Simple Lame Brothas Made the Mistake of Waking Up an Ancient Colossus and Now Have to Deal with the Consequences

awakingagiant One of the biggest lesson that sometime is the last lesson a lot of brothas learn in life is know your level and limitation in an open environment. Mother Nature did not make every living thing equal and some are strong while others are weak and some are hunters while others are prey. In the human world, some are skilled and others are not skilled and some are hard while others are soft. Let’s discuss how the lame brothas will be addressed waking up a sleeping giant they had no business messing with. These weak brothas wanted to try Dream and Hustle and now it my turn to try them. I Will Be Establishing My Media Presence I was already working on my media presence but what I’m seeing is a lot of punks coming here trying to brag to me about lightweights as if I supposed to admire them also. Well, here is what I’m going to do – everything that ever came out of these ghetto pundits mouth, I will speak on those topic myself and speak on more and build a media library off their content. I’m not going personal after the ghetto pundits, I’m going after their fuckboy follower base and marginalize the material those losers worship of their ghetto pundit hero. I will take over and own the topics and discussion and will bring more depth than any of the ghetto pundits can cover. I'm going to leave them with nothing to cover without others realizing I already covered it and did it better. I Will Reverse-Engineer the Ghetto Pundits to Establish Pre-emptive Strikes I have already indicated a long time ago me and my crew fully reversed-engineered Dr. Claude Anderson talking points and logic. A lot of Dr. Claude Anderson points are not relevant to the 21st century economic models (I mentioned this before in an earlier blog) but he is our elder and we respect him and do not want to misrepresent his vision and legacy when we speak of him. The same reverse-engineering actions will be done in an open source manner against the lame fuckboys out there on the Internet and their ghetto pundit leader. Cats want to keep coming to Dream and Hustle and ask what I’m doing - what I will do is open source mind-map and diagram out what these ghetto pundits are doing and track what they doing and show and let the record demonstrate these black males ain’t stepping up and just talking shit day after day. What I will do is show their talking points and their pattern and you guys will see that these are one-trick ponies who at best name-drop other cats, have some shithouse ideology belief that we will tear down line-by-line and interrogate with facts or just say it is ineffectual and these black males just push emotions like a yelping dog. What you going to see after I strip their ghetto pundit leader down will be nothing more than hustlers with a predictable script that is not complicated. When I get through with them, they will be so documented and predictable that I will pre-emptive publish what they are going to talk about next – maybe some black history, maybe some beef, maybe blame black women for something – same shit, different day. Then I’m going to talk about what they are afraid to talk about – steps to improvement, steps to progress, if they tried anything, if the day went by and shit hasn’t happen. When I get through with their ass they will be all in a corner with all eyes on them and their predictable hustle will be exposed and they got no choice but to hustle or wither. Operate in Plain-Sight and Open Book The number one problem these cats made the mistake is thinking this ancient colossus got some skeletons and something to hide or be ashamed of – actually, I don’t give a fuck. I don’t give a fuck what I done in the past, what I been through and do not have that stuff called shame or regret that others lament on. All I know is survive today and prepare for tomorrow and help the next man or woman get better today and tomorrow. And I operate in plain sight and lay it all out for everybody to see my progress and failures so people can understand we are first and foremost mortals navigating through an imperfect life with an end goal of seeking our fulfillment and purpose. These lame brothas on the other hand run and hide behind an alias, ashamed of their past and identity and what they look like – probably ugly as hell. I know how black women are and why black men online hating on sistas be all anonymous. I seen black women see a pic of a dude talking shit about black women and the black women start laughing together and be like he ugly and shit and that black dude be all down and depressed after that. You lame brothas hide all the time. And you lame brothas talk behind Dream and Hustle back on your BBS group like a punk sissy and the rest of you brothas allow a weak cat talk about another man behind his back like you a punk gossip girl listening in on the convo. I’m here to empower and help brothas and sistas and I do that. I don’t need to hide mistakes or feel shame. I’m fucking proud of my shortcomings and mistakes and flaws and let it be known so others can realize they don’t have to be perfect, they just have to accept this world as is and just keep moving towards their goal of purpose and fulfilment in life. You lame brothas on the other hand are the ones wanting to act like you got some expose on someone but then get mad at me when you realize I don’t give a damn and you just sound like a fool running your mouth too much instead of being a real black man in this community. So When The Dust Is Settled.. I don’t need to “beef” when all I have to do is go after the critical mass employing the Blue Ocean Strategy. I can appeal to the greater mass of brothas and sistas better than you lame brothas and show the mass of black people what a worthless piece of shit you lame black males are to the black community every day the sun comes up and the sun set upon the land. I will show what real black men who love their community and willing to put in work and research and care look like and show them what some punk black dude trying to act hard and destructive and cannot find a woman and raise a family and hanging with other dicks on a PUA BBS group look like. All I have to do is expose you bros as worthless pieces of shit and reverse engineer you lame brothas to prevent you from having your script/hustle have any further effectiveness – making you lamer. In order for you weak brothas to even keep up with me, you have to be STEM and Afro-futurist and you lame brothas are neither. You will be quickly left in the dust and dismissed as a joke while I'm the one with innovation and solutions and hustle and skills. The fact you unskilled lightweights even thought you could bring anything to the table is the real joke in this whole episode. I will show the black community you lame brothas just run your mouth about black empowerment while I actually show cats how to implement black empowerment step-by-step, the difference between me and your punk ass. That’s all this ancient colossus have to do to destroy your fuckboy ass and you lame brothas are going to face consequences for disturbing this right here.