This Black History Month, Let’s Discuss How African-Americans Like Shaming the Success and Progress of Black People

holdupnow There is the same broken record over and over again at Dream and Hustle and been going for the past 8 years and well-documented with proof – we see black folks just want a “good read” about black empowerment and love to support viewing shit like 7AM to say they watched something about black economic empowerment and will talk the next 150 years about early 1900s Marcus Garvey and Black Wall Street but won’t do a damn thing to help architect empowerment and a positive future for our young African-American children to grow up and prosper in. I wrote an article that described how sistas can be a DJ and it was very detailed on the how-to and getting started. Once again – no comment, no response, no acknowledgement from the same black community blowing up the other Dream and Hustle article about the Afro-Chinese youth explosion to discuss black male/female relationship nonsense back and forth. In fact the only response was someone looking to shit on black women and I had to tell him what he was doing and he agreed to withdraw his comments but at least he been a real man and acknowledge the article was an opportunity for the sistas. Maybe he outsmarted me and realize the black women wasn't going to respond or follow up either and wanted me to see that for myself. The problem is the African-American community want to be followers, not follow-through on patterns and practices to establish the betterment of our people. And I have enough proof from this blog that speaks on this topic of black empowerment in high detail and execution strategy. Black folks will straight ignore the specific action plans we layout and pretend I didn't write that shit after I publish it. This happened when this blog talked about EL and lighting up the commercial districts in the hood to create night markets to generate economic empowerment in the hood – the African-American ignored me but talk about celebrity gossip. This happened when I talked about self-checkout markets in the hood – the African-American community ignored me but talked about the next Tyler Perry move or Scandal. And this happened last year when I discussed the micro-cube model for the sistas – just straight been silent activity as if what I wrote should not have been written. And then I write about how black women in Atlanta can use DJing to super boost her socialite status and create her self-branded empire, a proven pattern and practice done worldwide but the sistas not taking advantage. Notice the Tokyo chick with her glittery blinged out girly headphones (she even glittered her scratch record that can be seen at 5:11) and that big audience and her video background screen elevating her status. I even indicated this is our research we disclosed that should have been kept private within the 3rd Strategic Institute, I even indicated that I would host a session to help the sistas in Atlanta and I was going to rent a workspace or get time at Guitar Center to host a session with other DJs affiliated with me. I even outlined the startup equipment and style of mixing and DJing for the sistas with video. And what I get in return? That same typical silent treatment by the African-American black community that shames me for actually showing our people how to go about success and progress. What we actually see is a constant pattern of the African-American community shaming other blacks for actually going out and trying to succeed and trying to make change. And you know the routine – they want a black person to die and then black folks run around and say that black person they did not listen to when they were alive and now dead was some “thought leader” or some bullshit – black folks saying anything to not commit to an actual solution to creating freedom and success and prosperity of our black people in America. This is not made-up, it happens all the time. You see over and over in our elementary schools where the smart black kids are shamed, even by the teacher for being “too smart” for a black person in an inner city school and having too much vision. You can look in this blog and see black dudes talking about “that is a nice vision and all you got is vision” as if anything without vision is more important. Vision is 95% of any hustle you pursue but then you see Black Enterprise who is straight full of shit do not promote anything to help black folks establish that 95% vision. I always talked on Dream and Hustle about creating an innovation lab and post-it notes and Freemind to help brothas and sistas establish vision to pursue their entrepreneurial goals. There was a recent story about Mo’Nique and how she felt blackballed after winning the Oscar and she reflect on Hattie (McDaniel) and herself in the Hollywood Reporter: Hattie (McDaniel) said, "After I won that award, it was as if I had done something wrong." It was the same with me. I thought, once you won the award, that's the top prize — and so you're supposed to be treated as if you got the top prize. I got a phone call from Lee Daniels maybe six or seven months ago. And he said to me, "Mo'Nique, you've been blackballed." And I said, "I've been blackballed? Why have I been blackballed?" And he said, "Because you didn't play the game." And I said, "Well, what game is that?" And he gave me no response. The “game” is to basically be full of shit in the black community and just run your mouth about accomplishing something but don’t actually accomplish it – that is the game. I had a lifetime friend I grew up with, do you want to know when he stop being my friend? When I bought my first Mercedes S-class with earnings from my hard ass work and accomplishment in this technology industry. Cats back on the West Side of Chicago don’t want to hear that I’m doing good so I don’t say shit to any of them because they act like they have a problem with me coming out of the hood and doing good and living it up and enjoying myself. And they get really mad when they see the chicks I be messing with. You see our civil rights leaders and these clowns claiming they about black empowerment but really just want to peddle e-books and you African-Americans just buy it up. Then you African-Americans want to worship cross-dressing routine Tyler Perry and not ask why Tyler Perry did not bring up any other black independent directors like Spike Lee did the past 15 years of Tyler Perry suspect behind being in the spotlight? You also have to remember that Oprah Winfrey when she was an out-of-town person hired to replace the white lady who left AM Chicago in the early 1980s, the uppity Chicago South Shore black folks shitted on her and hard too. Oprah has video documentary explaining how they would call her a fat bitch and all those other names and this is not made up – go and ask her. Now all you African-Americans celebrating Oprah after she keep persevering and evolving into bigger and better. Then have the nerve to ask why Oprah didn’t care to talk about John Johnson at Ebony magazine when he died. Yeah, you probably just realizing why Oprah launched her own magazine 'O' with her black woman image on the cover all the time - do you remember her getting respect in Ebony/Jet back in the days? Yeah, the things you black folks quickly forget while you pretending you was down with Oprah from day one.. Over and over, this goes on in the African-American community of shaming black people like me for actually going out there and working to make betterment. Black folks will go silent, withdraw any support, try to make me feel like I’m alone and shamed for trying to do something. Then you see bitch clowns like Black Enterprise go out their way to pretend I don't exist and none of yall said shit about that but still read Dream and Hustle and I get more comments and response than their web site on my articles. While other black folks get discouraged, here is the thing with me – I don’t give a fuck about you cats trying to lurk and be silent on me and I can easily put on a black hoodie and take from uppity cats just for the fuck of it – and I already done that. I get to fuck Boule curly head light-skinned chicks who got her a man and go straight beast mode on her putting her in the buck and I get money in this tech game whether you like to hear it or not. I didn’t know Boule chicks like West Side cats but then again, I use to take the train from the West Side up to Evanston and the Jeffery bus from Michigan Ave and Jackson downtown to South Shore to take out good girls back in the day - I don't need to make up shit like Brian Williams I actually have to lie down my stories to not get too nasty and raw to be honest. And most important, I got my respect in this game for my skills, not based on whether someone likes my black ass or not. So let me make some damn black history since African-Americans want to constantly try to shame me (I been doing this for 8+ years, if it didn’t work back then it ain’t going to happen homies) from wanting to work for the betterment of black people. What I have done was created the Global Urban Collective on Facebook where there are cats wanting to better themselves and they working independently without me on information sharing and knowledge. The next time I write an article on this blog and you African-American motherfuckers try to shame me or give me the silent treatment, I’m pulling that article off public display and only the cats at the Global Urban Collective can have access to it. That is my way to respond to the African-American silent treatment and trying to shame me for wanting to be black and successful and also see my people successful with my clear message of “fuck you black folks for acting funny” response to that regressive behavior. My Asian, Indian and Afro-European bae want me to stop doing this “black stuff” and just focus on global efforts where they say I’m really needed worldwide. I'm not making this up - I hear this all the time I'm with them and they see what I'm doing and my skills and my passion for what I do. And I always listen to the chick laying next to me before anybody else in this world and what she got to say. But the truth is, I want to see the young brothas and sistas have a better world to grow up in and prosper than I had being from the West Side of Chicago and I’m committed to that shit for the young cats out there. None of you African-Americans and this fucked-up black culture is going to shame or silent Ed Dunn and the 3rd Strategic Institute from working to empower and better black folks and you better get used to that damn fact. But at the same time, you are not entitled to information we put out while your ass over there lurking, giving us the silent treatment trying to shame us for going for ours.

