Opinion: We African-Americans Should Pray To Our Lord and Savior and Wait Until We Enter the Kingdom of Heaven to See Freedom and Justice

oursavior After seeing so much injustice, pain and suffering our people has been through in America, I’m going to side with the opinion of our current black leaders and just recommend we African-Americans pray our problems away. Prayer works and prayers heal and if you have a problem with this statement, then I will just pray for you. We have to accept the fact all we African-Americans are going to do is talk on AM talk radio, post comments on the Internet and act emotionally to the adversity that is always placed upon us just because of who we are. We African-Americans should just realize that we are too blessed to be stressed and just let go and let God. Every time we see a funereal of a young black person who died from violence, let’s just pray. Every time we hear a song on urban radio referring to black women as bitches and hoes, let’s just pray. Every time we see a black politician get indicted for corruption, let’s just pray. When schools are closed down and kids don’t have activities and have sad looks on their face, let’s just pray. When older black people are laid off after working 19 years loyally at a company, let’s pray. Pray in the morning, pray in the evening, pray to the sky and pray to the star – let’s just pray.

6 thoughts on “Opinion: We African-Americans Should Pray To Our Lord and Savior and Wait Until We Enter the Kingdom of Heaven to See Freedom and Justice

  1. Ahh c’mon Ed no one believes that you really mean that. Prayer has its place. But once we rise from our knees, I say, “Lets go get a business license and spead our Hustle! Amen?

  2. We still praying for our enemies,praying for those who trespass against us,waiting for rev.hambone and rev chicken wing TO tell us when to move . Them crackers know we ain’t in them churches practicing no real science,if we was .the would be raiding tbem shits . Because the only thing we on our knees about is getting them off our ass. All the ghosts, leprechauns be white and green,cause we don’t deal with that we think Jesus is gonna do EVERYTHING. THAT’S why u can’t go 1 mile in our community and NOT bump into 77 churches (real sht, no really).We immature about everything

  3. I want to steal this so bad and put it on facebook. See how many good ol Christian folk fall for the bait before I switch on them

  4. I like the old testament an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth! Was America founded on prayer? Did the pilgrims pray to the crown for their freedom and liberation? Was the Civil War won on prayers? Nope they put foot to ass!

  5. The work of doing real, tangible Black empowerment is very hard.

    The work that we have to do on ourselves to rise to another level, to take risks for yourself. The work of humbling yourself, knowing that you do not have all of the answers but the wisdom to get with like-minded people putting in the work for urban solutions. The will to build enterprises that have the focus of having generational potential.

    That’s a lot of hard work. I know I need help, but I ain’t prayin’ to Michelangelo’s cousin…

    That said, let us pray.

  6. What in the world is this conversation about? How productive is this really? Ok so people are praying. Now who has some real ideas that are doable in the near future, especially while they want to listen? What can we do to create some change?

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