DJ Slugo Showed Remorse for Pay-to-Play, But Can He Show Reform?

slugospike When it comes to the music scene, Chicago is a piece or work filled with self-interested cats who looking for their own crumbs and build little fiefdoms than build an entire scene where everybody in Chicago can win. This is the number one reason the Chicago house music scene floundered because of the self-interested cats when it came to black neighborhood city college radio station having basically a cartel, DJ crews only caring about their crew and not establishing a scene to swim in, and Chicago labels and distributors doing shady deals and not marketing their talent properly while house music artists were basically starving artists looking at people shaking their booty to their dance music track in a club. But this is just a microcosm of how all African-Americans approach business enterprises in this self-interested manner and everybody wonder why we African-Americans cannot do collective economic development in our black communities. In order to build economic development of black communities, we must work collectively on the foundation and also have a full understanding of each person contribution and role and establish compliance, ethics and respect for each other role. The problem in Chicago and I am from Chicago is everybody at the top is on some patronage pay-to-play shit and it starts with the politics there and manifest all the way into black entrepreneurship and it stinks. In this article we are going to talk about one example with DJ Slugo in Chicago and apply teachable moments so we can grow and get better. Background: Spike Lee Fires DJ Slugo From Position sackedfired ThirtyRoses blog has reported that DJ Slugo, a Chicago-area DJ and staple in the urban music scene in Chicago was relieved of his duties by Spike Lee for curating the soundtrack for the upcoming “Chiraq” film. I noticed no one in Brooklyn complained when Spike Lee named that one movie “Crooklyn” but everybody in Chicago complaining Spike Lee calling it “Chiraq” when they up in Chicago killing each other over petty shit, just saying “Last week Chicago’s own DJ Slugo was relieved of his duties as music supervisor for Spike Lee’s latest film, Chiraq. The DJ had been put in charge of finding music for the film when Mr. Lee chose to feature all Chicago artists on the upcoming soundtrack. Unbeknownst to Lee and his team, Slugo was charging artists for their submissions and when Lee found out, Slugo got sacked.” Source ( ) Before we talk about this in depth, there is an email floating around that appear to be the actual letter for charging cats to get access to those “sync rights” for Spike Lee upcoming film. Sync rights is royalties paid out to you for having your song featured in a video game like Grand Theft Auto or a song in a Tyler Perry film. But here is the email: paymeletter If you look at the email and you are someone familiar with the music industry or just someone who actually sign contracts or dish out contracts and help others, you will see this email is really fucked up and extremely scummy. I have become personally upset reading this because if this is true and I’m assuming it is based on Spike Lee reaction, this DJ Slugo is a guy obviously power-tripping and decided to start fucking over local Chicago artists charging them when I know cats here in Atlanta putting each other on like they related to each other when in reality, they shooting at each other sets but they still come together to do good business to see everybody come up in Atlanta and have a thriving Atlanta music scene. What is more fucked up is this is a Spike Lee Joint DJ Slugo trying to get money down and points on the package with, not DJ Slugo own shit. Man asking for Paypal payments and 10% of all future revenue – I would laugh but this ain’t funny. So after the fact DJ Slugo get fired, he appear to see 20/20 vision and apologize in a separate email to the artists he was dealing with below that came from the blog. Hello unfortunately I may have lost my submission privileges for making a very bad decision in trying to charge Chicago artist for an opportunity to submit music for this film… This is not the way Spike Lee nor his team operates and I take full responsibility for my bad decision. I am doing everything in my power to fix this problem with Mr Lee and his team so that the artist submissions that I have in my email are not punished for my wrong doings… Please forgive me for my actions and I hope that I can fix this and somehow get your submission to their staff. Again I ask that you forgive my poor decision making!!! Please hold me and only me responsible for this issue what I did was in no way professional and whatever punishment Mr Lee wants to hand down to me I will accept it and ask him to please not hold it against any Chicago artist period!!! I will keep all of you guys emails and songs stored and turn them over to him if he allows me too!!! While we appreciate the fact DJ Slugo stepped up and took responsibility, the damage has been done and it may be a possibility DJ Slugo and whatever he is affiliated with may be done also in the eyes of others. No one in the industry want to fuck with these kind of people anymore once they got caught doing pay-to-play. In addition, those artists that paid DJ Slugo and appear to be the recipient of this apology, these artists have chosen to participate in the pay-to-play and they have no fucking credibility either for being a music industry simp out there paying for their tracks to be heard. The apology is