As Dream and Hustle Approach a 10-Year Anniversary, Let’s Celebrate We Black Bloggers Beat the Living Ish Out of Black Media

rollerdude Dream and Hustle was launched December 26th 2005 and we are approaching a 10 year milestone that I didn’t realize until a few days ago. Dream and Hustle did not seem like 10 years and I’m not even tired of this blogging stuff and I got more unpublished works than Prince got unpublished songs. So I’m going to plan something big for our 10 year anniversary later this year if possible. But you know what? I watched a lot of bloggers many of you people worship and read every day come up and they passed through Dream and Hustle those past 10 years. And today, I’m going to tell brothas and sistas to put on their skating shoes and let’s celebrate the fact black bloggers revolutionized the whole black media concept the past 10 years! Before black bloggers came on the scene, you had all these cornball black intellectuals who had been picked and chosen by bigoted-ran media outlets to run their mouth as if they speak for the rest of us black folks. Then you had those coward ass NABJ or National Association of Black Journalists who write jokes for articles but never wrote a local beat story on local black-on-black crime in depth or local black entrepreneurs with dry cleaner chains or chicken shack chain as the local level or did a story on the 67-year old lady who use her social security money to cook dishes for hungry black kids – real stuff that goes on in our black community. And you never heard the narrative of a black man seeing the most beautiful black woman get off at the Kedzie/Homan station and he supposed to get off at Pulaski but he run off the train and talk to her and get her number and they fall in love going to Chicago stepper sets – you don’t hear any of that real black life shit that goes on in our black lives back then. All you saw was some racist ass media bigots trying to discuss only negative stuff about black people showing black mugshots and control the narrative of our black lives in media as docile consumers and handpicked some tokens to speak for us in the media. But when black bloggers came around and I was part of that first generation, we decided to keep it real and be ourselves and focus on things in our real lives every day. And that brought real readable content on black lives and things that matter around black people. This is probably the most important moment in black history because it was the first time black people can be brutally honest in expressing ourselves. A lot of cats went anonymous blogging but I decided against going anonymous because quite simply, being truthful is the most liberating thing you can do and be. Being anonymous blogging with a pseudonym is some coward bullshit and just a rat waiting to be exposed and that ain’t me – I like to let cats know who I am and what I’m about and that I’m willing to fight for mine and destroy others in my way and cats who know me know I do fight for mine and destroyed others who stood in me and my crew way so no, I’m going to be real. But you know what was best about the black blogosphere? The fact you guys can comment and add your voice to the discussion, something you could not do before. See, those bullshit columnists and pundits would write their bullshit and the newspaper would not post your response back in the day. But you brothas and sistas can come to our black blogs and post your opinion and insight and get a conversation going. And brothas and sistas started to dialogue on topics and subjects and we had debates. We disagreed on stuff, agreed on stuff and provided proof and evidence to change people minds and enlightened others. We black bloggers were also able to establish a platform to educate others and also showcase and support each other by linking to each other. So here to you brothas and sistas for joining in the black blogging conversation. Most of Dream and Hustle conversations did not happen out of the blue – it happened when visitors came to this blog and provided input. One guy named Caged Lion came and talked about mobile money and even wrote a guest article for moving to China to go business here at Dream and Hustle starting that conversation here on this blog. Others also provided input and started conversations. There was a moron on BlackProf another blog who talked about Japan and how they do things over there and even though he was a nutty one, what he said was not dismissed and we took a trip to Japan and he was right. Over on Subrealism blog, there is a cat talking about double-entry accounting back in the day and cats thought he was a crackpot – the truth is, he was talking about the basis of distributed ledgers which also known as blockchains for cryptocurrency and we will discuss that topic soon on this blog. So there is no such thing as a bad or stupid opinion if it had value and my experience of blogging saw that black people had valuable input and opinion to offer. One of the things with Dream and Hustle done was engaged in propaganda warfare and we discussed how to do it. One technique was called preemptive strike where we knew what a bigoted ass journalist was going to write and say about us black folks and we would research every fucking word and phrase that journalist wrote in their archives and we were able to predict what that journalist would say in their next article writing up our version, cancelling their lame ass and making them boring and predictable and link to our article before that actual person wrote their shit. We ended cats bigoted media reporting careers doing that shit and don’t know if yall knew about those secret wars. You will learn quickly these copy/paste mainstream journalists have a style and predictable and easy to snipe at using their own patterns and words and phrases in a zero sum manner. I hope this article and our upcoming 10 year anniversary help motivate you brothas and sistas to start your own blog and I hope you are ready. Real talk, it is liberating to be honest and raw and blog out how you feel and what is on your mind and engage in discussion with cats out there who share the same interest as you. You may not even agree with cats and cats may have a different personal take but you can still learn. One of the problem is we got a lot of hurting black folks and marginalized black folks that want to troll and see if they can attack but everybody black should appreciate we even have a forum like black bloggers we can be raw and honest with discussions. Black Enterprise is a joke and Dream and Hustle run circles around those clowns at Black Enterprise and none of yall can step up in the real world and show any real substance about Black Enterprise. This blog actually made black entrepreneurship an interesting topic because we focused on vision and possibilities and opportunities for you brothas and sistas while Black Enterprise bragged on a coupled of cats wanting you to admire their smiling behinds in their magazine. Other cats actually realize black entrepreneurship is actually interesting and even though I’m raw, I still hear cats from all over telling me this blog is the best thing they read and they love it because it motivate them to start a business and do for self. And I watch cats do their own thing from reading this blog to having their own empire over that 10 year span. I remember not too long ago, I went to a technology trade show and I saw how cats were blogging and I always wanted to become a bad ass blogger and now here I am a bad blogging dude here in this Atlanta city with all this frontin, McMansions, reality-tv chicks and strippers and I’m guess I’m going to stay and have a blog to tell the story. Actually, Dream and Hustle blog format is going away because there is something I realize was more powerful than blogging and that was writing short stories. Dream and Hustle had several short stories that talked about the recession back in 2007-2008 and how people hustled hard and got theirs while others were bullshitting. So Dream and Hustle will be converted to short stories which I think is better because it gives me the ability to really go into issues like Law and Order does with their ripped-from-the-headlines storyline. I want to do that same format for issues in the black community and entrepreneurship. I want to shout out all the other black bloggers out there who been around just as long as I was and let them know – we are winners and we are just moving up on up. It only getting better and to keep pushing and I don’t care where any of you come from, you have a voice, you have something to say and I would strongly tell you that blogging and being real with yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself. Many of you cats be wasting time in other people comment sections and on Facebook when you could be running your own media space and find yourself and your zone over time. I also want to shout out all you brothas and sistas who participated in conversations on Dream and Hustle and other black blogs over the years. Without your opinions, without your input, the black blogosphere would not be what it is today where we have a true diversity of black opinions and viewpoints being expressed that cannot be suppressed by the mainstream media and we have a forum where our voices can be heard and validated. Black media is pissed because they losing while we are winning and real talk, you guys have to thank the black blogosphere for probably the greatest revolution in black history is when black bloggers changed the landscape of black media forever.

