Proud to Be Part of the New Black as We Belong to Something New

newblack I sat back and curled a smile reading the lame ramblings by lame black bloggers pathetically trying to criticize some celebrities who they referred to as the New Black. These two-bit black bloggers talked about how Pharrell or Raven-Symone or Common pretend there is no structural racism holding black folks back with their commentary and I saw people making comments calling these people all kind of names like sellouts and other stuff trying to make fun of this whole New Black thing. As I read these comments my response and reaction was blunt towards the bloggers and their commentary about the New Black – fuck these tired ass complaining black victims and their worthless ass opinion. The truth is I consider myself to be part of that New Black if that is what it is because I’m damn sure not part of whatever the fuck the rest of these lame ass black folks are talking about. Not one blogger criticizing the New Black had offered a value proposition better than Pharrell or Raven-Symone except lament on some paternal-seeking black victim mentality shit. At some point, you as an individual have to look at yourself and know your own purpose and path and realize this is your mortal life you living right now and all you got and all you know about right now, fuck everything you being told by others about skin color, history and what supposed to make you feel prideful. This is your life first and foremost and a spirit that transcend anything earthly – don’t ever lose sight of your individuality and spirt and don’t put a damn thing in this world above that. I spent my entire life growing up and experiencing the so-called “black life” living in black communities, hanging around black folks and being a sheep consumer of black media and dated only black women. But I’m also a free spirit and spent time by myself alone in various parts of the world and realize that I’m an individual with a unique purpose and this world is too big to limit myself and that whole “black stuff” was a bunch of self-limiting bullshit others want to impose on me. I dealt with too many bullshit black family members, fake ass black friends and flaky black fraternity members, trifling ass black women and hearing lame ineffectual urban intellectual mouthpieces talking like they got 5 percenter knowledge when they really don’t know shit and ain’t willing to do shit either. And I consumed too much hypersexual self-hating black media to realize this ain’t black culture I’m living as an African-American is just a pile of fucking shit labeled as blackness. But what really hit me is the fact I was focusing on self-improvement as a person and getting better and pursuing my dreams and goals and what the black people around me do? Black folks decide to deny me any love and support and tried to discount me and shame me for wanting to do better. You see the stories of cats in the hood get a new car and someone come by and scratch it up or get a pair of sneakers and someone want to step on it to ruin it – that’s the thanks you get from the black community for wanting to do better for yourself. And I end up like most blacks where you feel unappreciated by the black community but you still love the black community despite all the negativity coming your way. I’m going to keep striving for my goals and pursue my dreams and not going to obligate myself to some bullshit called blackness especially looking at the losers who hide behind that blackness shit. I’m not going to live my life out as a victim crying to cats about what was done to me and my ancestors but will live my life out as a mortal individual who got unselfish love to give and support my family trying my best to make the world better for them than it was for me. I’m going to operate under the New Black paradigm and what I see going on with other brothas and sistas like me, I see the dawn of a new beginning and this time I can’t go home. newblack3 This New Black Reject Black Identity. I realized that black identity is nothing but than a schoolyard punk reaction to white identity politics in America. Black people were never about race and we didn’t invent that shit, evil people invented that race shit and I will never acknowledge some fake shit like black identity. Black identity has always been false consciousness talked up and written up by race exploiters who seek to make profits talking up and writing up black identity content on speech circuits and book writing and YouTube quality documentaries. I only acknowledge black empowerment and the black experience that are reality-based and have nothing to do with false black identity doctrine. This New Black Look Forward, Not Backward. I had explicitly expressed over and over that I don’t give two shits about black history and don’t give a fuck either. Most people who talk about black history will talk about the same black history shit for the next 40 years and make a living saying the same shit over and over about Marcus Garvey and ancient Egyptians. You ever notice these characters never talk about the history of West Africa where we are actually from? What I do is extrapolate data points from historical events to apply future patterns and practices as the past is nothing more than data points. What is real and what is important is handling today and preparing for tomorrow and that is my only focus and concern. This New Black Is Global, Not Local. As I progress, I have too many partners and colleagues from around the world who share similar interests and skills I have from Europe to Asia to the Middle East. I have seen too many atrocities that goes on in this world more shocking than anything going on here in America. As a person with skills and resources, I see plenty of people overseas that I can help a lot with just a little resources and they remind me of me when I was coming up. I’m not going to sit around and talk about what was done to us black folks when I making money and at the top of my game – I’m going to help others worldwide because I can. In addition, I got a passport and will travel and go around places in this world and experience new things and no, I’m not black when I go there, I’m an individual spirit taking in natural wonders of this world. This New Black Love from the Heart, Not Skin Color. The days of me dating in a race-loyal fashion are over forever. This is the first time in my life I’m telling this story but I had a girl I like so much from Chicago when I was in the Army but she was like stand-offish most of the time and left me with doubts as to where we were at. When I got to Panama, I didn’t know they had black women down there! Then what happened? I ran into a Panamanian sista who look just like my girl back in America except she had a nicer booty and something else – she had a glowing smile and was very friendly towards me, making me feel good enough to smile also. That was the day African-American women fell off the #1 position on the list because I saw over and over women all over the world treating me like a man, her king and as a black man who should smile and be happy and she had my back. I dealt with so much negativity and bullshit trying to date other sistas and realize I should be chasing real love in this world. newblack2 Well, there was one footnote I want to add for the African-American sistas to understand something. When I first walked around with a cute Indian sista, what happened is the sistas gave me this crazy ass look directly in my eye, something I never seen before and you know what happened? That turned the Indian sista on to see black women envy her for being with me, I hope you sistas realize that. Then with my Asian bae when I was first with her and walked to her spot and see her, it was sistas there ignoring me like sistas usually do. But when I was walking with bae smiling, those same sistas noticed me then and gave me and her all the looks and attention and you know what Asian bae did? She grabbed my arm and hugged on it and blushed – yes, she blushed red and was smiling because she was turned on by the envy of the sistas who looking at me giving my bae the impression she took their boyfriend. I just curled a smile and kept walking and the sex was good after each of those incidents, thanks to you hatin sistas out there. I am part of the New Black meaning I accept the fact that I’m always evolving and will keep an open mind and accept the diversity and unlimited possibilities this world has to offer me. I will not look back and will always look forward as my life is mortal and will use my limited time living to try to make this world better for me and those who come behind me. And most important, I will love everybody and treat everybody with the dignity and respect they deserve and use my talent and my skills to serve others in any part of this world that can use my help. This New Black is blessed and been kissed by a higher power and is telling all of you brothas and sistas to not wait until it’s gone before you realize that you are bigger than these labels.

