2 Damn Mistakes by Dr. Claude Anderson and Derrick Coleman Trying to Invest in Detroit We Can Analyze and Learn From

claudecoleman When it comes to researching and implementing a successful strategy, you should look at both success models and failure models to have a full understanding of the environment and situation. In this article we are going to talk about the failure models of Dr. Claude Anderson and Derrick Coleman when it came to trying to create economic activity in the city of Detroit. The goal of this article is to establish teachable moments and takeaways so we can approach economic development in our community by learning from other people mistakes. Please note that we have a lot of wannabees running around with Dr. Claude Anderson name in their mouth and have nothing but emotions running through their body. While I respect Dr. Claude Anderson, the reality is he is no father of black economics or modern economics or anything. Dr. Claude Anderson is just another light-skinned curly headed brotha who got into the white privilege circles during the 1970s and became a radio talk show host and book writer and now peddling Black Nationalism to sell books and advance his business. I respect Dr. Claude Anderson for being an elder but do not think for one second I worship him like the rest of these wannabee brothas running around because I know what is real in this arena. You will see when you dig a little deeper that Dr. Claude Anderson biggest flaw is exactly what I described. The only African-Americans we have that proven and established true modern urban economic development were Maynard Jackson, former mayor of Atlanta; Andrew Young, former mayor of Atlanta; Bill Campbell, former mayor of Atlanta, Shirley Franklin, former mayor of Atlanta and Kasim Reed, current mayor of Atlanta. No one in this country done anything close to the people I mentioned in terms of building true economic development and culture for economic opportunities for black people and let’s make sure we have that understanding. Anybody who tell you they know all about black economics and cannot articulate who I just named is full of crap and you should be smart enough to know this. If we want to go further, we can start naming Mo Ibrahim in Africa who worked with African dictatorships to start bringing in more democratic ruling and the Chinese to stabilize African nations and now many countries in Africa are establishing double-digit economic growth. We can talk about all of the black Africans involved in establishing digital money frameworks and remittance and setting up dams for electricity and so on. All of these cats are your black economic leadership that expands worldwide and adopted global patterns and practices with success models. What is sad is these black male wannabee that talk about economic empowerment and got Dr. Claude Anderson name in their mouth cannot even name the other cats in this world and profile what they are doing because they want to front an image more than create solutions and betterment. Now let’s talk about Detroit because during the early 2000s there were two attempts by two individuals to try to create economic plans for the black community. One was Dr. Claude Anderson, a fish farmer and pundit and another was Derrick Coleman a former professional athlete. Our goal in this article is to show what they did, the outcome and then go into the takeaway and learning lessons. Dr. Claude Anderson Copy-and-Paste Economic Bigotry for Detroit claudedoc In 2004, Dr. Claude Anderson who was a radio show host and author of Powernomics promoted the idea of creating an “African Town” to create an ethnic economic zone similar to Chinatown for black people in Detroit. African Town was a concept created by by Dorian Harvey and others where this business district would be a place where black business can do business with black people the same way Chinese merchants do business with Chinese customers. Dr. Claude Anderson role in all of this appear to advocate and provide expertise to the city of Detroit. Dr. Claude Anderson proposed to create a feasibility study and was paid over $100,000 to document by the city of Detroit on how to establish a black business district. The $100K document can be found here at http://www.hoodresearch.org/powernomics/powernomicsplan.htm for your review. In the document, Dr. Claude Anderson made the case that immigrants are taking jobs from black people and African Town should be exclusively black with no other race allowed to participate and he name-drop PowerNomics over and over throughout this $100K taxpayer-funded feasibility study. A resolution was drafted by the Detroit city council to create the Detroit Capital Development Corporation or DCDC based on Dr. Claude Anderson exclusion and xenophobic recommendations created a firestorm in mainstream media, notably Jewish-owned media outlets seem to show the most outrage. However, the city council passed the resolution and the the mayor of Detroit vetoed the resolution after getting heat from other communities who called the resolution racist and divisive and unconstitutional. The mayor veto was overridden by the city council but was not legally binding and after the firestorm, the buck was passed to another “regional economic development” group basically killing the legislative efforts. But what we are missing from this African Town discussion is there is a corporate entity called AfricanTown (http://www.michigancorporates.com/corp/647115.html) and I read this quote about Dorian Harvey and the fallout. "This controversy did not arise when the city gave Mike Illitch $40 million to build a baseball park, where the only Black person in the mix is a peanut vendor," said Dorian Harvey, who plans to build an African-centered retail and entertainment complex. "What we're trying to do is build enterprises where Blacks can be the owners and executive directors. We never thought about it being discriminatory, but I expect that any time Blacks talk about building wealth and becoming self-sufficient, as Marcus Garvey did with the Black Star ocean line, we can expect to be attacked." If this quote is true and said by Dorian Harvey, it appear the whole African Town concept was nothing more than a developer hustle ploy to get the city to pay for their development under the guise of Black Nationalism, plain and simple. The $40 million to build a baseball park is one thing but I don’t think we can compare the feasibility study for the baseball park to the feasibility study Dr. Claude Anderson created that attacked other ethnicities and name-dropped PowerNomics left and right. One city council member basically said they paid Dr. Claude Anderson $100k to promote his Powernomics book. This project failed because Dr. Claude Anderson chose to be a self-promoting xenophobic bigot and he screwed this all up for Dorian Harvey, plain and simple. Derrick Coleman Going Bankrupt Ballin for Detroit derrickstrip In 2007, Derrick Coleman a former NBA star who made $87 million according to news reports started using his money to invest in rebuilding and revitalizing Detroit where he grew up. Derrick Coleman financed a loan to create a strip mall on the west side of Detroit where he established Snyx Sneaker Bar to sell gym shoes and host tenants for a pizza shop, barber shop and bill payment center. Damn, where is the tax return center and hair beauty store while we at it? Why the all the stereotypical hood businesses for an $87 million man to do for the hood? Ok, let me keep going. (Update: the current strip mall do have a tax service – thanks for fulfilling the stereotype). “Coleman grew up in the area and still maintains a home nearby. He has plenty more planned for the neighborhood, including a catering hall and Sunday brunch restaurant in a former Urban League Building as well as a cleaners, farmer's market, car wash, laundry facility and a non-profit that will teach inner city youth how to become business people. He has purchased two blocks of property to this end and will invest up to $6 million in the vision.” Source: http://www.modeldmedia.com/devnews/snyx11707.aspx Coleman financed his operation through loans and personal investments that also appeared leveraged with money from others to acquire these properties. Use other people money is the common thought that appears to be Derrick Coleman approach to financing his ventures and real estate. But the problem is when you do things on margin, you are hoping things go up so you can make a profit. But what happened in 2008? The market collapse and the real estate market when to crap. Derrick Coleman debt financing were now worthless with no sign of a positive return. Detroit started to slip further and further as GM and other automakers were looking for bailouts and jobs were bleeding in Detroit and things were getting from bad to worse. But I know what you smart people are thinking – hey, didn’t Derrick Coleman setup a corporation so he won’t be liable for the bad investments? It does not appear so as Derrick Coleman had to file Chapter 7 (total dissolution) bankruptcy of his personal assets to deal with his creditors and debtors. Teachable Moments and Analysis teach In both cases, we had a pro-black nationalist and we had a professional black athlete who both wanted to do well for the hood and create economic development. In both cases, you saw the outcome which was not successful. Dr. Claude Anderson could not keep his xenophobic bigotry to himself and did not fully understand how to approach getting taxpayer money to fund a project. It would have been very likely AfricanTown LLC would have got that $40 million and started development then but the mistake made was to bring in a Black Nationalist loudmouth who spewed nationalist hatred in a taxpayer funded feasibility study peddling his PowerNomics book in the document creating a firestorm of controversy. Derrick Coleman went the opposite end of instead of using taxpayer money, he appeared to leverage his own assets and used debt financing to obtain real estate property and start businesses. The market collapse in 2008 and he owed debts and did not have assets and had to file for total dissolution in bankruptcy. Derrick Coleman mistake was not buying property outright and creating a corporate shield to protect his personal assets from liabilities. I’m wondering who was Derrick Coleman financial advisors through this whole episode. I also want people reading this to understand – there were no real businesses being proposed in both plans, just the same strip-mall style merchant shops that only employ a few minimum or marginal-wage jobs. Black economic development is going to require skilled workforce and medium to large industrial/corporate operations to create jobs in a high density area and raise the housing and school market and taxpayer base and influence in these communities. Over and over when black people try to claim they about economic empowerment, they come with lightweight crap like a hair salon or fast food joint or clothing shop as the merchants who supposed to bring back the whole black neighborhood. In Dr. Claude Anderson case, he speaks of fish farms and bottling and as people said back then, who wants to work in a damn fish farm and who want to look at bottles going down a processing line all day long? And for how much? These are not “good jobs” and people locally felt this was just good talk and not a real viable solution to the overall issue of black economic empowerment. But where Dr. Claude Anderson messed up and his biggest mistake was not realizing import/export and trade relations are needed with other groups to establish our own GDP and growth. Being a xenophobic ain’t going to get us anywhere except selling handmade soaps and African wood art under vendor tents. The teachable moment here is we need to establish plans that focus on economics, not black pride and Black Nationalist ideology that has no basis in reality on how money works in this world. We got too many recycled “black economic power” clowns popping up on the scene and their followers keep talking the same thing but do not understand economic modeling and patterns and practices of urban economic development. I find it funny you lightweight ass clowns talking about Jason Black and 7AM or Dr. Boyce Watkins and his Black Wall Street when the last I checked, Atlanta Black mayors created an airport and jobs around that airport, created a hotel and convention industry and jobs around the hotel and convention industry, create Atlantic Station, created downtown condo living and now creating light rail connecting downtown to the Historic Auburn District and made Atlanta an InterNAP hub for Internet traffic and hosted the 1996 Olympics. Yeah, you ain’t got nothing to say on that, ain’t yall? Like I said, Boyce Watkins talking about some damn strip in Oklahoma called Black Wall Street in the early 1900s like that was our legacy when we had Herman Russell here in Atlanta building skyscrapers! Take-Away What we need to take away from the two mistakes made in Detroit is simple – we cannot rely on Black Nationalist mouthpieces and professional athletes to save the hood or rebuild it because they either have a big mouth filled with bigotry or cannot handle their money right. We need smart cats like we got here in Atlanta that knows how to build things and run things. Like I said before, we got wannabees that want to mention Dr. Claude Anderson who already screwed up an opportunity in Detroit and you haven’t seen a damn thing about the success models of Atlanta in that 7AM YouTube quality documentary by Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed. Here is the take-away and lesson learned we need to establish economic empowerment in our urban communities. Establish Economic Clusters. Create a vertical cluster that can develop skills and talent. India did this creating IT hubs and talent is coming out of these regions. China did this creating manufacturing hubs and the cats who want to be about it with vision need to create hubs for financial, IT and manufacturing service on one aspect to develop regional talent and skills that will generate global demand. This is not small merchants, this is manufacturing and professional services that create entrepreneurs who in turn create jobs and exports. Multiple Entrepreneurs need to be Involved. There is not going to be one person like a Dr. Claude Anderson or Derrick Coleman leading the black economic movement and that’s fantasy romantic thoughts right there held by Black Nationalist characters. I have losers coming to Dream and Hustle comment section trying to say what I’m doing or I’m not about this and you can tell these are clowns trying to pick and choose a black economic leader instead of realizing we all have to work towards establishing black economic foundation. That is why you don’t see me respond to these stupid ass black folks talking that ish about Dr. Claude Anderson when that old xenophobic bigot ain’t going to lead us anywhere except alienate global partners from doing business with black folks. Establish Financial Organizations. Instead of trying to get taxpayers to foot the entire bill, we can get them to just give tax breaks and pay for the sewer and street work – those are very important and that is what we can get the city to do with no issues. But for real estate, we create REITs and we also focus on generating investments for land and buildings. However, do not think real estate is a good path as we can do things on open land with pop-up shops and shipping containers and generate revenue. In addition, we create private clubs that are non-profits that works on community economic improvement and compete against the Urban League and Black Chamber of Commerce who have proven to be mostly self-serving at best. And we don’t use our personal assets to finance or pay for anything unless it is a small amount under $5000 (which is possible). We Need Imports and Exports. We do not need to go around blaming immigrants and other ethnic groups. Let the rest of America own the bigotry aspect of America and we have nothing to do with that. We want and need Chinese tourists to come in and spend in our community. We want to export goods to Asia and Africa and Europe and elsewhere. We need to build products to export and have people come in to spend money in our communities. Economic development is about moving money in our community, not black identity with black owners, black employees and black consumers - that is a bunch of stupid ass race nonsense right there. You need money coming in for your tax base and use that tax base to spend on your community, your schools and your housing investment to increase. Don't let another idiot tell you or sell you on that "blackface business district" crap again because that is not how economic works and that is not our solution to black economic empowerment. Don’t Leave Atlanta Out of the Success Model Conversation. No one is credible talking about black economic empowerment and do not discuss Atlanta success models. There is really nothing else to add because this is too self-explanatory.

