African-American Guide to Understanding the Real Reason These Tech Fuckboys Are Going After Jay-Z Tidal Music Streaming Service

fuckboy Real black technology entrepreneurs as well as up and coming brothas and sistas who looking to be tycoons and moguls should pay close attention to the reaction towards Jay-Z launch of the Tidal service he acquired. You will see how this white male Silicon Valley fuckboy culture came out of nowhere and start running their mouth trying to shit on the Tidal Service launched by Jay-Z and other music industry veterans that are at the top of their game. Hat tip to James for mentioning this topic – thanks for noticing for what I noticed also and I’m sure the rest of us real cats took notice to. We going to support Jay-Z and Tidal and I ride with anybody and have love for anybody who came out of the projects by default over anybody on any damn day. The purpose of this article is brothas and sistas should observe the reason for the hatred is the recognition of the Silicon Valley fuckboy fear and you can smell their fear if you observe closely. You brothas and sistas will see that these Silicon Valley fuckboys that like to hire sexy Asian woman for secretaries but openly discriminate heavily against non-Whites and women while President Obama parade around them like it is the hip thing to do are basically scared of black urban technology entrepreneurs because urban brothas and sistas will organically dominate high density urban markets hustling at the street level on up while these Silicon Valley fuckboys just write up articles and talk shit on video feeds in tech magazine and tech sections of media reports. But there is another angle you brothas and sistas need to understand and that is the token sellout pseudo-tech fuckboys and fuckgirls like Tristan Walker, Angela Benton and others who bootylick the Silicon Valley Techcrunch fuckboy culture for validation and acceptance on one end of the spectrum and on the other end of the spectrum, you have haters in the black community who don’t want to see a black technology entrepreneur rise and shine and we talking Black Enterprise magazine, the Boule, victim-mentality Civil Rights Activists and hating PUA black dudes who drive beer delivery trucks and look at chicks ass pics on Instagram all day like a Japanese salaryman and Otaku. So black technology entrepreneurs and brothas and sistas looking to be tycoons and moguls need to understand both the Silicon Valley fuckboy culture and the haters that are within our own community and let’s talk about Tidal. Tidal Initial Launch and Reviews tidalchen Tidal launched as a music streaming service in October 2014 and the main differential Tidal offered the marketplace was a lossless streaming codec that delivery at 1411kps which is around 5x better than what being offered on the market. When Tidal launched you can see the reviews written up on the service. “Of course the main selling point for Tidal over anything else is the quality. And on that front I have to say that I was totally blown away.” – Ian Morris, Forbes Magazine - “But in a few days of testing Tidal, I can see its appeal to audiophiles — you can absolutely tell the difference in sound quality between existing services and this one, and at times its 16-bit FLAC files can be stunning.” - Casey Newton, The Verge - So these rave reviews of the sound quality was written up when Andy Chen launched the Tidal service. Audiophiles have never went away and is a serious niche market that appreciate hi-fi audio sound. I know people who kill for old school studio speakers and old Polk Audio speakers and be fighting in Goodwill when some fool donate some old speakers with the huge magnet not realizing how much they could have sold those speakers for to audiophiles out there. Lossless streaming codecs fills the niche in the streaming market for this kind of hi-fi quality audio. You got cats collecting records not for the song but for the hi-fi sound engineering – you are just a pop music consumer unlike them who are true audiophiles. So yes, there is a market for lossless streaming. So you see, when Andy Chen launched the service, oh look at all the rave reviews and discussion of the technology and the service by these tech let’s look at when Jay-Z acquire the service. Let’s Look At the Fuckboy Hate After Jay-Z Purchase tidaljayz When news came out Jay-Z acquired the Tidal service, he made a power move that tech media thought should only be reserved to the Silicon Valley white male fuckboy culture and it caused a rift in how they want to narrate white privilege in the technology industry. So nothing changed technically about Tidal – it is actually the same music service that offered the same lossless audio streaming and even the UI is still the same. Nothing except except Jay-Z bought it and now look at what we see:

