Establishing Immersive Education in the Hood Instead of Letting Dr. Umar Johnson Get Anywhere Near Our Black Boys

ourfuture Dr. Umar Johnson is going around talking about he does more for black kids and loves black kids more than anybody and to name that person who doing more than him. I can name a whole bunch of names and I wouldn’t dare leave a black child alone with this wild-eyed paranoia Pan-African Dr. Umar Johnson after how I see how this guy act. If we are going to talk about helping educating and uplifting black children in the 21st century, then we need 21st century tactics and not some “Boys Town” approach with a PhD. guy who cannot emotionally control himself from pipe bomb outbursts. In this article, we are going to discuss our observations of Dr. Umar Johnson hate-filled, erratic and negative-reinforcing persona and why we don’t want one black child near him for anything. Then we are going to discuss real solutions for our children, both black boys and black girls through the use of 21st century techniques and immersive education where the community use the active courses in an open-sourced API format to help educate our children outside of school. What brothas and sistas should really take notice on is not Dr. Umar Johnson as he is what he is but we need to look closer at that African-American population that goes out and see this dude talk or listen to this dude talk. We should realize we got an African-American population out there thinking empowerment of the black community is just for discussion and entertainment value like the Goth community like to talk fantasy about vampires and werewolves. The heck any of you black folks out there would listen to this regressive Dr. Umar crap in 2015 when we have made so much progress in the 21st century tells me we have a lot of jokes in the black community posing and in my opinion, don’t want to see true progress but just want to be entertained by people like Dr. Umar Johnson running around with a mic in his hand blurting black nationalist pipe bomb statements. Dr. Umar Johnson Negative and Regressive Rhetoric umar If you listen to Dr. Umar Johnson you will notice he operates in a circular regressive pattern where he want to delve in being oppressed and he appear to enjoy that oppressive state trying to convince others not to crawl out the barrel. In the barrel, Dr. Umar Johnson will use his crab claws to drag another black person back into that state of oppression he appears to enjoy so much. I have not found one positive, progressive action item about this Dr. Umar Johnson guy and this is what we observed about him and his rhetoric: Promotes Negativity. Dr. Umar Johnson talks incessantly about how we black folks are lazy, not willing to stand up for ourselves, don’t have businesses or structural foundations. In Dr. Umar Johnson mind, you black people had to sell yourself out to be rich and successful denying brotha or sista proper praise for their hard work. In order for Dr. Umar Johnson to have his platform, he has to promote the propaganda black people cannot be progressive which explains why he carry himself in a negative manner towards rich and successful blacks. Promotes Cowardice. You will hear time to time Dr. Umar Johnson basically say if we black folks get too big “they” will kill us. Dr. Umar Johnson will go into storytelling about how someone was murdered for getting too big and was a threat to white supremacy. This rhetoric is designed to make black people fearful of being progressive and successful and have us black folks believe there is some Yeti monster at the top of the mountain ready to kick us back down or kill us if we try to climb to the top. This is part of Dr. Umar Johnson agenda to maintain negative reinforcement within the black community using subtle boogeyman threats that we would be killed for getting better. The only person who was killed was Malcolm X and he was killed by these pro-black men, remember that fact. Promotes Dead Souls. Frederick Douglas and Marcus Garvey are dead souls who can be re-invented in modern terms through storytelling and that is what Dr. Umar Johnson specialize in as well as the rest of these Pan-Africanists. It is easier to talk about dead people like Marcus Garvey than put in the work with living black people today to solve today black problems. We are living in the right here and right now and when you got people talking about dead souls like Dr. Umar Johnson, that person is trying to control and narrate the conversation because dead people cannot defend their platform. Promotes Hate. Dr. Umar Johnson promotes disdain and intolerance for interracial relationships and homosexuals while claiming to be speaking about black empowerment. You will see Dr. Umar Johnson talk about he raising money for his school but in that same speech he will go on a tirade and talk about his disapproval of interracial relationships and homosexuals. People who preach such hatred about anybody lifestyle choices raises red flags with me as something else is underlying with that rhetoric. With these observations, there is no way in hell I would support Dr. Umar Johnson having a damn thing to do with our black children or much less our black boys. There is too much pathological personality problems with Dr. Umar Johnson where he cannot control his emotions and inability to show discipline to stay on mission. As we indicated, Dr. Umar Johnson talking about going out to raise funds for a “boys town” but cannot constrain himself and always resort to spitting vitriol about interracial couples and homosexuals and claim “Yeah, I said it! Damn right I said it!” to the audience he is soliciting money from. Black boys need to see discipline and Dr. Umar Johnson simply do not show discipline. Black boys need to see progress and work towards progress and Dr. Umar Johnson focus on negativity too much in his rhetoric. Black boys need to see bravery and “follow me to the battle” leadership to take on adversity and Dr. Umar Johnson focus more on scaring people with threats they will be killed by the enemy if they progress further. This Dr. Umar Johnson is not a man who is battle-ready and war-hardened to prepare our next generation of future black men to lead future black communities and he seem to be more of a jive ass rhetorical character looking for speaking fees and crowdfunding bragging success. Antiquated Single-Sex Education Campuses flies Dr. Umar Johnson proposal is to build out a “boys town” for little black boys to live in a “commune” environment with dormitories. They would have access to labs to learn STEM and agricultural sciences and stuff like that. This “campus” approach to education is antiquated and cannot sustain itself in the 21st century without massive endowments. The math is simple - how many members can pay their fraction of the overhead cost. Many schools are failing and closing because the students cannot afford the tuition cost to sustain the cost and operation of running a campus-based school. And the money will eventually need to be subsidized by endowments and fundraising efforts to offset tuition costs to keep the campus running. How much money you think homophobic racist Pan-Africanist negative rhetoric speaking Dr. Umar Johnson will be able to raise year-after-year to sustain a campus operation? We are not talking about spoil trust fund black boys either with rich parents who write out blank checks. What celebrity or notable person would step in and support a homophobic racist Pan-Africanist to help lend their celebrity endorsement to the fund-raising? wildchild Here is the problem with the campus for little black boys all congregated together in a commune setting: They Will Reject Brainwashing. Our black boys are already on the Internet looking at Vine, Snapchat, passing