Tolerance over Backlash Against Bromosexuals Within Our Black Community

bruhluv Bromosexuality has proliferated in the black community over the past several years. While diversity and tolerance should always be the rule, many brothas and sistas in our community are now lashing out at bromosexuals and the tide is rising. In this article, we are going to try to find middle ground in dealing with bromosexuals and focus towards a tolerance-based solution. What Is a Bromosexual? Bromosexuals are brothas who centered their lifestyle around other dudes. Bromos do not want to be labeled as homosexuals but there is only one difference and that is the physical act of sodomy. The only thin line from homosexuality for a bromosexual is not physically engaging in oral and anal ejaculating sexual intercourse with another bromosexual but the curiosity appears to be there. Many bromos hide behind a façade of pretending they are about women and developed a subculture called pick-up artist or PUA or hide in a pseudo-black neo-nationalist movement. But if you look closely and look at the obvious, it is just dudes conversing passionately with other dudes. Many people who saw this video did not see the true hidden message – the woman does not exist and artificially put in video to mask the fact the guys have affection for each other - look at the video closely. This is what bromosexuals are about when you see these bro macho blogs and BBS groups where they post up hyper-sex images of women butt models and talk about picking up women and talk about being a “man” and all that other stuff, that is bromosexuals festering in their own environments - the woman does not exist, the butt model is just an artificial fake cover for bromos to talk to each other. Notice these bromos talk about (women) booty when they talk to each other about these butt model pics. Look at the brothas on the Internet who follow people like Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed, look close and observe – yes, they are bromosexuals. Jason Black asked brothas to pass out business cards and talk to each other at the 7AM screening...interesting. Look at the PUA groups and look at all these so-called hangout full of guys and no women and notice what they discuss. These bromos talk to other bromos in a passionate fashion. Go look at the article where we stated Tommy Sotomayor was Dream and Hustle Brotha of the year - look at the comment by the guys in that article, that is bromosexual talk right there. The bromos don’t talk about fatherhood and community leadership and outreach to daughters – well some of them do talk about reaching out to young black men, don’t they? Go on speech circuits talking about their hatred of gay people while at the same time, crowdfunding a school for little boys...just little black boys, huh? I’m sitting here as a real black man saying wait a minute, something ain’t right about these dudes. They never served in the military, no wife or family discussion, don’t talk about their bonding relationship with their father, they are not gearheads, not guided by religious doctrine and they speak and broadcast this physical macho man persona as their threat in an age where people just pull triggers. Really, these bromos be on WSHH looking at young black men with no shirt on fighting each other talking about knuckle up and put fist up and I heard watching men boxing trigger homoerotic senses in some brothas. And these bromos hang around other guys too damn much and they love to refer to gay people with slurs as if they hiding their own repression. I didn’t know anything about bromosexuals but now that I do know, it makes a lot of sense. Impact of Bromosexuality on the Black Community. Bromosexuals have a very dangerous impact on the black community and that is their hatred of black women. Bromosexuals developed an irrational hatred of black women and festered this hatred in a clustered format among other bromosexuals. Many bromosexuals have lashed out violently against black women and killed black women. Other bromosexuals promote heavy sexist and misogynistic sentiments towards black women hoping to degrade and demoralize sistas from thinking better of herself. Bromosexuals are also anti-family and anti-community. Bromosexuals do not discuss finding a wife or their one love and do not even talk about love and act like it is a problem to discuss. The truth is that bromosexuals prefer men and just want to keep it quiet about their preferences. What is more important for men to talk about online than raising our future generation? Teaching our sons how to build and teaching our daughters virtues and nuture? What is more important to a black man than his family to talk about? Thought so. Bromosexuals