Really Wished Michael Baisden and Steve Harvey Warned Me the Sistas Would Act Like Bosses and the Brothas Would Act Like Benches

handinghers Back in the day, I used to listen to an old school song called “Brothers Gonna Work It Out” by Willie Hutch and believed in that anthem. In 2015 and after 10 years of Dream and Hustle, I’m convinced by facts the brothas ain’t going to work out a damn thing. The brothas running around this era are overtly weak, posing, thirsty, stay on petty BS and talk too damn much and got some really drama queen attitudes. But on the other hand, this Dream and Hustle blog show and prove over and over the sistas straight up taking risks, changing her ways, making the moves, doing for herself and working together and building things up. Here is a little secret – a lot of well-off sistas blogging and publishing started off reading Dream and Hustle and thank me for being a part of their journey. Meanwhile, brothas come to this blog trying to beef and engaged in lightweight attitude agree/disagree chatter. In this article, we are going to have to be honest about brothas and sistas when it comes to doing for self. The Sistas Are Becoming Global Entrepreneurs Close up portrait of a cheerful young african woman smiling outdoors We spoke over and over here on Dream and Hustle on how to extract successful global practices and patterns and apply to our own business endeavors. The sistas paid attention. The sistas have learned a lot of how good business work in Asia and Europe and adopted those practices. Many sistas learned how to copy and mimic many of the major fashion and lifestyle magazines and now creating their own publishing empire. Sistas are also making international moves, setting up shop in other countries and markets and learning import/export of products and goods. It is sistas who is advancing economic development in West Africa in places like Ghana and South Africa opening up new markets for her. I once wrote an article for a startup Tanzania sista doing a magazine and the article showed how she wasn’t perfect but she was still doing it. Sistas came up to me and told me that was the most inspirational article they read and they are going to just do it and if they are not perfect, they know they will get better over time. The sistas are globally trailblazing, she got her passport and she making global connects and setting up global empires. She is part of travel clubs with other sistas going to places like China and Dubai together and enjoying resorts in the Caribbean together. Once you show a sista how she can do something, nothing can stop her and she going to push for that goal and that is what I realize about the sistas here at Dream and Hustle. On the Other Hand... 25-of-japans-favorite-animal-fail-gifs5 When you look at the brothas, you will notice they simply cannot keep up with their global counterparts and losing fast. While Mexican and Nepalese men migrate to better economies to support and feed their family back home, brothas just sit around the same place doing the same ish, different day of posting messages on PUA site talking about butt models and how macho they are and the latest gym shoe to hit the market. And they want to keep talking about Black Wall Street in 1910 or whatever and Marcus Garvey from 1930...and worship a pseudo-religion based off ancient Hebrews and ancients Egyptians. Brothas have not went out and established any foreign markets or inroads like the African brothas have done coming here to America to establish taxi jobs for their men to come and have some work that can help get them started. Even Mexicans created their own taxi service to help their people get around. What black man you know of moved to Japan or China and created moving services, DJing services, and urban lifestyle services for other brothas to move and at least get their leg in the door? Thought so, because that is something the American brothas could have done but they decide to stay unemployed and marginalized in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio and act like some straight punks. Sistas are Taking Leaps of Faith and Progressing ambition One thing I notice over the years and especially after 2008 when the economy just collapse altogether and brothas and sistas was hurting was how the sistas realizing they cannot play these games no more of desiring material things from dudes. Sistas were hit hard during the 2008 recession being single parents who were laid off from their job and cannot keep their home and we saw a migration of sistas moving from Atlanta back into their mother house in New York City during this period. A lot of sistas were desperate and I would never forget the moment I saw a former professional co-worker at a strip club – yes, I pulled her out the club and personally help her look for another job doing whatever but that is another story. I also used to see sistas sleeping in their car at the Food Lion in Cobb County with their kids in the car and I would help buy groceries and personal hygiene for her. But those were some serious tough times for sistas because I remember those long lines at the unemployment office when President Obama was sworn in office in 2009 full of professional sistas who were laid off and were in their late 30s and 40s. Sistas are realizing through Dream and Hustle that she can perfectly side-hustle while working her job and we gave out several good ideas from drop shipping, tablet catalogue selling, boot sales like they do in UK and Southeast Asia, self-publishing and self-branding. Many sistas are now pursuing establishing her own brand now creating a for-profit and non-profit and exploring being a socialite to create socially responsible entrepreneurial endeavors. The sistas are taking chances and I dealt with a lot who say they fail and I point out they can recycle their business assets and business practices and just go in another direction – the sistas understand now they did not fail but how they executed just needed to be adjusted. And now these same sistas are progressing and not turning back or going back to 2008 again. On the Other Hand... 25-of-japans-favorite-animal-fail-gifs14 The brothas come up short so when they try to take a leap of faith, they just fall off because they are mostly posing and got an ego. You go dig in the comment section and you see the sistas and only a few brothas posting they want to do something. You go further and you start seeing fake clown brothas asking what I’m doing when I’m giving them