The Rise of Empires – A Rising Tide Float All Boats

hustlespace July 1st marks the start of the 3rd quarter and it is also the preparation for launch of many of the business models and empires that Dream and Hustle talked about, you read about it but did nothing about it but now I guess you just have to sit back and watch us get the money and realize that we about it. But for the first time in Black History, Ed Dunn and the 3rd Strategic Institute is doing it the right damn way to launch a black technology revolution – we are code-sharing and platform-sharing me and my elite crew code base and expertise with other brothas and sistas in the Global Urban Collective who are going to rise up with us with their business models. We are going all out like real black technology entrepreneurs going to build out solutions that solves problems in our community and work in the best interest of our people. And our business models are scalable to go into global urban markets worldwide from Capetown to Berlin to Shanghai to Mexico City and scale from zero to hero. I don’t know any of these cats and not trying to run some secret uppity black organization – all I know is these are brothas and sistas out there who read Dream and Hustle like you did but they spent time to learn how to code and learned about business models and learned that knowledge is power and solutions are fulfillment by investing in self to do for self. And they are going to come with me on that journey to the top if they want to go and get it. The first question the simple mind are asking is “why is he sharing his code?” and that answer is simple. Our platform is too modular and reusable for us to create every possible solution for us and we know its brothas and sistas smart enough to know how to put things together and create their own solution. We here to empower others. Second it’s about execution – yall cats can talk all the hell you want but only a few stepped up and decide to execute and make something happen while the rest of you guys are talking. See, me and my crew is tight enough where we can execute and not worry about competition – we are actually going to help create redundant services for other brothas and sistas to do exactly what we doing in some cases. Because the truth is, this whole world is out there ready to get got. So welcome to the 3rd quarter which is our preparation for the holiday season. Big changes are already scheduled and I hope the cats at the Global Urban Collective now understand why we locked the group down and will not be bringing in new members while we go out and get this. The rest of you cats I just want to tell you something before I go. I been saying for years and several years, close to 10 years that 2015 is going to be the year you better have your own up and running because it is going to get bad once President Obama leaves office. And you cannot be having some lightweight operation either. You need something that you can flip over to Africa, Latin America or Asia if you have to and enough to not have you worried about the things that are planning to go down. I will be discussing more and more business models this 3rd quarter and I hope you guys start realizing we ain’t got a lot of time to start making things happening for us. A lot of cats ain’t going to make it and you see ignorant brothas and ignorant sistas running around as we speak. Don’t be like them – you put your head down and get ready to make moves and at the same time, put yourself in a situation where you are creating solutions and empowering yourself and others for fulfillment. Let’s make this 3rd quarter count!