How Do Black Guys Who Follow Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black Celebrate Father’s Day?

You can tell the quality of a man by who he follows and also who follows him. When black dude followers are PUA black dudes then that speaks volume to who that black dude is in terms of his character. When black dude followers want to blame a Panamanian named Tommy Sotomayor for African-American male shortcomings that also speaks volumes to who they are and who he is. When a black dude followers want to target black feminists as a scapegoat instead of as an annoyance to the black man kingdom, then that speaks volume to what these black guys are about. When a black dude followers want to talk about tearing down another brotha or sista instead of building up the community for his kids and comfort for his elders, that speaks volume to who these black guys really are. You want to judge a brotha? Just look at who he follows and who follow him, plain and simple. Hey, all of you can audit who follows Dream and Hustle - I have brothas and sistas from all over the world, many of us served in the military, we are pro-family by having families, many of us are well-traveled and well-off brothas and sistas and we have talent and entrepreneurial experience and career experience to vouch for. My blog reflect realistic brothas and sistas out here in the real world. And you can look at our discussions as we are solution-focused towards the black community and discuss how to approach without flaming each other or trying to outsmart each other or talk about how crispy another black guy is. Even when the trolls come here to Dream and Hustle, they disappear fast and you will never see the audience of this blog engage a troll trying to attack me directly in Dream and Hustle comment section because my audience know I’m good and can be spoken for and most important, any black person trying to attack Dream and Hustle, a blog showing our people how to do for self is an idiot, plain and simple. toysareus When I build groups things start happening. You look at other cats who start groups, and cats start dissing and beefing and arguing with each other. Or they posting up “motivation memes” or “did you know the statue of liberty was a black woman?” type nonsense over and over. Dream and Hustle years ago had a BBS group and a cat tried to talk to Toys R Us about opening up a pop-up shop in his hood on a building - working as a go-between with the owner and Toys R Us - Toys R Us actually called him back and gave him specs on how to make it happen for them to consider. I don’t even know what happened after that but like I said, cats make moves when I set things up. Global Urban Collective has only 150 members while these other guys get a few thousand but we built up a repository of information and talk solutions and give actual presentation on business models and technology there – meanwhile the other cats starting BBS groups, they talking about PUA and beefing about Tommy Sotomayor and how much they hate Tommy Sotomayor calling him crispy and stuff. Like I said, you can judge a black guy easily by who follows him and that’s real talk. I’m going to be bring up an old article topic I wrote on Dream and Hustle several years ago. In that article, I stated it only take 7 days to make something happen meaning it takes less than 7 days to state you going to do something and 7 days later have things in motion to be on the path to completion. I referenced the movie “The Ring” or “Ringu” if you like the Japanese version of this young cursed spirit that after someone watches a video, they will die in 7 days. Now that ghost spirit is just a little girl and if that evil spirit can make a phone call talking about she going to crawl out of someone TV in 7 days, then you know a real brotha and a real black man can get the ball rolling on anything within 7 days also if he willing to put in the real work for his family, his community, his people and his future. Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed followers will do the same stuff 7 days from you reading this article, bet on it. Mark your calendars, watch what Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed followers talk about today and check again in 7 days – same shit about Tommy Sotomayor or black history “did you know” type stuff and “we need to come together and do this and that” blabber and these are black guys talking, not black men. Real black men get things done like figure out how to feed his kids and keep a roof over their head and know he ain’t got 7 days to make it happen, it need to get resolved now! Bills and the landlord and the chick he sleeping with on the side are calling right now and everybody asking for money – that’s real man stuff and it takes real men to handle that on the spot! simcity Cats will talk about black economics and how to build up economic development in the community and create a YouTube quality documentary and chatter on and on about how to establish black economics. Let’s just resolve all this up in 7 minutes homey. Go to BEA.GOV Web Site. This web site is the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis ran by the US Department of Commerce. It explains exactly what drives the economy on the local and national level and what industries that need to be created. The information will show that the hood needs to create businesses that handles hundreds of jobs which is going to be professional services (outsourcing, call centers, etc.), durable goods manufacturing (electronics, auto and auto parts) and Food processing (not farming but processing like canning). So you ain’t going to make anything happen talking about opening up some Abdul bakery with 3 Muslim employees in the back, you need real services that hires hundreds of people for the black community. Learn STEM. If you need to create jobs that hires hundreds of people, then you need to create either a consulting firm that does outsource work or engineer a manufacturing process that capable of canning hundreds of fish an hour or creating the plastic battery cover to replace a certain phone or camera. The majority of stuff like Asterisk that is used to create call centers are free and open source and can run on computers that can be bought at a used computer store or pawn shop. All it take is a cat to sit down and learn and focus on the workflow and discussing with others who already made things happen. Learn Transactions. Learn how to enable money to transfer from one entity to the next. Learn how to create the solution that enable a person to pay the next person. Start with playing the monopoly game (probably can play online) and see how things works moving money to one person to the next. Then learn how to invoice the next person and net 30 and learn how credit cards work and how to settle transactions. Then learn about the mobile payment