around memes. Trying to talk to our kids about dead souls like Marcus Garvey and Frederick Douglas is boring and any attempt to force Pan-Africanism on our black boys will be a futile effort that will face rejection. And I fully expect this school that want to promote their Pan-Africanist propaganda will retaliate and try to target black boys who ain’t about that Pan-Africa crap and make those boys scapegoats and an example to the other boys, even if the targeted black boy has educational talents. They Will Not Be Expressive. Because black boys will be forced into propaganda and indoctrination focused more on Pan-Africanism than STEM, these black boys will not be able to express themselves and their natural talent. Black hyper-machoism will begin to take shape and black boys who are not macho and not trying to be macho will find themselves out of place and outcast and Lord of the Flies will pretty much take over as the social order. They Will Become PUA. Because there are no girls around the black boys, black women and black girls will be objectified and talked about as a sex conquest only. And the discussion of hating homosexuals and interracial relationship will also be on the table as this is what their leader Dr. Umar Johnson preaches while raising funds for the campus these black boys are attending. Sorry but I don’t see anything good coming out of Dr. Umar Johnson project except our black boys are caught up in some Pan-Africanist vision that is also filled with hatred, bigotry and sexism. I cannot buy into the STEM stuff Dr. Umar Johnson is talking about because when he talks in his speech, he talks negative and regressive and try to scare and threaten black folks with death or marginalization by white supremacists if that black person get too big in this world. So quite frankly as a real man, I wouldn’t recommend any black son or any black daughter have a damn thing to do with Dr. Umar Johnson and I will defend that positon anywhere and anytime. I work with black boys all the time and you can pit a Pan-Africanist screaming hate-filled Phd. cat versus this technology entrepreneur in front of those black boys and start filming and place your bets who those black boys will admire the most afterwards – bet on it. A Better Solution – Immersive Open-Sourced Education ourchildren The solution to educating black children, both black boys and black girls is to focus on augmented and immersive education in their current environment. We do not need to remove our children from their current environment but instead, we transform the environment to be education-centric towards that child and create immersive touch points. We also focus on forcing the public school to make the educational curriculum open-source so brothas and sistas can make open-source applications to support immersive education in our communities. If the cities can make crime-mapping data available for developers to create open-source apps then cities can make educational courses available for us developers to create open-source immersive education applications to better educate our children. family To walk you through a narrative, say that we know the 7th grade is learning Algebra and we know week-by-week what they are learning in Algebra from the API subscription feed. The child student goes to a restaurant with his family in the black community and the restaurant can have a tabletop touchscreen kiosk that not only take orders but the kiosk can pull the actual geometry lessons from the cloud based on that child current week course and the family can work out the problem together on the kiosk while waiting to be served. This is immersive education that allow education to be everywhere and supported by the community and commercial institutions so we are all on page to that child learning and getting the best education. helpinghimhelpher In addition, we can build applications off the open data to show the parents how to teach their child the geometry material their child learning that week to engage the parent in the discussion. These are open-source developers who will do this for free to support black children, black parents and black education and we got the talent and skills to make it happen if the data is made available to us. This will allow us to help a parent who come home read what their child is learning and we talk to them and show them how to help their child solve the geometry problems helping a parent have a closer bond with their child education. Meanwhile, Dr. Umar Johnson will be running his damn mouth on speech circuits talking about how black parents are not there to help educate their black children. immersion Our solution is simple, when we force the public schools to make the curriculum and the books and the schedule open data, we can write applications off that data and create immersive applications that help the whole community focus on that child education. Then the local merchants can be engaged in helping the child with geometry, the after school system can be engaged and the parent can be engaged and developers like me can be engaged working with my crew to build apps to help the black community be fully engaged in our young brothas and sistas. There is no reason for a public school to isolate the public from the education material our children has to learn and master and we all have a stake in it. Like I said, if the city can share crime data for cats to create software, then they damn sure can share public education APIs for us to know how to teach our children. Let’s Focus on 21st Century Solutions for Our 21st Century Black Children indiancheat There is an image out there that is one of the most profound pictures and video I have seen regarding education. It shows Indian parents climbing up walls and talking through windows to help their children do well on a test. I was taken back looking at that photo because that is what we supposed to do for our kids! Our black children are in the 21st century and have to compete globally for opportunities that will be global-based. No one ask the Indian or Chinese kids what was their test scores but you are here in America screwing your kids over talking about testing and when it comes to that kid in China growing up and your American kid growing up, they will be competing for the same job opportunity and position. We got to look after our black children and prepare them for the future in the best way possible. The solution to preparing our black children is creating an immersive environment and support structure by distributing the data available to help our kids learn the materials currently present in school. We can create apps that help a parent talk to their child about Language Arts on a specific course on a specific week and we can create commerce incentives and gamification to help reinforce education and reward children so they can know the education is everywhere and not just school. We do not have our kids go to school and then go home and try to figure things out and scapegoat parents – we all can be involved in helping that black child succeed if we have public education open data to us. I do not want some raging homophobic regressive anti-race mixing Pan-African lunatic with a PhD. anywhere near our black children talking about he doing so much more but cannot finish a damn statement without attacking a homosexual or attacking black people who date outside their race or fear mongering how white supremacy will kill us if we get too big in status. Because all Dr. Umar Johnson can talk about is negative hateful regressive stuff while all I can talk about is solution approach such as applying patterns and practices like immersive education and apply it to help our black boys and black girls compete in the 21st century global economy.