nice but the damage has been done. In this article, we want to talk teachable moments here and I want to discuss how cats in Chicago music scene, especially the rap/urban scene will have to reform and revolutionize how they approach the music industry. Let me cut to the end of the article but I will talk anyway – technology people like me own/run this music industry shit in the 21st century, not DJ Slugo or promoters or management companies and so on. Only people like me are the ones who pay-to-play and we pay you artists royalties to play your creative works, that is the only fucking pay-to-play scheme that is going on and all of you artists, especially you Chicago cats better get that shit in your head and never do anything like this again. Now let’s get into the article. DJ Slugo Credibility Is Comprised but Not Neutralized chicago In any other case, DJ Slugo would be done and finished in the game but I want to appeal to everybody to give this man a second chance. The reason why I say this is because DJ Slugo is a product of a greater fucked-up Chicago urban music scene that was this way even before he entered the scene. In most cases the average person would say he know better but me being from Chicago, I know that is probably all he been exposed to and probably had to tow the same line to get this far. If we look at Chicago politics, they had a “patronage system” where cats basically had to pay-to-play for union membership and clout, city jobs and positions in the city. Do you know why I left Chicago in the first place? I heard a black man on the radio say he was going to vote for Daley instead of Bobby Rush because he want to keep his city job. I heard also this was the same argument among poor black Chicago people voting for Emmanuel because they wanted to keep their city job and thought Guy was going to give the city jobs to the Mexicans. When I heard that “city job” shit, I was through with Chicago and my mind was on all those fine black women in Atlanta and was like I’m Audi 5000 out of Chicago. Look at Rod Blagojevich who is now serving jail time for creating a pay-to-play scheme to be considered to replace President Obama vacated Illinois Senate seat. And who was convicted from the fallout paying up for that seat? Jessie Jackson Jr. who also had to go to jail with his wife for spending campaign money. And you know the funny part? Those Chicago black folks voted to re-elect Jessie Jackson Jr after all this information came out when there were other qualified candidates running for those positions. These dumbass South Side Chicago black folks voted for Jessie Jackson Jr. knowing he was going to resign, effectively giving both the governor and the mayor the power and influence to appoint their own person to replace the Jacksons. This is the fucked up backward ass mindset of Chicago black people in that city and that is why I’m saying DJ Slugo deserve a second chance because I strongly believe he is guilty by reason of insanity trying to hustle in Chicago and just did not know any better – I truly believe that shit. So I’m going to appeal to cats outside of Chicago to reconsider DJ Slugo and not scapegoat one guy because we all here have to focus on the entire Chicago music scene which is just nothing short of fucked-up peer-to-peer blocking corruption where it is hard for anybody to come up as an artist within the 2nd largest black metropolitan population here in America. But I don’t agree with DJ Slugo not having responsibility with his remorse. DJ Slugo Showed Remorse for Pay-to-Play, But Can He Show Reform? commentsectionchatter One of the things I noticed was this article/story was cited in FakeShoreDrive and in the comment section was someone named Kevin BigRap Brinson. ( Let’s look at Kevin BigRap Brinson comments for a second: “I see a lot of people commenting stating DJ Slugo is wrong, but they don’t even have their paperwork in order so why should he go through all the process only to be embarrassed after the fact of know most of the artist don’t even have copyright or publishing in place in order to get to the next level. An artist ignorance should not be the responsibility of someone else.” “it seems to that most of the independent artist that are screaming foul ball are the main ones not copyrighting material, setting up publishing companies or for that matter don’t even belong to ascap, bmi, or seasac” “That’s what Blok Club University was being setup for, Myself, Slugo, & Banghz were in the process of getting all of the material together to implement it but after all of this I doubt he’s gonna want to open it up to everybody. When we did the Blok Club Radio we paid for that out of our own pockets yet no one even supported it even though we were spinning all of their records. I’m really pissed off about this shit & I don’t even know if it’s worth it.” So reading all of this, it appear Kevin BigRap Brinson is affiliated with Slugo and part of Blok Club, it appear this is the case but I’m not sure. I’m wondering however in the letter above asking for Paypal payments and 10% revenue was that money going to Blok Club but that is not relevant for this article and won’t go there. But what I found is Kevin BigRap Brinson not condemning the pay-to-play scheme by DJ Slugo but trying to rationalize with other aspect of the business. If these independent artists were not signed up to BMI, SEASAC or ASCAP then you guys should have made it a requirement in your submission process – that has nothing to do with the upfront fees being asked. In addition, I’m hearing in the comments