options. Economic development is based on transactions, that’s it – not color or skin or racial pride – it is based on the volume of transactions to transfer money. Learn How to Attract Money to Get Money. Create businesses and operations that attract people with money, not broke people. People need to get paychecks and pay for goods and services and not care about what some black dude thinks about Tommy Sotomayor. The Chinese come to America and pay for lotions and cremes and because they cannot carry liquids on a plane, you learn to setup shipment through Alibaba to their home back in China and setup recurring subscription plans. You learn how to market your products and services through the procurement process to be distributed through Wal-Mart and Target and set up a trade center in your hood for Target and Wal-Mart buyers to come in and see if they can distribute this product and talk to the owner about what need to be done next. See – there is no need for Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed or their followers to keep blabbing on for more than 7 days and wait for the next 7AM DVD (damn, at least learn how to do on-demand streaming - DVDs, really?) on how black men can do for self and their community and build up economic empowerment. I just laid all that need to be done which is put in homework on open source material that will build the industries to create jobs in our community and build up economic activity. In other words, real man stuff where a real man has to do things to get things done for to feed his kids and maintain his community. But you can do that 7 day test on them to see they will still be about the same stuff. Go ahead and see 7 days later and what you see is a reflection of who Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed is based on their followers who got the nerve to talk about me behind my back like some little school girls. Now let them go ahead and ask if me and the people I attract to my zone are doing something and about that life. Notice they fester up in my comment section like roaches and then try to talk to me directly in the comment section asking basic ignorant questions “what are you doing?!” and stuff. Go ahead and watch them “hey, what are you doing? Show me what you doing?!” as if they are part of the empire and part of the solution and need to know. Why would I tell a worthless ass brotha what I’m doing when all that matters is business is being handled? These lame brothas never realize that but be all up in my comment section talking about “what are you doing?!” and stuff like that. payme This the link to go ahead and download the presentation! See that we about it! Oh, look at what we doing – this is a presentation we had at the GUC back at the beginning of 2015 (or 2 week before in December 2014?) that talked about creating a mobile payment strategy in the hood and is a holistic coverage and an actual walkthrough of an actual mobile payment application concept that was created. Go ahead – the link is there - I’m going to give it to you guys to download so we can put it in cats faces and let them know we about it at the GUC and what we do. These are the level of discussions we having in this right here in the Global Urban Collective while other cats talking about “learning to code” and stuff like that LOL. We talking about setting up transactions and payments in our community and you can look at the presentation slides and tell it is black people talking to black people how to uplift the black community with technology – yeah, Black Enterprise and Tristan Walker and NewMe and BDPA ain’t got much to say at this they? We are going to have a next article to show how to build a payment card that connects to the mobile phone using existing technology we already have the GUC to sign up merchants and manage multiple accounts for retailers in a hood to do shopping and festivals. That is coming up next on this blog. So everything I touch, black progress is made and black people get better and move on to bigger things when I represent here at Dream and Hustle and whatever I do. The Chicago House music article you see in my top 10 list, I’m contacted by famous people and music execs behind the scenes thanking me for lighting a fire under people ass in the dance industry and festival game and the discussion was great and constructive. All Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black got are followers who talk about how crispy Tommy Sotomayor is and they go on that bit for more than 7 days. Which is why I asked the question – how do black guys who follow Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black celebrate Fathers Day? realmanish See, I celebrate Fathers Day because I have a son who I discipline not by shaving his head or beating him on a video posted to WSHH, but I discipline my son by showing him success models and showing him progress and fighting adversity and how to make big moves. Because he need to be disciplined for the empire that I'm building for him to take over once I'm gone and leave that behind for him to have it better than I had it. I celebrate Father’s Day by being a father of the future vision for all the black kids out there to grow up in a world where they can do for self, their people and their community. I celebrate Father’s Day by being Big Daddy getting these sistas off the stripper pole and butt modeling into real business models where she is in control and selling sista-to-sista like the hair extension game. I celebrate Father’s Day by establishing reusable code as a foundation in the Global Urban Collective for everybody to build upon to create their own tech solution. I celebrate Father’s Day as a grown responsible black man who operate in legacy and honor of my own father who taught me how to take of myself and others who need a helping hand in my community – that’s how I celebrate Father’s Day. I follow the aspiration of others who want to see our people empowered and I'm followed by brothas and sistas who want to do for self, their people and their community and the future. These other dudes talking around me don’t have a damn thing laid out to make sure their children grow up to be better than them and not struggle like them. They got nothing but lies and stories on the Internet to tell others and that’s it. These dudes ain’t got no real plans based on any foundational data to start building economic development in the black community, they want to keep it basic and keep talking basic like shop merchants lined up on a commercial strip. Like I said – 7 days and you know a real black man who about it look like after that. Let’s see 7 days from now, you go back and watch followers of Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black and watch those black dudes will still be talking about how some Panamanian dude is crispy and stuff, watch and see.

