The Black Woman Guide to Becoming a Self-Branded Socialite DJ Mixer in Atlanta

mixmaster_ms Research we conducted in the Atlanta area for our upcoming led us to conclude that black women DJs in Atlanta has the opportunity potential to out-earn their black male counterparts and easily reach 7-figures (1 million dollar+) annually in bookings. The problem is that black Atlanta is a very sexist city when you see how they treat sistas on black radio stations and TV and in other circuits. Black gay Atlanta has a few sista DJs but we are talking about the strip clubs, radio stations, events and regular clubs that go out their way to promote some sexist image of an Atlanta male DJ persona when the majority of their patrons in the spot spending money are black women. But the opportunity for sistas is too big to ignore and when you see the business model, you will fully understand why I have a vested business interest to develop sistas as DJs and mixers here in Atlanta. And the sistas will win too because we understand that black women DJ mixers will have a socialite circle of influence that get her name out everywhere, allow her to get a huge following quickly and launch her branding campaign and lift up other sistas in the progress creating an economic and empowerment engine for the sistas here in Atlanta. So in this article, we are going to talk to the sistas on how to get started learning how to mix, the equipment and techniques. Outside of this article, we are going to do meetups or mixers (no pun intended) here in Atlanta possibly at Guitar Center or another venue like a club to give sistas firsthand practice on mixing. You sistas are going to be mixing and throwing sets and hotel rooftop parties and apartment pool parties when I get through with you and you sistas should not think this is hard. If sistas can tear stuff up in the kitchen, then she can definitely tear it up for the crowd and throw an excellent DJ set and overall event. Why Should Atlanta Sistas Looking to Become Self-Branded Start DJ Mixing? paris (Note: Paris get $350K per DJ set, not $350K a year and she command more than Calvin Harris rate) The reason for sistas to learn how to DJ is to start hosting parties and gatherings and become the center of attention. And this is the fastest way to gain a following in Atlanta and be able to increase the sista brand up real fast. You will see and show notice the smart women who are socialites are learning how to DJ and host their own parties and that increase their brand among women and at the same time, plug their for-profit product line and non-profit charity cause. So let’s run down a list of benefits. Generate Revenue for the Branding Platform Fast. A sista looking to DJ can pre-sell her event and the venue can just be a TBD and collect payments in advance. Or she can do ticketing and charge $15 to $25 a head like a political fundraiser would do, but she doing it for her own brand – better start getting convinced real fast my sista that this is the way to go. And these events can have tiered pricing for VIP area and meet-and-greet and bottle champagne treatment and a swag bag also. The sky is the absolute limit. Plenty of Venues in Atlanta. A sista can DJ at an outdoor park Fulton, Dekalb, Gwinnett and Cobb and Clayton county, at Lake Lanier Islands on one of the remote islands (Charlotte and Miami has this kind of setup where cats can take jet skis to the party). It is plenty of hotels with rooftop pools in Atlanta to throw summer DJ parties and plenty of apartments with a club house to throw parties and the W hotel and a sista can even rent a foreclosed mansion and do a daytime party with a gathering – those events cats make $25k on average here in Atlanta on those foreclosed mansion parties. Create a Following. Have everybody who attend the party be aware of the branded sista product line which will be in a swag bag for guest. One tip – get those temporary tattoos (look up on YouTube on how to print these) that chicks at the party can put on their body which will be the branded sista logo so everybody can see the brand logo on the chicks bodies and even the dude bodies at the party. And also shout out your self-branded non-profit cause and display how to donate. In addition, everybody can become followers on the branded sista social media creating hundreds and thousands of followers for that branded sista. Create Opportunities for Other Sistas. A branded sista that is a DJ Mixer can also have vending tables at her events that allow other sistas to vend to sell their e-books or their own branded product line in Atlanta and some sista can even setup a USB Powerbank rental service at all these events, right? Other sistas can