Tristan Walker Tells the Tech Community That Discriminate Against the Black Community How Tristan Walker Plans to Launch Solutions for Black People

tokencrunch Buffering is a racist technique where the white privilege system find a black person willing to portray himself/herself as the face of diversity and buffers other black people from claiming there is systematic racism being practiced by that entity. One of the biggest misconceptions and falsehood is that black person doing the buffering is someone who is acting white trying to be white and that is far from the truth. Buffering is practiced mostly by mediocre black people who want to seek fame and attention and lean on the white privilege system to give them a little power at the cost of discriminating against the rest for their own personal gain. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for example does not act white but fully act as a buffer to black issues on the Supreme Court. Another term for this practice is called “greenmailing” and Byron Allen recently accused Al Sharpton of this activity with Comcast and glad Byron Allen spoke up about it. Greenmailing is when a black person approach a white privilege entity and attempt to claim racism but the white privilege entity pays “shakedown” money to that black person to not pursue the racism claim and a deal is struck where that same black person buffers other black folks from trying to say that white privilege entity is racist. What most people suspect is Al Sharpton approached MSNBC about having a black host replace Cenk Uygur to fill the spot and Al Sharpton appointed himself to be the replacement host the same way Dick Cheney appointed himself to be Vice President of George W Bush when Dick Cheney was hired to search for a VP candidate. Many of you black folks want to badly believe these shady practices of buffering and greenmailing does not harm anybody and it is this is false. As a black person, these practices are designed to hurt you, your black children, your black nieces and nephews and others from pursuing their dreams and always have to fight structured racism and sexism before even getting close to their professional dreams and goals. This stuff is not a new practice and been done since the beginning of time to reward one person to betray their own people like Judas. This was also done in Germany against the Jewish population where a Jew would be a “Jew traitor” and work with the Germans to turn in other Jews for a reward. Oh, by the way most of the Venture Capital firms are ran by Jewish people that employ the same evil race-based practices done to their own Jewish people against us black people validating such evil. With that said, let me explain something so we don’t have any assumptions – there is no fucking way I want a dime from these Venture Capital firms that engage in structural racism – the fuck would I want these racist bastards to have any involvement with my entrepreneurial pursuits? Many cats will tell you that I’m jealous for addressing Tristan Walker and that is stupid as I don’t have to answer to cats who gave me money and want me to answer to their “investment” as me and my crew put our own money up and this is our shit we doing over here. Those people who say that shit always have to say that shit writing text on a comment section but will never put their punk ass on video or in live audience in front of black people and say that shit – because they fake as fuck. And we are going to be real about this Tristan Walker and this whole bullshit setup right here and what’s going on. claim1 Take the focus away from Tristan Walker because he just a dude snatching up crumbs – the real focus is the bigoted technology industry that goes out of it way to not acknowledge black technology entrepreneurs. Don’t try to look at me and try to be personal – they do actually acknowledge me. They don’t acknowledge the majority of the talented brothas and sistas we have in the technology industry and pretend they do not exist and not out there innovating and creating solutions and have something to offer. Now, I want to talk about the “they” so you know specifically who I’m talking about. Who I’m talking about is tech media – they are the ones promoting the tech industry as a white male culture and only giving fake lip service to diversity. That is your Techcrunch, Fast Company, Wired and the technology section of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal and San Jose Mercury News and so on – those are your true source of bigotry in the technology industry, not the tech firms and even the VC firms – VC firms would gladly buy your ass but do you really want to sell yourself to them if you worth something? Think about that. cornball But don’t sleep because there is another angle – the black people hating because they ain’t shit and just like to read Forbes, Fortune and Techcrunch and call themselves a fucking techie and I go to tech conferences and look at their stupid looking asses looking stupid. You know what I fucking hate and this is the truth and this really happen. Everytime, I go to a tech meetup or a tech conference, these nerdy ass black folks sit next to me in a room full of white people – like they cannot sit on the other side of the room to sprinkle out the blackness, no these motherfuckers always want to sit near me like we black people hang out together all the time and this always happen and I’m going to get up and move next time that shit happens. Those haters are punk ass tech columnists at Black Enterprise magazine and wannabees like Angela Benton who is so desperate to be somebody she all up in write-ups and even has own Wikipedia page like she actually accomplished something other than seek validation and acceptance from the technology white privilege culture. Then you got black folks who are around you don’t want to see you be a technology entrepreneur because they want you at their level and they don’t understand technology. So you got to deal with bigoted whites and black people who don’t want you shine – double ender fun right there. claim2 So let’s go back to Tristan Walker and wrap up this piece of shit for a character because that is what Tristan Walker is at the end of the day. Tristan Walker is running around the white privilege media circuit talking about he creating a subscription shaving service for black men – what black dudes he fucking with? I mean President Obama actually goes to the black barbershop and get his haircut when he was running for president, do you see Tristan Walker fucking with black barbershops talking about