17 thoughts on “Proud to Be Part of the New Black as We Belong to Something New

  1. Do those bloggers know Pharrell and Common’s history? It looks to me like the bloggers are protecting their lame turf.

    1. What happened? This is on the same level as earlier postings. I don’t see why anyone would be surprised.

  2. Ed. How do I get into the business technology field so I can capitalize on these opportunties. Do you suggest I enroll into graduate school and If so, what graduate degree should i pursue? Also what other course should I take that will prepare me to take advantage of these opportunties or create other opportunties?

  3. Reading these negative blogs based on so-called racism and feminism leaves you feeling drained and tired. They can comment for hours and days about dumb nonsense and if someone writes something positive, uplifting and or offers a solution to a problem hardly anyone comments. It’s like a contest on whose pain is greater!

  4. When you’re killed by the police, don’t expect the “sistas” you get try so hard to make jealous of you go out to march for you. Kay? You sound like another insecure black male. And you wonder why black women are on the rise to completely dominate black males in education,finances,and community leadership.

    1. Fodo – I don’t go around worried about being killed as I have my life in order for unexpected events.

      You said I made the sistas jealous – AHA!!!! Now I see why y’all coming from lipstick alley to this article. It wasn’t about self-realization it was that true story of how you sistas acted when I was with the non-black bae.