start ventures to become a publicist or event coordinator to help book events for the sistas. Yes, the SistaSphere business model already will accommodate this part as a quasi-agency to help foster this environment in Atlanta. A branded sista can even DJ for her crowdfunding event inviting people who crowdfund $5 to come (and she hit them up to donate more to the crowdfund campaign while they there). Host Events for Others. A branded sista that can DJ and Mix can run strip clubs, women empowerment events, Zumba events, political fundraisers and just keep being booked over and over again increasing her brand and socialite status in Atlanta. And this is just more places for the branded sista DJ to show up and plug her branded product line and non-profit cause and get more facebook followers and linkedin connects and instragram groupies. Now if you sistas haven’t realize, yes you can work a full-time and get started on DJing and mixing as a side-hustle until the money builds up. And by focusing on area domination, a sista can start strong in Atlanta and then start booking gigs for Houston, Charlotte, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Denver, Boston, Newark, Seattle, Los Angeles, Punta Cana Dominican Republic, Portland, Nassau Bahamas, Kingston Jamaica, Bermuda..okay, you sistas get what I’m saying now? See how fast the brand will grow and get big? Atlanta is big enough with all the venues and hotels for dozens of sistas to get their grind on in this fashion and everybody come up. Hell, sistas can get together and do a festival at Centennial Olympic Park and DJ right after each other and do a mega-event to promote all of their brands and sistas can vend with 10x10 tents. So I hope you black women in Atlanta is seeing the blow up opportunity here and how you sistas can straight take over the ATL. Sistas, this is your time to shine and run this city. Equipment and Technique introdj I recommend that sistas looking to get started buy the Pioneer DDJ-SB (image above) as their intro equipment and you can find more information at and you can get it from Guitar Center. The DDJ-SB cost around $250 and has all of the features of the more expensive stuff and pretty much the majority of what you going to do mixing, you can accomplish on this equipment. More than enough to throw sets and host parties to and will pay for itself quickly. This equipment you are going to need to run on a laptop like you see other people do setups and it comes with Serato Into. Now there are some great videos on how to learn the DDJ-SB on YouTube and even how to do techniques. Now there is two different styles and techniques when performing. You have DJing and you have mixing. Let’s explain each one: DJing If you look at DJ Juicy M and her millions of views on YouTube, then you see a great source to build up your brand as a sista, right? Using YouTube showing you DJing sets as a way to get millions of views for your brand increasing your following, right sista? But anyway, what you see Juicy M doing is what is called DJing and this is mostly a style originally in the hip-hop game like Hot97 in NYC and Funkmaster Flex, Kid Capri and so on and you see in R&B clubs. They trying but pathetically cannot do on Atlanta Radio stations and DJs here are comical, real talk. Yes, Juicy M is a far superior DJ than any of those cats on urban radio in Atlanta and I said it. Using this fashion, you are quick-mixing one song after enough to keep a fast-pace flow going and this really is for more advanced cats who know the songs and know when to bring in a song real quick and bring in another real quick. In addition, this require more songs to be played and take more energy and focus to accomplish and as you see Juicy M practice a lot at her crib to accomplish this. At most, this can be done for 1-hour sets or 90-minute sets but that is serious work. This is not hard but I just want you to know the limitations so if you are DJing for 90 minutes (and you better be an expert – only 45 minutes realistically) this way, you may want to do another style before getting in this intense style of mixing. One of the techniques you want to focus on in this style is being able to lay the vocals of one song over the beat of another track and then break into it. A classic example is blending Audio Two Top Billin over a Mary J vocal – okay, if you smart, I know I got you laughing but really, that’s an old school example right there. Just drop treble and bass and keep the mid-range that have mostly the vocals and adjust the LPF/HPF (this is what Juicy M was doing at the :20-:30 mark with the Get Lucky vocals) but this takes practice beforehand and knowing the tracks you mixing. Mixing