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  1. Thanks. These last few entries hit home. Learning from failures. Many thanks for taking it world wide. I remember the Atlanta as “mecca” talk some years back. I did not know. I just went back and looked at the succession of mayors and the infrastructure they left behind for the next administration. A momentum model. It puzzles me as well. The knee jerk nostalgia reaction to cite “Black Wall Street” as the only example… almost possessed.

  2. Very good insight on not making the same mistakes as others. I dont know why some ego minded black ppl have to always deem something to be black owned yet the support is still never there. You dont hear of other immigrants or American nations come out sating we building economic growth for ourselves. They just do it and you see it. They know how to keep that shit to themselves and make moves. This is a much better understanding of how to think about economic growth.

    1. Shay-

      what you speak about comes from: low self-esteem and having an inferiority complex.

      Also, I tell anyone what’s important isn’t who supports your business but more so that you’re the owner. I really don’t care who my customer base is, in terms of race and gender.

      I DO NOT want ANYONE supporting me JUST BECAUSE, my business is black owned. Support me because: I offer the products and services you need, I offer multiple payment options, I offer multiple avenues in which you can receive my products or services( downloadable, mail, in person, webinar,etc…), my business is located in a way that is convenient for you, my prices are in line with what you can afford.

      The above is how MOST people shop for products in services.

      In addition, create mainstream businesses not black specific businesses. Wal-Mart is mainstream. They don’t care who comes in their stores and buys, as long as you can pay for whatever you put in your cart, you can shop there. There is a lot of money in mainstream business. When I say mainstream, I’m not talking about “white folks”. Businesses that have no specific affiliation based on race, religion, sexual orientation are mainstream businesses. Those business have a much better chance of succeeding and they get more millage. Reason being, you’re catering to the mass market, the mainstream. That’s where the money is.

    2. You are so right Shay, No one wants to invest in their own backyard, and the backyard is your home, your area. Lets go to the malls who don’t give a flying frog about you. You spend all your money there and come home to abandoned business in your neighborhood. smh

    3. I do agree with you but to some extent you have to be sensitive to the fact that as blacks, African Americans, Moors, or whatever title one cares to be addressed by, their is not enough unity to put these type of economic plans together without making a lot of noise about it. I’ve been to more than a few cities and states in this country and our communities are nothing but a bunch of neighborhoods that are geographically locked together but socially distant while other ethnic groups have communities that are united and have social cohesiveness.