6 thoughts on “As Dream and Hustle Approach a 10-Year Anniversary, Let’s Celebrate We Black Bloggers Beat the Living Ish Out of Black Media

  1. Congrats on the 10years. Dream and Hustle has bought a ton of info, inspiration, trends, and ideas to the forefront of us entrepreneurs. Classic work brother.

  2. Thanks Dreamandhustle for providing me and my crew great articles which I have learn a lot about myself and the hustle.

  3. This blog changed my life.Recalibrated my thinking, made me let go of b.s media, seek iinternational opportunities and,challenge the way we have been programmed to operate . The dr claude article was a masterpiece. Ebt cards are now becoming the currency in the hood. Stores are taking them like cash(illegally of course) . So the laundromat model(im popping this off) is most likely the way to get CASH from the hood. The homies business plan also, where we can put these in the convenience stores. Im in south Florida, alot of diversity. I want to put Jamaican restaurants Haitian. And urban restaurants on one app. Do i need a prepaid card system(fastcard) or the system for the stripclub?. All delivery s under a mile we can outfit bikes with pizzawarmer style cases on the back. Gps on the bike rider to track the delivery, and he can get tipped or paid through the system ,no cash, safer.I’m sliding over to the Facebook group for more info. DReam and hustle forever.

  4. CONGRATS! You have really been an intricate part of my entrepreneur roles. You have laid out so many foundations that it is impossible to not obtain a few of them for yourself and the community. Kudos and here’s to another 10,20,30 plus more years!!!

  5. Congrats on your 10 year Anniversary coming up. I only discovered this blog recently, but the info and insight are both one of the best that Ive read so far. Keep’em comin’!

  6. Props to you. 10 years on the web is a lifetime. I am new to the site, and I am just starting to get my head wrapped around the ideas and philosophy.

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