his razor design for black men? No, Tristan Walker is talking up in white media like NPR that black dudes don’t even read, watch or listen to as Tristan Walker talking about his black shaving company. This Tristan Walker and that Bevel shit is now advertising some dermo Dr. recommended his fucking razors as if we black dudes supposed to respect some fucking Dr. over the black barber from Alabama in our community who been working on black men for the past 35 years showing us how to shave properly. I mean come on now…are you that stupid to believe in this silly ass shit going on? You see how white media prop up characters like Ephren Taylor hyping them up as some wonder boy and shit and they always have a good story. Then you dumbass black folks fall for that shit and then you find out these people were full of shit later on like Ephren Taylor who was sentenced to 19 years in prison for being a con-artist. See, I realize something because I know cats who sell stuff out of their car hustling and they make $300,000 doing it but you know what? People that knew those cats never supported them or shout them out on their hustle but these same black folks posting up Facebook links to stories about Ephren Taylor or some black kid that invented a medical device that sew up a chick uterus or something like that. You want to hear a true story – I knew a person who got accepted to 5 Ivy League school I grew up with – nobody we grew up with said shit or congrads except me and he was hurt by the withholding of praise by his black peers and I told him to move forward and not backward. These same motherfuckers on Facebook now posting up links about some kids they don’t know who were accepted to a bunch of Ivy League school – this is the truth. claim3 Looking at all the write-ups, honestly speaking…what the fuck has Tristan Walker actually done? All I see is what this guy is saying what he is trying to do, I don’t see anything he fucking done. I would understand if he actually done something for black folks and I would be first in line saying this is a good brotha that doing for us and making shit happen for our people and our community. But Tristan Walker ain’t done shit but cross his damn arms and look stupid in these media outlets he appearing in trying to be seen. Bronner Bros actually do shit, this Tristan Walker ain’t done fuck shit! But here is the thing – he is in white media talking about what he doing for black people or supposed to be doing for black people. You ever seen this motherfucker in your black community? Honestly?! 2040 You want to even know what is even more funnier about Tristan Walker – that Code 2040 bullshit he talking about. He talking about diversifying the tech industry by 2040 – who the fuck listening now going to be still alive in the year 2040? What kid living right now, doing math that kid if they are 10 years old will be 30 years old in 2040. You know what that 2040 shit sound like? It sounds like that old slavery religion bullshit about black people have to die to see the paradise in heaven instead of live that life right here on earth. You know this Tristan Walker is full of shit talking about some 2040 goal. Elon Musk trying to build damn space travel by 2040 and this clown Tristan Walker trying to achieve “diversity” by 2040 – you guys still want to believe in this silly ass motherfucker, don’t yall? Here is the thing – Tristan Walker is a fake fuckboy who only purpose is to serve as a buffer so Techcrunch and other tech media can claim they cover black people in their write-ups. Yes, we need to focus on tech media and that is who me and my crew are going after and deal with – these content writers who probably saw an ad for the tech writing job in Craigslist. But what the rest of you African-Americans need to stop being the fool and realize after the fact these kind of people like Angela Benton and Tristan Walker are full of shit. Tristan Walker is running around white media talking about what he planning to do or going to do for black people with deliverable dates of the year 2040AD. These guy ain’t doing shit for black folks, ain’t done shit for black folks and not even talking to black folks about his service to black folks. I’m actually in the community doing for black folks and I don’t even want to compare myself to a piece of shit like Tristan Walker. There is no fucking comparison – I can get on that Techcrunch stage and say how much I love Minister Louis Farrakhan and how the Minister been an inspiration for me to focus on health and wellness and my humbleness to God and love my people more than I love my own mortal life – Tristan Walker bought and paid for ass cannot say anything about Farrakhan as he run his mouth in white media about how much he plan to do all this shit for black people. I can talk about starting up tech operations that are modeled after the principles of Powernomics by Dr. Claude Anderson and explain how we can employ aquaponic farming with canning to export fish worldwide in cans for longer shelf life and to feed poor households as economic activity – Tristan Walker cannot do that shit so any of you guys want to tell me and others around here how this Tristan Walker is really doing for the black community? And you know what? I don’t have to mention Dr. Claude Anderson or Farrakhan because me and my crew built our own and hold our own without any of those two elders having anything to do with us – I just mention them because I want to pay tribute to my elders because that is what people in a community do – acknowledge and pay respect to their elders. Let me know when Tristan Walker can do that talking his ass off in these white media outlets that discriminate constantly against black people. See I can talk about all the Chicago West Side entrepreneurs from Duwell to George Music Room to Marys on Madison who inspired me to be an entrepreneur, you ain’t never hear Tristan Walker give credit to any black person before him as he smugs in those photos. Actually, why am I’m wasting time talking about this piece of shit? I think I wrote all of this shit so when me and my crew go to war with these tech fuckboys and their stalking horses and their fan club, I want you to know why we going to have to fight the way we will fight their ass and we ain't playing either. But at the end of the day, I know you black people know a fake fucker when you see one so let me get back to doing what I do – educate and empower brothas and sistas to do for self, their people and their community using technology in 2015 right here and right now to make shit happen for us.

