Out Doing Original Research for the Sistas

researchmybrotha I have been running around Atlanta doing original research for the sistas which is something we actually do here at Dream and Hustle. While others blogs just copy/paste links or run their mouth about a topic Gawker, Raw Story and Daily Mail already researched and reported on, we go out and do real original research for the black community to provide you guys with original and quality content. I have been researching how a sista can launch a business, set up an event, participate in events, locations to do pop-ups and locations to do snap team shoots and establish a scene and power house. I will be coming back to the sistas on this. Now before I go, we got to talk about Miss Universe Japan - she opened a lot of doors for you sistas in Asia real talk. She is the hot topic in real-time right now and Japanese and Chinese and Filipino women especially are in real-time talking about they love the sistas. The problem is Miss Universe in Japan is kawaii while you sistas here in America talking about some damn Cookie on Empire TV show and ish. We going to have to address that. In addition, we got to confront the real issue of black teens girls fighting and jumping on each other and getting shot, that's real also. So don't think I'm slipping, I'm out here putting in work at every direction and making things happen. We will continue the topics very soon and just wanted to give you a heads up. And besides, I'm always active in the Global Urban Collective Facebook group and that's your problem if you are not a member.

3 thoughts on “Out Doing Original Research for the Sistas

  1. Met a Chinese gal in the bay working for a startup related to pop up shops/mobile contextual offers in the subways here. Once again, you are ahead of the curve.

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