tips to share with the rest of us real black folks – go and fucking name the year and edition, homey..thought so. We got to shut these people down and the way you shut down Black Enterprise is to come up with Hustle Space like we are launching and I will reveal that information soon. The way you deal with the Urban League is you create your own dedicated pop-up media like I did with Warren Ballentine and you expose those punk bitch clowns with 1000% coverage and focus on their antics. Go look at the Dream and Hustle article talking about Warren Ballentine conviction and you see they tried to attack me but as I put out more and more information, look at how cats ran off and the conversation changed up where people are waking up to that Warren Ballentine convicted clown and his true antics. Put the heat on these bitch ass cats. And last – get your guns up and be ready to put down and make an example of cats who thought you was easy pickings to go after. And always operate in plain sight with nothing to hide and if they think they got something on you, you don’t give a damn and so what. These cats pretending they Civil Rights Activists and these black organizations pretending they advocating for black interests are working to stop black folks like you from coming up so they can keep claiming we black folks are hapless victims to get money from bigots in a shakedown manner. That is why Dream and Hustle is a natural enemy to these black organizations and they avoid talking about me and this blog because we represent true empowerment and progress of our people. When you black folks start to get big, make progress and real moves, you will find out firsthand yourself that these cats are your enemy – fuck all the commentary you think you know about Black Enterprise and the rest of that crap – wait until you start making big moves as a black person. So if you are wondering why Hustle Space was outsourced to the Philippines, I recruit talent from all over the world for the 3rd Strategic Institute and we are moving Swagg-Scientific major operations outside the United States only with a license to do business at the local level, then you understand that I’m keeping myself away from these boule gatekeeping clowns while plotting to destroy them to help other brothas and sistas come up and get theirs.

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  1. Oh wow! This is so real. I get tired of people running to these same people to be a voice of black folks, etc. This is tired when black people especially in my generation don’t give a damn about these fools and know we have to do things on our own to make things happen. Looking for their validation is not a goal or for anyone elses. I see countless black people agree with these people because they fail to see what is really going on behind closed doors and dont want to believe it. I’m over this type of bufoonery and nonsense. People will continue to fall and complain and wonder why they didnt come up is because this bullshit here is a major contributor to why people who are making things happen never see the light of day. I tell people looking to go into business or do something for themselves keep their plot globally because you will be more of a threat than trying to kiss ass with these people.

  2. Al Sharpton been full of shit, they just using his face to sell sum bs during the commercial break to his followers

  3. Man, they’re going after Comcast from all sides. Al sounds stupid saying he wants to fight that suit. Maybe he doesn’t know how civil cases work. What little I know says Comcast is in trouble.

    I’m surprised Negroes still defend Al. Cats running around with zero savvy. It came out he was snitching and the reaction was “they tryin to take him down.” Like he’s Fred Hampton or something. I don’t know about these old folks.

  4. Years ago Donald Sterling had a great idea to give 60 black men who independently owned businesses in Los Angeles a million dollars each as a way to clear up his reputation, he was advised against going to black church leaders get have them chose which black men would get the money however he didn’t listen, and as a result, the biggest church leaders in Los Angeles tried to cut a back room deal to get the money themselves as a result Donald Sterling got fed up and 60 black male business owners never received a dime. True story

    1. I want to investigate this further and in addition I will make sure this never happen again. Me and my people are going to step up and fight hard because this is a constant pattern of black leaders fucking with money that supposed to come to us because they dont want to see us with the money.

      There was hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked for the black community for empowerment zones but the black leaders did not fill out the paperwork to fill it and it expired..the poor rural whites got their money but the black community did not..this was President Obama first year in office and was warning the CBC that money is on the table.

  5. I know the publicist who handled the deal personally, they went behind her back and set up a meeting with Donald Sterling, she had warned him not to get them involved but like most people they believe Christian Leaders are the Gatekeepers of black folks and who better to refer 60 respectable black men than the church…… side eye…. what does a petite black woman know about the inner workings of the real get of the get down when it comes to these so-called leaders, out of sheer frustration, he just threw his hands up.

  6. This is really sad when the fact is there is enough for all who really want to go get it.
    Not that I trusted any of them just for the fact in my experience if they put you out front willingly then some shit is in the game. Having the ability to connect the dots with actual facts not just talking points or rhetoric cant praise this enough.
    Thanks to all who contribute constructively to this blog it’s like a breath of fresh air.

