The Global Urban Collective Learned to First Get the Members, Get the Money and Then They Get the Model

memberthemoneythemodel I know it’s frustrating for the wannabees - the Global Urban Collective Facebook Group formed late last year is going HAM while other cats are going straight LAME. We have people from all over the world with a diversity of backgrounds and experience collectively learning and helping others gather information and share information to empower and uplift each other with knowledge. A lot of sistas are well-represented in the Global Urban Collective working in an environment free of politics, cats trying to IM for a date, silly meme postings and other gimmicks as our Facebook group is about the business. Let’s not kid each other – a lot of you cats avoided the Global Urban Collective because you knew it was real work being done or you want to stay anonymous. Even further, a lot of cats are faking the funk and when you tell cats you taking things in a new direction on a new level, they start tripping real fast and see if they can throw cats off. Then we had other cats who trying to inject MLM or lightweight opinions seeing if they can pull a fast one on an intelligent collective. But the thing is those who were interested in joining to learn new things, collaborate on things, share information are making real progress in the GUC and nobody can dispute this fact. But don’t worry lurkers as unfortunately, only a limited number of members are allowed in the GUC and everybody else will be on a waiting list. Basically what I discovered is only a few people participate in the group which is around 10-15% or 44 people out of 290 people. What I plan to do is identify and kick the 85% lurker population out of the Global Urban Collective. Then we will set a new cap members and slowly bring new members from the wait list. Then when those new members want to slip up and choose to lurk instead of participate (they will, trust me), we just kick them out the GUC also and bring in others on the waiting list and the cycle restarts. The GUC Facebook group is not going to put up with lurking cats the way Dream and Hustle put up with lurks all the time. And cats with alias names and phony profile pics are not even going to be considered to be part of the group. So while you keep hearing other cats running their big mouth and talking about no one is doing nothing and hearing others keep saying we need to come together with solutions, the Global Urban Collective is already about that. What you guys are beginning to find out is you see other cats out their trying hard to pretend you brothas and sistas who want to make moves don’t exist and it is not just me – I see both black-owned media and all other media go out of their way to pretend good black entrepreneurs and black go-getters do not exist and make sure they do not mention or cover black people in our communities that are about something. But their propaganda don’t stop the progress we are making at the Global Urban Collective so let’s put it in their face and show them we about it because this is what we doing over there at the GUC: solutions Curated Library of Research. We have our own in-house presentations and solution documents in progress as well as outside white papers by world-renowned subject matter experts on business related topics. Cats in the GUC can read up on everything from doing business with China to creating NFC ticketing. modeltuesday Business Models Tuesday. We discuss solutions-orientated approach to business models and business operations. We just spoke about inventory control this week and last week, we talked about mobile merchants and collaboratively create solution documents that can be worked on by the group to establish a road map and information for those coming behind us to use as a guide or resource on that specific topic. techthursday Technology Thursdays. On this day, I do actually technology topics and code techniques and answer questions and help other people who get stuck on coding and applying technology to their hustle. Other people help out also and we have a lively discussion on what to do and not do and people share the kind of software they are working on. The Global Urban Collective has positive discussions on information in a social media format and we also have a conference line to do side-huddles on collaboration or business discussions and now you cats are going to hate – we are finalizing a physical location in the downtown Atlanta area to do hackathons and urban technology session events and this is real. We also have enough in-house media to establish our own media presence to show off information. And my bae I love so much is supporting me as she going to help me write up more GUC papers – I love how cats bragging about crowdfunding a $100k when my Chinese bae keep trying to give her man $100K. I don’t want her money, I just want a bae-bee. Oh damn, let me get back to the topic. When it comes to building the empire, the cats in the Global Urban Collective figured out how to properly go about creating the empire. The business textbook blather about creating a business plan and looking for a business loan or investors or build up a management team is just a bunch of nonsense. No, the GUC knows how to build the empire and what we know is you first get the members, get the money and then you get the model. And this is the type of information we learn by working with each other and being solution-orientated. First You Get the Members.. members Many people like to ask why companies like Instagram or WhatsApp or MySpace was bought for millions and billions of dollars when they don’t do anything. Or why retailers are snatching up Trunk Club and similar firms. The reason is not because of the business model, they are buying up these firms because of their membership base. These firms manage to get a huge list of members that are an attractive demographic and already established paying customers and that is an asset that firms will pay millions and billions for. The GUC understands this and we hope you understand this also. With that said, you should first focus on building up a membership base and make sure you build up a quality one. Some people like to try to attract members showing off their body or post meme jokes and get followers through viral messages. You see a lot of black media like Atlanta Black Star and Media Takeout do this. But who want to buy a membership full of broke ass silly characters who don’t spend money? Think smarter and focus on verticals