information to do for self. Or the brothas asking me stupid questions like they cannot go to the library and learn themselves. Or these brothas cannot build their own skills up and make their own moves. I just tell a sista how to do something once, she coming back all advanced because she went out and did her research. You see brothas try to act tight-lipped around Dream and Hustle like it is a problem for me to discuss solutions and you even see some brothas posting here saying “this sound good in theory” while sistas already went out and tried it and built upon what was written. And when these brothas have to actually take that leap and actually have to make moves, they always fall short. Over and over I see brothas come here like “I’m going to do this” and they go ghost and come back with some whack stuff that has no wings to go anywhere while the sistas contact me and she tell me she did this and did that and she stuck here and we work it out and she moves forward and got it going. Brothas let their ego get in the way of progress too much and we see that here at Dream and Hustle all the time. Sistas Are Finding a New Direction and Purpose zone One of the biggest endeavors Dream and Hustle undertook was to help sistas get out of the “butt modeling” game because I saw nothing but broke dudes exploiting and marginalizing good sistas. I guess having a few stripper side chicks out there butt modeling had something to do with it because I noticed my side chick had more entrepreneurial potential but was always getting approached and exploited by broke dudes who copy and paste her modeling pics instead of pay for them. Or she lying about how much she make in an Atlanta strip club because I knew she was only pulling in $45k lying to yall she doing $200k. This is when I decided I had something to do for sistas to realize their own self-worth. In addition, I saw garbage like Radio One headed by a Cathy Hughes promote negative music against black girls as nothing but sex objects and BET ran by Debra Lee promoting sex and drama towards grown black women and decided to step in - these two old black women are exploiting their own young sistas for profit and want to be admired as black women leaders and ish. What was my exposure was the Harajuku district in Tokyo, Japan and I recommend every black women find her way over there to Tokyo to first-hand learn how women-centered urban economic works and get all the YouTube videos on the scene and watch them. I saw how the sistas in Japan were creating their own fashion blog, creating their own look books, creating their own boutiques, created their own commercial area to shop and style scene and their own media and establish their own self-sustaining economic powerhouse that is also a global export of Japanese fashion and trends. I went into Shibuya 109 (even did the video here on Dream and Hustle) and saw how young fashion where clustered together and creating a spot for all Japanese sistas to know this is the spot to be. I realize our sistas here in America can mimic the same pattern. I realize sistas need to sell to other sistas, not broke and horny dudes. I saw how butt models were being treated and exploited and paid little in the game and how dudes brag they know these butt models and hitting it when they were not spreading rumors. But I saw the wide-open market for sista-branded fashion and beauty accessories that the Korean merchants have cornered and realize sistas need to brand their own products and sell their own products and compete in this market. One of the earlier articles was the hair extension article which was really a follow-up on the article on Japanese self-branded sistas selling to other sistas and that is our #1 article. Yes, Dream and Hustle #1 article is sistas coming to learn about self-branding and selling hair extensions to other sistas. Now we see sistas coming out with branded natural hair cream, doing natural hair festivals, doing their own conferences, sitas Djing and spinning themselves, running their own blogs and fashion snaps and even working on creating their own media for sistas by sistas. Well, we see things are changing. Sistas are making handmade bracelets, opening up virtual boutiques and selling heels, bracelets and clutches to other sistas online. The sista-to-sista or S2S economy is set to explode and will even explode more in 2015 by our predictions. On the Other Hand... 25-of-japans-favorite-animal-fail-gifs8 Meanwhile, the brothas are clueless and just run into a wall of excuses and getting nowhere. Once again, the brothas are not working to create products and solutions to help other brothas or their own community but trying to look and act important mostly. Brothas want to be seen as “the boss” or HNIC instead of be the provider of solutions to better our people lives and the quality of black life in our communities. You read about black men in business and they are pushing their own ego peddling monthly black-orientated razor blade subscriptions and not solving real problems. Brothas instead want to come to Dream and Hustle and ask what I’m going instead of being their own man and ask themselves what they can do for their own people. So brothas ain’t going nowhere except into a brick wall and falling because their ego prevent them. That’s why brothas are in jail or on PUA sites talking to other brothas about butt models and fantasies about starting up coin-vended operations. You look at what the brothas are doing and they doing ego crap like some ghetto DVD release with the Ken Burns video effect on static images and running their mouth as the voiceover. They want to sell ghetto DVD media that focus on rappers beefing or degrading black women instead of uplifting other black men. These brothas want to bootleg independent black films and independent black music labels and sell pirated copies at outdoor festivals. Brothas want to keep selling black history instead of create and sell blueprints for the black future. These brothas are worthless at best and just want to push their own ego about how much money they got or how much money the next person got or what the next brotha is doing or not doing. That’s why brothas just run into walls while sistas are finding a new direction rebuilding herself after the 2008 economic collapse. Sistas Are Working Together Two Beautiful Black Woman Walking in New York If you go look at the comment section of the hair extension article on Dream and Hustle, you see sistas connecting with each other and offering