      1. Mr. Wright I got a question for you, did you read books by Dr. Anderson? Now is the time if you want to know why building an economy for blacks is compelling to move forward in PowerNomics. Then send me a response…Sir.

  3. Ed-

    YOU’RE high caliber thinking is what I’m always in search of from blacks. I’m in a lonely area, at least from a black perspective. My background is Finance/Investment banking. I would love for more blacks to realize, in addition to starting industrial companies you can ACQUIRE them as well. That’s what I do. On average, I look at 25-30 companies a month. In order to find 1 good company to buy, you have to look at 100. I will not discuss my holdings but I can tell you, there are plenty of companies to be had. I meet 76y/o white guys that own industrial companies all of the time. To be honest I can’t even stand answering my phone because as soon as 9am hits, my phone is ringing off the hook from other Investment Bankers, representing these baby boomers that are looking to retire and sell their companies. Just last week, I looked at 16 companies. Don’t think for once that some “old white dude” will not sell you his company. HE WILL. IF you show him you’ve lined up $9 million in financing, it’s game on!

    This morning I looked at an industrial roofing company–$24 million in annual revenues and 190 employees, great profit margins. A company like this can be acquired THAN, you line up a acquisition line of credit and go on a buying spree to acquire additional roofing companies to roll into the platform company you just bought. Once you beef up it’s size, do a reverse merger with a shell company(are non-revenue generating publicly traded company). Now you have a publicly traded company, access to the public financial markets, which means access to more cash and financing so you can keep rolling companies into your platform company. All while being the majority shareholder. As you’re stock value increases, so does YOUR wealth and net worth. You can do this in several industries.

    Blacks need to learn about the public and private capital markets. There are HUNDREDS of different financial products on the market for acquiring companies. No, I’m not talking about some weak SBA Small business loan or one of those small business “minority” loan programs. Stay away from those programs. Not to mention those programs want you to pledge personal assets and make personal guarantees, and that’s a “no-no”.

    I’ll stop now but I get excited reading articles such as this one. You’re playing my kind of music Ed. :0)

    1. Excellent point about acquisitions but I must add only if you either know how to run the business OR are willing to learn, put in over and beyond sustained effort AND have wise, trustworthy partners. I learned this when my church bought the Forum in CA. It is now thriving under Madison Square Garden’s ownership.

    2. Well Ed do you teach those who are interested in finance? Do you speak to young kids to groom there minds early????

    3. Hi Ron,
      Your reply was the best “big picture” synopsis I’ve ever read. Mind you, I’m just getting started, albeit late in life, on understanding & building wealth for myself & my family.
      My question for you is, how do you get into the circles where the type of money you mention is found if you’ve never done this before in your life.
      Thank you!

    4. U must have excellent credit Ron. Theres a guy named John hope Bryant who runs an org called Operation Hope, hes trying to empower folks by raising credit scores. Thought Id throw that out there.

      Im curious tho…How to get a loan with no PG? Banks or private lenders?

    5. Ron do you guide other people through the process of acquiring companies through the public and private capital markets? Whose a good consultant or reference?

    6. United we stand and have strength, divided we fall. You and myself, some others here, of like minds, could be a wonderful checks and balance for each other in developing and carrying out something to bring repair to our people. Um just saying.

    7. Ed
      I truly appreciate your candor. I was taught years ago that knowledge that nod transferable is always best. Anything that restricts you and it’s function to a specific location is time past and futile. The capital markets, coupled with intellectual capital is what will brings blacks from and to where they need to go.

      Much appreciated. I am on a mission to learn more about the capital markets


  4. You know I was watching the trailer for Hidden Colors 3 and I just couldn’t finish it. It made me cringe. I look at the work I’m putting in on my business model and im laughing because all I hear is intelligent grown man complaining about other people. When they showed the Ethiopian restaurant and complained about the Habesha people, I had enough. I’m seeing the info on the GUC is enough for Diaspora people to run industries on a global basis. Ed your pretty much beating a dead horse in this article but it’s significantly valuable. I think now that all trade lines are open it makes it very much easier. Also if we don’t take the initiative to really implement, fail, and succeed at these business models and trends we are going to be wiped off the economic scale.

    1. All of these are good ideas but they don’t apply to broke, unemployed, reparations-deprived black Americans. This country know why and refuse to man-up about it. I cannot ignore the reasons blacks are behind economically because for one, the lack of spreading the wealth is the culprit. I agree that blacks can’t shutout other ethic groups from buying black products but we can’t expect to stop seeking reparations (Dr. Claud Anderson) that would give blacks wealth to buy what is needed to build black infrastructure (the basic equipment and structures [such as roads and bridges] that are needed for a country, region, or organization to function properly). No black can buy (Dr. Claud Anderson) a business regardless of the race without wealth. Fact: Asians hire other Asians, Germans hire Germans and so forth. Blacks are the only group that have 80% of it’s people working for another group. And because we don’t have communities, we have neighborhoods like a bucket with a hole in it. Black dollars going out into other ethnic groups communities. This is why blacks don’t have communities in which more dollars are kept circulating in those black areas. This concept is forgotten in the black neighborhoods but are currently used by other ethnic groups with great success. Many Black Americans seemed to have forgotten that our Africans Ancestors were enslaved and brought to America to build America from the ground up for FREE. Our country’s law said that it is wrong and American has to give reparations (this is the law of this land) as America did for other reparation-less groups. Did you know that a study of tolerance on Black Americans came up with a stunning finding. Blacks that had wealth or better income where more calm and focused on building infrastructure than Blacks who are poor and wealth deprived in their communities.

      1. you stated these were good ideas, but you offered nothing in the 100+ words after that that sounded like better ideas. Those are not just good ideas, they better than anything Dr. Claud Anderson ever laid out, period.

        If you think Dr. Claud Anderson laid out anything better than those ideas, prove it. The fact you started lamenting in your commentary instead of lay out any framework provided by Dr. Claud Anderson shows the lack of solutions coming from that side of town.

        Those are not ideas, those are frameworks that are already work in progress, sir…..

  5. “we all have to work towards establishing black economic foundation” real deal here.

    the other groups have a deep bench, they have folks doing everything under the sun to make money (trades STEM white collar folks etc.).we cannot have a 50% black male HS drop rate and think we are going anyplace.

  6. But I know what you smart people are thinking – hey, didn’t Derrick Coleman set up a corporation so he won’t be liable for the bad investments? It does not appear so as Derrick Coleman had to file Chapter 7 (total dissolution) bankruptcy of his personal assets to deal with his creditors and debtors.

    the pro ballers get to meet a lot of high rollers and fail to use those contacts.that is one of the perks of playing big time sports the contacts you can meet.

    1. Satch-

      you know as well as I do, Athlete does not translate into Business person. Athletes may have affluence but many don’t have influence nor do they know how to position themselves as such. Unfortunately, with blacks athlete or not the story is the same: grew up poor, without father, raised by grandmother,etc….blacks, in my observation do not expose themselves to the mass world.

  7. Unfortunately, with blacks athlete or not the story is the same: grew up poor, without father, raised by grandmother,etc….blacks, in my observation do not expose themselves to the mass world.

    yea but i know folks who went to the d-1 schools who did not go pro but got their degrees and got hooked up in business and corp america by folks they met at college.the early entry guys tend not to make those connections

    1. The early entry guys have much better access and resources to higher level contacts and opportunities……..

    1. Vison-

      thanks for your question. I can probably send you a few things(reading material) to get your mind thinking on the right track. But as far as going out and doing it, it’s best to have someone that can lead you through the landmines until you can stand on your own two feet. The process is fairly simple–

      1-Find companies for sale and request the Offering Memo (dozens of places to find them)
      2-Analyze financials and offering memo
      3-Reject company or Submit offer
      4-If offer is not accepted resubmit stronger offer
      5-If offer is accepted—HUSTLE like hell to line up the financing and perform due diligence/site visits
      6-Close the deal
      7-Take possession of the new company.

