Raking in the Dough: Thoughts on Crowdfunding a Conservative Christian Cookie Shop That Refuse to Serve Gays

cookieshop Indiana has enacted an Act called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that gives businesses the right to association and disassociation due to religious belief. In other words, the right for a business to discriminate on who they serve and do not serve. This ALEC type law is being written in a lot of conservative leaning states all over America in a copycat fashion and Indiana was one of the first to past it. Notice Arkansas and Georgia was ready to pass it demonstrating there is full tacit collusion at the states level to exercise “States Rights” which we all know the history of where this came from. This law was attacked by media and liberals and put Indiana under assault because the ulterior reason for this law was to reinforce the religious belief at the state level marriage is between a man and a woman and not between homosexuals. Business leaders and other notable people condemned the Act and reconsider doing business with Indiana and now the conservatives in that state are being portrayed as a bunch of backwater bigots, which they are but let’s have that discussion later. So what the media in Indiana did was search small town for a business that was going to apply the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and they found a place called Memories Pizza: ABC57 News - See the Difference Michiana In the video you see a lady named Crystal O’Connor who is a co-owner of the Memories Pizza place say that if she would flatly say no to cater a gay wedding with her precious pizza because that is her religious right and belief. Let’s ignore the fact the Irish last name O’Connor and the reality that Irish people were discriminated against here in America because obviously Crystal O’Connor is ignoring that fact also. Kinda like ABC/Disney Jewish executives using their media to attack and marginalize black men while portraying black women as bedwenches forgetting that was done to Jews by German media portraying Jewish women as bedwenches and Jewish men as boy toys back in the 1930s and also forgetting Walt Disney view towards Jews. And the same way black people being homophobic and hatred towards gays and rights for gays to express themselves by being forgetful of our own African-American history dealing with bigotry. Everybody is so damn forgetful of what happened to them and quick to transfer the same evil done to them upon someone else here in America. helovedeveryone Jesus did not turn away anyone who was in line to receive from him whether he was breaking off fish and biscuits or healing the sick. Most of the sick were not physically sick but sinners who were in line also. You can argue being gay is a sin but adultery is a bigger sin and having heterosexual sex outside of marriage is also a bigger sin highlighted in King James modification of ancient scriptures - just like going to Red Lobster and African-Americans love going to Red Lobster to eat shellfish and cheddar biscuits. That is not the point – the point is asking the question did Jesus turned anyone away and refuse to serve them or acknowledge them and that is not debatable, Jesus did not refuse service to anyone. With that said, there is nothing Christian or Christ-like or the spirit of Jesus in Memories Pizza or the Irish co-owner Ms. O’Connor or anybody that co-sign this Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Indiana like many other states and people supporting this freedom to discriminate law are nothing more than a bunch of backwater low-life bigots who express hatred towards others and will never see the Kingdom of God they claim to be striving for. They going to hell with the rest of the sinners because they chose to express hate towards others instead of have love and tolerance for others in this world created by a higher power bigger than them. I cannot help but laugh at the majority of conservative Christians running around America filled with bigotry and hatred acting like they going to go to the gates of Heaven and be proud to tell God and Jesus they didn’t serve gays any pizza or didn’t give any black person running a tech startup VC funding and these bigots feel entitled and deserving entrance into the Kingdom of God for their discrimination. Lie at your all-white people funereal all you want, yall ain't going into the Kingdom of Heaven being a damn bigot. But something interesting happened, the Blaze which is a conservative Christian pandering media promoted a crowdfunding campaign the same manner that was done for George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson. The Blaze in the media propaganda above with the lady injecting terms of “persecution” and “spoke up for your Christian faith” and Dana know all the propaganda buzzwords to use in her questioning to really speak to the audience about where they shaping up this discussion. She ask setup questions about how this will affect her family and you hear the sob story of needing money and income as a result of all of this for her “speaking up for her faith” and what you are seeing is the setup for a crowdfunding campaign appeal to the emotions of the Blaze audience. So Dana announce in the end they setup a GoFundMe account to help Ms. O’Connor against the backlash and zealots depriving someone of their livelihood or ruining their lives because these zealots cannot tolerate their “Christian faith” and no one should suffer and suffer alone for standing up for what is their faith. I like how Dana Loesch said at the end that Christ said “if they persecute you remember they came after me first” manipulating the scenario and telling her she did nothing wrong expressing her refusing to serve others and plugged the crowdfunding campaign. Dana Loesch is as fake as a conservative Christian can be, rationalizing her bigotry and just unapologetically hypocritical about her and her belief which do not represent anything close to Christ and his teachings. Everything about Dana Loesch represents the anti-Christ filled with bigotry and trying to rationalize it and it was also said in the Bible about those false prophets who speak on the Bible and Dana Loesch fit the bill. But you know what happened as a result of Dana and The Blaze propaganda for a crowdfunding campaign? crowdfund The crowdfunding campaign raised $842,000 and I believe the majority of the donations came from other businesses out there like Ms. O’Connor that want to find ways to say “no” to other people who she do not like or agree with like a typical bigot. Now what is interesting is the argument you see mostly white Americans state is that is they want the right to serve who they want to serve – this is basically trying to exercise in business what the Fair Housing Act was designed for where people refused to rent apartments to single mothers for being divorced or having children out of wedlock as well as being black or an interracial couple. It’s the same bigotry being practiced and there was a guy who now dead here in Atlanta name John Wieland and you see subdivisions in suburban Atlanta named John Wieland homes which is the guy who fought for the right to discriminate against blacks when the Fair Housing Act was being considered, and some of you black folks be all up in John Wieland homes here in Atlanta acting like you arrived and stuff. jdolla But we realized something here – the fact $842,000 was generated for someone being a bigot in America! This tells us that there is money in pandering to people bigotry disguised in religion and Americans throw their money behind religious stuff without thinking! Many of you guys was laughing at Dr. Creflo Dollar asking for a $65 million jet but what you don’t realize is he may already know his followers will give him $65 million like that, you guys are the ones that didn’t recognize how deep the game is with getting money out of religious bigots and dumbed down people who hide behind religion and throw their money at religious leaders and causes. Here another part – do you know how much money is removed from the economy throwing your money to religious causes? When you give that money to a church, you don’t know where that money went or how much of it helped anybody. But when you give your money to a business, you know that money pays the salary of workers who can afford to shop and do business and rent and buy homes and invest in stocks and bonds and drive the engine of America. But that money disappear from the economic pool when you give it away because of some religious stuff like tithing and taking up a cause like a $65 million jet. And all of you wonder why yall ain’t got good jobs and your local economy is weak throughout America – you giving your money away to religion like an idiot. There is a factual correlation between the number of churches in a community to the economic health - the more corner store churches in that community, the weaker that local community economy is because the money do not get circulated but tithed to some preacher driving a nice Cadillac SUV and live in a nice house away from that community. We realize that it is actually lucrative to pander to conservative Christians and appeal to their bigotry and we think creating a conservative Christian cookie shop would be a great idea if it can generate $800k based on bigotry instead of actual cookie sales and that is a real American hustle. Setup the cookie shop in Indiana, go on TV and scream you are not serving any cookies to gays or their gay wedding and claim you are defending your Christian faith! Then create an astro-turf persecution campaign against you and watch the money pour in from a crowdfunding campaign! The best part is the same way no one can tell is someone is gay, they cannot tell if you are actually a Christian so this is a great idea for Muslims, Jews and Hindus to cash in on also. Make sure you make it known that no gay people ain’t getting any of your cookies because of your strong hypocritical belief in Jesus Christ just like the rest of these conservative Christians out there and you will be getting paid going straight to the bank!