advice to each other. We have done several articles and focused on showing sistas how to collaborate together and brainstorm together and share ideas. We are always seeing sistas realizing they need to also be in the distribution pipeline and are becoming wholesalers and some are even moving overseas to setup sourcing and wholesale operations to support other sistas. I see over and over sistas from Dream and Hustle taking steps to create their own business support groups, work together to go against PUA brothas targeting young black women. I even drop in on a few sessions here in Atlanta where I’m invited to help sistas learn how to be creative. Even more, a few sistas are taking my role and learning how to help other sistas collaborate being good coaches and mentors for each other. You should also notice a pattern of sistas forming partnerships to start businesses and not only here in the USA but I’m seeing sistas partnering with global sistas from Africa, Asia and India to launch global enterprises together. One good example is I told the sistas to stop with the nonsense about Brazilian women and talking about black men going to Brazil to meet these women and sistas to kill that jealous garbage. Instead, American sistas need to learn to work with Brazilian sistas who are really have a lot in common and work together on global endeavors. Sista are writing other sistas, connecting with other sistas and sharing with other sistas on business, shopping and now sistas are creating momentum globally and we are looking at the upward trend and pattern. On the Other Hand... 25-of-japans-favorite-animal-fail-gifs24 Brothas turn around, run towards another brotha and start tripping and then be wondering why they just falling over and over. Do you see any article in Dream and Hustle where the brothas took over and pass out numbers and connect with other brothas to help other brothas start operations like the hair extension article comment section? Of course you don’t because brothas got ego problems and ain’t doing anything but sitting around lurking and posing. Brothas be on other BBS groups talking about me and Dream and Hustle behind our back like a punk but never talk at me and if they do talk at me, try to ask me what I’m doing like it’s their business and right to know. These same brothas if you go to their blog or PUA group, do you even see information on how brothas can meetup and work together? No, you don’t. They don’t even have information like a front link on their web site how to deal with cops, how to find a scummy criminal lawyer that can bail another brotha out and respond to cops like they do in the Wire and Law and Order. Jay-Z bail out cats in Baltimore and brothas want to discount Jay-Z Tidal acquistion hating on Jay-Z. Brothas are just walking around talking about Floyd Mayweather money and want to brag to other brothas that they are affiliated with TMT and talk about how much money other cats are making instead of working together so all brothas can make money and build empires. Then these same brothas got the nerve to talk about Black Wall Street when none of these brothas are going to put their ego aside to put in the effort to work in a collective fashion to build another economic cluster. Sistas Are Part of the Global Urban Collective innovate When I started the Global Urban Collective, the sistas did not hestitate to come to the group and one of the things we saw quickly was sistas making connections with each other. Don’t’ get me wrong, we got best of breed brothas in the group but when it comes to the sistas, they don’t know technology but they still around at least trying to understand so they know how things work and can work. In addition, one thing the sistas are learning it that we make progress when we speak up and collaborate. We see over and over at the Global Urban Collective Facebook group a sista finally decide to speak up and then other people help out providing information and following up. We see sistas making geniune accomplishments and other sistas and brothas offering praises. What we are seeing at the GUC is nothing but good progress and real steps towards bigger and better. What I like seeing is over and over, the sistas are learning fast when they speak up, other people are willing to help them and not tear them down and also other sistas are in the same boat as them. We also got a lot of sistas from all over the world and have world travel experience to help others. And a few entreprenuers in the group who are low-key but willing to help out. Now the GUC is moving and progressing to provide better collaborative resoruces over time as we have call-in and screencasting meetings building white papers, establishing solutions, brainstorming with mind-maps and showing how to code and code-sharing resources and database development. The biggest takeaway is me showing sistas how I work as an entreprenuer and global strategist and present my innvoation tools and skills so they can incorporate into their own business development strategy. So the sistas have showed up at the GUC and learning they have a place where they can particiapte and learn and possibily grow with support. Hopefully the sistas can branch off and build the same kind of energy at the GUC to help sistas on a more specific focus using the concepts at the GUC to build think-tanks and collaborative groups online. On the Other Hand... 25-of-japans-favorite-animal-fail-gifs1 Most brothas trying to get into the GUC that I turn away is a lot of wannabee characters from PUA groups and other places who just want to see what Ed Dunn is doing more than what they can personally contribute to the group. I check their background and they got nothing but conspiracy theories, PUA stuff and silly memes on their Facebook timeline. Some of these brothas just want to bring that Afrocentric garbage to the group thinking this is one of those black groups they can fill with storytelling and inspirational memes when the GUC is about real work. The Global Urban Collective is a group of people, not just me and they are working towards something and don’t need inspiration and motivation memes because being collaborative is the actual inspiration and motivation within the group. Then I had one weird case – one brotha kept trying to claim he wasn’t about black identity keep trying to inject black identity in the group. But here is the rub – we had one sista who operate her own businesses in several states (yes, a chain of stores) and this lightweight