How to Stop Being a Sorry Worthless Excuse for a Black Man

damnyousorry Let’s be frank - brothas are a sorry piece of work. African-American brothas can pretend they are not sorry but we can run down the audit and the truth is just the damn truth. Black dudes can get emotional at this article but that more proof brothas are a sorry bunch of characters because we always see black dudes on the Internet getting emotional nowadays, embarrassing our people. Here is the thing – you brothas know full well you are sorry and let’s cut the bullshit out because time is short. If we want to solve problems, we have to admit problems exist and black dudes in America got some pathetic attributes going on and living a shitty worthless life and we have to acknowledge this and deal with. Once we can admit to the problems, then we solve the problem, fix the issue and we move on the right way and the right path on to where we need to go. Why Are Brothas So Damn Sorry? whyimsosorry One of the things I suggest every black man do reading this article is take a pause. That mean for one week, you brothas take a step back from everything you do and observe mentally from a distance. Observe who is in your life talking to you, not who you brothas are talking to but who is talking to you. Observe what you do in the morning, during the day and during the night. Observe what you consume and observe the online and offline places you frequent and deal with. Observe who you owe money to and how much and how you spend money and save money. Observe how you eat and what you eating. When you brothas look back and observe, you will see your black male life is a scripted piece of shit and things around you are pathetic making you pathetic. Now, let’s break down why you brothas are sorry and pathetic. Never Been Married. You brothas are sitting around and never been elevated to the position of having a wife as a partner. That means you brothas did little or next to nothing to go out and seek a mate and you just been messing around with lightweight females and found nothing that gives you purpose and fulfillment. You brothas want to blame women but you are a prince evolving into a king and should have found someone who you fell in love with at first sight and transform your life to be husband material for that woman. You brothas didn’t do that and you all sorry and single looking at PUA web sites and listening to Tariq Nasheed or Tommy Sotomayor engaged in some bromance shit. Do Not Have a Family or Control over a Family. You do not have any children or better yet, you do not even have legal custody of the children you brought into this world. Your pre-teen daughter is out being taught how to suck dick and she getting fucked by other kids and perverted dudes who are 15 and 22 years old because you are not around as a real black man for your daughter. Your son is at the mother house watching liberal media promote gay lifestyles as normal and suggesting to your son they accept gayhood and should consider being gay and and you black dudes are not around to guide your black son on this topic. You black dudes don’t know shit about helping your son become a better man than you or being the first man in your daughter life to look up to and admire as her hero. Cats be on Facebook showing pictures of their children playing sports or going to the prom and you just a sorry ass brotha in the YouTube comment section of a Jason Black video agreeing with what he posted. Do Not Have any Wealth. Many of you brothas are simple and think wealth is a money amount or amount of money. That why you go around typing in Google “Tristan Walker net worth” and I see 6-8 people searching for that information every day in my admin statistics for Dream and Hustle. Black Enterprise is a dumbass magazine that try to count beans and talk about other people money as wealth. Actual wealth is your ability to manage resources, not money. That means you brothas are not wealthy because you do not know how to harvest land to obtain the resource of food or manage water resources. You brothas go to the grocery store and turn on the water faucet and shit. You brothas do not know how to resource energy into a power bank and just pay a gas and light bill and cry when they cut those utilities off due to late payment. You don’t know how to collaborate and co-share like the rich and wealthy and condescend some newly signed rapper is driving a rental Ferrari while Warren Buffet created NetJets to share million-dollar jets with the other richest people in the world. Cannot Lead or Guide Others. Black dudes contribute opinions and rants but cannot contribute guidance and leadership like a real man should for his people and community. Cats be like Dr. Boyce Watkins or Warren Ballentine is on various media talking and that makes them their black leader and those are sorry black dudes saying that nonsense. Then these same dudes come here at me talking about what I do or what I done because I’m not on media running my mouth. Followers and consumers do not determine leaders, those who walk the same path are the ones who can see who is leading the pack. The characteristic of a real black man is to stand before the tribe and say “follow me” and lead them to the winning path towards the goal. Cannot Maintain the Community. Want to have a laugh? Go to the community where the black nationalist dudes be living at and you will quickly laugh at the façade and the reality. Closed down buildings that no one owns or pay taxes on while they scapegoating Jews and Asian shopkeepers claiming they ripping off black people. At best these cats have a boutique vegetable garden that make them feel good but cannot feed the village. Drugs and crime is out of control because the youth is not respectful of the older black dudes. The black community get over 30 reports of day of attempted sexual assault on black women in our own community – go and look it up because the truth is, that 30 is the low-end of the real statistics on assaults on black women. But these same black nationalists all on the Internet talking about Malcolm X birthday but cannot identify one damn thing Malcolm X laid out as a foundational point for economic development self-empowerment. Really, go ahead – what the fuck did Malcolm X lay out? Oh wait a minute, you black nationalists were the same cats that threaten and actually killed Malcolm X, damn isn’t this one big confusing hypocritical clusterfuck right here? Black Women Don’t Like Your