15 thoughts on “This Black History Month, Let’s Discuss How African-Americans Like Shaming the Success and Progress of Black People

  1. Whats up Ed. Just read this and had to get at you.I started reading dreams and hustle blog about 8-10 months ago. i am not in the tech industry or have much tech knowledge. i’m 44 years old and work in a warehouse. I applaud you for wanting to do for the community. I can’t follow what your talking about most of the time, so I can’t say what your doing in the strategic institute. Now, as far as you wanting to get people to do stuff, it is hard to do. I have tried to get people to get into investing in the stock market through a investing club and doing stuff on their own with little success. Very little. I have found that if it isn’t about quick returns most lose interest fast. I’m from Rock Island, IL about 2 hrs west of Chicago. I know your passion for doing right and wanting to pull people out of a economic slumber. You don’t know me, nor I you. But I ask that you don’t give up on young people or any of our people. You can only do what you can. I won’t stop nor should you. No matter how many times disappointment rears its head. Stay blessed brother, And I hope for much success to you.

  2. I am sorry you feel that way. I know personally I look forward to reading your articles. I quest if I was in your shoes I would feel some kind of way too. You go through all the trouble of pulling together info that can be your people and silence. Then again , I see other site’s quoting your info word for word with no credit being given to you. I can’t tell you how to feel or what to do, but if you move I will have no choice but to follow you. In the future I will be sure to leave a comment.