Notice Techcrunch fuckboy Josh Constine made sure in the beginning labeling it as Jay-Z music streaming service, highlighting the black guy. I don’t remember anybody saying Andy Chen music streaming service when Tidal was launched. Josh Constine did this on purpose. Notice he also said around the 1:20 mark Josh Constine is trying to narrate what he said Jay-Z said about “my music service” personalizing the music streaming service to the black guy. Notice how these fuckboy white males always hide behind the scenes with their tech startups but when brothas and sistas launch stuff, they personalize it like Jay-Z music streaming service..peep that. And look at these two lame ass techie fuckboys – they think cussing make them fucking cool and shit. Notice at the 40 second mark, they immediately make a reference to Magic Johnson buying the Dodgers – showing the same reference of a black person making moves to acquire things and try to discount black entrepreneurs making these kind of major moves. I also notice these fuckboys keep saying Jay-Z new music streaming service trying to say Tidal is new when Tidal was acquired by Jay-Z so you see the attempt once again to personalize the technology service to a black guy and not focus on the technology itself. Here is the question you should ask yourself as a black person looking at these white male privileged tech fuckboys and their commentary. You know Jay-Z was the President of Def Jam meaning he has executive experience. Jay-Z ran 40/40 club meaning he had to know how to operate a social club and get people coming through the door. Jay-Z toured the world on several tours, one time doing a jet hanger to jet hanger tour across the country. Jay-Z even had a documentary back in the day with his crew selling out arena size stadiums. Jay-Z even brought the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn or had a deal in it. Jay-Z had the lamest NYC cats wearing a black Yankees cap and feeling special about themselves. So with all that said about Jay-Z who came up hard with decades of experience in the music industry, who the fuck are these white privilege fuckboys to compare themselves or feel elevated to talk about Jay-Z moves when these fuckboys have no parts of the music industry and how it operates? I have not even mention Jay-Z wife and her global branding deals many of you guys did not even realize she has worldwide clout and she sells out arenas and Beyonce came from a music industry savvy family. Who the fuck are these white tech fuckboys to talk about anything from the music industry as if they have credibility in the music arena? This is not new – this was done with 50 cents on the Vitamin water deal, this was done with Dr. Dre on Beats and as someone pointed out – CNET never really praised Beats back in the day but when Apple bought Beats all of a sudden CNET is all excited about Beats headphones even though nothing physically changed about the engineering during the exchange of ownership. These white male privilege fuckboys in the tech industry or mainstream media come out from a woodpile and get on their tech media and try to discount black people making moves and try to shit on anything we do. So at this point, you black entrepreneurs are going to have to understand the same way the cops don’t like your black behind, these technology fuckboys don’t like you and is just waiting for you to make moves before they try to pounce on you and shit on you. They want you to be some lame token fuckboy like Tristan Walker who come out selling $60 subscription razor blades for blacks when cats are currently rocking the Spartan/ lumbersexual /5’o clock shadow look. These fuckboys over in Silicon Valley want to narrate how we black technology entrepreneurs make it and come up and that is what you see here and witnessing here. These are some punk bitch cats talking and can get their bitch ass dealt by real cats who don't give a fuck messing with other cats money. Cats will do jail bids just for the honor and I don’t know who these fuckboys in Silicon Valley think they fucking with trying to shit on brothas and sistas going for theirs. These Silicon Valley fuckboys are long overdue of getting an understanding of the message to not come between us and our bread making game. And the first thing these bigots will say in a Techcrunch comment section is how they are just expressing their opinion when all of this is business trade – that is our next point. Why They Mention Spotify So Damn Much? spotify I was wondering something as I was listening to these fuckboys in the video above talk – I noticed they kept mentioning Spotify. I don’t know anything about Spotify and never really used it and I really don’t know anything about Spotify at all. So I come in looking to hear predictable hate about Jay-Z acquiring Tidal and I’m