Sorry Ass Anymore. When I see a brotha complain about black women, I listen to him and then I go to another room towards the corner and start laughing holding my mouth with my hand so I don’t laugh out loud at this pathetic excuse for a black man. I be like damn, dude can’t get a woman and he all mad and ish, LOL. Ok, let’s just cut to the shit – the reason she don’t like you sorry ass brothas and you are not dating quality chicks is because you brothas don’t have shit going on, plain and simple. You brothas ain’t ballin, you ain’t got your sons and daughter around you dressed up nice and have manners, you ain’t leading, you ain’t got dreams and a hustle – you just a lame ass brotha that knows all the stats on your fantasy football team and conspiracy theories on why a rapper got shot the other day and eat Hot Pockets for dinner. Or your dumbass doing crime and didn't know how to avoid jail time and now you on papers. Now your woman is running around talking about dating non-black dudes, showing she don’t want nothing to do with your sorry ass anymore, damn bro. Identify the Problem Why You Brothas Are Sorry doingbetter There are a lot of factors going into why brothas are sorry but the core nexus is not having skills. Brothas simply do not have skills to make things happen or make them happen right. The brothas that are making things happen are those brothas that have marketable skills and skills that are needed and in demand. That has always been the case from the man who can make horseshoes to the man who can operate a backhoe to the man who can fly a 737 to the man who can perform heart surgery – these are skills. This is why I say you will see black men talking but where are the skills? These brothas cannot show skills so others can inspect the technique and respect the architect. When a man do not have skills, he cannot earn a good living to sustain himself a life to manage being a father and husband properly. Cats like Jason Black and other wannabee hustle clowns be talking about cats working jobs when cats with jobs have options and investment vehicles to create compound interest that generate wealth. When you hear someone lie and say MLM make more millionaires, they are full of crap and a lie. Compound-interest saving create the most millionaires and is the only true tried and proven strategy and that is what Wall Street is about for their shareholders. A skilled cat in technology working at a major technology firm can easily out-earn a Doctor with their own practice because smart cats create and own patent rights they license back to the company they work for – cats do that all the time in the automotive industry who were working the assembly line. Let’s go into the problem of why you brothas are sorry and list them out. Poor Health and Wellness. Brothas do not eat right – do they talk about eating right and sharing recipes at the United Players of America BBS board? What is more important than eating the right foods to have a well-nourished and functioning body? You brothas ain’t PUAing a damn thing when you are not healthy and not looking and not being in full wellness mode. Cats do not wake up early and have enough rest to recharge their bodies and it shows. Then cats be drinking and doing drugs trying to rationalize weed and cannot produce dopamine naturally. Nothing else matters if health and wellness is not right, brothas. Female angry at lazy male roomate making a mess No Discipline. Brothas cannot wake up early on time and be on time in a disciplined manner. Brothas be all late and everybody be waiting on his slow ass when moves have to be made. Brothas wear their clothes looking raggy and like shit and sloppy and think someone is underestimating them – no, you brothas actually are raggy and sloppy. Brothas always let their emotions get the best of them and start ranting on the Internet about a topic they are not going to do anything about, embarrassing themselves. And most important, brothas are quick to snitch on each other for a plea deal when everybody in the crew should have just stayed shut the fuck up. No Exposure. Cats come around talking like they know stuff but ain’t been nowhere and ain’t travelled nowhere. Cats be only in their community and maybe go to Memphis or Las Vegas and act like they know how the whole world works. Cats be framing black people in a monolithic context lumping the entire African Diaspora along with their African-American self-hating ignorant behinds. So that means a joker will come around us talking but never travelled outside of America and experienced other cultures and understand global patterns and practices. All these brothas got is some hillbilly local-yokel conversation like a backyard hick on topics and discussions. Do Not Court. These black men do not know how to court a woman. They do not know how to present themselves to a woman nor carry a conversation with a woman on her level. Brothas do not even know what colors (black, purple, gold, etc.) are attractive to black women but these same brothas claim to have mack lessons right? They do not know how to take a woman to a proper setting to dine and have a sit down and have a conversation in a neutral setting. Brothas do not know how to walk with a woman in public where she feel validated and special to be walking alongside him in his presence. But these same brothas end up complaining they dealt with a trick and cannot see their child and owe child support and hate all black women when these brothas were just bullshitting and not courting for the right sista in the first place. The Solution to Stop Being a Sorry Ass Brotha Black male model wearing hoodie serious expression Once you brothas recognize how sorry and worthless you are currently and you identified and admit to your problem, then it time to change up things so you can be a better man for yourself from this point on. The bottom line is you brothas failed to invest in yourself and failed to maintain a family and a community and now you on the Internet talking crap and posing and acting mad towards other brothas and your own sistas. You badly want to blame Jews, white people and Uncle Toms for why you are a sorry worthless brotha but the truth is you are a man and either you know how to bring home the food to feed your family and support the tribe or you are worthless, plain and simple. So here are the things you brothas must do to change your life for the better and be a real man for a change. Focus on Health and Wellness. Learn