No One in the Black Community Can Transform These Clown Brothas into Grown Black Men Except..

pua_brotha One of the themes I keep hearing over and over is that we real brothas need to be a mentor to these young black dudes out here looking for direction, looking for a father figure and all that other stuff. I heard that line about “father figure/mentor” for countless number of years over and over from cats who advocate more than do action. The truth is I cannot convert or turn a punk ass clown for a brotha into a grown black man and will just end up wasting everybody time. I like how PUA and black women-bashing brothas like to criticize the sistas for getting with knuckleheads because the sista be talking like she thought she could change dude who messed her life up. And we got to love how these same PUA/black women-bashing brothas in the same breath turn around and tell us real black men we can change these same knuckleheads by being a father figure or a mentor. Let’s just cut the games and bullshit talking here – no one can change or reform or turn a sorry ass brotha to become a social media viral poster boy role model of black male success. But there is only one exception. All I can do is find a young brotha under 21 who is trying to get better, help them get better and assist them. We older cats can do that assistance serving in the military or within a college or among trade guilds. But we black men have to know the little man has it in himself and actually have potential to be great. We older brothas have to be like Morpheus and believe Neo is the one and help show Neo he is the one and make him believe he is bigger, better and faster if he remove the constraints that were taught to him to condition him to limit himself. That’s all a real mentor can do and invest their time wisely. Look, when you see a black dude following someone like Jason Black or Tariq Nasheed or Dr. Umar Johnson or Dr. Claude Anderson and in the comment section chopping it up, that black dude is a worthless piece of crap and a f*ckboy and not worth any real man time or cost to deal with. These YouTube following black guys who constantly add their worthless opinion in comment sections talking about they agree/disagree just ain’t got it in them to go and get it for themselves. You can spot real talent because they blazing their own trails and handling their own and driven by their own spirit to their vision, bootstrap the resources and materials to make it happen and put a plan in place and execute against their vision – those are the cats we real black men and everybody else will focus on to help him and rise him up. Come on, you see for years and years here at Dream and Hustle these black dudes in our comment section coming here to Dream and Hustle trying to defend some mouthpiece like Dr. Umar Johnson and Tariq Nasheed and Warren Ballentine and all of these brothas commenting ain’t got anything to offer to a discussion but a cheap ass opinion and emotions unbecoming of a man. These guys are followers and fan boys and will not change – you have to know when to hold em and fold em and these guys are just a waste of time to be bothered with. his_role_and_purpose The only way a punk ass black dude is going to change is when he understand he is the man by realizing there are those in his life who look up to him and depend on him and rely on him for everything. That is when he realize he found the right woman that he commit himself to being the best man for her to keep her feeling comfortable and stable to raise a family together. That is when that black dude realize his kids need him because no one will care about them in this cold world more than he can as their father and dad. And that is when that black dude realize his nieces and nephews look up to him as an uncle, the black elders and young black children look to him as their guardian and the black community need his work and talent to help drive the local economy. That is when that punk ass black dude will convert into being a grown black man when he see the real roles and responsibilities that a man has to take or everybody around him will suffer. It is Dream and Hustle role and my God-given mission to be on the mountain to help those who already made the decision to climb to the top and help them take the best path up based on what I know and learned. I will never go to the bottom of the mountain and hang around losers and cowards scared to take the step forward and they instead choose to listen to their punk coward scared leaders like Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed and Dr. Umar Johnson and Dr. Boyce Watkins who dwell at the bottom of the mountain talking worthless shit among themselves about old folk tales of the past, what they think is on the top of the mountain and what they think is on the other side. When you lame ass brothas are tired of being a lame ass f*ckboy and decide to be the man and step forward and rise up to see what is better for you, your family and your people, we will be here on the mountainside ready to help you take the best path to the top the best way we can. This article was written on Father’s Day in honor of our fathers and ancestors who climbed their mountains and faced the adversity but overcame so they can get to the top and see what’s on the other side for them and their family. All you brothas out there still lurking around the bottom of the mountain and listening to lightweight ass clowns and yall just talking like bromosexuals to each other – no better day than Father’s Day to decide you are going to be a man and start doing for self, your people, your family and your future. Your woman who loves you need you, your children need you, your nieces and nephews need you and the community need you to be the man. You have to make that decision right now and no better time than right now. And when you decide to move forward and do for self, your people, your family, your community and your future then we will be here for you brotha.

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  1. Ed
    Is not lying about Umar

    Stripper Exposes Dr. Umar Johnson Causing Him To Lose One Million Dollar Donation

    Stripper Exposes Dr. Umar Johnson Causing Him To Lose One Million Dollar Donation – PHOTOS/VIDEOS | – By Kissy Denise

    1. Dr. Umar Johnson handling of this whole episode once again show how much of a undisciplined joke he is. And he want to tell this BS story that he lost a million on a stripper and not because he is a homophobic racist. Dude didn’t have it in the first place, barely raised enough to pay what I throw out at girls on the pole…and I put in more work than he runs his damn mouth.

      Black people just want to follow…that is what all of this boils down to…

  2. Nobody grown should be this lame. Trying to run game on a stripper?? How’s he going to help anybody? At best you’ll be stagnant following him.

    1. Dr. Umar Johnson should at least got some “mack lessons” on how to mack to these hoes since his followers also are affiliated with PUA…

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