How Sistas Can Quickly Setup Pop-Up BYOD Innovation Hubs To Make Things Happen

hubgirls Sistas have a lot of options to collaborate with other sistas to make big things happen. In this article, we are going to discuss how sistas can setup a pop-up BYOD innovation hubs where sistas can collaborate on business building and knowledge transferring. Overall, a sista can get a portable Wi-Fi hub and arrange a place for sistas to bring their own device or BYOD event to collaborate and share information to empower each other or as a group. Overview of a Pop-Up BYOD Innovation Hub sistas_diagram A sista can basically establish a pop-up BYOD innovation hub using mobile hotspot file sharing technology that allow up to 5 other users to connect to. In the diagram above, this allow a sista to hold the event using her Wi-Fi hotspot and the other users can download, edit and upload files and media to the hub. This allow sistas to find a place they all can sit down and collaborate on projects and challenges. Equipment hubsetup The equipment is actually lightweight – just buy a $30USD wi-fi hotspot hub that allow you to use a SD card or USB key. Then what happen is you will likely have to use a web browser to navigate to the wi-fi homepage to get access to files or download an app. You would first have to change your wi-fi connection to access the wi-fi spot and other users in your group. All the other sistas have to do is bring their mobile device like their phone and tablets to browse the file hub and view files, edit files and upload files back for everybody to look at. I would recommend the organizer of the pop-up collaboration use a laptop or a tablet with keyboard to be able to do power editing of the files and create new folders and arrange files correctly. Locations Multiracial Group Of Young Friends Enjoying Meal at Home Sistas are extremely flexible in where they can go and collaborate. They can go to the vino bar and break out a bottle of merlot or sistas can hang out poolside and collaborate. They can even bring the dude they swirling with to help collaborate. But we are going to think of some typical spots where sistas can get together and establish their pop-up innovation hubs. Mall Food Court – sistas can sit at the table in a food court and collaborate on their phone while staring and laughing at metrosexual men and ratchet chicks walking by. Coffee Shop – the coffee shop is a great place to appear pretentious and ambitious at the same time and worthless dudes don’t show up at coffee shops, just the fronting brothas. Park – The large city park downtown in a city is a great outdoor setting where the sistas can have a picnic and break out a bottle of merlot or have a cookout and collaborate at the same time. At Work – sistas who are near the same cubes can work from their phones connected to the hub collaborating together while no one else have a clue. What to Collaborate On The best thing for sistas to collaborate on is publishing ventures and mastermind sessions to share knowledge in a single repository. The great thing about this setup is sistas can just keep the hub in a purse and turned on and other sistas can just tap away on their mobile phone inputting information in a collaborative manner and everybody else won't notice. Here are some suggestions on what a group of sistas cannot work together on. Business Model Development – sistas can refine a business model and input their suggestions and ideals on how to make it work Strategic Collaboration – sistas can strategize how to do things like marketing and setting up events to make side hustle money. White Paper – sistas can work together to create a white paper that will be sold on Amazon and all of the sistas split the profits. Magazine – sistas can collobrate on a fashion magazine reviewing submitted pictures and writing articles. Blog – sistas can create articles or suggest article titles to manage a blog on the side. E-Book – sistas can work on chapter by chapter or create a book with a collection of short stories and essays. Getting Started Group Of Female Friends Enjoying Meal At Home The first thing a sista organizer want to do is announce the pop-up innovation hub to their circle of friends – which should only be 5 because I doubt anybody can get that many people together to discuss business and doing for self. Make the place a nice bar, a park or the food court or a nice theme area or even the church basement on a Thursday. To setup the hub, create a unique password only the connected contributors will need to know. It is best to have instructions and the ip address or app to download appear on a card you pass out or speak out at the event. Remember to establish a unique password per session so you don’t have it where anybody can hack in your system and peek at your files and mess with them. To be honest, you should be pretty secure. For file management and preparation, you want to create file folders and in those file folders are basic list that you start with an underline like _features so they appear at the top. This is the files that you edit yourself as the organizer while taking other people input and your job to organize the information. But you will need to create other folders for example, a marketing folder so the other sistas can add marketing techniques and clippings for example in the folder. Or you can have a task-based folder like membership where you have a checklist of what is needed. These are the type of files you want in there. For example, if you want to rent a parking lot during the summer and charge vendors to bring 10x10 tents and have sistas DJing as the performance, then have a folder called features and the file named _features and talk it out and the organizer list the ideas in the _feature file. Anything beginning with the _file format only the organizer edit. Then you the organizer create the other folders such as ParkingLots and the sistas get on their phones and type up addresses and send the files to the SD card on the wi-fi hub. Then as the organizer, you arrange all the input information into one file. You do this for each section. Sistas Now Have the Power to Collaborate Together Anywhere and Everywhere group of beautiful female college friends Sistas now have no excuses to make things happen and work together thanks to mobile hub technology. Sistas can create fashion magazines together, write up white papers together to publish on Amazon kindle and split the profit and work the same job while the black dudes at work are debating about some Dame Dash breakfast club video of being a boss versus employee. Here is a suggestion – how about the sistas get drunk on merlot and then type whatever the f*ck she want as an essay and call the e-book “This is what my drunk behind got to say” and just write it raw with the slurring and taking out anger on fake girlfriends and lame dudes and jealous family members and all that crap – that will sell, be real and original and raw, sistas. Keep creating fiction at the job and sell on Amazon and split the profits and keep it going. So sistas, get you a mobile hotspot hub, find other sistas to meetup at your favorite bar, park, running club or whatever or at the job and yall start working on the hustle and get the money up.

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