are also anti-empowerment in the black community. Do you notice bromosexuals make zero genuine effort towards black community empowerment? They talk that community empowerment stuff but they have zero intention of putting in the real work to make it happen. I can easily call out these other cats (and I will in my upcoming podcast series) and you will see they talk that black empowerment stuff and talk about crowdfunding but ain’t doing nothing concrete. Even though I have more than them, I’m doing much more than them with less. And they come to Dream and Hustle and try to argue that I’m not doing nothing when everybody know I’m doing something – that is them hoping I do not do anything because bromosexuals do not want the black community to progress and hate their own community. Rising Backlash Against Bromosexuals The black community is waking up to the rise of bromosexuals and the impact on our community. We are seeing brothas and sistas working together to deal with bromosexuals that are basically hate groups towards black women. We are also seeing those looking to better the black community identify bromosexuals and remove them from the picture as bromos try to sidetrack black progress. And the black collective is promoting black love, black marriage, black husbands and black wives and black family and black community and togetherness – everything the bromosexual hate and loathe. We blogged here earlier about how there was a Facebook group for Dr. Claude Anderson and it was just worthless bromosexuals posting memes and other junk and not creating any plans until one real brotha came in and changed all that up. We see black women now creating underground black lists and dark databases tracking bromosexuals and warning other sistas monitoring these PUA web sites. Bromosexuals try to infiltrate conversations on black empowerment and people are smart enough to pick up on what is going on. However, the approach to dealing with bromosexuals has been harsh and unforgiving. Cats are straight up ready to do real harm to bromosexuals and many people are on a witch hunt to find bromosexuals and hunt them down. I already advised my crew that it is more likely we will have to dispatch a bromosexual before dispatching a bigot trying to come at this and our empire. I know other cats who are tired of the bromosexuals attacking black women and taking sistas to the gun range to show them how to shoot and handle a pocket pistol. And bromosexuals are being called out on the floor on the Internet and the conversation is getting more and more confrontational. This is a concern of mine and why I’m writing this article. We Have to Find Common Ground With the Bromosexuals The black community have to realize that bromosexuals are a product of our own black community lifestyle choices and activities of having boys grow up in fatherless homes and exposed to liberal and feminist doctrine growing up. Like other groups from black feminists to the black nationalists to the black boule and all that other crap, we have to realize these components in our community are a result of behavior adaptation to our black community being lacking in proper infrastructure for prosperity, stability and quality of life. The best way to deal with bromosexuals is not lash out with hate but try to get everybody to understand what the end goal which is our self-empowerment. While many object strongly to the thought of converting a homosexual to a heterosexual, there may be a possibility we also cannot convert existing bromosexuals to heterosexuals but we can help these guys explore their homosexual curiosity and encourage bromosexuals to come out the closet and liberate themselves. So the first thing we need to do is help bromosexuals transition to fully enlightened homosexuals and drop the PUA façade they are hiding behind. This can be done through media manipulation such as writing short stories and narratives and showcases of other bromosexuals who finally decide to come out from under the façade. Once we allow tolerance for bromosexuals to come out as homosexuals and they can freely engage in anal and oral ejaculating sexual activity among other bromosexuals, then the rest of us in the black community can have room to move forward and progress. We can focus on black women empowerment, we can focus on community economic development and urban renewal and we can focus on establishing strong black family units. So yes, let’s expose and call out the bromosexuals for being repressed and attacking the black community hiding under machoism and sexism but at the same time, give the bromosexuals a path to come out the closet so we can free them and focus on doing what we have to do for our community and people as a whole.

