Where is the Meritorious Manumission for Toya Graham?

giveher50acresandmule Toya Graham was the black women referred to as “angry mom” by the mainstream media and celebrated in mainstream media for beating on her only son and cussing out and emasculating her only male child in public. As a result of Toya Graham acting out violently and abusive towards her black male son, she is being celebrated and the center of attention in all of mainstream media. What Toya Graham may not realize is she is being celebrated for handling her “thug” son that she gave birth to and raised. Meaning, the apple does not fall far from the tree and Toya Graham may not realize she is also silently viewed in this manner by the very same mainstream media she is seeking attention in. In other words, Toya Graham is viewed as an angry "black ghetto" mom who had to resort to her ghetto ways toward her “thug” son to protect the enforcers of white privilege – the Baltimore police. Sorry but some you cats talking on this subject are full of shit and just talk shit online about “hood moms” – I grew up in the hood, no real mother would ever do some dumb self-hate shit like that to their sons. What we do know and what we heard Toya slipped up saying is Toya Graham said she has 6 kids and that is her only son – meaning the other children are daughters. Meaning that only son is being raised in a household that is emasculating him and Toya Graham is actively engaged. Here is a clue – look at the video of Toya Graham hitting her son, notice the son is instinctively grabbing for her arms as if he knew how she will swing at her. Most children would not put their hands up defensively towards their parents if they were swinging on them if they did not expect it. slap-1 Notice how he walks away and not react as if he is shocked at his mother hitting on him like that. This tells me and you that she hits on him all the time and try to punk him out all the time and this is not some new incident – Toya Graham is actively engaged in emasculating her black son and went out and attacked him for being a man and standing up for himself. That bullshit about her saying she don’t want him to be another Freddy Gray, sounds to me like she want him to be sissy and emasculated like a Freddy Gay so she can get back at all the men who hit and quit and left her with all those babies. Oh, another thing is she wore all yellow and had the gold links around her neck and shit – she knew she would be on TV emasculating her son – she prepared for this propaganda stunt. Meritorious Manumission is a social manipulation technique used to condition a control group to turn on each other and not support each other. Dr. Claude Anderson speaks on this a lot and explain how this social conditioning was used in POW camps to break the discipline/unity of soldiers and also used on slaves to prevent them from uniting and raising up against the slaveholders and the silent majority. What Meritorious Manumission entails is the greater white society engage in a cultural pattern of promoting and rewarding a Negro for turning on their own people and encouraging the behavior for rewards of validation and acceptance by the white privilege structure. This is written doctrine and any white person doubtful, go look it up because this same technique was used by Vietnam and Korea against POWs because that is the same technique the colonists in Europe like French, British and Portuguese performed to control their Asian colonies for centuries. White people in America have a pattern of celebrating black people who turn on their own race and reward them with money and merits. You see the TV show called Scandal, a shitty show with low ratings that does not carry the network but the goal of ABC and the Jewish executives behind ABC who same Jewish ancestors were subjected to Meritorious Manumission by the Germans nearly 80 years is today at ABC rewarding the concept of black women chasing white men and lusting for white men instead of black men. You see CBS/Viacom running self-hate black people on their reality specials like that Haiti woman who produce those shows and that Haiti guy behind WorldStar Hip-Hop because the French did a real mindjob on Haiti. And you also see Comcast promoting Al Sharpton rewarding him for being a buffer to prevent other black people from rising up. Think about how old and tired Al Sharpton is, he been around longer than former Egyptian President Mubarak – think about that for a minute. And you see Silicon Valley rewarding sellouts like Tristan Walker who doesn't do shit for the black community but claim to be a black tech entrepreneur in these white magazines and Techcrunch going out their way to prop up his shitty tech business models. We talked on this blog before about Peter Desverneys (link), who was a slave that reveal the plans of Denmark Vesey planned slave revolt and Peter was rewarded not only with his freedom by the state of South Carolina and a monthly pension check, but Peter also bought black slaves to keep for himself! Now with that said, we are trying to figure out what does Toya Graham get and deserve for selling out her own son and emasculating him in the national media? So far we haven’t seen Toya Graham get anything and she does not even have a job saying she was unemployed and we want to know what the same national media is going to do to help Toya Graham. Beating up her son in public like a mammy in the 1920s would come out to the streets and beat her up black son making the sweet tea sipping bigots laugh – I mean, someone need to pay up that Meritorious Manumission for her and all her kids! Where is the free car so she can look for a job? Where is the free rent so she don’t get evicted? Where is the $70K so she can tazer a black woman at a ghetto shopping mall? Where is the $90k so she don’t leave her kids in the car so she can interview? Where is the $800k so she can open a pizza shop and discriminate against gays looking to have pizza catered at their same-sex marriage? I mean – she beat her only son for Christ sake - where is Toya Graham payday?!

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  1. Wow I must say you keep it real and that is what I admire most in people no sugar coating. Up front and Honest.I don’t know if I totally agree but I am a mother of all girls and one boy. My girls are rough and tough. My only boy is 4 I am new to raising a boy but I do want him to be a man. I located you about the hair article but you opened my eye to this situation which can be viewed in both ways.

    1. Blac Suga – if you want your son to be a man, all you have to do is let him grow up and be a man. There is nothing to disagree/agree with here – she injected herself into her son battle and turned on her son instead of support her son journey and mission to stand up for something. He has to stand for something as a man, even if he is wrong (like most black guys are), men learn from mistakes from their experience, not from mommy beating on them and emasculating them.

