Doing a Mid-March Checkup on the Bros to Separate the Real McCoys from the F*k Boys

bro1 Hey just wanted to check in the brothas while we are focused on the sistas during the month of March. Just wanted to ask the brothas if their favorite black male blogger or e-book writer or conscious YouTube quality documentary peddler or black conscious speaker is helping them get empowered or if all of you bros still just sitting around talking worthless shit and still talking about doing something and trying to say who is not doing something? Just wondering. Because the last I checked, Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed is still on the same old shit of talking about yesterday for today and tomorrow. Dr. Boyce Watkins on that same shit different day while Dr. Umar Johnson is running around talking about black people are not born gay and black people become gay from molestation. So how the fuck is black people going to economically progress from a debate about how black folks are not born gay? So let’s be honest, you black bromance chasing bros and the cats you following like dickriders ain’t fucking serious about black progress and yall bros are just some fuckboys and that is what this mid-month special article is going to talk about. Brothas Want to Hear the Testimony But Do Not Have Cross-Examinations delayed One thing I noticed about brothas and this can be applied to black people in general is we just love self-appointed cats and what they got to say but what we don’t do is a full cross-examination. In court of law, nobody can just get on the stand and just blurt some shit about you – you have the right to cross-examine their testimony so the jury and the court can see if the person giving the testimony is full of shit or being honest on the stand. But all of you cats booty licking and dickriding cats running their mouth on YouTube and making YouTube quality documentaries and on the “conscious speaker circuit” I mean you bros just lap all that shit up without question or cross-examination. I bet when these cats talk, you brothas get an erection don’t you? This goes back to Warren Ballentine – I knew he was a punk clown from day one but when he gets on the airwaves and start running his mouth about black empowerment and taking money from you dumbass fools and you ain’t seeing shit from the money you put in, I knew black folks and especially the brothas are on some baaa-baaa sheepish shit right there. Then when I call this Warren Ballentine clown out, you cats want to try to come attack me? Thankfully there were a few brothas who recognize Warren Ballentine for what he is but it is still bros out there trying to defend him and think attacking me was the solution to defending a dude who fucked over the black community on several occasions and fucking with black people money. But when I laid out the whole Warren Ballentine situation, you same ass bros disappeared and where you go? You went to the YouTube cats and started booty licking them and all in their comment section and facebook/twitter following instead of accepting the fact you need to be your own man and look at the man in the mirror to make that change to be someone working at the mercy of God to better yourself, your people, your family and bend the arch of righteous, self-sufficiency and prosperity back to the black family unit. Instead you brothas chose to stay a punk bitch and now you following other cats like a hoe ass fuckboy. The one thing our people is going to learn have to do is cross-examine everything because we are in the age of data manipulation and information propaganda. Black people cannot afford to be a one-sided towards one entity and operate in a unilateral talking about just Al Sharpton is your spokesperson and only Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels should make black movies. Our people been exploited and screwed over by so many Democrat black politicians, black families are being perverse with liberals in Hollywood promoting black homosexuality instead of black heterosexuality and black submissive interracial relationships and the news is trying to portray anybody who protesting the police as thugs and criminals who don’t respect the law and none of you cats have effective counter-strategy or the tools and skills to fight this data manipulation warfare. All you fuckboys got is some damn memes you want to post to Twitter and call yourself Black Twitter or post a bitchy commentary that you think is provocative enough to make change. When cats want to stand on a podium and speak to you about what we need to do and start talking to media like they represent us, you better cross-examine their ass. You cats already tried to cross-examine me but what happened? Where yall ran off too and why I don’t see you no more? Because you realized you encountered a real McCoy and all you are is just another commentary fuckboy in this battle for black empowerment and building an economic base for our people. And you get emotionally mad at me like you on your period talking about you don’t like me or agree with me like I give a fuck what you think as a man-to-man as whether another man agrees or disagree with me. Re-Evaluate Your Sexual Orientation if You a Dude Liking or Disliking Another Man closetmuch One of the things that I come to realize as a man is that every adult male should serve in the military. Because I see only bitch cats talking about not serving the military making up shit about not fighting the white man war – just be honest, you just a fucking pussy afraid to fight for anything at the cost of your life. Military is full of real brothas and sistas serving their country and developing themselves who came in with life hardship and trying to change their life around and they came out better, including me and look where I’m at right now as a result. So stop the damn lying about you and your punk attitude regarding the military – we got a few black people in the Global Urban Collective in Afghanistan right now making more moves than you brothas chatting it up on YouTube comment section and blog comment section and following other brothas on Facebook/Twitter. I read a comment recently by another dude who said he like