keep hearing Spotify name come out of these tech fuckboys mouth over and over again and I’m like why is Spotify keep being mentioned? As you see, the technology investors are pouring money into Spotify to the point it is overvalued and not only is it overvalued but the service being offered is kinda vulnerable to competition, like a 20-year industry veteran like Jay-Z who can enter the market and make real moves. But the last I checked, I don’t see all those artists lining up to support Spotify. Now you beginning to see why these tech writers having a problem seeing Taylor Swift, Madonna, Calvin Harris, Daft Punk and others over there at Tidal and no one is around at their Spotify overvalued music service. Those fuckboys you see in the video above – they are nothing but bought and paid for shills and henchmen to go out at the media propaganda level and try to shit on Tidal – that is their job. Those writers, their job is to cast doubt on the Tidal music service. And what you see is tacit collusion where these investors influence these tech writers who are bought and paid for to protect their white privilege interest such as Spotify. That is why they were dropping Spotify name over and over again in those videos above. But here is the thing – they didn’t shit on Tidal this hard when Andy Chen launched it back in October 2014 did they? Actually they were saying how impressive the sound quality was. But now that Jay-Z bought it, look at these tech fuckboys running their mouth on video and writing up articles trying to discount the Tidal music service. Let’s break down the truth here about that Spotify service. What we know is Spotify has brokered deals with record labels to stream music at a lower cost than stated royalties fees on the gamble to be profitable down the road – that is some Bill Clinton 1998 dotcom bubble shit right here – begging for lower than cost and telling investors about profits in the foreseeable future type shit. I remember Mark Chen stating Tidal pays more than the stated royalty rate to artists. Which explain why all those artists were lined up behind Tidal. Even I mentioned this on this blog several times regarding my upcoming music streaming service – we are going to pay full royalty rates to artists and that is the only condition I would launch a streaming service. So if Tidal works and Tidal will work because Tidal has the actual artists and powerful music industry cats working it, then Spotify is nothing more than a dumb pipe that cannot compete on discounting royalty payouts while expanding and will fucking collapse faster than WebVan or any other 2000-era dotcom startup. See these cats are talking about how Tidal is going to be “doomed” when the reality is it appears Spotify is doomed when you look at the fundamentals. Now you see where all of this hate is coming from. But You Want to Know the Real Fear Here? marketingbrand The real fear here is what we told you guys over and over again – these fuckboys want to maintain an artificial white privilege status quo in the tech industry when the consumer market is driven by mostly non-whites globally. Beats by Dre didn’t become big because of the headphones – it became an urban icon and fashion accessory statement for urban culture worldwide. I explained this on an after call on our Global Urban Collective Facebook group meeting where I stated that urban culture and urban entrepreneurs like you brothas and sistas is what these Silicon Valley fuckboys are scared to death of people like Jay-Z who have learned to flex their clout to make mogul moves instead of luxe consumer mentality characters like Lil Wayne and Birdman running around buying fucking hypercars all the damn time. I wrote an article about Beyonce several years ago holding a Virgin Mobile cell phone explaining how the data shows African-Americans consume more paid mobile content than any other group but we have since been surpassed by the Hispanic community but the Chinese community dwarf all of us right now. People found out the black community as a group loved Twitter and use it more than others. The market for mobile tech and consumer tech relies on black support the same way elections rely on the black vote – this is what Silicon Valley fuckboys want to hide from you guys and pretend in lame videos and comment sections and articles you black people don’t matter – you do. If you think about mobile payments – I gave a presentation about urban mobile payments in the Global Urban Collective Facebook group – the black community has the only true ecosystem to support a true mobile payment economy in urban communities throughout the country here in the USA. Black people go to the currency exchange and can cash-in and cash out while these white-flight suburbs with Wal-Mart and Lowes and gas guzzling SUVs just go to the banks to cash