brotha trying to argue with her over lightweight disagreement instead of focus on business and yeah, he got kicked out real fast and we keep it moving. Not to mention the other sista that actually own chain of stores in multiple states was helping other sistas with information - this brotha still want to attack this sista for having an opinion he disagreed with. But these are the example simple brothas who just want to be in the GUC to talk lightweight instead of do things. And it is embarrassing because I see sistas in the group progressing and feeling supportive and making progress while I'm trying to keep out these black dudes who are not even men trying to bring lightweight chatter into our productive group instead of operate like real men. We do got real men in the group and I’m trying to keep it that way to be honest. I Now See Why Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden Focused on the Sistas I’m beginning to turnaround and realize why Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden focused on sistas because these brothas are just self-marginalized and depressing. The sistas are making the moves, taking the leap of faith and putting in the work. We need to be honest that there are few brothas even qualified to have a sista for his woman and wife because these brothas are on PUA web sites engaging in bromosexuals activities and don’t got the money and capability to maintain a family and household. If the brothas cannot maintain their situation, they sure cannot do anything to help the community at large. 2008 was a rough period and testing for the black community with the economic collapse. This is just a few years after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 and New Orleans cats had to move to Atlanta and other places like Houston and as they built up, the economy collapse and they lost their jobs all over again. Employment lines filled with black people. I have interviewed plenty of black people and look at their resume and it is a big blank between 2007-2010 because they were not working and had to work smaller jobs in the meantime. You should think after that rough period, we black folks would smarten up and say never again and we going to build ourselves up to stand on our own and have our own economic foundation to thrive and survive upon. No, you see black dudes talking about Tommy Sotomayor and Tim Alexander and Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black beefing or talking about some other hip-hop rapper rumors and beefing. You see black dudes trying to talk about PUA and exploiting black women for sex and blaming black women because he got a sista pregnant out-of-wedlock and cannot face the consequences and responsibility for his actions. You don’t see these broke ass brothas learning STEM and come to Dream and Hustle and just want to chatter on politics and lightweight issues. And brothas care more about the latest shoe coming out from Nike than build their own shoe or customize their own shoes. After all the crap our people faced during 2008, these black dudes stayed stuck on being trifling and clinging to their worthless ego instead of do better for themselves. This is the point where I’m going to be honest – I’m going to gradually divest Dream and Hustle and upcoming Hustle Space from these weak brothas and just write them off because they are a waste of my time. These ego-filled but marginalized and broke ass brothas have no impact on any of my global empires nor me and my crew capability to outgun and outdo them in any battle or war they want to bring, cyber or streets so I’m not worried about that either. These brothas can keep getting screwed over by the justice system, can get further economically marginalized and watch Iggy and Macklemore get more market share into the rap genre for all I care. These punks brothas let their broke ass ego get the best of them and prevented them from putting in work to progress. These brothas have no answer to rapidly emerging competitive GDP from their Hispanic male counterparts and even their African male counterpart over in China building up global trade and raising global trade families to establish Afro-Sino dynasties. These lame brothas just want to talk about butt models on a PUA BBS group. These brothas are set to be marginalized and they have a clock ticking on them as generations from males from emerging economies just keep getting bigger and better. The brothas will not be able to hold their lame position and they can go to hell for all I care and I see why Steve Harvey do things like Family Feud focusing on black families if he going to work with black men on his empire and create suits for real black men and avoid the crap I dealt with coming to Dream and Hustle. I learned my damn lesson not to mess with these worthless clowns anymore and don't even engage them. What I’m going to do is concede that Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden was smarter than me and focused more on the sistas who proven they are willing to do what it takes to progress. When I go out in Atlanta and need to make business moves, I'm dealing with professional sistas or old school brothas on the other side of the table. I don't think real black men have a problem with me going in this direction from this point on either. Because one thing I know is the real black men are always sista-orientated and can focus on sistas as we black men also learn and can help guide and lead and provide direction as what a real black man should do for his sistas and his community. But even further, the sistas are helping us brothas nowadays so we both are working together to work it - these other PUA brothas ain't working out anything. So real black men will never have a problem with me going in this direction. I will however, start to compete directly against the PUA and pseudo-empowerment clowns for the young black male mind and I know I will win and that’s another topic. But the reality is, it is the sistas out there doing it for themselves and I’m going to turn a new leaf and direction and focus for the second half of 2015 as a result. You punk ass black dudes just lost another voice that was trying to outreach but you black dudes chosen to act like a bunch of punks and hide behind your worthless bromosexual ego. Sistas get ready - the second half of 2015 I'm going to focus more emphasis for you sistas to do for yours, your family, your community and your future because you already proven to Dream and Hustle that you are about it.