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  1. Although I don’t agree with everything he say I support Dr. Umar Johnson and his agenda at a time when the black community have been under the iron foot of the white liberal establishment who have beguiled and when that didn’t work they bullied the black educated elites, black media, phony black leaders, and black talking heads into co signing and championing their cause at the expense of the black community and our cause and agendas, lets be honest here I know I am getting trouble here but I got to say it if I don’t not one else will say it but the likes of Dr. Umar Johnson just like in this article and on every TV news show and now they have somehow roped in all black blogs and media for some reason THE MOST IMPORTANT AGENDA IS THE GAY AGENDA don’t care what it always comes around to the homosexuals agenda and a bashing other blacks and calling them a homophobe just because they don’t have time for or don’t promote the homosexual agenda that’s the big elephant in the room and the most important issue to all these mis educated blacks and I just can’t figure out why considering all the other problems we and this nations have. I applaud Dr. Umar Johnson works and his effort to uplift the black community without selling out to and carrying water for the eastern liberal establishment who is just as dangerous to the black community as the KKK and John Birch Society. Can somebody please help me?


      I disagree. There is no such thing as a gay agenda. There is the gay marriage agenda but behind that agenda was getting laws passed to support same-sex marriage. The same-sex marriage was defeated by conservatives and in California was defeated with a sizable black population voting against it. One of the notable black opponents of same sex marriage was Bishop Eddie Long. Now the same-sex issue is now in the Supreme Court and media and liberal media is promoting propaganda to attack those who voted against same-sex marriage and tear down their arguments and confront them with the reality gay people exist and love each other.

      Now, in terms of black media – they were always gay and most of that black media stuff out there is done by gay people. But they had to hide themselves among the black population. No one is forcing these black people to write about gay people to blacks, these are black gay people in that media/entertainment industry who are now feeling “empowered” to push the issue onto the black community in the same manner.