that you are focus on like a music genre like hip-hop or EDM or fashion and lifestyle. Stay away from emotional bullshit like relationships debates and entertainment news which is just content and focus more on members that will do business like e-book readers who you can sign up to a book of the month club subscription service that you can sell off later. You can start off grabbing members with social media pages on Twitter and Facebook and posting on LinkedIn and aggregate them at your web site for your commercial service. Also remember our discussion with the sistas branding on combining both non-profit and for-profit operations and establish a balanced strategy. Coming soon pages, Facebook groups, support groups like questions and answers on a specific topic and aggregate these people together to build up your members. A better strategy is to be a subject matter expert and immerse yourself among professionals and discuss and bring up topics and add your input and respect others opinions. These people will help spread your business word of mouth when you ready to launch as they know you and trust you. Then Get the Money.. allmystacks Knowing how to get paid is the most important and the first thing you master when it comes to empire building. Your payment model is more important than your business model and will determine your success or failure immediately if you do not take how to get paid seriously. Over and over I deal with tech entrepreneurs and other black entrepreneurs and college entrepreneurs and all of them got cute startup concepts but zero concept on how to get paid and handle payments. You have to master the knowing how to get paid and the various payment methods before deciding on what kind of business you should do. At the Global Urban Collective Facebook group our first presentation was on how to get paid. We learned the worse way is taking cash and offering physical services like styling hair because you have to deal with physical cash and changing large bills with smaller bills as well as have a limited revenue due to having to do physical activity for a fee. You are not going to cut more heads and style more hair in a day and growth is limited. But we also discovered the best model is digital subscription services using both AOL and Netflix being the fastest companies to reach a billion dollars. This is powerful because members of the Global Urban Collective know how to get paid more than they know about what kind of business model to start. They know invoicing gives them business credit by having account receivables which gives them a higher Dun and Bradstreet rating. They also know subscription models are pretty much automated. They also know cash-based businesses carry physical risks. Some even know they don’t need a merchant account and can just visit their client office and collect a corporate check and cash at the bank. So cats in the GUC know how to get the paper. And Then You Get the Model.. boutique Once you get the members you have a following and no one can mess with you or say you a nobody and ask “who are you?” when you got your following. That’s why they mad at me and Dream and Hustle be coming here talking some shit about who I am as if I’m a nobody then they realize I have a big member base I built up all over and their propaganda ain’t going to work like they want it to – that’s why they stay away from me. That is how you get into this game, build up your membership and numbers so you don’t need to beg others to write you up or give you publicity. Then you know how to get the money which is the most important. Do you setup a subscription service that does automated billing? Do you invoice your clients based on last month activity usage? Do you accept credit cards on mobile devices and have a bunch of people working a festival? Do you perform a rental model where you charge deposit + fee and return the deposit back to the credit card by processing a refund upon return. See, now cats cannot step to you asking how you will get paid because you know all the ways to get paid and the strategic steps. You know what way to get paid is slow like waiting for an check from Amazon Kindle versus digital download of your e-book using a prepaid token and get your money sweeped into your account that night. Once again, your haters can shut up and will when they see you know how to get the money. And last, you then get the model and there you go. See, who gives a shit about the business model because as long as you got members and know how to get money, the business model can stand upon your hustle. You want to do a QR shopping wall service then you know to target merchants and build up vertical memberships and then focus on a invoicing strategy with small merchants to support that business. You want to start a streaming music service then you know to setup a recurring billing program and also see PVC cards like those prepaid cards they sell in Target and Wal-Mart to setup users with a serial code and also get cats to sign up other users taking cash and entering an activation code getting paid having multiple activation channels. So what happen is you can build any business model on top of how you want to get paid and you will never fail and build global tycoon stuff. You can start a subscription service selling t-shirts and say screw that and use the same subscription service to start selling foot gels or you can invoice cats at the club and then expand to invoicing cats at the bowling alley and so on. The sky is the limit and the world is yours and everything in it when you master getting the members and getting the money and just throwing a model on top of the daily operation. Yeah, you cats are now realizing how powerful the brothas and sistas in the GUC have become over the past months and we didn’t get one dime from Google or some VCs in Silicon Valley and the GUC brothas and sistas are poised to make major moves before this year is out. Bottom line, we brothas and sistas don’t need validation and acceptance from others when we can work together and share information and provide information and collectively discuss strategies and techniques – there is nothing we cannot do when we work together. We established a culture of innovation and research and look worldwide for pattern and practices to incorporate into our businesses and work to understand global markets and challenges and effecting urban communities and solutions. Let us know when the rest of yall catch up - because the GUC is closed to new members and there is a wait list.