      The above is a ‘quick start” guide of the process.

      There are other details but it will unfold as you go through the process.

      As I tell people- you’re not looking for a job to buy, you’re looking for a company— Management team in place, so YOU don’t have to show up everyday. You can spend your time looking for other companies to buy. I look at a lot of deals. Just this month I looked at 35 companies. I put out an offer on a $24 million dollar roofing company in NY, last Friday. I withdrew my offer yesterday because the Investment Banker wants to “shop the deal” for a few weeks. I’ll resubmit my offer after the smoke clears. Had my offer been accepted and not shopped, I would have bought that company.

      I will say, finding companies to buy is EASY……..finding GOOD companies to buy, is much harder. But doable.

      I don’t want to take up too much of Ed’s comment section on this but I can send you some things to look over and you can hit me up for questions.

    2. Vison-

      as much as I enjoy what I do, I will be honest. 95% of people( a real statistic from IBBA.org) that start the process of looking for a business to buy NEVER buy a business. The process is not for the faint at heart. I cannot stress that enough.

      A few things to consider—
      Can you line up considerable sums of Financing?

      Can you get consist deal flow? ( deal flow comes from investment bankers and brokers)

      Deal flow is your life line. You have to look at 100 businesses in order to find 1 good one worth buying.
      For example, just today I had 11 deals comes in. I know guys that cannot get five deals in one month. That’s because it’s not easy. For the month I’m at over 40 deals.

      How strong is you financial analysis? Do you know how to read financials from the perspective of someone looking to buy a business? Do you know what you’re looking for and what to do when you find the info that you need?

      Those are a few things to consider. Why do 95% fail? Because it’s not easy. It it were, everyone would be buying companies.

      I don’t want to give ANYONE the impression that what I do is easy and “anyone” can do it. Because not “anyone” can do it. It takes a special and unique skill set.

      Just some food for thought……

    1. visionaryceo – Ron is in the Global Urban Collective. I would suggest getting into the group and we all can discuss business and how to go about things. As you know, I don’t have people contact me personally about coding and business models on this blog but over at the Global Urban Collective, I’m actively sharing code and have screencasting presentations with open floor to discuss anything and we work with others there. That may be a better approach for you.

    1. Hello, Ron. This is Ken from GUC. I’m interested in what you wrote here but I’m wasn’t sure if I’ve found your correct profile in GUC. Are you using just your initials in your profile there?

  8. thanks ed. Im so interested in this topic because I’m in the process of attending business school, but Im also want to have a holding company in the future with many companies under my parent company.

    1. Vision-

      I went to B-School…………let me tell you, B-school doesn’t prepare for buying companies. Nothing you learn will be of use nor applicable. That may be a shocker to you. B-school prepares to be an employee and nothing more.

      I’ve worked with guys with Harvard MBA’s and we’ve all said, if we knew than what we know now, we would have never gone to b-school nor college for that matter. We would have started buying companies right out of high school.

      I’m not saying this to discourage you, I’m saying this because I want you to have realistic expectations as to what B-school can and cannot do for you.

      I studied Finance. I did not cover anything as it relates to how to analyze financial states from the perspective of buying a privately held company. In B-school you pretty much focus on large multi-national, publicly traded companies like Wal-Mart as case studies. Why? Because those are the types of companies B-school grads work for. Notice is said: WORK FOR.

      In B-school—

      I didn’t learn anything about Balance sheet evaluation, deal structure and business valuation. I certainly didn’t learn anything about getting deal flow, setting up systems( KPI’s, Reporting systems, using operations dashboards) to set companies up for absentee ownership. I didn’t learn anything about how to create a Letter Of Intent to purchase. I didn’t learn how to negotiate a deal. I didn’t learn how to raise capital. I didn’t learn how to bootstrap a company( Leveraged Buyout).

      I could go on and on. I learned everything above buy going through the process of DOING IT.

      For a fraction of what you’re spending on B-school you could actually put it towards buying a $5mill-$10mill business that pays you about $300K/year. I’m talking about a company with a management team in place.

      You can create a holdings company for less than $500.

      I know of one gentleman that will tech you how to buy turnaround companies. His strategy is to buy companies that are close to bankruptcy and reposition the companies financially. Roll several into one and than flip it for profit. As soon as you reach out to me on the GUC, I can pass along the info. He hold private 3 day workshops. They cost less than $1000 and he provides on going support. He’s bought and flipped 21 companies. He’s in his 60’s now and does this just to keep busy.

      Just some food for thought.

  9. So we are using the city with the largest income inequality among major cities in the nation as our model?? I do agree with some of your points, but let’s just relax on the name calling of people with alternate ideas. I believe Dr. Anderson and others like him truly want to see economic advancement of Blacks in America. The facts remain that approximately only 8,400 Black US households have net assets of $1.2 million or more. We have a long way to go!
    The Jewish-American model of the Jewish Free Loan Society is a good economic model I think Blacks should study.

    1. @ActBlack
      That doesn’t sound to shabby of an idea BUT, notice what you posted; “The Jewish-American model of the Jewish Free Loan Society is a good economic model.” Now that isn’t a bad idea for those who know WHAT an economic model is, and OVER-STAND what that particular economic model is saying. Also that Jew-“ish” model cannot work for us “blacks” because there is a specific motive behind every business model; the making of money is just apart of the SURFACE but the money is not necessarily the strength of the survival. Its VERY, VERY deep motives that are in play here. You also said that ‘Approximately only 8,400 Black US households have net assets of $1.2 million or more’. The only way to really measure that is if you have access to the DTC(Department Trust Corporation) in which they hold ALL of the U.s social security numbers; and the ss# keeps track of your assets. I do agree that Bro. Anderson made some really good points though, but again as he was speaking he threw in some “You gotta support/ or work with (whoever the preacher of the ‘black’ mega church is)’, and that ‘man of god isnt doing ANYTHING for ‘blacks’ except telling them lies and helping them feel good.

  10. Good idea Act Black. Do anyone know how I can contact Ron? I tried to find him on the GUC but I had no luck. I really wanted to learn about the process to evaluate and buy companies. I just seen an articles on fortune stating that their are many baby boomers are looking to sell and cash out of their businesses. This is a great opportunity because it’s going to be a buyer’s market for many opportunities to create wealth

  11. I love this. I would love to present a idea that can help us generate national black cash flow infrastructure. I could use some help and joining resources fort he betterment of our culture is what it’s all about, right.

  12. Its seem Dr Anderson Black Lash in Detroit was due to him going against his own strategy in his powernomics strategy he stated that the politics cannot be truly effective without an independent economic autonomy hence the stronger economic powers were able to force the politicians in there pockets to shut his plan down

  13. Black Wall Street was more than just a strip mall though……40 square blocks of 1,265 African American homes, including an airport, hospitals, 2 movie theaters, schools, and churches over 150 businesses

  14. This is amazing. Ironically, it was a post in Jason Black’s closed FB group that brought me here. He criticizes Black Enterprise as being “irrelevant” because, he says, the magazine doesn’t provide useful information. Jason then posted an article about various on-line ways to learn to code from Entrepreneur magazine, saying that it’s a shame we have to go outside the black community to get useful information.

    His assertion led me to Google “Is Black Enterprise irrelevant?” and Google returned this site’s article about Black Enterprise’s lack of emphasis on smaller black businesses. Then I saw in the left menu the comments on this article about Claud Anderson (he spells his first name without an “e” by the way) and clicked my way to this post. Real interesting stuff.

