7-Day Test Show Jason Black Is Just a Punk Clown With Zero Goals of Black Empowerment

punktalk In an earlier blog article, I mentioned over and over that it only take 7 days to show progress and you are about it. That's it, only 7 days. We talked about telling you cats to run a 7 day test on Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed and not only them, but their followers and see what they are about. All you real brothas and sistas can now see this is what Jason Black is about 7 days later in the posted image above. Jason Black is a lightweight punk and anybody who subscribe to a lightweight punk is themselves a lightweight punk. Let's just go high level here - there is no solutions, no progress no direction towards black empowerment. What I'm seeing is a bunch of punks and now Dr. Claude Anderson is looking more and more like one of those punks that are out there peddling "black empowerment" media content to black folks wiling to buy it up. They are just on the "talk shit" circuit and their followers are full of shit. There is a blogger named Cobb who enlightened me about these type of guys. He didn't say these pro-black guys were poor - poor black people trying to eat and keep the lights on. He didn't say these pro-black guys were stupid - stupid black people care about sex and jig dancing. What Cobb said and what I come to realize is these pro-black people are full of shit, plain and simple. President Obama had his Affordable Care Act upheld by the Supreme Court, President Obama had a equality cause regarding gay marriage validated by the Supreme Court and President Obama took leadership in the Confederate flag issue saying it should be in a museum putting his federal nose into a states right issue and go to the state of South Carolina to deliver the eulogy leveraging his power to show the US President who is a black man, trump states rights. And this punk ass Jason Black clown writes the following comments above later doing some irrelevant apples and oranges shit. This is all you need to know about a guy named Jason Black and what he is about and what his followers are about - they are full of shit. hate1 Look at the first words in his statement about he not sure he co-sign....who is Jason Black to "co-sign" a damn thing? He didn't run up any flagpole or made a damn move in his life against the powers that be. No he didn't because cats who have went against the power don't say sissy shit like Jason Black does. I also heard Jason Black talk on YouTube and his dialect sound like a pussy too. Notice what he wrote "I am not sad" - that some sissy ass shit right there, what real black man you know talks like that? Notice what Jason Black didn't say is that women did a courageous act and civil disobedience and applaud her for it. You want to know why? Because the fact is, a black woman, not one of these punk ass pro-black militant dudes climbed that flagpole and took it down. Kind of embarrassing if you think about it - for real, let's talk about it. Bree had on climbing gear, meaning she practiced how to climb a flagpole - she didn't try to monkey her way to the top. She planned out how she was going to take down that symbol of hate and did something about it. That deserve nothing but 100% praise while this Jason Black clown talk about what he 100% co-sign like he suppose to be somebody. These black males (not black men) who follow Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed ain't climbed and took down a got damn thing but they running around saying "no justice, no peace" but their ass is peaceful as a lamb with rhetorical conversation online. Pro-black dudes probably can barely do a rock climbing wall at the Bass Pro Shop. When someone else like Bree does something and stand for something, all a real person should do is acknowledge her bravery and actions - but look what this punk ass Jason Black write up. I hope you sistas ain't sleeping with and making babies with these lame ass dudes, I rather you sistas have sex with a thug than than a full of shit brotha. Look how full of shit Dr. Umar Johnson got about banging a stripper - he didn't even had to respond with some full of shit story about losing a $1 million dollars for banging a stripper - that's full of shitness right there. You sistas have to accept this is how these black dudes talk towards sistas who are trying to do her part in progressing black people, you sistas remember that. That is why I told you sistas earlier to stand behind your own leaders like Bernice King and Mo Ivory and others and take your own lead. Because what is the real world looking like is we going to need the sistas to take charge because the brothas are obviously showing they are unreliable and full of shit. I do not need to waste any more of my time on a punk ass pussy clown like Jason Black because he is a lightweight gadfly and anybody who follow him, I would ask their lightweight behind to stop following me. I will just delete these cats conversation if they try to start one in any arena I'm in. I don't got time for shit like this and black people don't got time for punk ass lightweight shit like this. President Obama is leaving office and we got a real battle and fight on our hands - you black dudes following Jason Black are a big disappointment, real talk. This is what Jason Black is about, 7 days already passed. Nuff said..don't none of you clown ass brothas come to Dream and Hustle talking that shit about what I'm doing over here and you following punk ass clowns like Jason Black. If you subscribe to shit like Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed, you are what you subscribe to and you full of shit. And furthermore, any cat that thinks Dr. Boyce Watkins and Dr. Claude Anderson are leaders or visionaries in finance and economics, you don't know a damn thing about finance and economics. You brothas are full of shit and that full of shitness you brothas are on is a luxury with a clock running out until Obama leaves office. And when that happens, those with skills and about it are the ones that going to be able to keep their head above water in this - you full of shit brothas better step your ass up to some real shit.