what I put out here on Dream and Hustle but he don’t like me or agree with me or something bitchy like that. Let me give that dude and the rest of you punk ass dudes who think like that a lesson – I write like this on purpose to keep bitchy cats like you out of Dream and Hustle. Because no real man in the history of mankind ever gave a damn what another man think or believe in except a man that loves another man. I served in the military with some of the craziest racist backyard hicks who probably didn’t like a black guy from Chicago just there for the Army College Fund and mad he had to serve in a combat unit for his 2-year enlistment. But we would still go to war together and take out the enemy because we were real men at the end of the day – that is what men do, we don’t give a fuck about “liking somebody” like the rest of you bitchy ass African-American dudes out there running around talking behind my back saying you don’t like me or you disagree with me sounding like a punk ass sissy. Your job as a man is to build a commune for the tribe and provide for the tribe – you are extremely confused if you think you are here as a man for any other reason. And because we live in a liberal society, you have the right to be a homosexual if that is your preference and you brothas should not suppress this urge of yours for another man if that is what you are after. If you care so much about whether you like another black man or you don’t like another black man instead of take information from another man to build and provide for yours, then you as a man need to re-evaluate your sexual orientation and just admit that you like men. So let me help out you brothas who running around talking about you don’t like me or disagree with other guys to help get you brothas on the right path. Why don’t you brothas start slowly by getting a blowup doll and paint a mustache and beard on it and start humping it? Or go buy a dildo or a cucumber and put it in your mouth and stick it in your bum and leave it in there and grab your pillow – don’t clench up, just relax bro. Do it for 14 days and see if you enjoy and that is what you want. Because the truth is, many of you brothas following these other guys I noticed something about you when you talk about bros and hang around bros too much – I noticed you are not married, you don’t have a girlfriend occupying your time and you are old in your 30s and don’t have a relationship with your children if you have any children. Yeah, I peeped that shit about you brothas in case you think I didn’t notice – that is the first thing I cross-examine about you brothas when you approach this heterosexual family-orientated black man who loves nothing the chicks, care for nothing but the children and hold gratitude and respect for the elders who paved the way. I have zero feelings for fuckboys and their commentary and beefing with other dudes. D-Orientated Versus P-Orientated Brothas whatmatters Real men are raised by real fathers and elders to be a productive member of their community and establish the platform for morals, economics and prosperity. You can talk shit about ISIS but if you see what they fighting for as the end goal is values, morals and community. These Republicans don’t care about the US Constitution or American freedom, what the conservatives are fighting for is the moral code, values and community to sustain white privilege in America. We can go all over the world and you will see what men fight for and establish from China to Nigeria is their primal nature to establish a community with their values and culture supported by economics. Why do men fight to establish this? The same as the male species from dogs, cats, lions and monkeys and elephants – they do it for the female and the woman to live in that community and raise the children. All the male species is wired to do on the primal nature is to hunt/gather and protect the community from harm. You worthless black dudes do not know how to hunt/gather and you have no ability to protect the community from harm. Just yesterday I had to deal with a situation that involved someone who needed help and you know who showed up? Nothing but women who I believe could not handle the situation effectively and a handful of dudes who definitely were showing their pretty ass than being capable. I had all the tools on me to get the job done and I looked around at everybody and they were weak – I’m from the West Side of Chicago looking at this shit in a time of crisis and realize yesterday how weak the black men in our community actually is in 2015. Where were you black dudes when the call for help was required? You dudes are busy looking at ass pics on Facebook and Instagram, liking Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed commentary on the Internet and still keep talking about Black Wall Street and Marcus Garvey. Look at Warren Ballentine punk ass who at the time of this writing is already convicted and about to be sentenced – instead of focusing on his family, he posting up dick jokes on his Facebook page. This is not the first time I had to go out real world for the black community and the only people there are old ineffectual black men who cannot shoot straight and docile black women and zero adult black men there to take charge or leadership and everybody looking at me in a natural primal fashion when I just showed up. Then you weak ass brothas come to this blog talking about what I’m doing for the community and typing that punk shit anonymously over the Internet. That incident made me realize something – we have brothas that are dick-orientated instead of being pussy-orientated and that is the situation we have going with black dudes in 2015. You guys are into bromance, hanging with other bros and talking with other bros too damn much about your college bracket, football, basketball and sports and other shit. You all on those hip-hop orientated blogs talking about who beefing with you and who fucking for tracks and who been with an ass model and other nonsense. And you talking with other brothas about what another brotha is or is not doing for the community when you are a damn man yourself. You guys are dick-orientated and those YouTube