      I agree black women will dominate these sorry ass black males and I will do my best to help the sistas. But when you “disposable income spending” sistas think you can dominate my Asian bae in terms of her resources and being down for a brotha and most important a genuine friend and skilled partner, you sistas come and let me know about that and maybe I’ll holla…

  5. This is so lame. It is really annoying to me, that in order to legitimize their self-actualization or to express their “growth” as a person some black people feel they need to speak awfully about the black community as a whole. You’re upset when the black woman ignores you AND you’re upset when she pays you some attention. What the hell do you want black women to do, give a round of applause when you walk in a room with your significant other?

    Nobody cares about your interracial relationship as much as you do, because apparently you go out looking for a response. It is great that you have been able to have the life experiences you have had, but it is totally unnecessary for you to degrade the black community in the process. The contempt and bitterness in this rant completely debunks whatever intent you had of supporting or inspiring growth as an individual in lieu of growth based on racial identity. Grow up black man…

    Yes, after all that, you’ve proved you’re still just another black man trying to overcome his non-erasable blackness.

    1. do realize that you trying to impose your opinion on someone else life…take a step back because that is really what you and the other people are saying.

      When it comes to someone life, who gives a fuck what you think? Look at you in your comments – don’t even know anybody trying to typecast them to suit your argument. You may want to dig deeper into this blog to find out who is blacker and love their people more…none of you “blackness” characters are at my level in that arena and you going to need to show and prove like I can.

      You and everybody like you are baseline stupid because you want to define someone else and that is all you trying to do.

      You want someone to care about blackness? Fuck you. You want someone to be worried about your adversity scenarios? Fuck you. You want have an opinion and say on someone else life journey? Fuck you my sista….

      Why are you and everyone else running your damn mouth on how someone else choose to live and they are good. I’m good and you don’t hear I’m upset like you. Common ain’t upset and good. Pharrell ain’t upset and he good. That’s So Raven ain’t upset anyone of them looking mad or they in peak life zone?

      So why you talking? Because your life ain’t about shit and you holding yourself back…that’s the only reason you talking and you may want to take a pause and look at what you wrote with your third eye and reflect on this..

      And you do care about the interracial thing because that appear to work you up over the Internet the same way those sistas were worked up. You don’t read well – this black man still get with sistas, you can’t do nothing about that. What you not confronting is you made my Chinese bae blush and I still remember that moment well because she never hugged on me like that before as her man and protector from jealous black women like you. And y’all even hating over the Internet now! LOL so cats know I was not lying and this really happened. Y’all hating sistas are really a piece of work

  6. Ed, I did go back and read my reaponse as you so unpolitely requested because I am all about self-correction, even when it is clearly coming from a place of pure hostility. I’ve decided that I don’t need to use my third eye to comprehend you are the one who is angry and upset and I am the one who is casually responding to a public blog. Yes Ed, you wrote a public blog on a site that allows for responses and comments. My opinion was not imposed on you or your life, it was invited, and I happily (not angrily) accepted the invitation. I am not trying to typecast you.

    Everything that I wrote was based on specific details from your blog. I don’t want “someone” to “give a fuck about blackness”. I ginuwinely don’t care if “someone” ever “worries about my adversity”. In fact, I never mentioned either of these things in my response. Speaking of which, let’s get back to the basis of my response. It had nothing to do with any of the things you mentioned.

    My response was toward your obvious disdain for the black community as a whole. You could have easily wrote a blog about being able to see yourself as a productive and free individual outside of the race you were born in, but you chose to make disparaging comments about black experiences that insinuates that every negative, heart-broken, abandonment, disregard, offensive, trespassing event that has happened in your life is because black people are the kind of people that do those things. That, my brotha, is wack. We all know that black Americans are not the only people who commit such offenses on each other and/or on others. That is absurd to base any argument on. Clearly. I actually think it is great that you chose to live a life not weighed down by decisions based solely on the color of the skin you were born with. What I didn’t like is your overzealous approach to tearing down the black community with a bunch of silly generalizations.