in and cash-out and do it with magnetic stripe cards. Banks don’t fuck with MSB entrepreneurs. Apple Pay is just some spread out among retail chain shopping malls hipster shit and just a carrier stack while true mobile payments and MSB can operate organically within the tight black/Hispanic communities in the USA. Black technology entrepreneurs and urban moguls got the whole damn world to take over if they realize their own market potential instead of trying to seek validation and acceptance from some Silicon Valley fuckboys who discriminate against non-whites and act like they hate women in technology. We brothas and sistas got the people, we got the hubs and urban markets and we got the love and support from the community if we do right and be genuine and we got crowdfunding and Chinese and Indian tech experts to assist – there is no need to give a fuck about anybody in Silicon Valley and what they think to get ours if we want to go and get it. Jay-Z has New York, Beyonce got Houston, Kanye got Chicago and LA and cats got the whole world behind them - all these Silicon Valley tech culture got is fuckboy tech media like Wired magazine and Portland, Oregon - that is their fear. Know the Difference between Propaganda and Place brooklyn The first takeaway from this article is you see fuckboys on videos and writing up articles which is nothing but propaganda. You as a black entrepreneur got these streets and hyperlocal marketing to perform area domination and build up a solid base. If you look at cats in New York coming up hustling on the mix tape circuit, they are building a hyper local base and come up solid. Think about New York – you can get big in New York and give a fuck what the rest of the world thinks and isn’t Jay-Z from New York with an Empire State of Mind? All these bigots got is Rupert Murdoch to write up shit and talk up shit but brothas and sistas got corners and communities to go after and got social networks and hubs that are extremely tight. Black people got a physical base to launch enterprises and the same for Hispanics is we can quickly generate cluster activity hyping up something to reach critical mass. Now what the propaganda cats like tech writers and shit like Fast Company and Techcrunch and New York Times does is suppress and censor coverage of up and coming black people so it is important we establish our own media and real media, not some Black Web 2.0 bullshit or allow haters like that going broke Black Enterprise magazine shit that is side hating on black entrepreneurs they don’t approve of. Know the Difference between Privilege versus Power mogulpower This is an ongoing theme we are going to discuss here on this blog and in an upcoming pop-up Dream and Hustle podcast series. Privilege is what Black Enterprise does with their 100 top lists and shit like that trying to bestow prestige and privilege by picking and choosing. VC firms pick and choose a cornball like Tristan Walker and those Techcrunch fuckers does the same politics of trying to bestow privilege and prestige for cornballs like Tristan Walker. When you look at Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels and Shonda Rhimes you will see white executives giving these characters prestige and privilege to portray black people in media in a weird way. You black tech entrepreneurs and brothas and sistas looking to be tycoons and moguls want to instead pursue power. See, they can give you and take away prestige and privilege but they cannot stop you from getting power and have to fight to take your power and position and that is real war. You want to build up a real power base, you want to make power moves and you want to have a true power base that can be passed down to the next generation. We brothas and sistas need to learn to recognize fuckboy activity like what these Silicon Valley clowns were doing going after Jay-Z and recognize what is going on. The Silicon Valley fuckboy culture is mad because Jay-Z made a power move and they cannot give or take away from Jay-Z power and trying to create some artificial privilege/prestige narrative against Tidal. Me personally, I’m going to switch to Tidal and support “Jay-Z music service” the same way I supported President Obama. I support brothas and sistas who go after power and want to see them prevail. I do not support fuckboys like Tristan Walker and Bevel who chase prestige looking for validation and acceptance from a white privilege system. It’s time for you brothas and sistas to step up and support Tidal and switch over to not only support Jay-Z and his family and empire but in reality – Tidal is a better service in terms of quality and you know the artists are getting paid full royalty rates they deserve. I love music and the artists and support Deadmau5, not some fucking Spotify executive or Spotify investor.