17 thoughts on “7-Day Test Show Jason Black Is Just a Punk Clown With Zero Goals of Black Empowerment

  1. Thank you for being you. You always tell the truth, no matter how raw… These black males keep running their mouth with no action behind it, except talking out of the side of their necks! This is 2015, but I feel we’re re back in 1968. I’m glad you decided not to talk about these unconscious people anymore. We’re over halfway through 2015 and if you’re not making any conscience, physical moves towards Black Empowerment, then Shut Up, get out the way and let the Real Black Men and Real Black Women take their rightful places! If you’re not on your way, you’re In The Way! Mr. Dunn, I am curious to know where I can obtain more information on circular economics. I did find a course online, but now it’s no longer available.

    Appreciate you and all that you’re doing.

    Payge Turnah

  2. from jason and tariq and everybody the just give you inspiration and there is no progress . But when i listen to people like daniel freeman from rise and grind i within a week statred coming with ways to make money and have little buisness now. wasnt sitting saying nothing like, ahh that some real shit he said

  3. In case anyone did not catch this Jason Black statements, he rants about how “gays gets legislation” – the gays did not get any legislation, they got lower court rulings that were affirmed by the Supreme Court. The only legislation was the DMA to define marriage as between a man and a women designed to be anti-gay marriage. The fact this Jason Black guy posted this misinformation without basic knowledge or background is what concerns me and my crew further. This Jason Black is a guy we see a repeat pattern of providing misinformation and outright lies to black people without hesitation.

    The first casualty in war is the truth – me and my people do not tolerate anyone who lies or misinform black people. The biggest crime that we saw against African-Americans over the years was our black people being lied to, not only by other people, but lied to by our own people for personal gain. Lie about how to file taxes, lie about having babies to get more welfare benefits, lie about we love negative media, lie about this MLM scheme and lie about black history facts and black people been hurt by lies more than anything throughout our history. You go and research deep about black hurt and you will see the root cause is black people were being lied to.

    Jason Black and anybody who follows him are fully aware they are engaged in lies and misinformation in regards to black people – they may think it is harmless but I do not. We will monitor this piece of shit and if he want to keep lying then we will want to respond to someone who thinks lying to the black community is a form of entertainment. Me and my crew have several options to deal with this clown including seizure of his Jason Black alias so he better straighten his fucking act up before trump cards get tossed on the table.

  4. Some black male (hiding behind an alias like they always do) wrote the following comment:

    “Are you serious? Jason Black speaks fluent in black empowerment. WTF are you talking about?? You sound like a bitter ass hater.”

    I want you to see the key statement here – “Jason Black speaks fluent in black empowerment.” – didn’t say a damn thing about structure, framework, platform or action but talking about Jason Black speaks fluently and shit. I mean, most cats give examples – this dude just said someone speaks fluently and shit. The first comment by the lady above asked me about incorporating circular economics in the black community, right? Dude come here to Dream and Hustle talking about Jason Black just speak fluently and stuff and he thinks Jason Black is anywhere close to the level we are at.

    Got an alias dick in his mouth trying to defend a damn illogic lying ass clown because he emotionally fell in love with his fluency and shit. All this stuff going on in this world in terms of challenges to our people and this black male is talking about someone speaking “fluently” and shit…..

  5. It’s no progress with Jason Black, like you said Dunn.. All the commentating with no action. I’m part of the global collective group, and every white paper, phone or web conference was str8 to the point with information telling us wat we can do and how to do it.. Thanks for being a stand up guy and dropping real solutions that can b applied to our communities.

    1. Man I cant wait to be in company of the GUC. I wish it was a store you could just walk to and discourse with like minds.

      Funny thing tho I looked at Dr. Boyce Watkins on Ratemyprofessor to see what students had to say. Well it wasnt good at all and his avg rating was 2.5/5. Thats horrible. Most comments said he spoke ad nauseum about irrelevant topics and came late to class, more concerned about his media image than his students. Ive wrote him off as another talker. The only reason Dame is now on circuit with him because his ass was marginalized by the music industry and desperately vying for hotep community to save his ass after he fed them garbage for years on end.