how to eat right. I do not know why any black man in America is eating pork for example, no excuse. Stay away and soda and other sugary carbs and focus on complex carbs like black beans and lean protein like peanut butter and fish. Leave the weight lifting act and focus on functional workouts and activities like biking and running or walking. Most of the women in the gyms got nutty issues and unstable anyway, kinda like how you are bro. Most important, make sure you get enough sleep and keep a schedule on when you eat and when you sleep to maintain consistency with your life cycle. Develop Skills and Discipline. Always wake up at the same time weekday or weekend. It is a beautiful thing to watch the sun rise and the day start and you handling your business. Do not sleep in late like a loser. If you do crazy work shifts, then simulate the sun and darkness with artificial lights. Learn skills and trade and practice on your own and perfect the technique working with others on the skill and trade. Work only in the skill areas that pays real money like $100k or more like technology and oil and working overseas in finance, etc. Do not confuse entrepreneurship with skills as any clown can say they are an entrepreneur while someone with skills make things happen and have the quality and service that customers make the final decision to pay for. Learn Manners and Respect. Learn to dress properly and on the proper occasion. Go to church or place of worship and dress respectful if you don’t like it. Learn how to eat and carry yourself in a manner that present you as a proper gentleman and do not continue to operate on a fuckboy level. Always show respect for the sistas and open the door or let them go first even if she has a shitty attitude and call her ma’am and be polite. Here is why – when you find the woman you love, all those other experiences in manner in respect will train you to be the best man for her. But remember, she got to have those same mannerism skills you developed if you going to be with her seriously. realman Seek and Marry a Woman. Stop dating chicks – find a quality woman up front and marry her. Don’t buy into that lightweight friend first bullshit as real man have their own and find them a wife upfront. You are looking for a wife, not a damn female friend, go find a girl at the fucking bar and play drinking games and darts with her ass if you want a female friend. Or get a female dog, even better friend. You want a wife that you both raise kids together and lie together and cry together and you swear to God you hope yall fucking die together. Here is a hint – if you cannot find a sista and unlikely you will, find a proper Asian, Latina or Middle Eastern chick who been raised to be with a husband, not a fuckboy. You don’t need “black queen” sistas who betraying our people to raise your children properly as a black man. Get that made-up mixed children propaganda shit out of your head because that some shit you made up and has nothing to do with who you are and how you raise your children. Travel. That means you save money and go real places like Asia, Latin America and Africa and you backpack and go off the beaten path and explore the greater world. Stop being ignorant and thinking Gary, Indiana is the place you became enlighten with five percenter knowledge with your lame ass. You will find people similar to you, things similar to your hood and actually you will appreciate your hood when you see these huts and shantytowns and then you get jealous looking at the kids outside playing soccer like kids while your kids in America playing video games or mobile phone games sitting on the couch eating junk food. You will learn a lot and may get connects as a result which is what a 21st century black man need. Be a Leader. No one cares about black male outrage or cares about a black man opinion as a real man should not have any of these. The only thing a black man should have is strategy and execution to make things happen and take action. You learn how to guide others to be better than themselves and most important, how to be better than you. You be the example as the path to the goal and people will follow you. Learn how to teach, take time to show others and help others and be the strong figure that enable and empower the next generation. Show others skills from coaching girls basketball to showing brothas how to cut each other hair. That is your role and only serving purpose as a man outside of your home. Right now we have too many sorry ass worthless emotional brothas running around and you brothas know I’m talking about you. You brothas can have a shitty attitude about it but all that proves is you are actually a sorry brotha or having an attitude instead of being a man that is about you and yours. You black dudes are online running your damn mouth but where is the talk about your family, what you doing for your family and how you raising your kids and doing for your wife and girl to make her happy at any of those PUA web sites you black dudes are patronizing? Do you actually know how fucking pathetic and ignorant you brothas would look in real life if you PUA brothas show your face in public in a gathering? The rest of us black people would laugh at your sorry ass and you brothas know it. realman2 It’s time for change and you need to step up and be a black man – everything starts with you first my brotha. Everybody including our children is looking to you for leadership and guidance. You need to step up and be a real man before the black woman come back right and before our kids can have respect for you and respect for themselves. You need to quit following crap like Jason Black, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Tariq Nasheed and Tommy Sotomayor before telling black women to stop watching Scandal and Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels. Real men set the tone and the pace of how the community operates and we are foundation of the black community. And just to get you guys on notice - stop acting like a punk clown before you learn the hard way how real black men have to deal with punk brothas in the tribe so we black men can preserve the tribe. Because no animal kingdom tolerate recessive worthless ass males and the male and female of any species will eventually work together to dispatch worthless males, remember that as we approach some tough times and have to make tough decisions to keep brothas and sistas alive during the next several years.