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  1. I know the black community like to hush up about topics considered taboo like HIV and mental illness and GMOs but we have to acknowledge and accept these things like bromosexuality.

    I did not know or believed bromosexuality exist but we have to understand and recognized modified social behavior adapting to current environments in our communities and hiding behind bibles and right/wrong beliefs ain’t going to cut it in the 21st century.

    These guys are not women-oriented like Steve Harvey who is normal and they are not man-oriented like Steve Harvey raising a blended family. We should not judge bromosexuals but find out how we can co-exist among each other in our community.

    1. Ed, I think you are a woman writing this article to marginalize black men who’ve pulled the card of sell-out sistas in our communities who do everything in their power to emasculate black men. Now that black men are finding options in terms of dating outside America, trolls like you spring into action to throw a monkey wrench into the works. Nice try, but anyone with half a brain can see that you’re a female with a black neo-feminist agenda.

      1. I knew you losers wouldn’t start posting until the middle of the night. Why y’all always gotta post overnight – no woman?

        No one mentioned anything about black men and any dude calling himself blackrobb and using dollar4life ain’t fucking Sean Connery either…

        You calling someone a feminist – real men don’t say shit like that…

    2. I have seen something of what you talk of although not by that name as this is the first time I have heard it. There are so many labels now. Understand though, that putting a broad blanket on any group is counterproductive. Many black nationalists and even guys who consider themselves PUA’s are not “bromosexuals”. No. They are simply guys who have certain beliefs. I do not think most of your Black Panthers or people in the Nation of Islam or other such groups fall under this title or label at all. Most PUA’s I have met are simply guys who are rabid about getting women. Many are guys who were rejected earlier in life and now wanna “crack the code” to picking up the opposite sex. Nothing gay whatsoever in any that I have met. I think it’s irresponsible for you to be implying otherwise. It’s as misinformed as labeling black women as “thots” or “hoes”. Also, while I agree that we need to address any and all who are toxic to our community-you would be better served to take a more balanced approach. Too many times I see guys who are or who come across as guys who are trying desperately to be knights in shining armor. They want to be viewed as heroes to all black women and looked at as the holier than thou defenders of them. They lambast black men who are out of order or who they view as being so but say absolutely about the toxic black women out here who perpetuate misogynistic images of other sisters by parading themselves around half-naked in music videos and those sisters who literally worship white men and hate black men. I hear nothing in the way of how they need to be dealt with by people like you. If you have , I stand corrected but I doubt it. Usually, only toxic black men are called on the carpet while toxic black women who sell out our people and thus other sisters -they are given a pass. They go around calling themselves “hoes” “bitches” and call other sisters that as well and engage in exploitative behaviors that put other sisters in danger and put out negative images of black women worldwide. Yet all I hear is people calling out rappers and other brothers when they engage in this-not the sisters who are equally guilty of this behavior. No. I’m for dealing with all of these sellouts. The men and the sisters who sell us out. What about shooting lessons for brothers against these black men hating black women who want nothing to do with black men and who worship white men? If you gonna be about that, then it should be equal opportunity. Not just aimed at the sellout brothers that you call “bromosexuals”. Otherwise, you have some kind of underhanded, imbalanced agenda. That, or you are just trying to butt kiss sisters as a whole just to get some brownie points. BTW, I’m a straight, pro-black (Love Dr Claud Anderson’s works) brother who works in our communities with our youth and definitely wants to one day be married to a good sister. I think the most revolutionary thing a man can do is have a family. That’s where I’m coming from.

      1. I only approved your post as exhibit A that you talk too damn much…look at all that shit your typed and poured out….seriously?!

        All of this bromoaning is coming from Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed camp over there and we noticed this by tracking a sample of morons – this is the kind of fucking customers they entertain. No different than a megachurch hustler entertaining lightweight xtians for their dough.

        Thank God I have real black men and black women at dream and hustle and the rest of the things i do. And you bromos post these responses in the middle of the night too..

        Where the woman at? You want to taunt and say I’m about women..what should I be about…other bros like you?

      2. Mau Mau – you as a man set the tone and take the lead…that is all a man need to be and need for further convo on this matter.

        And most important that is what she want from not ignore the video above by the judge.

  2. Brother Ed:

    I have to print this out and digest all of the arguments.

    To side track quickly – I think that the epic battle between Tariq and Tommy was evidence of my larger point that I wanted to bring forth:


    1. The term “beef” sounds bromosexual and these type of guys are just amazing when you look at their lingo and activities.

      It sad because we are facing tough times and we don’t have real men to hold things down and just have an army of bromosexuals on deck distracted with “beefin” ..we have to find a way all of us to get on the same page against common challenges.

  3. You dudes are fucking bromosexuals! Get over it and accept yourself…be honest with yourself and aspire to get a cover shoot on Vanity Fair.

    I written this article to show tolerance for you bromos and explain we are on the same page. Stop the BS and you are what you are. Do not come here and say you not a bromo then type up long-winded bitchy talk.

    The biggest giveaway you a bromosexual is you trying to talk to me instead of the cannot help but want to talk to another dick…I still love you and support you and will show tolerance and acceptance but you bros have to be honest..

  4. Well the good thing is he is not shooting, cutting, maiming and killing, back in my day we almost never heard of a young shooting and killing another because if we had a problem to be settle we knuckle up and fist fought until we got tired, one gave up or someone broke up the fight then you went home or played basketball or baseball often time the two that was fighting became friends underclass as. It’s always something new popping up to impede the black community progress and drive us further into the position of permanent underclass Dr Claude Anderson stated, it’s got to be a wicket hand behind this I can think of suspects but it won’t be political correct to say. Ed is there any way we can savage, change the mindset, the direction of the bromosexuals who have not cross the line or the budding bromosexuals who have some potential so we can have a suitable pool of young black males suitors as potential husband for suitable young black women, our daughters so we can grow strong black families and a strong black community without begging for help from another people?

    1. trueletterson,

      I think many of those guys want a wife and family but they have to stabilize themselves and work to establish themselves as being able to sustain a wife and family.

      They need to establish stable income, build up assets and enjoy doing things with a woman and that is going to take a personal change from hanging out on PUA groups. That means training, going back to school, getting up and move if the city they live in don’t have jobs and stop hanging around the wrong group.

      On my end, I’m going to work to disrupt black PUA groups and work to convince the younger black males to focus on being a man and father and head of household and contributor of their community and let them know that is an honorable and purpose-filled life.

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