So Now We See Who Is Really Stopping Black Boys from Standing Up For Themselves, Their Community and Their Future

momoftheyear Anybody out there still want to doubt the role black women are playing to prevent us African-Americans from making progress in our communities and our betterment? Thanks to this mom out here beating on her son in public just like the police wish to beat on her son, she showed us and the entire world how black women are conditioned to emasculate us black men and emasculate her own sons and make bigots out there smiling. You look at any other culture out there and mom is holding the AK-47 cache and the ammo for the insurgents. You look at the USA and see moms tying yellow ribbons around their tree so their sons can go bomb a whole fucking village of women and children just to take out one suspected insurgent. Even the cop who shot the one guy in the back in South Carolina, his momma got on TV and talked about how good of a son he is and hope he will be found not guilty. Mom is sewing Old Glory flag and making care packages and shit for their sons to go out and fight, whether they are part of a standing army or a militia that believe in their cause. Our black males are being referred to as thugs which is code-word for calling them the n-word and animals when they are standing up to tyranny. These kids see these cops are their enemy who is willing to kill them and if they kill them, will get away with it. Then you see the mainstream media further isolating these black kids calling them thugs on their media as if that going to make these black kids feel shameful – it will do nothing but make them angrier. Then you see punk ass bigots on social media calling them thugs relaxing in front of their computer and you have punk Negroes writing up articles on the Root and Huffington Post trying to appease their white corporate owners of those fake black plantation blogs to keep a job as a black-orientated content writer. All this is not helping our black youth but creating an environment towards radicalization. What the mom did in this situation, it does appear she have regret and remorse from her actions. But we have to make honest assessments in the black community and realize black women sold us all out in the black community to claim black kids on her taxes and get government welfare benefits like WIC and Section 8. Black women may not even realize she been conditioned to think and act like this. Racist people are loving the fact this black woman is beating on her son the same way they love to hear black males are getting killed by cops and NRA cardholders. So mommy here I hope she recognize who is enjoying her for her actions and realize who is for her son and against her son celebrating her actions. Here is the thing – ok, the son is told to go home – what the fuck is he going to do at home? Sit around and play video games? Kick rocks in his backyard? No, what the son is going to do is watch on TV the rest of his friends stand up against the police and tyranny and what they believe in and he is going to feel emasculated by his own mother and pent up. And if there is no intervention, that boy is going to lash out in one way or another and rebel against his mother. And no person celebrating “mom of the year” is going to help that black boy and his pent up anger and just call him a black thug and shit will hit the fan eventually. slap-1 Who side are these black women on? We black men need to realize this and I been saying it and everybody else been saying it who speak on these issues and see the war out in these streets. These black women have been programmed by the liberals to undermine their own black communities and hate their black sons and black men and that is the truth and the video above proves this. Because let’s ask the question – what is the boy going to go back home and do after being told he cannot go out and stand up against oppression and tyranny with the rest of his peers? I hope someone just create a crowdfunding campaign for her since she doing the TV thing…

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  1. Right on point Ed. That black mother’s actions to emasculate a man is reminiscent of the imteraction between Kris and Bruce Jenner, and we all know how that ended. Guess these types of improprities aren’t necessarily attributable to “only” a certain race of women.

  2. Let me just keep it one hundred! When my son asked me if he could go live with his father after we had separated because he wanted to develop a relationship with his father, I let him go live with his father because I respected that my son wanted to learn to be a man and he told me in his on words that what I had contributed to his growth and development was enough that he needed to learn to become a man learning from men and so I had to let go.

    Was it easy, no, as my son has come into puberty, he let’s me know how uncool it is to be with his mother. Does it sting and hurt, absolutely and most times I respect his need for space. However, there are times out of frustration in his pursuit of man hood that he makes me want to slap the shit out of him. That being said, my now Ex husband told me one day during a conversation that my son felt I yelled too much and while I know it was true, I had to accept it.

    Now was I able to change my behavior right away no, however I was conscious about how my son felt and during a ride home from school, I became passionate and loud and my son in the most loving firm tone said, “Mom why are you getting loud, why are you yelling!” and he took his finger and counted the distance between us out loud…..1,2,3,4,5,6,7…..he said, ” Mom you are 7 inches from me so why are you yelling!