bloggers and YouTube quality documentary creators and other hustle bloggers out there are dick-orientated also. Real men are pussy-orientated and that means we build everything for the woman to thrive to raise our children. I worked hard to be good at what I do and became productive so I can get some pussy and eventually have a woman I can settle down with and raise children together and I’m the provider of her and the children and the greater tribe and culture. While that is my primal nature, I also see in modern society that women are not objects to fuck and just have babies and she need to be a partner in this mortal world meaning she must be independently empowered to also assist in raising the community so that means that I’m also vested in helping my sista become empowered. That is why me as a real black man as a blogger can take and dedicate a month to the sistas and contribute what I know for her to take away and empower herself. Let me know when Jason Black, Tariq Nasheed and Tommy Sotomayor and Mack Lessons and Boyce Watkins and all the PUA shit you dick-orientated characters - let me and the rest of the black society know when yall are capable of taking your time and dedicate solely to empowerment of the “black queen” like Dream and Hustle been doing for the past several years. None of these cats and you brothas have not done so because you are programmed to be dick-orientated and that is how you carry yourself. I shouldn’t even have to say this – if you were a real damn man, you would have been done this but you guys created dick-orientated blogs and YouTube channels to attack black women instead, straight fuckboy shit. I do see what Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden and probably maybe Tyler Perry is trying to do but what they doing is primal male stuff of trying to uplift the sistas because these guys are pussy-orientated towards women and that is their true calling and nature. No real man should have to lecture to another man about his primal nature to be a provider and protector of the community. Every real man should have the innate ability to develop productive skills to support the community to sustain life and culture of their people, not sit around look at ass pics and talk about Marcus Garvey early 1900s shit all day long and follow other dudes talking about PUA shit. Your ultimate PUA is being a real damn man that protect and provides – check yourself. The Only Thing You Own Is Skills I hearing a lot of brothas talking about this Breakfast Club interview with Damon Dash and discussion around owning something and working for somebody. I remember having this discussion because this topic touch a nerve with black men who feel marginalized and helpless and want to justify their lame ass life. Back in the day, many cats came to Dream and Hustle thinking this was one of those fantasy “hustle lifestyle” blog like those other cats out there be about. But then they found out I’m about STEM and they ran off somewhere else. But anyway, this discussion that touch cats was the discussion about having a boss. Actually I’m very impress with Damon Dash interview and he is on the same wavelength I’m on and basically saying the same shit I been saying all along. Damon asked why are men talking about other men – I just asked that and answered because these dudes are dick-orientated and may need to check their sexual-orientation. Damon asked why is these cats keep asking him about Jay-Z the past 15 years and the same shit and they cannot grow…isn’t that what I’m saying about these lame ass dudes talking the last 50 years about Marcus Garvey? How the fuck can the black community grow with cats like Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed talking about yesterday all the fucking time and packaging up yesterday stories for sale for their profit model? Damon talks about having women around in his shit and being pussy-orientated, he said everything I just said and I haven’t even listen to this interview before typing everything above in this article. All Damon Dash talking about is real man shit that every black man should be engrained. He even said real man does not listen to social media but yall fuckboys are all on YouTube comment section and Facebook/Twitter following and liking cats and adding comments – exactly how I feel about you cats also..and you waiting to add your fuckboy comments to the comment section of this blog or behind my back on your BBS group also and you know it. But the discussion came about this “boss” talk and this is where cats became confused and this is everything about the black male that is problem today. I can hear what Damon Dash is trying to say and the problem is the other cats around Damon Dash don’t understand the level of the game of Damon Dash is talking about. So the cats kinda threw off Damon Dash message and where he was trying to drive and guess what, I’m going to finish the point Damon Dash was trying to stress but it did not come through correctly. Look, I can build the empire and pass it down to my children but you know what happened most of the time? The kids ruin the business and it has to be sold and shut down and you saw that with many of the hair care businesses ran by the elder who died and the family sold it off to someone else and L’Oréal bought up a lot of black family hair care firms this way recently. Same with the estate, yeah you pass it down to the kids but they fuck up the estate and fuck their own lives up in the process and I have seen people get inherited something big like millions and they end up with nothing in a few years and broke and busted – I seen that shit a lot among generational wealth and other cats can tell you the same kind of stories. So passing down generational wealth don’t mean shit if the kids cannot sustain it to benefit themselves. In terms of a boss and this is what touches a lot of the lame brothas is the fear of a boss telling them they are fired and they are done. They don’t have a job, they cannot drive the beer truck route anymore and they need to go to the unemployment office who tell them they cannot get benefits because they were fired and they owe child support payments and cannot afford a lawyer or get to court to adjust their payments. So you will see even in the YouTube comment sections, cats trying to size Damon Dash down trying to say he ain’t got the money he talking about or he had a boss and everybody have a boss. So let’s just straighten up this whole conversation here for the brothas. First of all, the only thing you own is skills, not assets and that is the only thing you can truly pass as generational wealth – skills. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day but teach him how to fish and he can eat forever. Second, when you have skills, you don’t have a boss. I never had a damn boss in my life as a technology person homey – come to the comment board and argue with me on that shit. I had project managers and organizational managers but none of them was my boss – I got skills and knew how to market my skills in the global marketplace and worked where I wanted to work at. If you sneak on LinkedIn and look at my resume like these other lame cats because LinkedIn notify me of you cats spying, you will see the places I worked at. The reason I worked at those places is simple - I wanted to work there because those places back in the day employed a lot of sistas I can hopefully holla at and get with – yeah, thought so and skills gives me that luxury and flexibility to make those kind of moves. The one thing you can pass to your children and others is skills like teaching them how to run a funereal business or be a carpenter or plumber or be a professional NFL athlete and those are skills that are taught and keep the family last name going in a community or organization like the Harbaugh family in the NFL or the Bush family in politics. Skills is the difference between Dream and Hustle, the Global Urban Collective and the rest of you fuckboy wannabees out there. All you cats talk shit but I demonstrate skills and you cats run like little hoes from me as a result and talk shit. Why you think these clowns like NewMe and Angela Benton and those writers at Techcrunch and everybody else stay as far as fuck away from me and my people? Because we got skills over here that we can demonstrate in real-time and change public perception. Skills is the only thing you own and what you pass on to others. Skills take you wherever you want to go and you can share skills with others. This blog, Dream and Hustle share skills with it’s reader while YouTube bloggers and others just talk shit and his people following him talk shit. Cats run from this blog when I share skills and information and talk some “it just theory” shit like a punk bitch when I’m real-world skills. Black Enterprise magazine just talk shit and don’t tell you black folks anything on how to do anything and until Dream and Hustle came on the scene and called out those fuckboys running that magazine is when they started a pathetic attempt to try to talk to you cats about doing for self but they don’t have the skills to make it happen. It is already established on this blog that when Dream and Hustle post up skill-orientated information, the shit that feeds your kids forever – you lame ass fuckboy brothas run off this blog somewhere else – that is something we all know here. Then you want to ask about my money or my net worth just like you asking about Damon Dash money when you are dude asking about another dude and let me cut that bullshit out because that is also some Black Enterprise fuckboy shit talking about other people money and sales. You are not in this to have numbers or net worth – you are in this to provide and protect as a man and at the end of day, you are going to ask yourself did you do your job as a man to provide or protect the community or were you some selfish ass punk who only looked after himself and worried too much on how much money you created that you cannot take to the afterlife? Stop talking about bosses and what is someone net worth and start talking about skills. Everything I do from the Global Urban Collective to Dream and Hustle to upcoming Hustle Space is skill-sharing and skill-development because I want cats to eat forever and share skills to their kids so their kids to eat forever. That’s real man shit and that is what real man do and that is what a guild or a collective teaches men to accomplish. Even smash and grab thieves teach each other how to accomplish the heist so they can bring home the dough to feed their kids and you brothas are on the Internet acting like fuckboys on social media following mouthpiece cats. It Is Mid-Month and I Hope You Brothas Get Your Act Together bro3 I’m here for the sistas during March and is active in Atlanta setting things up for sistas to go out and get hers. You brothas that are looking at Jason Black, Tariq Nasheed and PUA web sites and you ain’t never had a wife, ain’t got a house and family and kids - you better realign your fucking life to being a real damn man. Listening to cats like Jason Black who probably is not his real name and ain’t once talked real man shit on raising a son/daughter and how to stay in love with his black woman and cater to her – let me know when Jason Black talk about running out to the grocery store at 11:45pm to buy ice cream for his expecting wife and then I will tell you when you found a black man worth listening to about empowerment and black community matters. Right now you brothas are a bunch of fuckboys with no skills to provide or protect the community and no skills to pass down to the next generation. You brothas are fuckboys with no strategy to execute against the enemy who is well-prepared and well-funded to maintain a sustained attack against the black community and black family unit through Scandal TV shows and through data manipulation and media propaganda. And most important, none of you fuckboys can raise an army that is worth a shit and can do real battle against real enemies. Stop being a bunch of fuckboys and pick up the skills necessary to make shit happen and stop following other dudes like a worthless bitch. I don’t give a fuck about your dick-orientated opinion of me on a man-to-man level and you better just build up your damn skills so you can provide for your woman, your children, your community, your culture and your people.