    Contrary to your “imposed opinion on my life”, which you know absolutely nothing about – I am about “shit”. My career and portfolio speaks volumes about me as a person. You know what else speaks valumes, my ability to articulate myself without spewing out uneneccesary and vulgar hate language on others. I personally am glad that you have decided to disassociate yourself with being a black man. You are no prize representation of us.

    So please, do be sure to add the type of black people that loathe self-hate to your list of black folk that did you wrong.

    P.S. I hope you read that with your third eye.

    1. Define this “disdain” for the black community. I said I’m about black empowerment and black experience. The thing I said was screw black identity and black history because these are worthless data points. Are you trying to rationalize “black indentity” in your argument?

      I don’t even understand what you trying to say except impose yourself on another person life and label them…really what are you saying then?

  7. You’re not worth this education that can bring you closer to your light. If you did not want a response – this should not have been a public blog. Your arguments are still not aligned with the things I said in either of my comments. Continue on your journey…

    1. I was continuing on my journey anyway – I think you are now realizing your opinion doesn’t mean shit when it come to other people personal journey. That is good progress and glad to help you realize this.

      Then you said bring me to the!! You kinda frustrated that you cannot pass judgement on others..why is that?

      And when you and anyone out there can show and tell more than what this blog done and what I done for brothas and sistas, I will be here waiting for that news…

  8. Me departing from your meaningless rant and obvious bitter attitude is not a matter of my opinion meaning “shit”. It is a matter of you not having the intellect to see that your awful, contradicting, black-bashing writing and outlook could use some sincere editing. What you did help me realize in one-and-a-half response of getting to know you is that reading comprehension and your ability to reply with intellect is also nonexistent. That helped me to realize that you are not worth it. Even if I took the time out to pull direct quotes of your obvious disdain for black people in general it would go right over your head.

    There is nothing that you or this blog has done or could possibly desire to do for “brothas and sistas”, except humiliate and openly berate them. Because you are too hung up on what individuals have done to you in the past. It is a sign of immaturity to base steroeotypes around an entire group of people based on your individual experiences. Maybe these are the type of black people you come from and that surrounds you, which I could imagine because you reak of slime, but they are bot the ones that make up the whole. Your attitude is the worse and there is definitely some tones of “I hate my black self” in your writing.

    I still stand by my opinion that you are not worth it, but I wanted to make sure that I gave you some evidence as a parting gift because I realize that you struggle with reading comprehension and I am all about education. You’re welcome.

    1. Sophia, your desire to have an opinion that matter is the comedy in all of this. If someone told you they don’t give a fuck what you thought…then why you still talking?

      If we were talking a third-party issue that contains attributes and actions, yes you have a point. But you are trying to pass judgement on someone you don’t know, their life, trying to inject your opinion and you got a big “fuck you” as the response….so why you still talking? You don’t sound like a person who got quality friends because they would see you judgmental on other people over the Internet like this and your friends would think something is wrong with you.

      Nothing you say changes shit – yet you are the one getting worked up. Why are you getting worked up over something you have no control or say over? That is the real question. Are you thinking you can discredit me? On what stage or platform? Some crazed solo piece of work online named Sophia saying I’m not doing nothing is not the same as I’m actually doing something. Oh, you typing in the comment section is a voice that resonates? So someone who read this blog and every other content suppose to pause and give a shit what Sophia wrote? Really?! LOL!

      What is the crux of your frustration and diatribe is I made a choice in my life that doesn’t have shit to do with you and you having a problem with me making a choice in my life – how fucked up in the head you think you are to rationalize yourself here? Over and over it sounds like you jealous of something – is it bae? Are you jealous of bae?

      This boils down to you trying to judge someone and pass your opinion and you probably upset that someone told you to go fuck yourself. As you go down the hole deeper you begin to realize you are not even on par with me to discuss me – cats know me, no one knows who the fuck you are. And that at the end of the day, no one gives a fuck what you really think. That’s really what is funny in all of your typing and ranting that I will eventually delete anyway….

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