  6. Jason Black talks a big game. He talks REALLY BIG about power, wealth, influence (what you own, control and pass down to your children), but he never says what company he owns. He has talked before about working for some of the big technology companies in years past and being paid around 25.00 an hour while other folks were starting out at near minimum wage. He also sounds homosexual. He says that he has no children, is around 40 years old, and has never had a wife. That is a big red flag to me because he keeps talking about passing things down to children that he doesn’t have. I can understand (in a way) why he does not want to show his face because you have some crazy people out there. BUT Jason talks really boldly about beating racism/white supremacy all while not showing his face so that makes him a coward which he is always saying that other people are. Even in his documentary 7am, he is very careful as to not even have his face or his hands showing. He seems knowledgeable in many cases which is why I think some of the black people call him for advice. He demeans many of his callers if they do not agree with him, and he has “co-hosts” on his show that basically agree with him 100% like Mona Lishey and Professor Black Truth (whoever he is). Mona Lishey looks ghetto as hell and Jason Black made it seem as if she was the owner of a hair salon, but then Mona Lishey said later on that “in the salon I work at, my owner…” instead of “in my salon.” These folks keep telling off on themselves. On August 1, 2015, in Chicago, there was “Black Empowerment 1.” Dr. Claude Anderson, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Dr. Dennis Kimbro spoke. Alton Maddox was supposed to be there, but something came up and Jason didn’t like it so he got mad. Jason Black had people come from a black owned bank and from the other places to tell those people what they need to do if they want to get approved for a loan and to start a business. I just found it so telling how at an event that Jason Black was supposed to be hosting where black people were supposed to be networking with other serious black people, Jason Black was hiding behind a curtain. Jason said that out of his own mouth. Many of the black people there were trying to hook up sexually with other people instead of trying to form a partnership with black people from their geographical area or business specialty area. Some of the black people ran up on Dr. Claude Anderson trying to ask him to finance their dream of being a rapper through their mixtape they had. No lie. I can’t make this stuff up. And some black people were there trying to sell their products without permission from the host and/or owner of the event. Totally tacky. I bought a ticket to the event, and weeks later I realized that it very likely would not be like a business conference that white people or Asian people or Latino people have where they are serious about owning something and gaining or keeping power. I’m glad I didn’t go because it was unfortunately the stereotypical black business meeting where most people there have hidden agendas. Jason Black said that only a few women met him, and he named a few who I think are low level type of black women. I don’t know if the dude is a white man acting black or if he is a scared man who enjoys talking big. But either way his audience is mostly uneducated people who listen to him for entertainment because he surely has never mentioned even the general market area or general business industry that he has a business in down in Shreveport, Louisiana.

    1. Christopher, you said you bought a ticket, but didn’t go, but some how know all the details of what happened? You and the rest of these people on here are exactly the type of people TBA talks about. Dr.Anderson and Dr. Watkins put there money where their mouth is. They own companies. TBA has Black Channel Films. But what have any of you built? Oh that’s right you all are waiting for someone to build something for you. Let’s see your numbers…..

      1. Eric,

        Clearly you are an idiot dick riding a third party. Dr. Claud Anderson and Dr. Boyce Watkins – no, idiots like you put your money where their mouth is because you want to hear someone else talk to your sheep following ass.

        Probably was sitting there listening and smiling and shit and emotions all worked up .. now you came here to defend why you was involved in that ineffectual shit.

        Don’t fucking ask what I’m doing then run like a little bitch when you find out I’m about it. You better talk about what the fuck you doing other than having someone else name in your mouth.

        If Jason Black got people like you following him…then that’s who Jason Black is.

        You worry about your own black ass in 2016. You just asked another guy to compare themselves to another guy but not compare themselves to you – wtf do you think that make you look like?

  7. I’m sure whatever black men are on here, talking about J.Black not doing anything ,he spoke up. Where most of you are throwing dirt, Its great we don’t need negros like y’all, you clearly mad about Obama, or mad cause these brothers are funded by there listeners.
    I googled J.black and found this page of treason. It should be banned , and took down. ,
    To post this on a site shows, his work touches even the enemies. Keep putting his name out there, the rest of us can figure it out that you guys are just the normal ####. Hate,complain. Attack those who stand up against sws, this site is the basic agent site,

    1. How old is this post? 70 weeks? 17 months? Longer than 7 days huh?

      And you come here years, months, weeks later saying he “spoke up” and then bragged you just a fucking listener that funds Jason Black so you can “listen” to his ass, right?

      You just being a damn “listener” during this critical moment in history is fucking treason, brotha…

  8. Thank you Jason Black for all that you do! These simpletons on here with all the ignorant comments on this dreamandhustle.com go figure! Can kiss yours and mine!

    1. You can go suck a dead dog dick Marcia Iverson and pretend you sucking off Jason Black. I noticed you ain’t got much to say of substance about Jason Black, just generic ass statements – meaning he doesn’t do much of shit and you just some amp’d up fucking loser that follows, right?

      You give a cat your money and pretend he doing something – yeah, you sound like a real special brand of idiot right there. Too bad none of this shit will help you in the Post-Obama era.

  9. Ed

    I think you’re amazing! I caught on to your blog late but I’m maneuvering to catch up. I’m in Cali so we are buffered from a lot of shit and there’s so many tech conference’s and classes so we are a bless state in that regard. Even with my own education I’m trying to incorporate tech somehow. I’m in the early education industry making my way toward Europe for my master’s. I do have a homegirl who is Taiwanese and wants me to come visit then do a China tour. Maybe I’ll go in the spring thanks to you.
    Much love from California

  10. I can understand if you’re talking bias when referring to Sotomayor or maybe even Tariq, but TBA preaches nothing but progression for intelligent black society. If you’re seriously for progression, you wouldn’t be trying to go out of your way to tear down a prominent figure in intelligent black media.

    1. “prominent figure in intelligent black media.”

      What is intelligent black media? And more important, who is considered intelligent enough to decide what is called intelligent black media?

      The black-orientated journals in the public library is what most would consider intelligent black media. You seriously cannot call stuff you listening to on the InterWeb intelligent black media. Jason Black is hardly anything considered intelligent black media. Jason Black operates in the same Post-Truth fake news propaganda realm as the others.

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