    Now for the record, I liked 7AM although the concepts presented are not new; they’ve been floating around for decades. But Jason seems to go beyond his black empowerment exhortations to engage in stuff like single-mom bashing and criticizing the so-called civil rights “coons.” Perhaps he relies on such “shock-jock”-ery to keep his audience entertained. But his shtick is also a turn-off to others.

    All that said, your listing of the succession of Atlanta mayors was pure gold. I also would like information on the Global Urban Collective. My family has a corporation that we recently dusted off to use as a government contracting vehicle. Cracking the government, however, is hard as hell for reasons too numerous to mention here. I’m intrigued by the idea of looking at existing businesses to purchase. Not to say that I’ll ever do it, but I’d like to at least explore the idea. Thanks much.

  15. How can I join the GUC? I LOVE the ideas being exchanged here based upon true principals of economics and finance. I was reading Claude Anderson to get some ideas for a Econ.Dev project, so i looked at his track record where he was able apply these techniques. I read about his Detroit initiative and how his lust for black pride distorted the ultimate goal- renaissance of urban entrepreneurs. I like the ideas of Claude Anderson but black nationalism cannot be the goal. I do realize that RE billionaire Micheal V Roberts of St Louis said that “blacks need legacy” so I understand the want of having black faces and names attached to products and buildings.

    I am a finance/real estate & econ development student in Baltimore. I realize the education i am getting is not in line with my ultimate goals of ownership. I don’t want to be another employee that establishes someone else as the master, on my sacrifices. No one in my circle seems to have credible answers, ladder to opportunities, diction/language, or correct ideas to even begin to incubate an urban entrepreneurship/merchant class. I liked what RON was saying about holding company strategy. I studied RE appraisal and this one field that slightly teaches you financial analytic in a real world capacity. I would like to pursue ideas such as that.

    1. If no one in ur circle cannot incubate ideas change your circle. Don’t wait til ur over 40 like me. You are not going to die if you progress to another level but you wil damn near die if u don’t !!! Please heed my advice cause I want u all to succeed kids.

  16. Ed, Im 20 years old and in college trying to start my own business, I was googling Claude Anderson and found your article and I have to say it opened my eyes and mind, seriously. I have been inspired by 7am and I think you are right, it has a lot of complaining but little actions or details on how to take action.

    I have a question, have you and the like minded others considered creating a circle or group and mentoring black students in reputable colleges who want to start businesses? See, I am learnign from well off class mates that they gain there insider knowledge from there fathers and uncles and have stock portfolios started for them at a yound age, not mention receive

    1. advice from family friends who have there own businesses. I can find mentors (whether it be black women, or dating a man, i think it may be easier to attain information as a woman ) but I heard from friends that as black men they can never barely if they ever find a mentor even when they do reach out. And that makes me sad. I think thats a problem.

    2. A,

      A bit of advice and wisdom – if you are in college you basically have everything you need to around you to get started. You have access to software, internet and a student library filled with information. But most important you have peers your age and you can start something together.

      You don’t have to start anything big, you can start something small like a fast-food pickup service to deliver food to dorms using a mobile app and hot bags to store the food in. In fact, I bet you look around at your college and you will see other students already doing stuff.

      I started in college, most successful people will tell you they leveraged their college resources to learn how to start a business. I would first tell you to start out by stop chasing the social aspect of college and start looking at hustles to get the money up while you in college right now.

    3. One more thing A and this is very important.

      I know you are young, in college and trying to find your way and belief system and is chasing Tariq Nasheed, Jason Black, Dr. Umar Johnson and the rest of the Dr. Claud Anderson crew and their nice speeches on YouTube. I suggest the very first damn thing you do right here and right now is turn all of that crap off and admit you are looking at the wrong people.

      You need to look at the possibilities, not people – you need to realize you are in a new paradigm of the sharing economy and global ventures and opportunities around you. Change your mind immediately and don’t limit yourself to some pro-black diatribes or you will regret it deeply later.

    4. Thank you for your response, it has been insightful and I realize Dr. Anderson and all of them might not be the best way, time to start looking at the real. I have decided that my portfolio projects in school be marketed to the masses over one singular pro black view to gain more attention and possibly profit in the future.

      I have been looking to learn coding and take a beginners Python class now. I was told to learn X code for a app by a family member but I am looking try and hire a programmer for as much as i can afford with equity for my newest idea which is somewhat like a social networking app because I read it can take a dedicated year or 2 to learn to do well. Ed, its crazy you said some students are already doing stuff, I just met a classmate who made a weather app thats very successful in another country making top 30 apps there. You can believe I befriended him!

      Now I don’t know where to start in coding, and what to learn coding for (other than app development) but I saw you told someone on your tech article to learn C?I appreciate anything you have to say on this seeing you have a wealth of knowledge on these things and seem to want to help young people so any advice works, I think the bit you’ve given has given me better potential! I want to get my app business rolling, and I have website that needs a web developer to get it rolling too!

      Thanks Ed!

  17. To the third-party observers seeing these “powah-nomics” character mumbling and fussing about – do you notice something kind of obvious?

    That Derrick Coleman spent millions and millions on his community he grew up in using his own money? You peeping these characters ain’t talking about Derrick Coleman who actually had the real actual respect in the Detroit community?

    But these character coming here all fussy about Dr. Anderson and “powah-nomics” which is begging someone else for money and xenophobic write-ups and total expenditure is a drop in a bucket what Derrick Coleman poured into Detroit with his own money.

    Common sense would say follow the real money and the convo should be about Derrick Coleman who anybody from Detroit will give props to and Derrick Coleman threw millions of his own money out to his people – but they coming here trying to argue about “powah-nomics”, think on that.

  18. Ed, you definitely made some good points referencing Atlanta’s successful Majors and how they were able to product jobs and create economic growth for the city. And clearly if the main objective of African Americans is just to create additional revenue as a business owner; objective met. But maybe you are missing the message Dr. Claud Anderson, Dr. Naim Akbar and Tom Burrell (just to name a few) are trying to present to the Black community which is; we as a Black society are disproportionately suffering because we as a Black society, not as an individual don’t own anything major that can affect change in the community or society we live in. Example, Anderson-DuBose Co., the largest minority owned business in North America ONLY supplies franchises like McDonald’s, Chipotle and other restaurants. And there’s nothing wrong with owning franchises, but which cooperation owns those franchises? Any Blacks? I know hindsight is 20/20 and sure you’re right there are things Claud could have done differently looking back, but as an entrepreneur we only look at failures as a learning curve. I see most of your guess are entrepreneurs or business owners so we’re all familiar with failures. My point being Claud was trying to structure a plan where we Black could eventually build our own empire and brand in America just like the Hispanics, Indians, Chinese, Arabians and Jews. I mean don’t you found it funny how the Jews protested against Claud’s proposal to form a “Black only community of entrepreneurs and business owners” when every other race as mentioned above already have their own community. Hmm…one of these things is not like the other one…and it’s us the Blacks!

    1. I don’t get it, unless you are being stubborn…

      You said I made good points about Atlanta mayors and their ability to produce economic development which is self-evident and there. So if the Atlanta mayors and the city of Atlanta already did it, why did you contradict yourself saying we don’t have anything? We have political control of a city and building economic drivers in the city of Atlanta so why are you stuck on the downtrodden story of saying what we don’t have or cannot do?

      Everything you wrote after mentioning Atlanta is null and void and irrelevant and blathering. I don’t care about the message those cats said, I don’t care about the ancedotals of who doing what and whatever plan Dr. Claud tried to do and he failed being a xenophobic. Why are you or whoever the rest of you guys are even trying to entertain all of that stuff when I keep putting in your face what being done in Atlanta? And I just mentioned – you keep talking about Dr. Claud Anderson when Derrick Coleman is the real cat in the article who put up his own money to make some things happened.