    As a black woman I have sat up and talked about and blamed my behavior for my Ex on his mama and while she has influenced and impacted him more than any other woman I could never accept except how my role and behavior impacted his life. Had my Ex been able to articulate my behavior in such a simplistic way, I would have gotten it sooner.

    The one thing my Mother -In-Law did was to sincerely apologize to me for not standing in the gap to help me and my Ex sustain our relationship and marriage. Because I had held her accountable for my Ex’s inability to show me the love I needed it never dawned on me to even ask her for help after feeling like I had exhausted myself in trying to save my marriage.

    As women we have to learn how to be Horse Whispers to our sons and the men in our lives and to learn to appreciate them and listen when they express their dislike of our behavior -take accountability and act accordingly. Today, I give up emasculating the men in my life. I give up criticism, comparison and complaining!

    1. Thank you sister both black men and black women would be wise to do as you did and take a step back listen, learn and take a look into the mirror then improve self first, then and only then will we have stronger marriages, families, homes, communities and smarter children. Thank you sister and more power to you.

  3. “she showed us and the entire world how black women are conditioned to emasculate us black men and emasculate her own sons and make bigots out there smiling.” I disagree as bad as it looked however we must understand the “circumstance” and under the circumstance this mother did the “necessary” to get her son attention and possibly save her son life. I am sure she didn’t mean to embarrass her son her only son all she was thinking about was her son not being another Freddie Grey, she was afraid of losing her only son and I applaud her, I wish we had more mothers out in the community like her.

  4. Trueletterson, thank you. I understand and have compassion for this mother and understand why and how she did what she did. Everyday I have to confront the fear I have that at any moment I might lose my son for no reason. However, I cannot place that fear unto my son because it will paralyze and make my son immobile. My desire to keep my son safe cannot impede my sons personal request of allowing him the space to step into manhood. I don’t own my son, I am the vessel as to which he came to this earth and he is a gift. My son is the first male that I have consistently attempted to stay and be grateful for and I do my best to express that to my son through actions, words and deeds and more importantly I have consciously made the decision not to make my son my husband, my partner, my friend, my support, because when mothers make their sons anything other than what they should be, by the time they have their own families they are burnt out because at an early age they had to play the role of being his mother’s man or the man of the house. I weep at times for all mothers because of the fear I harbor about my sons safety and the safety and well being of all black children, I sit in the pain that I feel each time a black boy and man dies because I know it could be mine. I feel the pain, cry and trust.

    1. I understand we need more mother and father with the wisdom and understanding you have keep up the good work and you will have a responsible successful son that you can be proud of.

  5. I call bs. Her son looks like a “robber” in face mask standing in a crowd of black people with no direction and no real purpose for congregating facing fully armed crazy police officers. None of the people in the crowd will help that mother should anything happen to her son, and perhaps, if the black father was around, that mother’s son would not do something that could easily put his life in danger. But, that’s beside the point.

    When did the black man become so weak so as not to be able to accept simple discipline. It’s not like a black male child has never been “whupped” by a black father. It just so happens that most black fathers don’t stick around like they used to, so the mother is forced to be both the mother and the father.

    Her son is out of line, and by most people, that’s considered her fault too. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, especially if you’re a black women. Either way, if it’s my child, I’d look like a fool too on national television, if I believe that was necessary to save my child’s life. Emasculation my a$$.

    1. Her son is not out of line – comments like yours and trueletterson is the reason why the younger generation do not respect your generation because you simply stood for nothing in your life and just sat on your behind and operated in a paternal-seeking manner. And don’t say you did do something – if you did, the younger generation wouldn’t be out there if that was the case. The younger generation know what they have to do and they see what others are doing worldwide to demand respect and it ain’t walking around screaming hands up/don’t shoot.

