At Some Point, You Going to Have to Realize Your Opinion and Commentary Don’t Mean a Damn Thing

ihavesomethingtosay I go around the circuit and I see a lot of African-Americans have strong opinion and strong commentary about a lot of things. You see the cats on the Root running their mouth about a topic like they told someone off or gave a compelling talking point. You see brothas and sistas on YouTube talking about black relationships and other topics. You see blog talk radio and radio shows of cats calling in giving their opinion and what they think. And you guys like to listen to figure heads and pundits give their opinion and you in their comment section agreeing or disagreeing. Here is the problem – no one gives a damn. No one gives a damn what you think, what your perspective is or even if you say is right and make sense. There is no such thing as right and wrong, that is the orthodox propaganda they push you that you fall for. The only thing that exist is winners and losers. And African-Americans are losing because they pushed themselves into a class of being commentariats. A commentariat is like the proletariat where cats are ineffectual and have nothing but an opinion. And that is where the majority of you African-Americans are at. And you need to grow the hell up. We are around June 2015 and in a few months, President Obama will be an official lame duck as the 2016 Presidential campaign goes underway. Almost everything Dr. Claude Anderson said will happen to African-Americans are happening and we have been tracking and confirming the patterns here. They are setting up African-Americans for marginalization as other groups vie to get influence and a piece of the American pie. You have seen the preview back in 2007-2008, lines of unemployed African-Americans stretching around a building, fighting over Section 8, young brothas and sistas living in cars parked at Wal-Mart, malls and groceries stores and cats losing their home and everything like increase violence in Chicago during that same period. The majority of you reading this seen all of that going on but yet in 2015, you still on some commentariat stuff. I’m trying to be nice but cats are actively plotting to marginalized/neutralize brothas and sistas and yall playing around. Cats are being killed by rules of engagement by cops and juries are letting cops off the hook and yall running around talking online. I have fought the actual battles many of you brothas and sistas are trying to fight with your mouth. We dissected cats, cornered cats, we came after them directly and you know what? Their response was so what and what are you and your people going to do about it? And you know what? That is when I have to come to grips my African-American people ain’t going to do a damn thing but post comments and memes online. You guys need to realize we are way beyond the time and place to just talk and post opinion and commentary and we need to take real action. So let me be honest and frank with cats out here. You cats out here looking to add your two-cents to a conversation Googling for topics, grow the hell up. What you should notice here at Dream and Hustle is the cats are over at the Global Urban Collective focusing on real moves to be made and real work to be done. Cats know it is not going to be pretty after President Obama leaves office. I remember watching a 19 year young man walked up to me at a mall back in 2010 asking for money for something to eat and he was no bum, he look like he should be in college but didn’t have any money and he living in a car just sitting there all day. You commentary cats need to wake your damn behind up and realize what is going on out here in the real world. You need to have a real plan to secure yourself in the next several years because things are going to be ugly. Screw your opinion, screw your damn commentary because things are real out here. You better start working on and plotting like everybody else to make sure you have a way to deal with the upcoming years when the economy will go really bad like back in 2008. Not even I got the options I like where I may have to end up in another country if things go too bad and that is a reality I have to consider knowing how things are headed. This stuff going down is real and you cats better have some plans in place to do something other than run your mouth. Yall brothas and sistas messing up, big time.

2 thoughts on “At Some Point, You Going to Have to Realize Your Opinion and Commentary Don’t Mean a Damn Thing

  1. Wow! You know I read through comments sometimes and it will be the same ppl talking the same ish. That ish is depressing, and very negative at that. I do have to vent sometimes but im finding that the way to redirect my anger is by reading or doing something that makes me happy and at ease. I for one am aware of whats going on so I am very limited on engaging into something that is just talk and no action. I am preparing for myself and my family these next few years. I knew I was separating myself from the doers and non doers. Most things I come across are ignorant ppl who are so lost but dont want to believe it. They are looking for a leader but not within themselves. I will be in another country doing better things because here is still ass backwards.

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