12 thoughts on “Really Wished Michael Baisden and Steve Harvey Warned Me the Sistas Would Act Like Bosses and the Brothas Would Act Like Benches

  1. good article but folks need to realize it is foolish to jump up and move to Atlanta without marketable skills.some of those folks you wrote about living in cars, I saw that mess when I lived are better off staying in Cleveland upgrading your skills before running down there believing the hype.I tell folks unless you got a hookup or deep pockets think twice.i would tell a black man to go to the oil fields up north before I would go to Atlanta

    1. Satch-

      sounds like you believed the hype and it didn’t work out? In your reply you stated: “when I lived there”. I take it you DO NOT live there anymore? Atlanta is NO different from Chicago, LA, Toronto or NYC. Those mentioned cities are hyper-competitive. If you for one minute think you can live in those major metros and NOT hustle, you’ll be in for a surprise. When I lived in Chicago for 12 years, I saw people come and go, they had no hustle and no skills. They thought it would be handed to them. Surprise, surprise. Those cities have a “siren song” appeal. They’re like con-artists. IF you’re not careful you can end up a victim like many. I saw many people pack up and return to their less-than competitive cities, where it was “safe” and required no hustle.

      You also stated: “I tell folks unless you got a hookup…..”. There is the other issue. Stop looking for hookups. Be of service. Many blacks go to Atlanta with that SAME mentality and than they get disappointed when they realize you have to work hard to live like “The Perry’s”(Tyler). Many blacks always want a hookup instead of being of service and having something to offer. My background is investment banking(Mergers, IPO’s, Leveraged buyout’s,etc…) I spend my day looking to acquire companies for myself. Do you know how many brothas have approached me looking for a mentor for buying companies and they have: no money, poor credit, no skills,etc….but yet, they want me to give them 20 years of my experience and take them from rags to riches. Most of the time all they want to do is get enough money to buy a “nice car”. They cannot grasp the concept of building generational wealth.

  2. Ed,
    The first thing I thought of when I read this article was I need to hurry up and get my passport.

    But for real, just last night I was reading previous articles that you’ve written in the Business section and I said to myself, “He really does write a lot of article for females,” and then this pops up.