      They are standing up like any oppressed group of people worldwide who are being killed by the police with impunity and a greater society that want to keep them marginalized. As I said and you didn’t answer the question – he goes home with mommy and does what? Sit around the house? He go to school in Baltimore and get a degree and a good job? Go ahead and tell us Zephyr so we can call out the real BS you and others of your generation are spitting…sounds like jealously of them standing up for something to me…. 🙂

      1. Ok I will take that but I and everybody who knows me know that I am a respected man raised by a man and my sons are men and you are right my sons would not have been out there in the streets of Baltimore throwing rocks at the police because they were raised better and they knew better cause if they had me or my wife would have come down there and embarrassed them by pulling them out of the crowd that’s why my children excel in school, college and med. school and they are called Mr. Trueletterson and Dr. Trueletterson, You dam right I didn’t work hard on a railroad climbing poles working on 6600 volts in the cold freezing rain at night and doing storms for them to be out in the streets throwing rocks at the police with a hoodie on. Now if I got to be a irresponsible half a** father/husband like you recommend to get respect I don’t want or need the respect. Some of you new blacks need to go back into your mother womb and come back again cause you are truly as my late grandmother call unprincipled “educated fools”. Peace out don’t hurt me now LOL……. That’s me and I am proud of who and what I am.

        1. Now thats typical – spend time talking about yourself and titles instead of how you laid down a foundation and pave the way for the next generation.

          You just proved my point – done nothing but sat on your behind and paternal seek looking for validation while others were on the front line standing up for theirs. This is why the younger generation dont respect you.

          You aint done a damn thing if you didnt put your life on the line for a cause bigger than you – which is what those kids with rocks are doing. No one talked about Baltimore problems until these kids disrupted things – meaning they did more than the previous generation in Baltimore..

          Those kids are the new black because they nothing like you and others who take a step back when they picked up a rock and went forward to show they willing to stand for theirs.

    2. right on at a time like that we must have the wisdom to do what ever is necessary to get our children out of harms way before they get killed and deal with the repercussion from the political correct patrol and the new blacks later..

  6. You been here trueletterson trying to do nothing but disagree on the sly here at this blog but I see your angle. You just showed the typical old head negro of wanting respect for towing the “good Negro” line instead of earning respect.

    I went out and earned respect from my peers and youth and I got it – you not too old to realize maybe you can do the same thing instead of thinking you coming here trying to disagree would even put a dent on the real work and techniques Im about for my people.

    This is the black youth generation and era right now and you, me and others older than them are just over-the-hill and thats just reality. How the state of black America is today is thr result of how your and our generation carried ourselves yesterday. Accept some responsibilty like I did and start focusing on righting wrongs by being there for our black youth instead of wanting them to respect you – go and earn it.

    1. First of all ED when I first saw your blog I thought it was a breath of fresh air because it appeared the Dream and Hustle was not in the grips of the left wing lunatics or the right wing lunatics I thought so much of Dream and Hustle and still do to a degree I forward it to all my relatives, and friends everyone in my address book so I tried in my working class way to share you work with others. I see what you are trying to do and I applaud it. “You just showed the typical old head negro of wanting respect for towing the “good Negro” line instead of earning respect” ED I used my own money mentoring and coaching young black males and started tutoring program for black youth in a neighborhood that I didn’t even live in because it was needed and no one in the neighborhood would do it back in the 1980s before mentoring became “the in thing” to do to act like you are down for the cause of black people, to pad ones resume. “How the state of black America is today is thr result of how you and your generation carried yourself yesterday.” You are exactly right it was my generation after we became legal freed in the mid 1960s we allowed ourselves to get side track and failed in our responsibility to our ancestors, families, children, ourselves and our community and you are right we should except blame however the liberal establishments and the liberal social engineers seems to always want to help by making up excuses for us and our failures and we hide behind them instead of owning up and admitting mistakes and do better like what me and my wife and many many others have done with our lower middle working class income and that is set aside the independent mind set [it’s gas] and embrace the interdependent mindset, do not allow radical feminist themes and the spirit of unhealthy competition to invade your home [if you do the devil got the upper hand and you have already lost, you have already been defeated], work to live not live to work put two incomes together make the “necessary” sacrifices to guide and raise our children to be productive citizen like you, Lastly because of the success of my family I get respect from the people that matter to me. Ed keep up the good work.

    1. Where is the crowdfunding campaign and the $800k like the anti-gay pizza guy, the taser dude and the woman who left her kids in the car looking to interview for a job…thats my question.

  7. Ed, let’s look at this from an energy level for a minute. Collectively if our energetic vibration levels are extremely low, we are vibrating at a low frequencies of shame, guilt, apathy, grief and fear how much energy do you think we will collectively have. Anger is a higher vibration than shame, guilt, apathy, grief and fear-anger leads to action, crowdfunding is action. Collectively we haven’t reached the fever pitch of anger!