      And let me tell you why and you can try to come back and deny and me and other cats will just laugh at you and you know it is true – you are running away from real work and real results done by cats in Atlanta and what Derrick Coleman actually did. You rather talk about someone running their mouth with a book or a speech or a YouTube video and you want to deny/pretend Atlanta don’t exist and that strip mall Derrick Coleman created don’t exist and he didn’t put that money in. Because to you, it’s easy to be a black economic hipster instead of put in work – which is the real fun and excitement. Instead, you run to talking up grandiose crap about some bigshot black person supplying Chipolte instead of the real stuff. You running away from real work, that’s what you doing bro…

      Because if you was real in this conversation..you would be dropping Dorian Harvey name, not Dr. Claud Anderson….you might want to step back and re-think your position and who the real damn players are in the landscape…

  19. How many of you are willing to invest 10k or more into an investment group to acquire financing to purchase a business. Yes the investment group must be properly structured to protect the investors. Come together, lets do it or nothing will change. From Warren Buffet to Bob Johnson some one invested in them. We must invest in each other. Unity and trust,

  20. Ed, thanks for opening up my eyes. I didn’t know that about Dr. Claude Anderson. I was wondering why it seems almost an impossibility for 2-5 black people around here to get together and start something meaningful instead of going to the city for some funding or getting it from white folks. These other races have a “town”, but why does it seem as if black folks routinely run into big obstacles that Dr. Claude Anderson ran into? I’m glad you answered this question because every since I started hearing him speak, this was my question. I was thinking it was the racism, other racial groups want blacks to stay at the bottom, or because successful black people don’t want to upset white people with the big money. I didn’t know any better, and I’m glad you let me know the real reason why because all I had was what Dr Anderson said and speculation on my part. I’m sick of these stereotypical places such as BBQ places, soul food places, barbershops, hair salons, selling soap, etc. I see white owned, Latino owned, and Asian shopping plazas and malls all over the country, but I don’t really see that as much from us. These other folks are laughing at us because they know we are dependent on them for everything. Black people generally speaking drag their feet when I get together with them so we can start something that we KNOW will make money unless we can make the money RIGHT NOW. I live in a majority black city but yet there are Chinese restaurants, Latino restaurants, Japanese restaurants and Arab owned convenience stores in my area but yet there are almost none of those people living here. I would say that 95-98% of the people in my town are Black or White so that tells you something. White people own most businesses here, and black people are all about talking about what God is going to do with a White Jesus on their wall or White folks will destroy it if it gets too big but yet we won’t get together to do anything that we have control over but these stereotypical businesses and car washes. Many of the black men take the profit made from washing cars at a White man or an Arab man’s convenience store and spend it right back in Walmart, Kroger, Subway, etc on junk. Not as much on needed things. In most of the majority black cities I go to in this country, black people don’t own and control enough of anything either. And black people will usually point to one or two black people who are doing well as if that helps black people overall. Many of those people unfortunately don’t want black people to succeed because their success depends on keeping the masses of black people poor. My family is like the typical black family: they have low paying jobs and/or on welfare. They told me “good luck” with my business venture without even trying to offer me ideas or give me some reasonable suggestions which is what a person who cares would do. Now, my family comes to me for money and talking about what businesses they want to start. This is why I stay to myself as much as I can because most black people don’t deserve to be helped. They don’t want to build their own economy so they can own and control something. They want to get right into the white system and then whine about racism when they built their systems so they can maintain power over us while giving their children an easier path to the top than the typical black person has. And of course, my family gets mad and acts like I think I am better than them because I don’t want to give them money. This annoys me because I asked them ad nausem about “let’s start a business that is not that expensive” so we can make some of the money in this town, but yet they had excuses. I find it insulting how there is an Asian owned nail salon in a majority black town with almost no Asians living here and there are always black women customers in there, but yet we don’t have one. I see this in black town after black town. The same is true with restaurants in my city, black people only own bbq restaurants. Black folks own no other restaurants but are whining about not having anything to choose from. The white folks and Mennonites own the bakeries.

  21. Everytime black people show any semblance of pride for their own, they are torn down by none other than their own! Claude Anderson’s concepts are by no means without flaw, however, they are not lacking in purpose! This is where you’re obviously confused! His ultimate agenda is to repair and restore community through economic empowerment. If I create a corporation that hires multitudes of people outside of my own, what have I accomplished but what’s already been accomplished in America! The purpose is to improve the plight of black communities. That means creating a market within the community that supplies the needs of the community in order to sustain the community! It doesn’t mean you can’t create other businesses under a different umbrella to focus on broader markets also. One fact remains, the grocers, dollar stores, gas stations, beauty supply stores, drive thru’s, restaurants, liquor stores, pharmacies, convenient stores etc.. all soliciting substantial black business within the black neighborhoods are owned by people other than blacks! That has to change!!

    1. “Claude Anderson’s concepts are by no means without flaw, however, they are not lacking in purpose!”

      We are way past the point of talking about someone intention or if it has purpose and agenda. That Dr. Anderson man is too damn old for you to be looking up to in this day and age and environment we are in. This ain’t debating season anymore…that period is long gone and personally, I and pretty much everybody else is not even paying attention to this kind of talk – this is shoring up/sandbagging time, sir….

  22. I read the article and every comment each person has made so far. As informative as the article was, i quickly became disgusted with the comments. Now I see why our people struggle so much. We lack vision, common sense, and grit. Even the intellectuals can’t seem to agree and move forward with a positive realistic agenda as to how to move our people into a better future. No other culture has to do anything to us, because the damage has already been done. It starts with trusting your own to be itself and then start working from there. Peace to all.

  23. I also came to this post with a open mind, but after reading it along with the comments I am left with mixed feelings afterwards. The author is very analytical, but also very negatively critical towards Dr. Anderson and Mr. Coleman. Indeed this blog post was very enlightening for it’s comparative analysis of both Dr. Anderson and Mr. Coleman business expenditure in the city of Detroit and the teachable moments and takeaways sections were done well, but the overall message of this post is perplexing. Right off the bat, I can instantly point out that neither the author “ed” nor this particular commentor “ron” have not once read Dr. Anderson book whatsoever. You two have watched a couple of his Youtube clips, viewed his website, saw him selling his book and then made a judgment call on him. Dr. Anderson book Powernomics is pretty great book; he goes out his way to cite his sources from prior research, but I will not dive too much into that; I’ll stay on topic.

    Just b/c someone is pro-anything in Dr. Anderson case pro-black that in your opinion makes him xenophobe? Well, that’s not true b/c you can have preferential to your own people and that doesn’t make you a xenophobe at all. Ex. Spanish people tend to hire and want to live around other Spanish people, does that make all Spanish people xenophobic? I really believe you need to look up the definition prior to using words in the wrong context.

    I believe your post does have merit, but only to an extent b/c its good to hold people accountable even a person like Dr. Anderson they are promoting xyz and when those things don’t come to fruition we have to examine why didn’t it work or what went wrong. The Detroit projects pursued by Dr. Anderson and Mr. Coleman stated here I did not know about, but there are still some positive things that can be taken away from his experience that’s valuable for other people to learn, so that they do not make the same mistakes he nor Mr. Coleman did.

    Another thing I want to touch on how critical you are about 1 of Dr. Anderson many suggestions, owning a fish farm. The author was super critical of this idea, like it is truly unfathomable that black people would engage in fish farming nor is even lucrative enough to engage in. Brother fall back off your high horse many people engage in fish farming for their living everyday especially in coastal towns and cities. Here’s a link below:


    Dr. Anderson makes suggestion all the time, but he shouldn’t be the one to come up with a business suggestion all the time. If you don’t like it, that’s cool, but somebody out there my think it’s cool for them to do. A College education or life in Wall Street or life in Corporate America isn’t for everybody, so people may need or want to open a fish farm or get trade to feel like a contributing member of society. At least, he’s not purposing everybody to flip burgers.