      Here is the problem – the reason why you see “the gay agenda” in our community is because the black community chose to be hyper-sexual and hyper-hetero and establish no to zero tolerance of anything causing many black folks to live phony lives. The super macho man preaching hard-core Christianity when he is gay and mess with little boys in secret. The woman who is a lesbian but has to work as a stripper to get money from men to pay her bills. The people in the black community who get HIV but is immediately shunned and we can throw mental illness in the mix there also. Black African-American overall became ideologists hypocrites while enjoying full cognitive dissonance of failed marriages and broken homes and poor education and poor economic activity resulting in high black-on-black crime and poverty in their lives every day.

      The truth is the gay people decide to do something and turned to media and turned to legislation to advance their cause – gay marriage. The black people are just talking and running their mouth like Dr. Umar Johnson and do not have anything close to the “gay agenda” that focus on legislative and media agenda – this Dr./Phd. cannot even emotionally control himself when he talks to an audience to initiate action – not even for the sake of the black boys he claim to love so much. There was no Civil Rights “agenda” but a cause to pass legislation, get the Supreme Court to rule and create movies/media of Sidney Pointier coming over for dinner – they just copying what we did back in the day.

    2. Ok, here is your lifeline: I agree with you both. We must first recognize WE HAVE NO INDEPENDENT BLACK MEDIA. Now, with that said we are not in control of the messaging – YET. Second, I had never looked at Umar like our blogger has described, however I can’t disagree although I like the guy. What I think is happening here, is that Umar’s personal positions are not sustainable as our author suggests, as these positions are problematic in a free society; PLUS, one NEVER wants their personal freedoms and rights put to a vote. WE MUST RESPECT THE FREEDOMS OF OTHERS OR RISK ENJOYING OUR OWN!

      Now, to brutha mans credit, I think if we can get to the brutha, he can be rehabilitated! He is of value and I think that he is worth the effort of trying to present a better approach to what it is he is trying to contribute and add to the community. I feel like we have a good soldier in him, albeit rough around the edges! lol. I think that we are going togo through a ‘phase’ where we MUST go back and take cultural aim at our credentialed if not educated bruthas and sistas.

      What Umar, and us overall as “blacks” (- I choose Moor/ish as my ethnic identifier-) need to understand is this; WE CANNOT CONTINUE TO BLAST OUR PRIVATE CULTURAL PLANS OVER THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA OUTLETS IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN! We must devise our plans with an inner and outter realm for public and private associates, and screen people like they COINTELPRO! We gotta stop letting OLD BULLSHIT cramp our plans for a happy healthy productive future filled with LOVE TRUTH PEACE FREEDOM AND JUSTICE!

      – drops the mic

      1. My sentiment, right on, well stated, see we can’t keep tearing down others who are trying even though they are not doing it the way we would do it or they are doing it in a way that offends others or our benefactors, benefactors that only gives support when things are in their favor and safe for them and their offspring but not in our or our offspring favor and safety. Be that as it may at least Dr. Umar Johnson has step up and is trying to build a structure a “unapologetic” non political correct structure for the uplifting of wayward black youth particularly wayward black boys that possibly can be rescued from a life of crime and destruction and made responsible and productive citizen. This is very much needed. And we got to start supporting them and their efforts least they won’t be forced to take money from wise wicket benefactors who will try and steer the programs into a safe direction for them and their offsprings to the detriment of the black youth the program was stared for.

    3. I am homosexual black gay male. I mentor young boys about them being gay. I make them understand being in America not an easy road. Many these young boys dont have family support. They need gay role model like me to spend time with them to show and teach them things. Because they family dont always accept them for being gay. People like me who like young gay and willing to mentor them are very needed in our community. Dr Johnson say negative things about gay community but he don’t understand the good we do. I mentor young white and black boys. Being discriminatory against gay is just as bad as being discriminatory against race. They both bad. I try to show boys being gay is nothing wrong! It’s just what society teach is wrong. Straight parents cannot properly teach or be a role model for a gay child. Mentors like me are very needed to be gay role models for these boys who grow up to be men. People in our community need to stop being discriminatory toward gay people because god made both gay and black. Some people born as black and some people born as gay. But we all children of god and America

      1. “Straight parents cannot properly teach or be a role model for a gay child.” so you don’t see anything naturally wrong with that statement, respectfully that statement and mindset goes against the natural order of things and sounds like something conjure up in a LGBT think tank, and anyone who believe that believe mans law supersedes natural law, every creeping thing on this earth have the natural ability and natural instincts to nurture, guide and teach and prepare their offspring for life. every child that needs a mentor should have a mentor however I reject the notion that gay children can only be mentored by gay people however be that as it may you should do you and stop making a issue out of who don’t except you and your lifestyle because a few will but most will not and that doesn’t mean they hate you, you made your decision, again you do you and people like Dr. Umar Johnson has the natural right to believe what ever he wants to believe and do what they do, I happen to be on his side in this debate however it makes no sense to pick a fight with one another where there will be no winners or because you fill that you and your group got the grip on power, people do have a right to like and associate with who ever they choose regardless of sexual orientation, just because you are gay doesn’t mean that someone has to like and support you because you are gay. peace and more power to you. NO HATE!