14 thoughts on “How Do Black Guys Who Follow Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black Celebrate Father’s Day?

  1. Tariq Nasheed

    Brother Ed – You are blowing me away lately.
    I have to admit that when my friends induced me to purchase “Hidden Colors 1,2,3” I was highly disappointed that Tariq Nasheed was accepted as a “Black History Scholar” based upon the amount of connectivity with his message.

    I also have to admit that when I saw Dr Umar Johnson in Episode #3 I sent him a note, warning him to watch who he affiliates with. His credibility and integrity must stand.

    I did see Dr Johnson when he came to Atlanta.
    I took it as “Stage Performance” that his bravado (and use of certain language) was done to rile up a Black crowd. I on the other hand, prefer a logical, well balanced (corporate-type) presentation.

    While I agree with you 100% about Nasheed (he used to publish ‘How To Be A Playa” videos), I am saddened that I also have to agree with you about Dr Umar Johnson, until he polishes off his rough edges.

    I can’t say that I have listened to the full compliment of Tommy Sotomayor videos – to filter the substance from the bravado – but he too needs to attempt to avoid getting into petty pissing matches with his “Haters” and stick to a broad vision.

    This is why it is important to have INSTITUTIONS that are larger than ONE MAN. Force all men to submit to the standards of this institution in order to avoid the history of “institutional collapse” as the one man it taken out or impugned.

  2. you can learn from anybody, those guys are not 100% right or 100% wrong.the younger cats really do need men telling them about social situations they may find themselves in.I learned from older black men when I went into the air force, killing folks over women is bs, killing women because they want to move on more BS.

    1. Satchseven I do not understand the not 100% right or 100% wrong concept you mentioned when it comes to being a man, a father, a protector and a leader. This manhood stuff is not based on a weighted scale but binary – either they are or they are not. This is absolute with no leeway because this is win or lose and life and death outcomes based on how a black dude decide how to proceed.

      No one needs to tell a black male anything – manhood is intrinsic and he has the ability to learn and take responsibility and effective action. I do not want to give any dude the impression its okay to be a 60% right/40% wrong basic brotha and think that OK to be a man became it is not.

