The Real Reason Brothas Post “U Pretty” and “Damn You Fine” Memes on These Sistas Social Media Selfies

thirsty You sistas need to understand the true reason these brothas are replying to your selfies with one-word compliments like "pretty" and posting Kevin Hart memes. The reason these brothas are doing it is not because they adore but quite the opposite – actually they hate you sistas. You sistas should realize the true underlying reason a guy post these type of comments and memes on your selfies because he is trying to knock you down, discount you sistas, objectify you sistas and put you in your place. This is a very important article because many women, especially young women put their lives in risk and danger seeking attention online and we already seen the tragic result of how black women are dealt with by the culture of misogynist brothas out there. Many of you sistas are posting up selfies because you trying to demand attention and want to see who like you and maybe you want to gauge how many brothas out there are following you and are thirsty for your next selfie pics. Do me a favor sistas – the next time you pull that selfie thing with your booty sticking out, look closely at the quality of the guys posting up “pretty” and “you fine!” or some Kevin Hart meme about how fine you are - yeah, you sistas see nothing in your comment section but some broke and busted dudes and a lot of amateur PUA and straight fakers out there commenting on your selfies like that. You know what you sistas never going to see? You never going to see a quality brotha in that comment section and probably will not see a quality brotha in real life as a result. You sistas want to know why? Well, I’m glad you asked and let me answer that for you. The main reason is we quality brothas know something you sistas don’t. If you see the chicks I’m associated with and their pics - notice those sistas have a full broad baby face and smile and you guess it – those chicks have a hot ass but they don’t show it in selfie pics because they grown and sexy. See, the real chicks with a fine body don’t need to post up selfies – real cats already know what kind of body she rocking in real life. You lightweight chicks are the one that need to show off your body to some clowns on social media to seek virtual attention. Then here is the most important part – the thirsty guys ain’t got no money and they simple and basic. Because real cats with real money, real stuff and going places ain’t interested in a chick that entertain guys who are losers. Because when a sista associate herself with broke ass dudes looking like clowns posting Kevin Hart memes saying a sista is fine or she is pretty, then we quality guys know that sista is also a joke and sorry too and all kind of red flags pop up about her. We quality brothas see that sista posting booty selfie pics for likes as having low self-esteem craving for attention and we real brothas ain’t got time or energy to entertain a basic sista like that while we work on our grind to get ours. Bonus: We quality brothas also notice many of you booty selfie chicks have kids - not babies but pre-teens and you posting butt pics? That is a giveaway you a shitty mom putting your vanity over your kids...real talk... selfiechick But let us get to the most important part and this is why we talking about this subject – those guys who are posting you sistas are “pretty” and those Kevin Hart memes – they actually hate your ass, my sista and you better pay very close attention to what I’m going to say. Those brothas hate your ass to the point if you were alone with them, they would do real damage/violence if they can get away with it – that how much they hate you and this is real talk. What you sistas don’t realize is you are attracting misogynists who do not like women to express herself or have an opinion or be something possibly greater than him and that include having attention by a lot of people. Those dudes ain’t complementing you when they respond to your selfie – look at their faces real closely – yeah, now you sistas beginning to see the creepiness of that dude actually looking like he hate women, not love them. Go ahead and look again at the dudes pics very closely posting those memes and "you pretty" comments once again – you can see it in their eyes that they hate women. If you look at Asia McGowan who was shot and killed by some black dude, notice the backstory of how he befriended her and pretended he was cool with her but harassing her online anonymously to the point he decide to kill her. There was another chick Tameesha Ridge who also on YouTube actually went further and dated the guy who secretly loathed her being up and coming as a fashion blogger. The dude Tameesha Ridge was messing with was convicted five times for domestic violence against women so that’s enough to show he hated women and found himself close to being around Tameesha Ridge to control her and take her life. Now, let’s come here to Atlanta where you had Mo Ivory who is a cutie and she is intelligent and have her own voice – you had all kind of crazy brothas calling up the show trying to discount her and harass her with names like Jihad and Gideon leading the pack on WAOK and those punks call in every day on that station – they didn’t care if she was right or wrong, they wanted to discount a pretty sista who had a platform and her own opinion. And that garbage V-103 had a mass exodus of sistas because they wanted dumbed-down sistas and you saw Egypt left, they fired Mo Ivory and brought back the loud-mouth comedian black woman to crack some jokes in the morning on V-103. Here is something funny – when Mo Ivory subbed for the Roland Martin show that aired on WAOK – they quickly take it off the air showing you the level of hate they have for a sista doing her thing. All of this is related back to you sistas taking selfies and guys are posting “pretty” and all that meme stuff. The reason why those guys are posting comments is because they want to objectify you sistas as nothing more than “pretty” or “you fine” and the whole goal is to cheapen you sistas to that one word – pretty and make sure you are nothing greater than that. Those brothas are working to discount you sistas and your brand and hope quality guys are turned off from dealing with you. And you selfie-posting sistas are literally too stupid to realize none of these guys are your friends and these guys are actually your enemy that will do damage to you if they can get away with it. Experiment Test: One of the things you sistas can do right now is post a relationship question like why do men cheat so much - the guys who respond and emotional are the ones who are the most pyscho lurking ones - watch and see. One more thing - a lot of these guys are into porn and amatuer porn where dudes are having aggressive rear-entry sex with black women in a degrading manner. Now that you selfie-taking attention seeking sistas are seeing the big picture of realizing these guys are not your friends, now it’s time to take action. The first order of action is very simple – delete every last damn guy who posted up a Kevin Hart meme or any meme or any guy who type pretty – get their punk ass off your social media as soon as possible, they are not your friends and they will laugh at you before helping you if you are in a bind. The second order of action is also straight forward – delete every last damn guy who post “u pretty” or shit like that off your social media because they are lurking trolls also. This should be a good lesson for you sistas because as you delete them off, you will begin to uncover the real quality brothas who are just there. You can easily find the quality brothas and just look at their profile – you will see them and these the real brothas who will support you, help you if you need to do crowdfunding and also have their own connects. The overall story here is sistas screw up trying to attract a lot of dudes for attention instead of focus on the right dudes that will take her places in life. Because if you take another look at the chicks I’m affiliate with, they got photos of themselves in Paris, Italy, Spain, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, private yatch, Miami parties, Las Vegas clubs, Los Angeles boutiques and New York gala events – those weak brothas disappear because those chicks are much too much for basic bros. So with that said, if you have a FB friend that like posting booty selfie-pics for attention, sit her down and tell her that isn’t the way and if you are one of those sistas, start deleting those closet-hating cats off your social media as soon as you finish reading this article.