    In this day and age, guess what anybody can buy stocks, bonds, and other securities instruments no matter what your occupation is, whether your a janitor or Director. So, if someone own or works at a fish farm that doesn’t mean they cannot partake in a hedge fund.

    The real problem is black people have multitude of problems and we get nowhere being divided, and splintered. I admit we live a global society, we’re in global competition nowadays but realize this, something Dr. Anderson puts it out there all the time, why is every single ethnic demographic more successful than black people as whole? Ponder on that. You may say Dr. Anderson is always screaming the race card, but he isn’t. He does deft articulate job in his book Powernomics on why the status quo is the way it is.

    However, I don’t think we should continue to be beaten over the head that racism this and racism that, we need to make moves. Just like another commentator stated earlier the most fun is not planning an entreprise but implementing it.

    Again Ed, this was a good blog post and I thank you for sharing. However, I would like to leave you with this quote I learned as a child.

    “If you want to keep something from someone put it in a book.” Although, I take a step further, “if you want to keep something from someone put in a book and then hand it to them, I bet you don’t read it.” Hence why black slave children weren’t allowed to read.

    1. Sounds like you are more interested in Dr. Anderson image than any real solution….you keep talking about him instead of the solution.

      I can assure you I read Powernomics and broke the book down on this blog several times – Dream and Hustle is the perfect place for you to go into details into what you think you can bring from that 2001 book that is worth anything in 2016…..feel free to bring the details….

      1. Our people need to remember that Black Wall Street was not created by one person Ed and the rest of you who’s against Dr. Anderson and others who are doing something than just talking). Also, we all need to go back and seek God’s council. Because of our peoples rebellion towards God, we all (so-called Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans) These churches some of us attend, we need to question the pastors why do we need to pay (which are stolen wages from church congregations 2 Corinthians 11:7-9 and Hebrews 7:11&12) tithes. The Original King James 1611 with the Apocrypha Bible says tithing was done away with when Jesus Christ died on the cross. Pastors of these churches need to preach on who the descendants of the children of Israel are (Deuteronomy 28) and why the other nations hate blacks, Latinos and Native Americans and putting us in oppression. Doing this will guild us all to prosperity.

        1. Religion is the last resort of scoundrels. The African shamen didn’t protect us from being shipped away as slaves and you slave master religion damn sure not going to fare any better.

    2. Not more interested in his image but more so, on the message, suggestions, and the vision. You are absolutely right that the book is 16 years old, but a lot the material in the book, however, not all but a lot is still relevant to this day.

      He provided suggestions for some routes blacks can take, that’s saying way more than anybody else of stature or celebrity in black community has said in modern day times.

      I do disagree with Dr. Anderson on the technology portion of his book, I believe more blacks should be astute in coding, basic computering skills, typing, developments of apps, possess certificates in CompTIA A+ and etc. We must understand and leverage technology in this world plus it is proven that black people are the #1 technology adopters in the world [early adopters] so that’s an even more an incentive.


      If we can leverage some that potential it would be huge for black people. The best thing about Dr. Anderson book is the concept of implementing vertical intergration and entho-aggregation amongst black people.

      Can you honestly say, after 16 years since this book has been published that we have achieve such feats or results?

      I cannot Ed.

      Lastly, you mentioned Atlanta, GA as prime example of thriving city for black people and should be shinning example for other black cities plus the wonderful job the mayors and their successors have done with the city.

      My question to you how many Atlanta type cities do we have in America?

      The one that comes to my mind b/c I’m from there is the city of Miami Gardens, FL. It may not have the acclaim that the city of Atlanta has, but it is close 2nd in my opinion.

      My point is, it’s been 16 years since this book has been written, but a part of your blog you boast how great the city of Atlanta is, how those mayors should be hired as consultants for doing such a great job with the city of Atlanta to replicate their work elsewhere, but why hasn’t it happened. Why don’t we have more cities like ATL for black people?

      Plus Did you know Atlanta was the state Capitol of the state of Georgia? Did you know most state Capitols have thriving local economy regardless who the mayors are of those cities? [Disclaimer: I am not and will not discredit the superb work those mayors did while elected]

      I mention all of this to say this I believe the book Dr. Anderson wrote is still relevant today b/c it seems there still much needed things we can learn from the book even if it’s 16 years old and from the ideas you mentioned in your takeaway sections b/c black people are not socio-economically where you nor I want them to be as a whole.

      However, you know what’s funny some of your concepts and ideas from your takeaway section, BTW are Great ideas, I read some of the exact same things prior too in Dr. Anderson book with slight exceptions/inclusions here and there.

      Lastly, I do want to acknowledge you made a great point in your takeaway section titled, Multiple Entrepreneurs need to be Involved; what you wrote there was honest truth.

    3. I don’t agree with Abuviel. I agree with Ed sentiments. Abuviel Please remember religion is tool for enslavement and was force upon black people. It has become the easy way out for most people to just turn to man-made contradictory religion to justify inequalities of life than to do something about it.

  24. Dr. Claud Anderson is spreading a message. He is on a journey to wake up Black people and introduce them to a basic consciousness and knowledge of wealth, power, and resources in America. It’s advice. I wouldn’t take away from anything that he has done vs anyone else. Each black person contributes in their own way. Dr. Anderson is genius in his delivery and ability to get the message across to even the least educated person. He is truly a blessing to our community.

    1. Aisha,

      You know his landmark message book came out January 2001. That’s before 9/11 you know how much the world has changed since 1/01. They were still debating if Bush won Florida and you could get on a plane with spikes on in January 2001. Point blank his message has not changed since it came out over 15 years ago it’s out dated, it won’t fix nothing in 2016. Technology shuts his whole message down. Have you read this article from 2014 http://dreamandhustle.com/2014/12/modernizing-dr-claud-anderson-approach-to-uplifting-brothas-and-sistas/ and guess what that’s is still being continuously improved and that’s from 2014.

  25. Mr. Coleman and Anderson may have failed in their attempts to reinvest in the Black community. It could have been a failure on their part, ours part as a people in not being more supportive or a little of both. This predicament in which we find ourselves as a people is very complex and it’s going to take a lot of give and take, with some successes and setbacks.

    I think that we can say the situation in which we finds ourselves isn’t pretty. Do I know that solution, NO. But our untrust of one another, lack of unity and our lack of confidence in building an alternative economic entity has us in a sling. So in my opinion is starts within each of us showing love and compassion with one another. There are simple things we can incorporate into our daily lives that will go and long way in starting the ball rolling in the right direction. Part of that starts with acknowledging one another with a warm smile or positive acknowledgement. Many times we fail to smile when greeting one another. How many times have you approached another person be it male or female, greet them with a smile, “HOW ARE YOU TODAY” and they either look the other way or respond in an unfriendly manner? We’ll never get anywhere until we can at least become civil with one another. And last and certainly not least, I feel we should stop beating others over the head over religion. Personally, I have no problem with whatever faith one prescribes to but you don’t have to tell folk who and what your belief is. “LIVING AND BEING A GOOD POSITIVE EXAMPLE IS WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT” and least that’s my feelings. If God, Allah or whomever that Supreme Being, isn’t twisting a person’s arm to make them do what their will, then whom I to try and do so. History shows many of the major wars and mass killing have religious roots.

    So let us try to find those positives in ourselves, others and let’s feed and nurture those things. Closing on a positive note. I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT that we as Black folk will find the Solutions to our problems and will become a shining example of what can be accomplished once one unify and the confidence in their ability has been restored.

