How the Black Woman Should Prepare Herself for Dream and Hustle 2015 Coverage of Black Women Business Month

blackwomenmonth Dream and Hustle bring heavy stuff for the sistas to make boss moves in the month of March to celebrate Black Women Business Month. And sistas over the years took our information and ran with it and made boss moves to set herself up to a path of independence and empowerment and enjoy a life of fulfillment through self-determination. And this year, it is just going to be even heavier for the sistas because we are already engaged in transforming SistaSphere to focus on the branded sista. This 2015 edition of SistaSphere, we are going to focus more on the self-branded empire that a sista can build for herself while establishing a sista-orientated economic cluster. We are going to focus first on the city of Atlanta where I’m based at and quite frankly, the only place in the world a sista can get some real things up and running fast on a big level because the opportunity and potential is just real and in reach. While everybody else here in Atlanta is acting like they important and they matter, we are going to show how to make moves and make things happen as we establish the SistaSphere framework in this city to mimic the scene and inner workings we discovered in Harajuku, Japan. Now, Harajuku, Japan is a beast! It is like taking apart anything that was Japanese built and you are like WTF at the engineering and innovation and just straight see and exclaim “they went hard!” on how the Japanese does things. The Asobi Systems we are looking at, they are just too tight of an operation in terms of how they elevate the sistas they represent from limited edition look books to snap sets to tie-ins with boutiques and media empire and they are all that - they built a serious she-conomy machine over there! The good thing is we have adopted their best patterns and practices out of Harajuku and will be applying it here this month for the sistas to adopt to help create a self-branding framework. For March of 2015, we want the sistas to focus on the preview articles I published earlier. We want sistas to establish both a for-profit branding business entity and a non-profit branding business entity so they can complement each other for her branding growth. Then we want sistas to stop thinking shallow and start thinking economically to see the opportunities and potential out there to make something out of herself and make moves. I really get disappointed when I see sistas online talking about Scandal and you got these fake “women empowerment” radio shows and TV segments that lament on relationship problems instead of how to make moves as a 21st century go-getter sista doing her own thing and keep rising. Obviously the brothas are going to be salty but I don’t understand – they got Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed and Dr. Umar Johnson and Dr. Claud Anderson to empower their black male behinds so the bros don’t need me in March. I’m pretty sure Dr. Umar Johnson and Jason Black will have the black men up and running empires and catch up with their child support payments by March 31st before 7:00 AM in the morning – okay, I was being funny. But anyway you sistas exclusively got all of this caramel-complexion self-made technology entrepreneur with skills and charming manners and professionally sex coached to be able to show all you sistas how to do for self. But you sistas got to know how to handle this and how we do here. First, you sistas have to start thinking like bosses. Those who think like bosses make moves like bosses. That means open your mouth and discuss and do not discuss from an emotional point of view but from a point of view where you trying to get somewhere and just need to know how to go and get it. A lot of sistas like to get discourage and quit and I’m going to ask that you sistas do not run in a corner and cry and give up if things do not go your way. There is no such things as failure and in my experience, most sistas just go down a wrong path and just need to be adjusted back on the right path and align back to her true purpose and nature. So don’t be acting like I’m giving you good reads – this is boss talk as a boss level. Then and this is most important – you sistas have to learn the basics and this will get you everywhere. In the past, the sistas who went off and made moves did so because they understand the basics. The basics is first setup an innovation center in your home, not an office. Second is to understand a payment model comes before the business model – how you get paid should be mastered. Third is looking globally for patterns and practices that sistas can apply to her hustle with success. We focus on patterns and practices here, not what cats believe or what cats think but what works and do not works and if it do not work, we have to research why and not just be dismissive. I believe the sistas can make moves in Atlanta this March 2015 and we are going to work together to make things happen.

6 thoughts on “How the Black Woman Should Prepare Herself for Dream and Hustle 2015 Coverage of Black Women Business Month

  1. Ed,
    I am NOT in the Atlanta area but I do look forward to the upcoming articles to see what I could put in place for my area which is New Jersey. thank you again for looking out for the sistas.

  2. Haha Ed not all brothas are hating. A real Boss can decipher your Intel for the ladies and apply it to their own empire. I for one have a thirst for knowledge…

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