    Ed your energy is so high and so intense, it’s like firey tension. Most people run and fear tension yet we forget we are all birthed through tension, pain and pressure. If birth is violent, traumatic and bloody and we’re able to live and survive that-what is there to be scared of.

    On another note, I ain’t praying and waiting on nothing and nobody for the things I need today.

    Ed you are a warrior, you are a man willing to die to protect people’s freedom. As piss poor as this country has treated us and as horrible as we have mistreated ourselves I am an American. And as an American understanding the laws of nature there is no equality only polarity.

    Be well


    1. great, the thing is like a old song says “your got to live and learn” if you are a single moms allow his father to be their father if that’s not possible, take advice from good men who your know mean well and have a track record in fathering sons and if possible allow him to mentor your sons, stop thinking you can take the place of his father cause you can’t no more than a good father can take the place of his daughters mothers all children NEED both mother and father, remember all children need discipline, guidance and training at home. Good luck but if you don’t know ask someone Remember just like girls can manipulate father, boys are very good at manipulating mother so if possible take advice of a well meaning adult relative.

  9. I am so glad to see a black man who recognizes this pattern. Black mothers and sisters are destroying our race with their control issues. They want to be the head of the household and control men. The sad part about is they give their daughters very little attention and guidance, if any. They don’ want fathers in the home and they don’t want their sons to leave home or have a healthy relationship with a woman who means him any good.

  10. You ALL have it BACKWARDS. MEN ARE THE LEADERS OF ANY RACE WHEN IT COMES TO MALE/FEMALE DYNAMICS. worldwide. 80% of men (BLK) leave the home where their children remain. once you Leave the home, you are crippling the woman & children left behind to bear a HUGE burden. STOP BLAMING WOMEN. we are taught from a young age to finD a man, make him happy, guess what he wiLl leave anyway, then turn & blame you for the FAILURES OF A WHOLE COMMUNITY. HOW DARE YOU BLAME THE BLACK WOMAN WHO CARRY BIRTH BOP FEED CLEAN TEACH YOU EVERYTHING YO DADDY DIdNT DO ONCE HE LEFT.take some responsibility for PUBLICLY ABANDONING SHAMING AND HATING ON YOUR WOMEN & CHILDREN. there is too too much disdain for us blk woman doing what we can with nothing of our own, SHAME I CANT GET NO RESPECT OR SUPPORT FROM BLACK MEN. GO FIND YOUR DADDY AND LEAVE US OUT OF IT! IF YOU MEN WOULD RAISE THE BABY YOU PUT IN A WOMAN YOU WONT HAVE MOMS LIKE THIS LAYING THE SMACK DOWN. i will never give a man a baby. fuck all yall bastards!!

  11. From the moment the biggest and strongest black man was drawn and quartered…..ripped apart in front of the black woman all was lost. The black woman was conditioned from that point that her man could not protect her. More damaging is that her great love for her son made her realize she had to raise submissive boys in oder for her male children to survive slavery. The slave owners correctly knee that if you could control the black woman you could control the entire group of black people. I can’t understand how the black woman is constantly the victim or blamed her actions shows the twisted pathos of in her actions which stem from lack of love and protection. Yet despite all the twisted actions and thought processes it’s been the woman that has shouldered the responsibility and the blame for the plight of the black community. One cannot make it without the other; the viscous cycle will continue as long as we keep pointing fingers at each other and realize we are the walking wounded and somehow we have to learn to love each other………..look at other ethnic groups that “make it” they have large numbers of same ethnic group marriages.

    1. Carol you are trying to avoid being responsible and accountable for the actions of black women. Nothing you posted above was being accountable and you started talking about slavery and finger pointing. Black women do not want to be accountable 100% of the time when we have these discussions.

      If you have not notice in the background of the video, grown black men were on the scene for our black youth serving as overwatch.

