Ariana Miyamoto is the New Miss Universe for Japan

miyamoto I’m going to let the pictures and video speak for itself. What a gorgeous talented and beautiful and well-spoken lovely woman we got here to represent Japan. All I'm going to say is I would be so proud and happy if she was my daughter. Shout out to the brothas focused in Japan (BlackTokyo/Shux) for the H/T on this. ( miyamoto3 miyamoto4 miyamoto2 miyamoto5

6 thoughts on “Ariana Miyamoto is the New Miss Universe for Japan

  1. Fascinating and wonderful to see someone biracial winning a beauty contest in Japan – particularly when she’s part African American. The fact that she won is a sign that the country’s xenophobic undercurrent might be slowly be shifting. That said, some of the awful and racist things said about her on Japanese social media show it’s definitely still there and that the Japanese notion of ‘Japanese exceptionalism’ is alive and well.

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