10 thoughts on “Tristan Walker Tells the Tech Community That Discriminate Against the Black Community How Tristan Walker Plans to Launch Solutions for Black People

  1. This is like a Michael Eric Dyson piece. I agree with your reasoning, it seems Walker is looking to leverage himself for a board position, or a TV talking head.

  2. Please tell us what the fuck your doing for the hood in the tech space right now that deserves a write up on ANY tech blog- white/black/whatever. I refuse to believe you are doing anything important if you have the time to write up a 2000+ word essay slandering Tristan Walker.

    Seriously, show us an app, a site, anything?!?!

    And why should we give a shit about mainstream press anyway? Since when have they made an effort to shine a light on ANYTHING positive involving black folks? There are plenty of brothers and sisters out here getting money in the tech space that are doing numbers while being overlooked by mainstream press. I don’t think they are losing sleep.

    I’m not defending Tristian Walker or his ilk but damn. Starting to look a lot like some hater shit homie.

    1. LOL you fucked up Regg..

      Noticed what you wrote: “Please tell us what the fuck your doing for the hood in the tech space right now that deserves a write up on ANY tech blog- white/black/whatever.” – that is what you wrote Regg, right?

      Deserve a write-up? Is that your metric of success Regg, having some $35K/year contributing content writer freelancing clown give you a “write-up”…really dude? You already showing you looking for validation and acknowledge in this shit – you don’t got no fucking skills. When you in this tech space, the only thing you bring to the table as your chips is skills, not talking shit and talking about “write-up” the same way you badly want a 3-mike review from the Source magazine and shit. It don’t work like that in this space, my man.

      You blabbing about show us an app, a site, anything – are you talking in an echo chamber? Here is the thing Regg – this article is talking towards the black community about this fake fucker Tristan Walker – I didn’t talk directly to the Silicon Valley fuckboy, I talked to the black community. You are trying to talk directly to me in a comment section talking some “us” shit, the black community ain’t part of that “us” with you Regg. Why don’t you go talk to the black community about how I don’t got shit and a fake fuck – you run and tell the black community that Regg, see how far you make it. Why you not talking to the black community? Did you read the part in the article when I said fake as fuck cats like you always show up in the comment section but not real world? Go and tell the black community I’m not shit and a fake fuck…Regg..thought so.

      You not defending Tristan Walker? Then what you doing, trying to come at this? You are confusing people here. You don’t got any skills for anybody to give a shit what you got to say. I noticed you didn’t talk to anybody else but me, why is that? Because even you know they ain’t going to hear your lame shit, right?