  2. As an educator your solution is one the best I ever heard. I’ll find some curriculum books to get this started.

    1. As an educator your solution is one of the best I ever read. I’ll find some curriculum books to get this started

    2. The first step is to try to establish an open source format that the public school has to distribute. We want the curriculum and the table of contents of any book that will be discuss and the actual lesson/study. Just like wikipedia made the volumes of encyclopedias extinct, we should be able to make books extinct and focus on immersive education using the open data format. So that means we need XML files (the same way Wikipedia offer XML feeds).

  3. Hey Ed I tried registering for hustles space but when they sent the email I can’t cliick the link I tried on my laptop and phone . Am i missing or doing something wrong

    1. Miguel, HustleSpace is targeted for 3rd or 4th quarter and you stumbled upon the open concept testing. Right now, I just need to have these black dudes keep saying I’m not doing anything so please keep this convo between us. I will discuss upcoming HustleSpace and more in the near future but the active conversation is in the Global Urban Collective and you can do a search on this blog for very detailed information on what will be in HustleSpace.

  4. Man, that education plan is fly. I could see the mayor and city council buying into it. Businesses would be on board just to show they’re civic minded. Parents would jump on a solution like this. I see nothing but an upside for putting this plan through.

    Umar Johnson’s out there. I don’t see him getting the funds. He alienated just about everyone with the means to help. And he’s willfully made himself radioactive. What gets me is that so many people take him seriously.

    1. The reason you see so many African-American people following him and take him seriously because these African-Americans are followers themselves and not taking anything seriously. If you look closely at the audience of Dr. Umar Johnson, these are not true community stakeholders – these are single individuals and marginal individuals and couples who base their relationships on third party ideology than partner-2-partner love. These are the same individuals that worshiped Warren Ballentine and is just looking for someone else to be entertained by and the new flavor is Dr. Umar Johnson.

      The pure upside to immersive education is local economies by connecting businesses to families. Families can now shop and dine on weekdays and still immerse their children in their education and homework and it is the whole community involved. For a digital signage or IPTV, the broadcaster can show a 30-second clip between broadcasts on how to do this week lesson on fractions, connecting the school to the commercial zone causing both parents and students to shop there. The grades go up at the public school and home values go up and the kids are encouraged the whole community is immersed helping them. And we are not attacking parents for not teaching their child, we are helping parents by creating tools to help their children with this week assignment.

      This is the economic benefit to a local black community of immersive education while Dr. Umar want to pulll our little black boys away to some commune and indoctrinate them with dead souls of Marcus Garvey and hatred towards W.E.B. Dubois, adding nothing of value and breaking the local economic chain of public schools and housing and commercial to improve quality of life in the black community.

  5. Ed, there are some challenges you will have to proactively address on the path of implementing this concept.

    1. All curriculum must conform to current state department of education curriculum standards
    2. Public school district leadership will have to buy in to the initiative
    3. Teacher’s union will have to buy in to the initiative in order to have the district leadership and the school board support it. (otherwise the union can/will make problems for district management)
    4. Bet not use any of the major textbook publishers’ content because they’ll sue the living daylights out of any and all involved with this process.

    One of the main reasons that big publishers like McGraw Hill and Pearson have such a lock on this market space is because they’ve done all of the above. In some instances, (many) they’ve also picked up the state’s assessment activity, so that they’re writing the standardized tests to which the curriculum is attuned.

    These are HUGE competitive advantages and account for why a sphere of activity that you’d think would be primed for open source disintermediation hasn’t really been budged very much at all. As you may be aware, I tried to do something very similar to this several years ago and that’s when I first encountered all these obstacles. I then “went inside” to learn all the ropes and meet all the folks involved with either facilitating or obstructing such an initiative.