FTB SHOW 2-11-15 by Caroline Sheltergirl Mendez on Mixcloud

This mix by Caroline “Sheltergirl” Mendez is what you call a long-blend mix and this is probably the style I prefer sistas focus on first. This is using rare grooves and a combination of beats to create a long mix that can go on for a few hours and give the DJ Mixer time to shake hands. So in this fashion, focus on house/EDM or old school beats and a little bit of afrobeat and have a real house groove setup going. Or you can long-blend R&B songs but most R&B songs is going to require DJing of quick blends and switches. A long blend does not require a quick switch from one track to another and you can get away with 16-bars of tracks in some cases to make the blend happen. Now, here is a trick with mixing – pre-mix some songs by learning how to loop the beat (you can do this on the Pioneer DDJ-SB pictured above) and record it as an MP3 and bring that MP3 back into the mix to play a beat for a longer period of time. This is what was done in the hip-hop industry and the term “breakbeat” came from it where a cat would loop a James Brown “Funky President” drum beat over and over and cats would rap over it and they would scratch on that record calling it a scratch record. Damn, I’m giving you sistas in Atlanta more tips than the brothas already know how to do real DJing and mixing, kind of funny ain’t it? Yeah, you sistas didn’t know Dream and Hustle had all of this going, did ya? Making It Happen event It is plenty of sistas that are DJing all over like you see in the flyer above for an event with all sistas DJing and mixing. It is just Atlanta is a more lucrative market due to the high number of sistas and the ability to throw parties every damn where in this city from the hotels around the airport and College Park all the way up to Lake Lanier and in Stone Mountain and the W hotels and Aloft and so on. And if you sistas did not realize, you sistas will make more money and money faster than speaking engagements, writing up e-books, stripping on a pole or running some boutique shop or appearing on a reality TV show selling out your sorority fighting other black women from another sorority. This is bigger than music – being a sistas branded DJ mixer puts a sista in the spotlight, the life blood of the party and all eyes will be on her. Don’t let Atlanta be this lame place where brothas act like only they can DJ as these brothas DJing usually end up attracting broke ass thugs that want to set-trip, disrespect sistas in attendance and shoot cats in a party where they probably did not realize the person they shot was a removed cousin of theirs. Run an event, pre-sell tickets nationwide and get a group discount at the Marriot or Hilton downtown Atlanta so sistas can fly in from New York, Chicago, Miami and you sistas DJ and spin at an event and have a EDM slumber party – see all the opportunities and things you sistas can do here in Atlanta and the possibilities? So the next step will be back on the Global Urban Collective Facebook group ( )– I will create an upcoming workshop session for the sistas to get hands-on training on how to be a DJ mixer socialite and we will have some fun. Keep in mind that I have a vested interest in recruiting sistas to mix for the service that we have coming up so if I find a sista good enough, then we both can win-win there. Hope this is enough information for you sistas to get out there and get yours.

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    1. No you can start spinning in retail stores and boutiques in Los Angeles just as what I was going to help the sistas in Atlanta get gigs at Nordstrom and Macys. But the sistas here obviously was not interested.

  1. This is a pretty neat concept. I actually saw where Solange is doing a pre-Oscar party as the DJ tonight. This is a new form of “club” that will be financially sound for black women….

    1. A Google image search of “Solange DJ” will show you how she also took advantage of DJing to elevate her status as a socialite. Good look out on this as an example.

  2. I LOVE this article! I live in Miami, but I never DJ’d a day in my life. I definitely want to start learning.

    1. We are going to have a session on the Global Urban Collective Facebook group on how to get started to be a socialite DJ. Must be in the group to know more.

  3. I love this article too! I currently have a M-Audio turntable with Mixx on my laptop that I play around on whenever I get the chance, but I never thought about turning it into an opportunity to seriously get paid. I’ve been thinking about holding events associated with my music blog, so I can definitely see where this fits in.

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