Sheep Do Not Tell Lions How to Roam

lion_sheep One of my favorite observations about our people is how the followers and the ineffectual believe they determine who the boss is. It is common for sheep to gather around and try to talk about who is about it and who is not and believe the popular opinion of sheep is the law of the land. A group of brothas and sistas can gather around and claim day and night some guy or gal who show up on TV, radio, YouTube and whatever are their leaders but their “leaders” will get their behind thrashed around like a rag doll if they ever stepped into an arena with a lion. So what the sheep do is gather together and talk among other sheep about who is their leader and avoid the lion while acting like they can come up on a lion. The landscape is ruled by lions who are fearless, focused and fast and no sheep or a group of sheep can ever tell a lion how to roam the landscape. You have global organizations with global connections and global economic resources and armed forces who are out in this world making moves. No sheep or a group of sheep can go after these global organizations because these organizations are like lions and exert dominance. All a sheep can do is get on the Internet and post comments about the lion and how they hate the lion or try to appoint some sheep like them to be their leader but the reality is that sheep would be quickly thrashed around by a lion if they ever crossed paths in the real world. The African-American black community over and over like to “appoint” leaders they like to see on TV or media and forget there are lions out there roaming who dominate the landscape. You see black people appoint Al Sharpton and Roland Martin as their leader because these guys are seen on TV. Then you see marginalized broke black dudes appoint Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed as their leaders and you see chronically single black women appoint Shonda Rhimes and Wendy Williams as their leader. All because these black people like Steve Harvey and others are seen on mainstream media, they are appointed leaders and someone who word we all supposed to take. With me, the African-American sheep want to come approach me and say why I’m not written up by somebody else, sheep tell me to show them what I done and sheep want to lecture me how to go about things. And sheep talk around me as if these sheep can do anything close to what I’m doing. These sheep trying to talk to me in my comment section here at Dream and Hustle and they wonder why I do not care what they think or say. The reason why is I’m a lion who is fearless, focused and fast and my skillsets and expertise is going after other lions and their territory. I have nothing to say to a sheep and a sheep really has nothing to say to me. The sheep out there do not have the talent, the skills, the depth and the focus of a lion. The sheep out there do not have the courage to maintain territorial control like a lion. So with that said, sheep do not understand how a lion operate and maintain territory. No sheep African-American who follow others can come over here at Dream and Hustle and discuss me or anything I’m about because I focus on STEM and game theory and business while the African-American sheep have no skills except being a follower and watching TV and admiring people seen on mainstream media talking like a pundit. And because you will never see a sheep follow a lion, these African-American sheep out there will never follow someone like me. lionlamb What is the point of this article? Do not allow sheep to tell you who rules the kingdom. A lion do not have to explain to you they rule the kingdom because you will know by their presence. Lion packs like global organizations have talent depth and skills to operate against people and it takes lions like the 3rd Strategic Institute to fight other lions, not sheep. Not even a crowd of sheep can take on a lion because sheep will naturally huddle together while a pack of lions will separate around the sheep huddle and collectively attack the herd from every angle. So if you sheep are thinking black twitter or whatever is changing the world, well that is the type of thinking we expect from a sheep.

6 thoughts on “Sheep Do Not Tell Lions How to Roam

  1. I say amen to this post, this is a competitive world and as the late soul singer Jerry Butler said “Only The Strong Survive”, only the well discipline, smart, mentally and physically strong prosper and survive in this world.

  2. ed, they know more about rappers than tariq and those guys.we can go to any big black city and take a poll and most folks will say who? maybe 1 out of 25 will know and that is a big maybe.folks know who al and roland are but tariq nah

    1. I concede to this point satchseven as I’m beginning to realize this.

      It look like these guys are just virtual online personas at best. When I look at it, it is only cats who spend too much time online on BBS boards and chatrooms and social meda comment sections are the one mouthing off these names like Jason Black and Tariq Nasheed and I may have taken them too serious versus the real world streets.

  3. well the thing is the average brother under 40 knows more about the rappers than anything else in the world,and that has hurt us as a people

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