    I’m now on the tail end of that process, flush with the knowledge of how to get these things done, with a detailed budget already formulated and a roster of certified players on board to make it happen. I made a run at it this past year, but my start-up funder pulled out (purportedly due to inability to get one of his hand-picked people on my board of directors)

    I’m restarting the process with a goal of getting chartered for everything by school year 2016-2017

    1. Don’t see any major challenges/obstacles a good viral video cannot counter.

      The curriculum is not created by the developers and the public education does not sanction the developers. The development community get access to the public institution curriculum as open source and public information. A good lower court ruling to access taxpayer funded information can resolve this one if it get ugly.

      Public school district leadership can get their arm twisted by the greater community of parents and local businesses that are sold on the overall benefits. If anything, that public school district leadership will have local news cameras in their faces questioning why they are opposed to helping children learn in an immersive format.

      The teacher union would likely see upside as this initiative help augment their coursework and take the load and sole responsibility off teachers and shift responsibility back to the community and the parents when it comes to the child education.

      The textbook publishers can be mandated to share APIs of their coursework and objectives. There is no need to direct copy their materials and if so, fair use doctrine on commentary and examples can be explored. If the textbooks executives want to really have an issue, they may wake up in the morning and find a dusty Encyclopedia Britannica under their comforter to remind them how things are going down if they get in the way.

      Let me stress the element here for propaganda – responsible parents, cute children, open source talk, business and community involvement – the old guard is going to have a serious fight on their hands here trying to fight cuteness and viral.

      1. The development community get access to the public institution curriculum as open source and public information. A good lower court ruling to access taxpayer funded information can resolve this one if it get ugly.

        Access is not the issue. A sunshine request is all it takes to get access. However, no lower court is even going to grant you standing to overturn a textbook publisher’s copyrights. That’s not gonna happen.

        Simply because taxpayer funds pay for these copyrighted materials, the materials still belong exclusively to the holder of the copyrights – and – the school is only licensed to temporarily use these materials.

        You’re at liberty to look at the materials under sunshine laws if you make the request and pay the cost of reproducing the material furnished to you, but that’s the full extent of what you’ll be able to do.

        Public school district leadership can get their arm twisted by the greater community of parents and local businesses that are sold on the overall benefits. If anything, that public school district leadership will have local news cameras in their faces questioning why they are opposed to helping children learn in an immersive format.

        Not really. Most public school districts are county entities only beholden to the state. If you can generate a local, municipal media firestorm, that firestorm might have a little sound and fury, but as against the state and federal copyright laws, it will signify nothing.

        This is precisely why public schools have proven to be such an intractable problem. The ONLY, and I repeat ONLY way to force the hand of these institutions is to kill them off competitively on the evolutionary threshing floor. That means getting the state to charter your operation and then going toe-to-toe with the public school establishment.

        The teacher union would likely see upside as this initiative help augment their coursework and take the load and sole responsibility off teachers and shift responsibility back to the community and the parents when it comes to the child education.

        For urban public school districts, the demographics of the teachers union(s) are identical to the “public safety” unions except with gender substitution. You have 80%+ suburban white women functioning as a colonial occupation force just like the men do in the police and fire departments. I challenge you to name a single progressive teacher’s union, or even a progressive local chapter of a union. Those unions exist exclusively to support their members, not the children, not the mission, just the dues-paying members.

        The type of progress you’re driving at will be deemed contrary to the interests of the “educators” the majority of whom are technology averse.

        Let me stress the element here for propaganda – responsible parents, cute children, open source talk, business and community involvement – the old guard is going to have a serious fight on their hands here trying to fight cuteness and viral.

        All the viral propaganda in the world (Khan Academy) is not going to suffice to dislodge the established institutional players and their incumbent lock on these public money flows.

        You can neither change or piggyback off of them. The ONLY avenue available for moving them out of the way is to erect a chartered and accredited alternative and then compete them into oblivion.

        The primary barrier you’ll encounter on the path to that accredited charter is that the local public school district may have to be enlisted as your sponsor to get that charter from the state.

        Best case, a local public college or university can serve as your sponsor because it has a school of education and is institutionally interested in exploring alternative education models.

    2. That sounds like the direction that need to be headed – focus on the state-level instead of the local level. For textbook, bypass them altogether, just need the curriculum and topic/subject to be discussed on that given day.

      When you mentioned higher-ed, I have to recall how Harvard/MIT and others are flushed with money to help finance these initiatives. Why is a Dr./PhD in a kente suit trying to build his own commune full of black boys escapes me but I’m seeing more and more opportunity here from an open data approach.

      Definitely don’t want to be caught up in petty ego-matches of old guard acting as obstructionists but in a way, have to operate in the most efficient manner to bypass them altogether. The charter school compete is going to again – focus on endowments and scholarship and grants and I seen charter schools close down faster than a HBCU because they cannot manage the finances and cost of doing business. Definitely will spend more research on this.