  7. Thanks for reporting this Ed. I would not have recognized this story had I not read it here first

    Sharpton’s power, including his informal adviser role at the White House, is just part of the game.

    “I think that Obama uses him to control the Negroes,” Allen said of Sharpton.

    “DC has been taking payoffs. Comcast owns every politician in that town including President Obama,” Allen said, noting Comcast executives’ fundraising for the president. “Obama has been bought and paid for.”

    “President Obama, you control a couple billion dollars in advertising. What have you done to make sure African-American owned media is participating in government advertising? We got more respect from President Clinton.”

    “Shame on you, President Obama,” Allen said. “I think African-Americans would have done much better with a white president. They are murdering us on the street and murdering us in the boardrooms.”

    But maybe, Byron Allen just might be able to tell enough truth to change things.

    1. The funny thing is this tactic by these organizations of becoming a house negro to get in massa house in exchange to claim massa is a good slave massa is not new at all. The challenge is everyday black people don’t stand up, the mainstream media don’t mention it and the white people who see what it going on, stay quiet on it.

      We have to find a way to break this cycle as you know, this is the same crap they pulled in the tech industry.

  8. The story probably got out in certain circles which is why the NAACP and other black organizations started wooing Donald Sterling because behind the scenes he has genuinely tried to put money in the black community. Who are the greatest supporters of these organizations, black folks raise millions of dollars annually at these churches for building funds, new parking structures, etc… and nothing gets built, yet the people keep giving even though they know the money they raised has been squandered.

  9. Im going to deal with Al Sharpton the same way Near dealt with Light Yagami. I’m personally tired of this shit and every other black person acting like a follower or a dumbass. Too many black people are held back by this shit and Im fucking sick of it.

  10. I love your passion, Ed, you give me hope and not the Jesse Jackson kind, more like an injection of pure raw energy. The only thing I can say is they better, ” Knuckle Up and Guard They Grills!”

  11. I have always thought Sharpton was only there for media and to get his name out there. He is not about the people right now…he is only for himself and until we see that, we will always stay in the rut.

  12. Some can act like they don’t know this, but it’s been painfully obvious for decades. What have we really achieved after half a century in terms of true economic empowerment? Nothing. When Jackson and Graves were begging the-powers-that-be of Silicon Valley about inclusion, I stated they should be investing their own millions by creating these black owned technology companies that they claim don’t exist, instead of begging. If they’re not about empowering us as a collective, then they’re only self-serving and have never received support from me.

  13. Yes I understand where you coming from where it was times I thought I was wrong cause other black people always scream about there are no blk millionaires I know its quite a bit of blk millionaires they will never show it cause most stupid blk people will cosign on anything far as Jessie Jackson and al Sharpton saying they speak the truth where at I promise you coming up as child I never knew who the hell the naacp was until I made it too the fifth grade and said to myself I didn’t know who they was cause I never seen them push for blk people I’m sorry I just haven’t I always knew it was blk millionaires but if these blinded blk leaders doing this why blk people steady call on these clowns to do anything for blks they line their pockets first trust me I see straight through al Sharpton gray hair him and jesse Jackson just as blind as the rest of the blk people they play for fools .so they are blind what do I need their help for but its true people call me racist how in the hell I’m racist when Jessie Jackson blk like me I dont condemn them I don’t follow what they preach I don’t follow period we will do better following behind a rock then some of our so call blk leaders who don’t want to see blk people put money in their blk community.

  14. I think naacp is just another form of the kkk I come off as a militant to some people sometimes I may try to push my beliefs on people and they think im crazy but I’m not I rather see black owned businesses like I was seeing in the early 90s they just started to disappear I know you can get frustrated with people but you can only deal with the ones who want to wake up by reading this I ran across a little late I apologize but for once I like to see some person write a article what I agree with instead of saying stupid things like our black leaders need to be respected excuse me I wouldn’t call on jesse Jackson are any clown at the naacp if I was wrongfully convicted and headed for deathrow I told my boyfriend I rather die first then to let some house nigga come along and act like he saving me which is false the white people backing him did that if you can’t do it for your self blk activists I dont want your help if he show I will deny the hell out of there visit s these guys are sharks my boyfriend said you cold-hearted I don’t think so.

    1. I didn’t think Byron Allen wanted to win more than expose the practice in the open so if they want to continue it, they will be scrutinized further.

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