20 thoughts on “African-American Guide to Understanding the Real Reason These Tech Fuckboys Are Going After Jay-Z Tidal Music Streaming Service

  1. Thank you brother, I’m forwarding this to every conscious person I know. Your best writing ever IMHO

  2. Yeah man, I gotta give it up for some William Gibson quality prose right’chere

    on the other end of the spectrum, you have haters in the black community who don’t want to see a black technology entrepreneur rise and shine and we talking Black Enterprise magazine, the Boule, victim-mentality Civil Rights Activists and hating PUA black dudes who drive beer delivery trucks and look at chicks ass pics on Instragram all day like a Japanese salaryman and Otaku

  3. This was a good read and facts that I don’t see compared to peoples opinions. Man is there a lot of negative commentary towards this move out there!!! People are just attacking this left and right and bringing in shit thats not even related to what is happening here. Some black opinonHaters sound just like the tech crunch guys! Omg! You can only understand why articles like this is needed to keep the topic real and exposed.

  4. Even at the 9 buck per month level the audio is better on Tidal than Rhapsody which is why I switched. Let’s face it no one, including a lot ob black folks want to see the black man win. F’em and win anyway.

    1. I agree…the sound quality on Tidal is actually extremely better and superb than the other streaming service I used – this is studio quality sound.

  5. How do they know it’s not going to work out? They sound like pansies. “You should appeal to the average consumer.” “You should sell ad space and make it free.”

    And $20 a month isn’t going to hurt anyone’s pocket. Where do they find these clowns?

  6. Great write-up. Why are they mad at millionaire artists and not VCs? I personally feel like not having a freemium model was a good move. Giving away the music and having ads would devalue the brand, which doesn’t make sense for a premium service.

    I think you’re right regarding tech privilege. There seems to be a nasty push back when blacks try to get involved. Although I happen to like the idea of Bevel, even Mr. Walker was steered away from tech into personal products by a ‘mentor,’ as explained in a podcast interview.

    1. Purpleraiin

      Tristan Walker is a grown ass black man…don’t make excuses for this clown. Do I have a “mentor” telling me what line of business to pursue?

      Tristan Walker is a lame ass token, plain and simple. Bronner Brothers and other hair care work the streets and black events..Tristan Walker do prestige/privilege moves like media propaganda angle like you said, a podcast. Bronner Brothers built their own magazine and Bronner Brothers hair trade show and established real power. Black community is built off real hustle and respect is earned in the real world, not funded by VCs and narrated in media.

      Let not try to figure out Tidal right now. What people fail to realize is a technology business can quickly flip and adjust. We need to believe in Jay-Z expertise and support his moves and that is what Im going to do. My feeling is once Madonna and Talyor Swift and others start promoting Tidal through their concert tour to their fan base…game over…

  7. Bob Lefstez of Variety wrote an article(4/9/15) about what’s wrong Jay-Z Tidal music. The whole blah, blah, someone commented, pulled his card and posted the article where spoke of the greatness of Tidal/WIMP“Once you’ve got WIMP lossless, you want better headphones, you want to spread the word, all the while having a smile on your face.” Bob Lefstez Variety 9/16/14. Commentor “Why has he now gone out of his way to skewer a product he clearly loves? Is it just because the new owner is famous? I can’t come to any other conclusion except Bob is taking the line that will get him more press.”

    Crickets from Bob Lefstez

  8. I think a lot of these so called technepreneurs, especially out west, are talentless in terms of building real businesses. There are outliers that are great coders and strategists, but I’ve met too many MBA types that can’t do anything now but try to be the “uber” for something, or copy the hottest mobile payment company….Bevel has no “moat”, simply put. What brotha is paying that, when you can get a straight razor, and replacement blades on Amazon for a fraction of the cost? Shaving as a service? Let’s dig deeper on the biz model dude.

    The environment in SV is a result of 6 years of fed policy combined with lowering gas prices. When institutional investors see the fed raise rates, that money will move into investments with “yield” faster than a stripper to a baller in VIP. The tech bubble will burst again, and these cash flow negative businesses with ridiculous burn rates will fold, or be acquired below their IPO prices. Let the lawsuits begin! In my opinion, the smart money are using IPO’s to cash out of these tech names with little to no earnings, and move into real assets.