5 thoughts on “Raking in the Dough: Thoughts on Crowdfunding a Conservative Christian Cookie Shop That Refuse to Serve Gays

  1. Lol, reminds me of when God told Oral Roberts said he’ll get cancer if he didn’t get the money he was asking for.

  2. You can say what you want to say but tolerance should be a two way street, tolerance should go both ways and I will leave it at that. Now you can say what you want to say but the truth is there were cases in the bible where Jesus gave instruction or commands for his people to not follow the practices, habits or customs of other people which makes good common sense:
    Matthew 10:5 Sending Out the Twelve
    5 These twelve Jesus sent out and commanded them, saying: “Do not go into the way of the Gentiles, and do not enter a city of the Samaritans
    Once again tolerance should be a two way street, tolerance should go both way unless someone or some group want to be PRIVILEGE, a privilege class. Black people in America must be wise and be carful what they co-sign on to.

    1. You said over and over tolerance should be a two-way street and no specifics..can you elaborate? Who are the two parties/entities in your statement? blacks/gays or xtians/gays?

      1. As a working class black man born and raised in the south doing the Jim Crow period I love communicating with the younger generation on this level, first of all I do not ever recall us in the black community mistreating our gay relative, I use to live in one of my gay relative home with her and her mother she has been gay since the 1940 to this day I still manage her affairs part of what you hear from me I learn from them old ladies. back then the word gay mean something different than it does today back then the word gay meant a happy fun loving person the word homophobic was not a part of our vernacular the word homophobic implies a fear of something or someone we never had a fear of our gay relative or gay people we played with them set down at the table an ate with them just as we should have, now as we grew up when it was time to go out we went our separate ways and that was natural but contrary to what the bias agenda driven PC liberal media is telling y’all we never mistreated our gay relative that was and is a big lie, now if we didn’t like you for what ever reason we didn’t like you whether you were gay or straight we treated you accordingly whether you were straight or gay we did not discriminate.When I was in the Navy we had gay sailors on board ships with us [long before don’t ask don’t tell] and we knew who the were we respected them and they respected us we work together at night after work was done and after chow we all set back on the fan tail of the ship and smoke weed together it’s didn’t matter if they were straight or gay we pass the joint then we all go back into the ship and get into our bunk and go to sleep but when it was time to go on liberty the straight sailor went their way and the gay sailors went their way an that was it no one ever bullied or picked on a gay sailor so all this mess about people bashing gays back then was and is bull the only thing was we didn’t want gays miscalculating and pushing up on us that’s when there was a problem other wise their was no problem a lot of this crap they are telling y’all are manufactured the bottom line is white women and white gay want to be a privilege class of people in this society and are trying to get it written into law and they got y’all naively carrying water for them the black women and black gays will still be lump in with us as always they will not enjoy the same privilege their white counterpart will enjoy it’s always been that way now that is the non PC truth. “You said over and over tolerance should be a two-way street and no specifics..can you elaborate? Who are the two parties/entities in your statement? blacks/gays or xtians/gays?” the word tolerance-a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions, beliefs, and practices that differ from one’s own. it could be all that you mention but in this case it was about religious freedom and gay rights and what I mean by saying tolerance should be a two way street is the religious group must respect gay right but at the same time the gay community must respect the rights of people adhering to their religious views or belief without fear of being bullied. We all must respect and tolerate each other whether we agree with each other lifestyle or practices or not.

  3. Oh, the irony. How many start-ups could 800k begin in the hood? @ 2.5 or 5k a pop? Now that would be some revolutionary… evolutionary shit. Flood them in an particular area with some business building training…. It would be lovely. But you are definitely on to something. I believe Eric Garner and Mike Brown didn’t even come close to those numbers….now officer Darren Wilson’s did.

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