      1. “Why is a Dr./PhD in a kinte suit trying to build his own commune full of black boys escapes” but Dr/PhD in a kinte suit was and is attempting to address a specific need in the black community that the typical high brow Negros/blacks don’t see, don’t care about and wish would just go away or refuse to acknowledge and that is we have a lot of low preforming but talented black boys that are not hard core criminals who seems to have no motivation and are getting in trouble with the law due to a lack parental guidance and discipline [some have no parent and are raising themselves] but can be saved and made productive citizen if they have access to the right program “tailor made” for them, it’s funny, if someone was trying to put together a program for girl they would be getting all kinds of applauds from progressive and liberal blacks and whites alike and white liberal would be trying to throw money at them but when a black man decide to do something for needed black boys and he say “I don’t want no liberal money cause he want to implement a program that is best for young black males without constraints and interference” now something got to be wrong with that and it must be destroyed before he get up and running. I applaud Dr. Umar Johnson and I have contribute to his “effort” to purchase Saint Pauls College to get this program off the ground and running. Peace out.

  6. Another way around the textbook issue is look at the state education standards, most states use Common Core standards, and build lessons based off them. Build your own pacing guides off their standards and go from there.

  7. “focus on the state level”

    my man…., and be certain about the political/relational loyalties of any sponsoring entity that georgia requires you to have. also, be aware that microsoft is making huge investments on this front as against google and apple and has significant $$$ and resources to bring to bear in support of innovative partners with knowledge, skill, and boots on the ground.

    1. I don’t think barriers are as big as we can reverse engineer and crowdsource the content right now.

      For example, we can take Cleve advice and look at the Common Core requirements ( and reverse engineer from there. I’m not a big fan of Common Core but as a private enterprise API, this is good stuff to baseline.

      Then we can demand from Common Core participant states to let us know when and what they teaching out of Common Core and that is how we can know when and what to produce as an API and create tools.

      Hell, we can just have the kids and parents tell us in a crowdsourcing fashion based on the school…

  8. Reminds me of an article I read years ago about a a megachurch leader establishing an orphanage in Swaziland. He kept the orphans separated from their poor living conditions and their communities. In the end, the orphanage flopped, and the youth came out ill-prepared to deal with society. Thank you Ed, for yet another thought-challenging article!

  9. Been a fan for years bro…but I beg to differ. You have your way of black empowerment which is financially and his is through education. Both of ya’ll can exist in this work together. Boys need men Period! You, him and men that are able bodied and well intended. And I’m not sure why you a Tommy fan either but I digress. Ya’ll all have your own platform, but unfortunately they are “cooler” than you. Wish ya’ll could all beg to differ. You run the stem and economic department. A nice fine balance.

    1. You all anonymous and stuff but I’ll respond. Why would you call a grown ass man who is self-made and handling his own a fan of someone on YouTube? You sound like you reduced yourself to petty partisanship that I simply cannot relate.

      I see no evidence Dr Umar Johnson is an educator. Can you show me anything he taught? Don’t just say he did – be specific. I do educate and I can be specific.

      No we cannot work together as he has poor discipline and very sloppy with his personal affairs.

      The problem with cats like you and others is you spend more time defending Dr. Umar Johnson than talking about young black boys who can spot a sloppy brotha with a PhD but also has poor discipline and a big mouth.

  10. Agree all the way Ed. Snake oil being sold to our people. They have no idea this guy has had his eyes on land and been accepting donations for years now. His concept is not sustainable and there is no plan or framework other than I want to get land and a school. Well where brother? The land and buildings he said he wanted to purchase are no longer available to him. Also don’t understand him needing 4 million to buy land when with the hundreds of thousands he already has he can put down a mere 20 % and own something. Also people have ideas and are willing to donate their time. They have donated their hard earned cash as well. Only to see him blame him banging a stripper for his lack of progress. We’re either all dumb or he is just that clever. LOL

    1. No one pulls money out of deal because someone was banging a stripper – this Dr. Umar Johnson sounds like liar and make up things. That is the most stupidest made up crap I heard in a long time. If he cannot name names, then he lying and taking people money lying.

  11. The middle part of these responses were some of the best “real-talk” discussions that I’ve seen on educational alternatives that can be pulled off and executed in a practical manner.

    This Black African big hyper-macho man leader stuff is for the birds…cultivating an image of some Shaft-like Black Superman that’s going to have a Boys Town and save all the young brothers in America’s ghettoes…for what? To build Black sovereign-nation mini-empires that are going to destroy America from within and then we will achieve Chocolate Nation utopia?