  3. Man up, quit bitching and keep it moving! You do what you do for people because its who you are and what you represent. If you want acknowledgement and respect I suspect you have that already, Don’t expect it from certain groups of people. However, that’s not why you do what you do. I dig your work and respect you. Keep doing you!!

  4. Yall trying to act like Im the one with the issue here and not our people and our culture of shaming success.

    This is not some attention-seeking shit – when blacks folks act silent then shit dont happen. You go to any other culture and talking solutions they are talking and breakout sessions and vocal and organizing online like the Arab Spring.

    This bullshit of our black people acting funny like this is not going to be ignored anymore and yall very mistaken if you think i would be someone yall can deflect blame on. Cannot afford to act like this anymore with all the things going on against us.

    I can John Galt any time I want…

    1. Well Ed, welcome to the —-

      Ed: Who gives a fuck what you think or got to say…take your silly ass somewhere with that shit…lame clown and another typical black male that comes around Dream and Hustle every six months wanting to figure me out because these same black dudes are busy bootylicking status quo like cornball Black Enterprise and then they become internally confused seeing a real cat like me actually out here about it….

      You straight sound too much like a sniveling bitch and I dont like sissy ass black dudes staining my comment section embarrassing the rest of us black men…

  5. Ed, I admitted to not commenting. I’m not sure what your asking the people to do. From reading your blog I’ve actually started the concepts of using tablets as a mobile shop to tell n sell. With the djing angle for the sistas, could you please tell me the title of that article so I can read it. Its all about steps and I’m willing to do the work if your willing to guide/help with questions I may have.

    1. Briana look at the top 5 articles on this blog. What make them the top 5 is not my writing but a very active discussion which result in action.

      I am a global technologist and work with solutions developers and how we creatw solutions is we talk. Indian cats talk, Brazilian cats talk and Chinese and Koreans talk. Over and over I engage in active discussions for solutions.

      But with the African-American community, we just go silent and you right people like you dont comment. And when people like you dont comment you dont hurt me…you hurt the next brotha or sista from having more diverse depth to approach a solution.

      This is the problem with our people and we aint going nowhere major until we open our mouth…closed mouths do not get fed…

  6. Ed, maybe some sistas are not interested in DJing. I however, do know a sista who I interned with a known studio in Atlanta who actually went to Tokyo came back to the A and is slowly but surely doing that whole socialite thing that your talking about in the last article. Because I never knew her to be a DJ and she throws anime/japenese culture parties in Atlanta with Japenese snacks and food.

    1. Kozi, if a sista is not interested then she is not cut out for what it takes and probably should stick to opening her legs. This is a pattern and practice and the benefits are outlined..she would be very ignorant to say she not interested in DJing and should at least understand the pattern and practice

      1. And one more thing, can easily get a light-skinned long hair arab chick passing as black to handle this opportunity if the sistas want to trip like that. These bros in the ATL wont help her like that..

  7. Point taken, I see where you have some of these business models for the sistas really doesn’t require that much work. But I think a majority of them are more focused on the hair weave business models. I see a couple in the GUC. No excuses just pointing out the otherside.

    1. “Paris Hilton – the 33-year-old entrepreneur/DJ sat down with Women’s Wear Daily to discuss the empire she has been creating. Before you roll your eyes, let this sink in: her fragrances alone have done $2 billion in sales.”

      “The business is actually growing year after year because she’s always doing new things — the DJing, a hotel, her singing, and her handbag line….”

      That $2 billion mark did not happen until she became a DJ and her brand spread viral, so if a black woman want to just sell some damn hair like a peddling merchant, she can go right ahead but the sista who brand herself as a entrepreneur/DJ like other modern socialites around the world is doing, then she is going to have to learn to open her damn mouth and learn to seize opportunities when they arise and not sit on the fence like everybody else does. Nobody responded to that DJ branded article that is only now accessible through the GUC and they lost that opportunity. I will be hosting a session on the GUC for the sistas to learn how to DJ/Mix and work with those making an effort to show they interested.

      I never said I’m pulling information, just not sharing it with unappreciative cats ever again..that’s all.

    1. Nah, it’s good…the GUC will pretty much be the place to be, I think I’m through here when it comes to trying to provide real how-to information. It seems over and over when I try to go deep into the solution, African-Americans at large start to freak out and start acting funny and I just cannot take that anymore. Will just stick to basic stuff here.

  8. Ed, what you’re doing is bringing them new stuff…actually DO STUFF that they haven’t been accustomed to…it is a daggone shame, but a lot of our people are so beat down or have gotten so comfortable or are so personally compromised by who pays them…that they get a sense of accomplishment from just TALKING about how to solve a problem as opposed to actually DOING something about it.

    Some of the practical-stuff-solutions, the urban solutions that you put out there, is so mind-blowing to their enslaved mentalities (and this cuts across Black demographics, region, whatever) that they can’t handle it.

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