Blok Club were paying out of their own pockets – that is what every investor or startup or superstructure architect is supposed to do – use their own resources to lay down the foundation for others to build upon. Again, that is not relate to asking an artist for $300 sent via Paypal and 10% of all revenues to be considered for selection. What I’m saying and others in the music industry agree is there is absolute zero-tolerance for pay-to-play schemes and it should be extremely condemned and never given the impression there is an excuse or rationalization for pay-to-play. DJ Slugo may have been briefed by Spike Lee and his people that this is not how business is done and Kevin BigRap Brinson appear to need that enlighten that pay-to-play has zero-tolerance in this industry. You Chicago cats need to man up and admit to your mistakes. All the talk trying to rationalize sounds nice but the reality is, you guys been fired from a project by Spike Lee and that pay-to-play shit is on your resume whether you like it or not. rosetta Its one thing to show regret and remorse but it is another to reform and revolutionize. I don’t care for regret or remorse because I don't have that in my life anymore – cats can just get over what I done. But I’m always about reforming and revolutionize things to be better by first highlighting what was done wrong, including my actions and owning up and being honest. If I got with a side chick on my woman, the reality is I saw another chick I wanted to penetrate and buss in, plain and simple. The solution to me sexing another woman is not showing regret or remorse but instead I just reform and revolutionize the situation and tell my girl to start looking and dressing like the side chick I was fucking. And if the side chick was Chinese, give my main girl a copy of Rosetta Stone to learn Chinese so she can speak Mandarin while we having sex. That is accepting the reality but reforming and revolutionizing the situation to work to everybody best interest. We don’t need emails of remorse and regrets and rationalization - we need reform in the Chicago urban music scene. Spike Lee canned DJ Slugo, some local urban artists in Chicago are compromised for participating in the pay-to-play and the Chicago urban music scene has another black eye due to Chicago-level corruption preventing Chicago cats from coming up out of Chicago an establishing a thriving music scene. Yall too fucking cliqued up in Chicago and too stupid to see how yall blocking (no pun intended) not only each other in Chicago, but blocking yourself at the same time. DJ Slugo and those affiliated with Blok Club can instead of apologizing, go and establish collective guidelines in the Chicago music scene to encourage local artists to come up based on their talent, not by their ability to pay $300 to a Paypal account and give up 10% of their revenue. Teachable Moments and Take Away teach The reason why DJ Slugo won’t be thrown under the bus is because cats don’t have a lot of respect and good faith in the Chicago music scene anyway. What DJ Slugo reaffirmed is the big picture that cats in Chicago clique up and look out only for themselves and block other cats and tax other cats with pay-to-play and everybody in Chicago wonder why shit ain’t getting done and why they keep re-electing politicians who ain’t doing shit for black Chicago except closing black community schools and ignoring violent crime going on in black communities. The question I’m pretty many are asking is “who the fuck is this writer talking in this article?” and I’m glad you asked that question. So let me explain with the movie Casino with Robert DeNiro – you Chicago people seen the movie Casino because you Chicago people love going to Las Vegas all the time and shit. You ever notice going to Las Vegas that it is more Chicago people in the house than there are people from Los Angeles? Just saying. In the end of Casino, you saw they blew up all those gangsta hotels filled with corruption and built up corporate-owned hotel chains and establish hospitality industry with hotelier Steve Wynn and junk bonds from Michael Milken. Those games are no longer hustles, the odds are based on scientific statistics to make sure the odds are in favor of the house. The gaming industry has become hi-tech and automated and statistics driven and pure-profit with faceless corporations. The same shit is happening to the music industry and that’s who this article writer is– the tech entrepreneur guy out there that is saying “fuck you buddy, I don’t need you” to all you management companies, promotion cats and other shady industry cats as I take over this music game with technology and the science to takeover this music game and sell my corporate shares to shareholders. I’m launching a music streaming service 3rd quarter of 2015 and that begins in July and before October if you trying to figure out the period. I already have the algorithms on paying royalties and making sure I get paid and the artist get paid and DJs doing the mixes get paid and the house always make profit on each interaction. And guess what – an independent artist do not need to be signed to BMI or ASCAP, we will arrange a deal that pay them directly based on the DRPA and DMCA policies. Other cats like Tidal, Apple, Google, Spotify, Rhapsody and others are getting in on the music streaming service also. We are the Steve Wynn of the Las Vegas hotel industry and we are going to be funded by crowdfunding and investors to drive the music industry with technology and algorithms just like the digital slot