  2. A woman can raise a girl to be a woman… The fact remains a man would not have had to slap him upside the head emasculating him…I remember my dad giving my brother a certain look and that was that. I know it’s hard, but dang aren’t there any uncles around. I’m just saying getting diciplined like that may make him slap his woman when he grow up…a built up anger towards black women. I hate being extra nice just to prove I’m not an ‘angry’ black woman to African American men. It’s to the point any slight disagreement is viewed as a turn-off by black men. Meanwhile, I have a family member who’s white wife calls him the N word! Again, I try to counter this sterotype only to turn on my t.v and see an African American mother and son play out this media stunt. The mother was aware, look how she went dressed. She getting paid to do what she do on a regular basis, slap her son upside the head the very thing he needs to think with.
    Her reward is fame and her payment is all the follw-up interviews.
    They are calling her the Baltimore (Rosa Parks) Mother?!?!? A great historical event showing the power of boycottING but it was also crafted and staged for the media….using something people were already doing but they used the perfect ‘spokesperson’. Look at Toya hair, layed no braids etc…a tough talking mom from the hood. The police chief good as said that if you do the slapping we won’t have to beat, maim and kill your male children.
    We better wake up!!!!!! Stop worrying about celebrity cap and get our houses in order.

    P.S. This is no dig, but a house, a people cannot stand without its men. Black women etc….and everything else cannot continue to be used as excuses. As a woman I can’t say what the solution is…but the community needs you back.

  3. **These communities need police. And they need police not just to be present, but to be active in seeking out criminals.**

    In his 2015 Grammy award winning Rap Performance titled “I”, Kendrick Lamar writes, “I’ve been dealing with depression ever since an adolescent.”

    In the meantime, who is addressing why many people living in poor American communities are depressed, often venting their anger and frustrations by harming their peaceful neighbors?

    Has anyone asked Baltimore resident and “Mom of The Year” Toya Graham if she believes she is partly responsible for the recurring cycle of poverty that harms so many children, including her son Michael who she observed committing a depraved act against peaceful people trying to protect the community from other abused or neglected children?

    Will working mother Toya Graham and the hundreds of moms much like her who I met while providing police services to a Rap Hip Hop influenced Brooklyn, NY community, realize she was young and immature for acting irresponsibly and building a family of six depressed children who have to struggle, instead of having one or two relatively happy, peaceful kids she could more easily provide for, school and supervise?

    Does Ms. Graham realize she is complicit in adding to the pain and poverty many Americans of all ages suffer?

    Rejecting reality, Toya Graham inform CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “At no time is my son a thug.”

    After this remark, how can anything Ms. Graham offers be viewed as truthful?



    1. Avery you talked about depression but you failed to attribute depression and self-esteem to Toya situation. Single mom in poverty with 6 kids is rarely not depressed.

      You looking at this at Toya level – no one care if she is truthful as her actions on video shows clear mental and physical abuse to her son. I wouldn’t know how to feel if my mom treated me like that and I believe I would be more violent as a result of that kind of childhood or any young male would.

      We have to say as men and women what the hell we are going to do about this? Toya cannot tell us a damn thing to address this matter – we got to figure how to deal with this. First and foremost I support the youth 1000% without question and with extreme prejudice..that’s my start

  4. if parents don’t discipline at home then the cops will do it on the streets. its either mom or dad, if dad is not around mom has to pick up the slack. when you leave the home don’t complain about the outcome of the children. stop dissecting this woman & guessing about what happens in her home! she gives a fuck which is more than i can say for alot of fathers.

    1. She is a single mom with 6 kids…no one disputing she gives a fuck because we all see that she does.

      You call that discipline? Why do I feel you look like a bulldog hiding behind an alias…show us some pics…most women who talk like you look like shit…real talk

  5. She could have stood out there with him to protest and lead him instead of beating him like she feared someone else (police) would.

    1. oh yea and they both gotten arrested, injured or killed for a drug dealer a pusher of death in the community not saying Freddy Gray should have lose his life but clearly he is not the character I would take risk for, but now that’s just me.

      1. They were standing up to the police, not fighting for Freddy Gray directly. Did you look at the YouTube video and hear Dr. Martin Luther King words?

        You say you are from the older generation and it looking like we know now who was down with MLK and part of the Civil Rights Movement and who wasn’t part of it resorting to calling our people rubble rousing and being more concern about being arrested instead of standing up.

        The lynching victims were accused of being criminals also back in the early 1900 – are you saying the NAACP should not fought for them either? Your statements are self-revealing about where you were during these periods of black struggle and yet you are here trying to lecture us young folks right? I live in Atlanta and talk directly to those who were in the movement like it is my personal business and they fought for Freddy Grays in their era the same way they fought for Rosa Parks because they knew all black people was being targeted, not just the bad ones.

        1. good points Ed but why was it a Rosa Parks? first there was another young black women who was arrested for not giving up her seat before Rosa Parks that was the impetus to Rosa Parks, the young lady was 15 years old and pregnant doing that time not morally up right, not exactly someone to risk your repartition or movement on so the leaders of that day went and found a up right honorable women name Rosa Parks to get on a bus set in the white section, refuse to move, get arrested so they could spring their plan the Montgomery Bus Boycott see ed they plan their actions it was not some spontaneous actions by a group of unorganized young people looking for a reason to burning and destroying their own community, it was nothing like that, I know because I have known ONE OF THE LEADERS back then the leadership would have never risk the movement on a known bootlegger, known thief or a known unmarried multiple babies mommas or daddies, and the way they did it with a moral and ethical code and they would not have risk the movement, freedom and victory on a person of “ill repute” they were smart it worked that’s why you are not drinking out of colors only water fountains today as I did in my youth THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE ED. Peace.

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