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  1. I think this very important what your saying because there we get so commited to the business model then we should. That is the main approach at the GUC, payment strategy is the first priority once you get that straight you can push other products and if one doesn’t work you don’t have to become attached to just one product or service.

  2. Notice the response black people give you when you lay it out how our people got together to actually do something and make something happen..

    But they sure showed up quick on those other blog articles, huh? When the rest of you guys start to make stuff happen, you just going to have to accept this and understand this – those who cannot speak up are the ones you are going to be helping the most when you get yours – always do it for them. Not the ones who are lurking and hating in the background as you seeing happening right now, but those who you are laying a path and foundation for in the future.

  3. You see black people all on the Internet and AM radio talk shows keep saying we need to come together and start businesses and say we are doing nothing. Or we need to code and learn STEM..

    Do you notice none of them are around in this article and have nothing to say about the GUC? These same black folks quick to support some black kid with a cute innovation but grown folks getting one has nothing to say.

    This should tell you we do not have people in our community really about it and just frontin and faking. You are the change you waiting for and take care of yours in this world because you are seeing how these black folks will act once they see you about doing something…

    1. Ed,Today is the first I am hearing of Global Urban Collective. I actually got this far from a Dr. Umar video(which I know you oppose his tactics of uplifting our brothas and sistas). At first sound of it I was like ok, he really trying to do something. Than I started to read comments below and picked myself up on what you had to say. I became interested. I even downloaded the openEd app for my 8yr old son and I to explore together. I haven’t even opened it yet. All of this is awesome. I would more than love to be apart of the movement. Where do I start? A lot of our young people like myself don’t know where to start.I’m 28 I work at a dead end job(working for the jews), I’m married one child and a step child . I can do anything I put my mind to do, just don’t know what to do where to start. Any suggestions??? Where do I start to focus on to become successful? please email back. I need to put start to my life so I can lead my our kids to a better direction and not a repeated cycle. Other kids as well with no guidance looking how and where to start.

      1. Please go to and sign up. The web site will be the new central repository for the GUC.

        I do not “oppose Dr. Umar – he is just garbage and does not have any tactics to uplift brothas and sista. I do not understand why yall keep saying these people have tactics but yall disappear when I ask yall what are these tactics? We are the one that got tactics all over here!

        For you go to get started, check out this article I wrote:

        This is how you get started in creating an environment for your household to create solutions and tactics. Once you get this together, then come back and let me know.

  4. What’s wrong my fellow African-Americans? Are you mad because Silicon Valley or the New York Times supposed to validate what being done in the Global Urban Collective? You mad because you need black media to talk about us before you can like us? I mean…why you so maaad?

    I know why you mad – the reason you mad is because the Global Urban Collective is comprised of Dream and Hustle readers like you who decided to take it to another level while you just wanted a “good read” and now you sitting over there while we all over at the GUC making moves. You badly want to keep saying nobody doing nothing and you got mad at the pictures above showing we doing something and about it. You mad because you wanted Tristan Walker and NewMe and Angela Benton cornball behind to be special and talk about diversifying Silicon Valley when we over at the GUC doing our own and building our own for our own!

    Yeah, you African-Americans need to get over that and just respect the architect and realize we can do anything when we work together and it’s time for you brothas and sistas to stop making up excuses and start getting together and make things happen for us – we don’t need anybody but us – we are all we need for the change and betterment we seek.

  5. This is a great article. Actual steps that should get any real tech based entrepreneur’s brain churning. I’m a new member in the GUC and appreciate the fact the group is all about business and not a bunch of foolishness like 99% of Facebook. I haven’t been as active as I want to be because my schedule is pretty hectic now, but no excuses. I want to contribute something positive within the next few days. Keep doing what you’re doing Ed.

  6. I deleted my Facebook page in 2009. This collective is the ONLY reason I want to reactivate.

    1. The GUC is under development. The current Facebook group is no longer accepting members at this time. Visit to sign up to be informed about the upcoming service.

  7. Ed, you make my stomach churn and my head ache. That’s the feeling I get when I’m excited and challenged, and yes, nervous. But more than all of those, I’m ready. Hope you my waitlist time is short. In the meanwhile, I’m going to be the kid that needs to catch up in the new school, and read everything I can find on you and the group. To now! – Lois

  8. And as for now, I have a lot of reading and studying to do. I don’t even want to drink because I found something else of interest. I now have hope. I’m excited.

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