      You sistas constant failure is not wanting to take responsibility causing black men to leave you black women in droves while you black women make up lies about white men wanting you…

  12. When we stood up side by side in the civil rights movement we had no idea that white people were correct in saying that the movement was all about black men wanting access to white women. Grown black men standing overwatch?
    With that I’m done. The blame is shared…….
    Black women never accept 100 percent, so back to it being aEVERYTHING wrong starts with just the black woman? The real truth is that the men NEVER talk about any of their responsibilities…. not 20% not 10%. nada.
    I read your post about natural hair and even that was a backhanded dig, you seem to only like naturals with brazilian texture curly hair.

    Oh and for your comment black men leaving us in droves….who gives a fig!!! Typical pat response to illicit pain and hurt in the black man. Go be with the other woman I see plenty of examples and guess what the black man still does not have peace thinking it’s greener on the other side. Until the MAN submits to what he has not done he will always be lost.
    I was drawn to your site because I googled propaganda baltimore mom and was surprised no one else was hip to this. However, I will unsubscribe because you seem to vilify the black woman no compassions and have deep seated issues i.e. no compassion. By the way white men are scooping the cream of the crop right under the black mans; nose dark beautiful kinky hair. I see them in increasing numbers all wifed up with a family. And when you finally wake up it will be too late. This post shows why we are doomed, divide and conquer.

    Peace out.

    1. Notice how these black women up and run when you talk about being responsible and accountable? She even said “peace out”…lol

      I mean we black men had the Million Man March and took an oath of self-responsibilty … the gangs created truces..what have the black woman done that even come close? Watch Scandal, fight on reality TV show and beat down on their son for trying to stand for something. This “Carol” weirdo talking about she going to unsubscribe as if this web site blog have an unsubscribe button..chicks like her hate so much she have to make up shit about doing something that does not even!


      Man, I am beginning to love those hips on Iggy Azalea more and more…this is why brothas are running away from black women like Ebola…she cannot accept responsibility for her own actions

      1. come on man give them a break LOL…… good points though “black men had the Million Man March to atone for their mistreatment of the black women, children and community and took an oath of self-responsibility” but under the leadership of the MSNBC crowd and the liberal establishment they will never admit to wrong, pledge or take a oath to do better by her man, children and community, there is room for self improvement for all in our community. As I said before the white women want and is pushing to be a privilege class in America in the world and the black women mistakenly thinks she will be able to piggy back off of the white women, fact. She will never admit wrong doings or voluntarily atone for anything because the society will not hold her accountable.

  13. This post is awesome! All the replies are interesting. Yes, please, leave all those wonderful, unappreciated sisters for me. A real man can’t be emasculated by anyone and your problem is that you can’t handle a strong black woman and it drives you to pounce first chance you get with a whole blog post dedicated to your insecurity. You can treat a white woman any kind of way and their stupid selves just take it. Clearly that’s more your speed, Ed.

    1. A real man don’t post this kind of message 3:45am in the morning – only a loser is up 3:45am in the morning posting an opinion online.

      Second you sound like a cornball and possibly a white person posing. I noticed you didn’t talk about the overlying issue in Baltimore which is the context and single mother/son relationship – that is what this article is about, not dating black women and you revealed yourself to be a cornball posing..

      There is nothing to reply to, if you had a real women and you were a real man then you wouldn’t be up 3:45am in the morning on the Internet typing your opinion…just stating the obvious

  14. It’s all right, guy, I’m all white. If you think I’m a cornball, then I’ll be that. Regardless, I am calling you out. You can’t handle a black woman and I’ll happily trade all the white women in the world for this mother that you are so threatened by. Btw, I couldn’t sleep after the long weekend and now I’m just giggling at your “stating the obvious” remark, as if it’s impossible to be a productive member of society and be up that late. Shots fired at all the night shifters out there, lol. Oh well, good luck avoiding that black female boogeyman out there looking to emasculate you.

    1. Well you are a cornball…if you want Toya Graham go and get her. I love to see you snatch up a chick that slaps around her kids and give it up to would be a great savior or the great white hope she looking for.

      You cannot handle a real black women because real black women carries the biggest burden of structural racism and sexism and you sound like a sissy who cannot face that kind of package that real black women have to endure.

      Can you being the white guy you say you are really be on the front line with real black women and her issues? No you cannot and you never have meaning you have zero capability of handling a real black woman…

      Go ahead an issue or plight black women go through and how you gave up your own white privilege to help her…we all listening…

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