  3. Rapid fire.. Dream and hustle the realest .. Much love for the presentation, im downloading now. You got bushman like me out here who sourcing rfid chips from alibaba, and putting custom pvc figurines( zodiac figurines) in the abundance of corner stores in our hood. We rented the warehouse(gettin the members up) and hand painting(local brother who used to airbrush) furniture to sell we find on the street(solid wood only and as long as the legs are good) exclusively to hotels overseas. Every month we will put on our own exihibit. We have 3 computers and the walls are gonna have tags and qr codes for us to read and write. The computers in there for us to build up the apps for the local carribean,spanish restaurants( which your info on the money card and system is dynamite). A alot of brothers down here fish(all the time on our hands) i know alot of restaurants pride themselves on wild caught fish, now i got the supply , i just have to learn the avenue to put this wild caught fish in a can. Ima loook this up on a local level. Like i said dream im out cherr. Much love for the information and keep chin checkin these ninjas manhood.

  4. No one needs to tell a black male anything – manhood is intrinsic and he has the ability to learn and take responsibility and effective action. I do not want to give any dude the impression its okay to be a 60% right/40% wrong basic brotha and think that OK to be a man became it is not.

    ed , well why do so many black men fail at what you are saying? and the proof is out there.we see guys constantly make the same mistakes they saw others make.we see guys putting getting laid before anything else then wonder why they are poor.if tariq or rosebudd etc. can make these guys see you need to leave some women alone i see no problem i do not agree with everything you or those guys say but i do recognize good advice when i see it. a lot of the stuff tariq says i figured out 25 yrs ago about the women.

    1. Satchseven,

      When this article talks about laying down an economic foundation and taking action within 7 days and present a presentation on creating mobile payment transactions…just don’t see how you can bring up Tariq Nasheed macking games with girls as value-added or even a close comparison to anything I do or about…

  5. The Call Center…Classic article from D&H. Another angle would be to purchase the delinquent invoices from small companies and set up a call center for collections.

  6. When this article talks about laying down an economic foundation and taking action within 7 days and present a presentation on creating mobile payment transactions…just don’t see how you can bring up Tariq Nasheed macking games with girls as value-added or even a close comparison to anything I do or about…

    ed then your headline is misleading, you should have not mentioned those cats.your article is 95% about economic moves, but my moms even warned me about certain types of women in our community and how some of them can get you killed .keep up the good work, we do not have to agree on everything.

    1. Headline is not misleading- you have nothing to bring to the table here but a simple opinion and want to size me against some bullshit artist like Tariq Nasheed to justify your fandom. The fact this article talks about men and you trying to inject a PUA argument of “choosing a certain type of women” gave you away. And you are talking to me directly when other cats are in the room.

      Nice try but your conversation is lightweight here on this topic and those men that about it can see straight through you. The other men are talking business, you talking about your opinion and getting with women. Why don’t you try to talk about economic foundations and transitioning thoughts to action within 7 days instead of shooting your worthless argument of how you choose a black woman on an article that talks about manhood and fatherhood. Because surely you don’t believe you typing away will change the essence of what is being discussed and will discount me to those who already know I’m about it.

    1. You are clearly out of your league – me and crew are highly skilled and equipped to fuck with anybody in the world. But the people we fuck with are more advanced than your simple mind can comprehend and further, we fight them to protect your ass.

      I don’t know who this King Flex is but I assume that is Tariq Nasheed nickname. Tariq Nasheed is not on our radar or a concern nor is he a concern to anybody in the real world. At best he is just a fucking gadfly with fucking gadfly followers.

      Unless you or “King Flex” know how to handle 2016 – and you don’t…. I suggest you keep whatever you mumbling about over in that corner you came from.

    1. I don’t care about your personal problem. However, I am concerned you being a black male sitting in Jackson, Mississippi in December 2016 typing up anything about Tariq Nasheed or Jason Black – you are seriously slipping and caught up and ignorant and going to find yourself in a world of hurt chasing stupid stuff that is irrelevant in the current environment.

      Whatever nonsense you talking about – that time has long pass. Get your act together, that “fake” pro-black crap you been eating up on YouTube ain’t going to taste the same in 2017.

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