    Tidal represents what entrepreneurs should be doing, spend years in an industry, a la Jay-Z, and use that expertise as a competing advantage to exploit the shift, versus copy “successful x” company and apply business model to a different vertical.

    1. At first I was going to chastise you for using an anonymous alias but it sounds like you know what you talking about a lot deeper than average. You are right – many of the investments are based on low interest and low oil. I’m thinking next near during election like every cycle, watch Saudis and OPEC raise that oil prices and China start mass producing everything again and shipping cargo containers to the USA.

      Spotify is not even a worthy discussion – broke is broke and if this was about hyping up Spotify that is discounting lower than cost like a dotcom doing EBDITA or whatever that is called with no profits, they are just passing time before that is just another listed massive dotcom failure. But overall, I’m hoping everybody see that like I said before it is the tech media that is the real enemy as we see how they came out the closet and waged a lying propaganda war against a black tech entrepreneur like Jay-Z.

  9. I just signed up last night. Tidal’s sick. It’s not just the sound quality. They put a lot on the table. And there’s a lot of room for growth. I don’t know why they want to fight Jay-z on his turf. The three guys talking seem bitchy to me. That’s the best Silicone Valley can do?

  10. I have been listening to Tidal all day and I can really hear the difference. This is something I would continue to pay for being that I love music and can support the move. I really feel like I can hear so clearly compared to other streaming audio I listen to daily. This is very nice sound quality.

  11. I agree that people are going at Tidal because of the Jay connection. It’s bullshit, and if he has the better service it will eventually win in the end.

    …..but if we’re gonna call out tokens Jay has played the token role on a much bigger level than Tristan. He sold Brooklyn on that illegal Barklays land grab on behalf of these billionaire white developers, fronting like he was an “owner” when he really owned a percentage of a penny. He’s since cashed out while everything they promised the hood hasn’t happened.

    1. People are going to go to Tidal because of Taylor Swift and Madonna even more – bigger hitters on that stage plus a few major EDM artists who can put out exclusive remixes. But mostly, the sound quality is superior. Your comment have personalized this music service to Jay-Z, exactly what these bigots are doing and what they always do to try to claim a black person associated with a product/service means it is inferior or have to be inferior. I hope you recognized you did this also.

      I have to disagree on the token role trying to compare Tristan Walker and Jay-Z and I will explain why so it is not just an opinion. I don’t know about cats who try to slyly defend or put a pass on Tristan Walker and what he about, real talk.

      Jay-Z was an owner and your commentary contradicts your own statements Regg – if he cashed out then he was an owner and had an ownership stake. No one reasonably believe it was his basketball team just as much as Nelly don’t fully own the Bobcats – so there was no fronting there. If they didn’t promise anything to the hood, then we can talk about how the Urban League did a landgrab on 125th up in Harlem so that is being done everywhere.

      But with Tristan Walker – he plays a role in narrating how these Silicon Valley fuckboys want to portray black tech entrepreneurs as some docile punk smiling with a lame ass business model loving to be liked by the status quo white privilege structure. This hurts opportunities for plenty of black tech entrepreneurs who cannot be real with themselves and give the marketplace something innovative – that is major damage of loss opportunity. A real black man would have the balls to not allowed themselves to be played in that fashion – they tried to come at me with that shit and I know what I know so don’t think they don’t notice my skills – but I’m not playing some tap dance role…Tristan Walker decided to chase privilege and status like a punk bitch.

  12. Sharing and spreading the word on this Ed-itorial.

    Also, striving to figure out what the strengths are in my part of the world besides horses, college basketball and heavyweight fighters.

  13. I cannot give more kudos to you right now than what I gave done already! The article hits points that are making me think harder about the “Takeover”.

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