Selecting the Right Product-Mix to Sell as a Self-Branded Sista

african woman is writing in a dark room Every sista should have both a for-profit self-branding operation as well as a non-profit organization and cause to have a well-rounded image of her and a public facing extension of who she is. In this article, we are going to talk about how to create the right product mix for the sistas to consider in her self-branding effort. The one challenge is the sistas have been acting funny when Dream and Hustle try to provide information to help empower the sistas. The sistas be acting like they ain’t hearing what we got to say but sistas be all on social media talking about Scandal and Liv and her momma or whatever. But actually this is a good thing – this means only a few smart sistas should take advantage of this information and run with it and establish her self-branded empire before the rest of these sistas get on the bandwagon all late and predictable. One of the things we see a lot of sistas doing is trying to peddle sex toys like rubber penises and straps and other crazy crap and be having some “intimate party” or something like that. This is really pathetic and these Tove Lo wannabee sistas should move herself away from this kind of crap that hurt her image as a brand instead of help it. If you sistas are peddling rubber penises and trying to throw house parties where you and your girlfriends giggling over rubber penises, find a new damn angle in your life, real talk. Use your unique life and perspective and vision that God gave you and give you the chance to pursue when you wake up each morning to have a chance to live out that passion. What we are suggesting on this blog is a sista to identity who she is, what she is about and be honest and revolve a branding product mix around her. Now, keep in mind there is a Beyonce and then there is a Sasha Fierce. With that said, really don’t care if you sistas are sloppy and tired looking – focus on the Sasha Fierce that you like to see yourself and approach developing your product mix based on the Sasha Fierce persona inside of you. The reason why I say this is because you are developing a product mix based on your identity and that is based on what you desire and your goal is to promote and market your identity to customers based on their desires and their ability to relate to your identity. We are going to discuss how to look at your lifestyle and determine what to sell. Now, one thing I have to get out there and I missed this and this is important – you ladies do not have to be attractive and most important, it is preferred that you sistas are over 25 and not young. Do not let cornball men try to tell you sistas that you are too old to start a self-branding campaign because sistas be all good looking and thick and juicy in her late 20s and 30s and 40s and have more life experience to develop a better solid branding ecosystem. So let’s talk about the identity concepts. Lifestyle waterbottle How do you live your life on a day-by-day basis? Surely you are not like the chicks on reality TV sitting around looking to fight other sistas. Are you part of a running club? Do you work and enjoy what you do on the job? Be honest at how you living your life right now because that is the same thing other sistas are doing and work that reality into your branding concept. . Active Lifestyle. If you have an active lifestyle like going to the gym a lot, what do you carry with you? Do you carry a water bottle or sports bottle? Do you carry a bandana or sweat band? Do you use a gym bag? All of these things can be branded and introduced as a product line to support your active lifestyle. Think about the little things and not necessary the big stuff but accessories and the things you take for granted like a towel or flashlight. Professional Lifestyle. How organized is your office or cube space? Do you have paperweights and a place to post up your sticky notes? Where are the dry erase markers stored, in a plastic container or laying around? Do you have small frames for the kids photo and the hubby? Once again, these are the small things like a tablet holder that can be customized and monogramed that can be introduced as a professional product line to sell to working women. Attitude diffuser Your approach to your purpose in life is important and you need to incorporate this into your brand and stick to it. If you look at the world as one day at a time or as another day you got a chance to make something happen, that need to be part of the brand. Winning Go-Getter Attitude. Are you someone looking to always accomplish and achieve? Driven with a purpose and passion? Take risks and fail and succeed? If so, then you want to promote that attitude in your colors, design with aggressive lines and wording that express this attitude. This is important if you want to attract those who have that same desire. Laid-Back Attitude. Do you like to sit at home and relax to some good music and light candles and drink some green tea? Or take a nice bath or spend time doing your nails or hair just to pamper yourself? This should be reflected in your brand to promote that chilled out lifestyle of self-pampering and winding down after a long day or promote a staycation lifestyle for sistas who cannot get out the house because she got kids and a broke boyfriend. Current Place apron Are you married with kids? Are you single and a pet owner? Are you single with kids by different fathers? Are you taking care of an elder? These are places sistas are currently at and this is not expressed in current branding efforts in the black community but should. So if you are a mommy that like to cook for the kids or a single chick driving a Fiat 500 to do shopping therapy, think about the things you do to support that place you are at. Single Chicks. Single chicks will need card holders cases and also accessory items to keep being pretty and the image should support that lifestyle like the Skinny Girl brand. Think about all the things single chicks need like a way to find her keys when she wake up in the morning. All of this are supporting the lifestyle. Including microwave meals container as that singl sista is going to be eating by herself tonight because she cannot cook good enough to keep a man. Got Kids. If you have kids, then you know you want to have things like a child alarm that goes off is the child walk too far away or maybe an apron that a mommy would wear while she is cooking and entertaining guests or even houseware items. Ugly holiday sweaters is another thing mommys like to wear. All of these small things that can be branded with a logo and sold including items to clean the house like rubber gloves and dusters. Establish Your Product Line and Pop-Up / E-Commerce Operation. ecommerce What you sistas need to do next is now start thinking of the things you want to brand that support your lifestyle, attitude and place in life. Focus on designs and patterns that reflect these elements of you to broadcast your brand to others. Write out a list of things you think you can sell but here is the thing – you want your product line to tell a story and connect to all parts of your lifestyle, attitude and place. Because you want to model and create look books that support your brand as a lifestyle and attitude of the single mom who is sophisticated or the chilled out single working girl in her Brooklyn apartment and so on. Then you setup an e-commerce site that has your brand and pictures of the products you want to offer and make sure these products you can describe as a narrative of your lifestyle and brand. If you are selling custom wine chillers with your monogram label, then talk about entertaining that special person in her life as a story with a picture of a lady entertaining a good looking dude. Remember that you are selling an identity that is desired.

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  1. Great article…just in time! I’m a cosmetologist and I just started branding myself…I started with cute t-shirts that my clients can purchase and like you said start branding yourself with small accessories, so of course I’m thinking about the small things now!!! Thanks for this article!!!

  2. Clever. I like how you had everyone look at their current lifestyle. Never thought of that one. Can’t go wrong and Alibaba’s probably the best resource for getting started.

  3. Something just came to me: an active sista can probably start a subscription service with her branded bottle of whatever she’s selling.

  4. This is SO helpful. I’ve been trying to decide on a direction for a minute. Your post made me take “inventory” of the things I spend the most time doing and how I live on a day to day and that brought a great idea to mind. Your words helped me organize my thoughts and I feel a launch coming soon. Thanks!

  5. Great article I’m more interested in dressing the sistas for success in Taylor made suites. I know how to sew and design now all I need is a lookbook. Thanks Ed.

  6. Ed, first of all thank you! And you’re right, the lifestyle angle is key: when I look at blogs, such as Apartment Therapy, LifeHacker, The Minimalist, Happy Black Woman, A Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss and Hey Fran Hey, their content, brand and product offerings are all concise with a lifestyle of which they actively engage, offering firsthand insight and experience ….!!!

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