11 thoughts on “How to Stop Being a Sorry Worthless Excuse for a Black Man

  1. This speech helped me a long time ago. I hope it helps to motivate someone else (contains profanity). It’s about selling but can be viewed as a metaphor for other areas! Constantly seek to grow, be creative, don’t fear failure, gain skills and leverage them…be useful and WORTH something!

    1. Took a sales and marketing class and this clip right here was one of the first things I saw. Professor set the tone with this one right here. I would watch this shit before I went to work. U never have it figured out, you have re-assess your position and innovate. Thats what I took.

  2. One of the areas most underrated is eating right and getting enough sleep. We def need to up our game. Great points made.

  3. this post is blaspheming in the black community LOL….. seriously Ed this post is sad but at the same time a breath of fresh air and so right on point and is well needed sometimes the truth hurts, brothers like a old sage said one time “sometimes you must take a bitter pill to get well”. Ed keep up the good work and keep it coming, keep whipping them with the bitter truth, my generation failed however at this day and time no more excuses, no more pity parties, no more blaming others for our slackness, no more cowardness we need real talk, we need the bitter truth and “corrective actions” such as preparing ourselves mentally, physically and financially to fulfill our DUTY to GOD, ANCESTORS, FAMILY, SELF, COMMUNITY and SOCIETY by finding a wife, marrying building strong families, make the necessary sacrifices to parent your children right so that they can be successful, productive citizens then and only then will we survive and prosper in this world. Peace.

  4. Round of applause. Unfortunately “worthless” black men won’t take heed. They’re too busy playing decent women; too busy blaming black women for their inadequacies. I had great men and women in my life to ensure that I’d be a good man, not a bitter one still playing games at 35 years old. Black America is in an abysmal state and brotha’s inability to take responsibility for what we do and DON’T do is primarily why.

  5. Well Said King. I’ve nurtured, loved,served and supported my black men, my heart is crushed. I’m to the point I don’t even want to date a black man. I have goals, I want land and know how to get it. I want to learn to build tiny homes and I want a partner. However talking to these niggas is like talking through a hole in a wall. They lack depth, there’s no imagination or excitement, just basic no challenge and no black man I can honestly say has loved me the way I have Loved very deeply. I’m hurt. I’m no quitter, yet I don’t want to be a killer either.

    1. As a real black man I’m sorry that you had to go through this. Your love hard is a gift and don’t let negativity cause you to hide what you have to offer.

      We have technology called the blockchain that will cut through the bullshit and bring out the quality people and I will be discussing this tech soon.

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