    I’m not as hard on the nationalists as some, but I sure wish some of my brothers and sisters could dispose themselves of that silliness. Black children, on the aggregate, aren’t getting a square deal in America’s classrooms. This “third way” talk is on something that can be of benefit to kids who aren’t getting this fair shake.

  12. trueletterson wrote:


    “Be that as it may at least Dr. Umar Johnson has step up and is trying to build a structure a “unapologetic” non political correct structure for the uplifting of wayward black youth particularly wayward black boys that possibly can be rescued from a life of crime and destruction and made responsible and productive citizen. This is very much needed.”

    Nobody’s stopping Dr. Umar Johnson from raising this money but Dr. Umar Johnson himself.

    He’s built his “brand” on a version of hyped Black macho and “Great Black Leader”-dom that has come crashing down to this realityTV-esque fake scandal. There isn’t anything wrong with a single man making booty calls with a stripper per se, but a man that’s purporting to “save” the inner-city Black youth of America with a Boys Town-esque immersion academy where he wants to indoctrinate young men to convert them into Afrikan warriors for the revolution…that whole house of cards comes crashing down when people see the hypocrisy evident in talking about the Black Nation and loving and respecting the women out of one side of your mouth while creeping in the background using women as your sexual playthings with the other side of your mouth.

    Now no leader in any institution is morally perfect. However, a cat that espouses high and mighty ideals yet wants $5 million of our money and yet exposes himself as sloppy, as a hypocrite and as a cat whose shade on the LBGT community that I do not like at all (because fundamentally – injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, whether it comes from a white supremacist or a wannabe Black supremacist)…makes himself look bad and compromises his cause.

    Particularly with his lack of disclosure on what’s been done with the existing money that has been donated to him plus the lack of creativity on his part to deliver African-centered education to the youth (brother Ed has talked about it up and down – IPTV-focused courses and distributing them to all of the Black community youth centers across America and getting them in the youth detention centers could accomplish much of what he SAYS he wants…it makes Dr. Johnson (which is not his original name…humans have a right to re-invent themselves but when you look at him doing it with his body of work) look like another smooth-talking Black hustler relieving sisters and brothers of their nickels and dimes.

    Perhaps he is NOT THAT, but everything leading up to this is not the best look.

    1. The guy in the video has strong points. $250k raised and where is the architectural model, the blueprints, the preregistration..that is more than enough for him to make progressive investments.

  13. I agree with some of Dr. Umar Johnson’s points and some I don’t.
    Your solution is just fine, but what Dr. umar Johnson is talking about is the fact that Black people need to learn survival skills. The skills being taught in the public schools do not teach us how to produce for ourselves and only teach us to work for the white man and remain subordinate. We need to learn how to farm, build wealth, create our own businesses and ect. The fact that he is using the work previously done by Garvey and Malcolm is a great thing. It was not that long ago and also you ALWAYS need to study the work of those before you and build off of it for the future. Like Carter G. Woodsen’s, Miseducation of the Negro was written the 1930’s, but is still extremely useful for today.

    I do not agree with interracial dating because it does nothing but dilute the race and is used as more of a social/status symbol. When you think about it, we are taught that white is better in all areas. The more you appeal to whiteness (be it physically or idealistically, or economically and etc.), the better you have it in life. This concept and brainwashing even seeps into the way we choose our relationships. Also, Umar is right. Whenever you have someone go against white supremacy, they have dire consequences. I dont think he is saying it to scare people, I think he is saying it to WARN people that there will be pushback. Really, history shows us this.
    I also agree with Pan Africanism. Its the only thing we have not done,(that is, build our own nation) that might just actually work.

    I do not agree with his disdain for homosexuals and his lack of knowledge for the Black Women’s movement, but those are things he needs to work on. Every person and their ideas are not perfect, but I think his overall stance is going in the right direction. With the current condition of Black people, all African people, we need RADICAL change.

    Your idea is a great one and should be implemented, but so is Dr. Umar Johnson’s. You sound just as hateful when you call him names. This does not have to be a competition. Many solutions can work together and can be used to build off one another to advance and empower Black people.

    1. Well your comments I don’t agree with and what you said is OK – see how worthless opinions are? Anybody can have an opinion.

      Dr. Umar Johnson does not have an original concept that can be labeled as Dr. Umar Johnson idea – other people done the same thing with less in the black community for nearly 100 years.

      I’m not your damn opinion and what I proposed is already in development and I didn’t ask the black community for one dime…remember that..

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