      You come with some “There are plenty of brothas and sistas out there getting money in the tech space” as if I did not say that in the article, let me remind you Regg…

      [They don’t acknowledge the majority of the talented brothas and sistas we have in the technology industry and pretend they do not exist and not out there innovating and creating solutions and have something to offer. ]

      That is from the article – so what are you saying that I did not say? Damn, you looking for write-ups and using my talking points and trying to hate at the same time Regg, LOL! You said you don’t think they are losing sleep – did you pull this commentary out of your ass because you ain’t talking to cats – I’m talking to cats, you just Regg in a fucking comment section. Damn, you played that black person character I spoke about in the article to the T…

      Damn, at least defend Tristan Walker or kiss his booty a little bit if you going to try to come at me in this article….

  3. You wrote all that and predictably didn’t answer my question. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? AN APP? A SITE? EVEN A LANDING PAGE/COMING SOON?

    Fuck the tech press, fuck Tristian Walker and fuck this article. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

    You’ve been positioning yourself as someone who is making moves in the tech space. All these articles about what blacks should be doing in tech. But when asked what you are doing right now that you can show us you get all defensive and in your feelings.

    I’m here to learn game but I’m from the street and know how to sniff out bullshitters, and this blog ain’t smelling right.

    1. Regg I don’t know what streets you from but you spitting bitch chatter. I from the West Side of Chicago and we don’t labor on asking what other cats are doing and handle our own and vouch for ours.

      You haven’t said shit to establish yourself as credible to anyone to question another person. I have and that’s your ignorance you broadcasting.

      If you said you are learning then shut the fuck up, sit down and pay attention and do some damn homework before opening your mouth.

      This blog been around for 10 years – how many bitch characters like you Regg show up asking what I’m doing? You the fucking first? 10 years and you bring your lame ass around like you the first to ask? And you won’t be the first me and my people have to deal with either. Cats like you are trolling and I see your previous comments on this blog.

      As I stated before you trying to talk to me – I don’t give a fuck what you believe or think or know, bro. Get that understanding first. That’s the answer to your question – go fuck yourself.

      You Regg like all the other lame cats come here asking what I’m doing is really broadcasting to everybody you ain’t doing shit. Go and talk that shit real world – you won’t because cats will look at you and see you sounding like a fuckboy with a big mouth.

      Bring yours to the table before trying to ask about others. No one gives a shit if you come and go from Dream and Hustle because real cats know what I’m doing. And you got no one siding with your ass if you haven’t noticed…

      You haven’t typed a damn thing in your life that contributed to betterment and helping others – think about that before saying another word asking about others. Even Tristan Walker doing more than you for black people….

  4. For everybody else..what I’m doing is obvious..guiding others how to do for self. Those who are not willing to do for self are the ones that come here wondering what I’m doing instead of what they doing. You would think this is obvious but cats like Regg read too much looking for heroes instead of being one…

  5. See, you got me fucked up.

    You don’t know a motherfuckin thing about me, what I’ve done, what I’m currently doing or my future plans. You think you know me because of a few comments on a blog? Fuck outta here.

    I’m not with this corny back and forth shit. Good luck to you, bro.

    1. All I know is how to deal with characters that want to come at this, that’s all a street cat need to know. I like how you did the “you don’t know me” shit when your ass up here asking trying to know all my business right?

      I know you ain’t holding down shit to have a conversation on this topic of technology and entrepreneurship – that I do know. Why you dragged your lightweight ass in this conversation, I have no idea. But you played that know-nothing-but-gotta-say-something black hater character I wrote in this article exactly as I described and predictable. Now I’m wondering if you the actual black nerd in the picture and you mad I used your pic?

      I know you ain’t got no clout with black folks because you keep trying to talk to me when you first started off with that “us” garbage. I can go to other sites and snatch up cats from their blog and bring them here – you ain’t stole shit or sold shit over here but ran your mouth. Your commentary will be just a worthless ass read down the road for a passerby who here at Dream and Hustle to put in real work to do for self.

      There was no back and forth, you didn’t brought anything of value. I never ask you what you did, because me and you know you ain’t doing shit. You the one taking the energy to ask what I’m doing. And the last thing everybody know is you didn’t come here looking to do for self – that is 100% known about you.

      Fuck out of here Regg

  6. Man, I just stumbled upon this article but whoever you are; you are killing it & kicking the ballistics – for real. I especially like how you addressed those fake a**, wanna be, individuals that do the black community a grave disservice.
    This is the dialogue that needs to be discussed everywhere,.
    Give thanks

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