machines are ran to make sure the house make a profit. The same way you saw Las Vegas blow up Tangiers and the Sands Hotel and Stardust, the tech cats in the music scene plan to blow up the institutions like the shady Chicago music industry. It is in our best interest for local Chicago music artists to come up the right way without middle motherfuckers trying to get them to pay-to-play to reach an audience. It is my best interest that an artist get pay-to-play from me so they can build a following and their followers subscribe to my streaming service and earn money to keep putting out more music and projects. That is our best interest and I’m the only one that does pay-to-play through royalties. So with that said and others in the industry agree with me, we will not tolerate any pay-per-play to get at us and if anybody does that around me they will be banned from doing any kind of business with me and removed faster than Spike Lee removed DJ Slugo. I’m in this game to build foundations and help create local scenes/markets and artists are going to get paid properly and not taxed for having talent. No one wants a corporate music artist that is only in the scene because they pay-to-play their way up in the music industry. That payola and rotating someone song all day long shit works good for OTA radio stations but it don’t work in the digital space when I got to pay for streams and sell digital downloads. Let’s cover the main points and takeaways. End the Pay-to-Play Culture in Black Chicago. The only ones who pay are those who suck or a simp and no one wants to hear what that person has to put out. Chicago cats at the top need to do a better job of putting on other cats like Junior Mafia and Boyz II Men if they want to build a legacy. All these Grand Hustle artists in Atlanta and they got a whole Hustle Gang crew out here in Atlanta – that is someone putting their own people on down here in Atlanta and that’s how you Chicago thinking you got a rep better start acting like. Learn to Do Real Business that is Ethical and Within Compliance. You have to operate like other music markets and sign deals and create deals like other markets. Even though I’m in Atlanta, my tech deals are no different that what goes down in Silicon Valley. The Atlanta music scene and Miami scene push the same deals as New York and Los Angeles cats. You Chicago cats cannot be putting out under-the-table shit and side hustle shit trying to jack someone trying to come up. I do not talk about my connects but over the years and the number one #1 problem big cats in the music industry hate and do not tolerate is when someone like a management company or some cat assigned to find talent fucks over up-and-coming cats with personal favors and side deals. Realize that a Rising Tide Floats All Boats. You may think you big in Chicago but the truth is you just a local yokel no one ever heard of because there is no support system in Chicago to push and promote local Chicago artists nationwide. It is just a bunch of ego-filled clowns in Chicago thinking only about themselves and their own crumb snatching operation. But there are local cats down here in Atlanta still living with their momma in the hood more famous because the industry down here support local artists and they rise up fast quickly. You cats in Chicago better stop cliquing up and shit and start building foundations for everybody to come up. As a tech person I will be building foundations for self-publishing and if I beat you "music scene" guys to creating that foundation, I’m definitely will be cutting you out as that is my best interest to do so. I hope the Chicago urban music scene learn from this episode and realize cats in Chicago are fucking themselves over trying to be about themselves all the time. I hope DJ Slugo and whoever affiliated with him and other cats who think like him when it comes to the Chicago scene work to reform the music scene up there and all eyes are on them to see what is their next move up in Chicago if they are capable of creating a music scene that benefit the whole city.

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  1. This is the number one reason the Chicago house music scene floundered because of the self-interested cats when it came to black neighborhood city college radio station having basically a cartel, DJ crews only caring about their crew and not establishing a scene to swim in, and Chicago labels and distributors doing shady deals and not marketing their talent properly while house music artists were basically starving artists looking at people shaking their booty to their dance music track in a club.

    i have bought house music for years,since the late 80’s I can also tell you the Chicago folks refused to evolve past the old stuff,not so much the talent but the house music buying public there.I would meet cats from chi-town and get to kicking it about house music and they would all talk about the chi-town house from back in the day and was closed minded about the shit being produced on the east coast.Also the house music coming out of chi-town as time went on was not good house music and a lot was dreck .for every chi-town cut i bought I was buying 10 nj/nyc and other east coast area produced records.outside glenn underground and roy davis junior the quality was not consistent.i would even say glenn underground put out more quality 12in cuts than anybody from there even Frankie knuckles.if they had been putting out dope shit as a group they would not have fell off

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