    I was looking at hotel room rates because I’m using my vacation time from my day job to attend a conference at the end of the month. I’m also planning to attend a festival in November. This year everything is in Florida, next year I want to go somewhere else.

    On one side of my whiteboard is my To Do list (which is more long term) and on the other side is stuff that I can knock out within a month. I’m done dealing with the dumb stuff. My goal is to be gone from my day job in 2 years.

    As far as the black men, my next dude has to have ambition and actually be doing something. I can’t deal with lames anymore.

    1. Jackie, I’m glad to hear you are making progress in your endeavors. It’s good to hear sistas are making progress as usual.

    2. Jackie-

      Keep the faith. Stay focused and stay on the hustle. Please, never stop dreaming and doing. Let your dreams and actions be the flame that keeps you going!

  3. Ed-

    Glad I found the blog. You have a new subscriber and reader.

    Continued success


    1. Thank you Ron. I’m transforming my focus to make sure the focus is only grown black men and the sistas and outreach to our youth.

  4. I am loving it Ed as usual. You are helping so many sistas make moves. I love the knowledge and helping others succeed! This article is on point.

  5. sounds like you believed the hype and it didn’t work out? In your reply you stated: “when I lived there”. I take it you DO NOT live there anymore? Atlanta is NO different from Chicago, LA, Toronto or NYC. Those mentioned cities are hyper-competitive. If you for one minute think you can live in those major metros and NOT hustle, you’ll be in for a surprise. When I lived in Chicago for 12 years, I saw people come and go, they had no hustle and no skills. They thought it would be handed to them. Surprise, surprise. Those cities have a “siren song” appeal. They’re like con-artists. IF you’re not careful you can end up a victim like many. I saw many people pack up and return to their less-than competitive cities, where it was “safe” and required no hustle.

    Sorry, Ron you got the wrong guy I was recruited to go to Atlanta. I am an FAA licensed aircraft mechanic and I sell my skills to the highest bidder. When I left Atlanta after Northwest Airlines closed the Atlanta hangar I went to Kuwait city at 2.5 times the money I was making in the ATL.Now that was the second time I worked in the middle east the first time I worked for a Saudi company. By the way, I have two skills that have both paid me over 100,000 grand. I do not even work on airplanes anymore, I am a manufacturing engineering planner in Seattle which is even more competitive with 50% of the city residents holding college degrees.I have lived in eight major cities in the USA and abroad, you are not talking to country joe or the person who left their hometown and went to Atlanta, I have other experiences to compare Atlanta against and stand by what I said.

    1. Satch-

      I always find it amusing because SOME blacks seem to have a disdain for being black or any association with being black. Blacks have “arrived” and they easily forget too………..

      Your OP just appeared to be of one that does not approve of Atlanta just because it is known for having a lot of blacks.

      I’m sure there are many aspiring actors(of any race) that move to Hollywood or NYC and have slept in their cars,etc….none of it is exclusive to Atlanta.

      If I’ve made incorrect assumptions, I offer my sincere apology.

      Good luck in Seattle!

  6. I always find it amusing because SOME blacks seem to have a disdain for being black or any association with being black. Blacks have “arrived” and they easily forget too………..

    Your OP just appeared to be of one that does not approve of Atlanta just because it is known for having a lot of blacks.

    Folks can do the same stuff at home often, they do not have to move in most cases.i just picked one that relocation is the nature of the beast ,so I got to compare different places and the sad thing is there is a difference in what is offered to the masses when there are large numbers of blacks vs small numbers.But that is not an issue we created but we are affected by it.there are nine community colleges with 25 miles of downtown Seattle offering the latest and greatest skills training(all on bus lines).I saw an ad for free welding training here you will not see that in St Louis, Baltimore or Atlanta and there is a reason why.outside of the numbers of great looking sisters there I simply was not impressed after living in the baltimore /wash dc area

  7. I went to a local black business expo last week. There were about 10 booths with business owners. ONE black male business owner. A insurance agent. There was a barber in attendance. But he did not pay for a booth.The rest were sisters. Representing real businesses they started. Bakery,local print magazine,etc. One was pushing a jewelry mlm. But she was in there. Bottom line, those ladies were out on a sunday trying to get it. Article is spot on.

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