  26. No one wants to tell the truth or start at the beginning when it comes to analyzing the Black condition. It starts with family. If we don’t have a mass amount of Black families that have a high degree of pride & integrity, an unflinching commitment to their own community and financial legacy and a drive to raise children with habits that are beneficial to the Black community we will never be able to create a plan, create an industry or at it’s very basic level, create a neighborhood. Family is where we need to start. Once we get Black men & women to stop bickering and start raising children, we’ll have a good place to start. Until then we can talk economics, education and culture until we are blue in the face, nothing will come of it.

  27. I am by nature a sceptic, so I am drawn to articles that challenge ideas. However, the credibility of this article was quickly lost in the beginning when the main antagonist of this post was referred to as a “light skinned curly haired” man. Ideas being challenged=good; people being personally attacked= I can’t even take the article seriously because it sounds petty and biased. I kept on reading because I felt like being amused and boy has this been amusing. So I have a feeling this “Ron” character is not real. Ron baited readers with this great approach to building wealth with such lines as “oh, my phone is ringing off the hook at 9am,” but was clearly no where to be found when readers were seriously interested in learning about how to break into his sector. The author’s defense of his non-responsiveness (“he’s a serious businessman”) further confirmed my suspicions. “Key teachable moments and takeaways” 1. attack ideas and not people 2. When something or someone (Ron) sounds too good to be true it probably is.

    1. 1) Ron is real – I knew Ron when I was in Chicago long before he found his way to this blog.

      2) The only one attacking is people like you – a “natural skeptic?” – sound like a damn loser who don’t accomplish shit and just question shit.

      3) The only one losing credibility is Dr. Claud Anderson because he got the biggest joke for followers and supporters who cannot uphold what he preaches, all they can do is talk about “attacking others” and “skeptical” and stuff like that.

      4) you wrote “So I have a feeling…” – fuck your feelings…

      The fact you come here with nothing to say or nothing of value to add acting as if you going to discount someone…who are you going to discount anybody to when you just a natural skeptic with feelings…GTFOH…

  28. It’s hard to find this article credible when the diction is bad at best. No one denied the contributions of the former Atlanta mayors and the development that’s taken place in that city. It seems to me you think EVERY black person that strives to do something on this level needs to bow down and give praise to the former Atlanta mayors. To me that’s garbage.

    We are the ONLY race of people that have something negative to say about our own kind when we try to better ourselves. And again the author’s diction takes away all of the credibility he was trying to establish by writing this in the first place.

    Throughout your article you referenced the “Xenophobic” term, why are you so caught up on that? Can you dispute the economic facts of black people in America? It’s no different now than it was in 1860. These two men attempted to do something for the community that is rare. I don’t see examples of black people creating jobs and economic development on the scale that you have mentioned. If so why are you only using one city’s (Atlanta) example?

    This article is not well researched, too opinionated, and anti-black if you ask me. My hope is the author was non-black posing as a black man because if the author is black it’s the same ol’ crabs in a barrel mentality. STOP THIS NON-SENSE and wake up to the reality.

    1. This was a pretty desperate rant you posted here.

      It’s hard to find this article credible when the diction is bad at best.
      That’s just your damn opinion, no one gives two damn what you find credible or not. You are not credible to have a discussion on who you think is credible which is kinda of funny – posting an alias name like rhymesayer35 and then trying to discuss who is credible….

      We are the ONLY race of people that have something negative to say about our own kind when we try to better ourselves.
      So Donald Trump running around saying “Lying Ted” and calling others crybaby and Jeb Bush had to bring his mother around is something you haven’t noticed. People in the middle east and europe fighting police every day in the streets calling each other names like pigs and creating effigy of each other. The council in Asia and Ukraine reducing to fist fights in the chambers instead of voting – but you pull out this lie and nonsense that only us black people have something negative to say…see you losing credibility.

      Throughout your article you referenced the “Xenophobic” term, why are you so caught up on that?
      You are not saying anything…you sound like a simple ass moron blabbing and not making any points. Because I want you to see what you wrote in the next statement after that.

      Throughout your article you referenced the “Xenophobic” term, why are you so caught up on that? Can you dispute the economic facts of black people in America?
      The economic fact is you cannot grow in a global economy being xenophobic – but you have no knowledge of how the economy work but got “economics” all in your mouth trying to pretending you having an economic conversation.

      It’s no different now than it was in 1860.
      I can tell you are an idiot at this point – if you think cats in 1860 was self-publishing like Kendrick Lamar….see, I can tell you heard this bullshit in some crowd among other stupid black dudes screaming “preach!” and “tell em!” and stuff.

      These two men attempted to do something for the community that is rare. I don’t see examples of black people creating jobs and economic development on the scale that you have mentioned. If so why are you only using one city’s (Atlanta) example?
      See, as you were typing you appeared to realize you fucked up..lol! First you said these two men attempted to do something..and they fucked up..and the point of this article to explain why and the takeaway. Then you said you don’t see any examples then caught yourself because the black mayors of Atlanta did way more than these two people “attempted to do” and you realized that then start blabbing about “one city” – you caught yourself. Cats in Africa ain’t doing nothing? A guy from Ghana just bought a black bank here in America to economically serve the local black community – you sure you really know what’s going on or is you just on the InterWeb posting pro-black bullshit for a living?

      This article is not well researched, too opinionated, and anti-black if you ask me.
      Nobody asked you…. 🙂

      My hope is the author was non-black posing as a black man because if the author is black it’s the same ol’ crabs in a barrel mentality. STOP THIS NON-SENSE and wake up to the reality.
      Your hope don’t mean shit. The bottom line is the author (me) 🙂 is a real black man while you nothing but a walking piece of rhetoric. Look at your words, homey….you have no real knowledge and science and just an image construction of some “conscious” character when you just a clown dressed up talking to someone real.

      Next time you or any of your friends want to step to this, bring some real shit to the fucking table instead of that weak ass shit you just posted. At the end of the day, you have nothing to contribute except some bullshit talk about what you find credible…not that you added anything to the fucking conversation…just your worthless opinion about you didn’t find it credible and yet, didn’t list one damn thing that made sense.

      You wanted to take this conversation down to your level of stupidity, plain and simple. You are incompetent…another marginalized black male adult reduced to shit talking and opinions instead of having any real skills or capability to uplift our people…yet you failed to realize your incompetence as a black adult is the biggest form of self-hate because you have nothing of value to bring to the black community you so much claim to love…

  29. Say what you will. . . non-xenophobic Blacks. . . these Indians, Pakistanis, Koreans, etc., are racist to the core, and they work together! A multicultural approach to business and investment is fine, but it would be much better if you had a strong ethnic base/network to fall back on. If it is every man/woman for him/herself, than let it be so. If we are one people. . . than we should start being that! This is not rocket science. . . we will either continue to trot along with the “talented tenth” mentality. . . as “lone wolves” in the wilderness, or we will work together. I, for one, think that the group cohesion issue is dead. It does not exist, and it never will exist. I am perfectly able to thrive in hostile political and economic climates, without any support from those who look like myself! So. . . let us cease with all this foolishness about solutions to “our” problem.

    1. “A multicultural approach to business and investment is fine, but it would be much better if you had a strong ethnic base/network to fall back on.”

      This being the crux of your idiotic rambling not only have zero basis in fact, it is not even sustainable in theory.

      ” I am perfectly able to thrive in hostile political and economic climates” – no you not, I can tell at what you posted that you are not able to thrive unless you mean operating as a bottom feeding scavenger and there are better bottom-feeders entering the fray.

      I understood your “talented tenth” reference but the other stuff you wrote, you need to stop bringing up irrelevant bullshit talking points to a real situation..just constructive criticism…

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