7 thoughts on “The Real Reason Brothas Post “U Pretty” and “Damn You Fine” Memes on These Sistas Social Media Selfies

  1. This is a very sad truth Ed. One of the downsides of social media, I see many Sistas posting full-body pics of themselves, attracting the wrong kind of attention, and then turn around and wonder why she ain’t got no man to take her seriously. I wish I could say it is only the young women doing this, but I’m seeing many in the over 40 group doing the same like they have something to prove….thanks for the article.

  2. Amazing post. I am sharing this with my SON. And, I appreciate you taking the time to speak about misogyny and woman hate/fear/resentment as they are often hidden in the, ‘you pretty’ lurker messages among other things. Its important to understand the under-workings of social media and its refreshing that you hit on it here and nestled it in women’s business month. Your suggestions on creating the social platforms have an anchor in what to look for on the dark side. We have to be diligent for both success AND self care. THANK YOU!

    1. the truth of the matter is the brother didn’t post the inappropriate selfie on the web the sista did he just commented on the sista selfie, on how she look and any honest person would know that’s what she wanted that’s the reason she posted the selfie now he is a women hater and a misogynist go figure???????

  3. @trueletterson… Not all who comment are, by any stretch of the matter, but there is and are often many underlying issues with how people you don’t know respond via the internet. This is a blog about business building and not just selfie queens and the D&H advice should be taken in that matter. What he did not elaborate on is the whole bitch bad ethos, Lupe wrote a song about a few years ago. Even some business builders are confused about managing the fine line.

    But again, this is a business blog. IMO women should use care in the images they share and how they portray themselves for their business based off of what types of responses they seek. Now that isn’t a fix-all, if your attractive – or even not – ANYTHING can and will posted, but read through, like, any of these instagram models pages… the thirst is Niagara Falls in the comment section. It leaks onto people who aren’t even seeking that attention and can be misconstrued. But these can’t…

    All I think Ed is eluding to here is that women who are empire building should be aware of how some pro-ported ‘positive’ comments could present potential dangers and that although you can’t avoid it, he is offering strategies to deal with some of it if you are building a business beyond a booty. And/or trying to find a person of quality through these outlets.

    I mean, I think he said men of character will reveal themselves by SUPPORTING their business. The need for social media training is REAL for dating, business, life…. *sigh* I am a fan of men speaking to women’s beauty but black women are the highest demographic for domestic violence AND the highest demographic for dating within ethnic delineations…. I just feel like he brings up some good points. AA domestic violence stats… Sorry for the links and long reply post.

  4. Fantastic article…I would see dudes post some cray things and the women would only laugh it off. I am appalled when a guy acts like he has no class and no God given sense. I watch what I say and how I do things on social media and I teach my 16 yo daughter the same thing…She slips and I get her right back in check….I tell her think about colleges you want to go to, the guys you might want to date…etc. Even if a friend tags her in mess, she will politely ask them to take it down if she catches it. We have to get these youth back and get our young black men back into respecting the sisters…

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