What Is Your Message to the Graduating Class of 2015?

The class of 2015 is now getting ready to go out into the real world, a world many of you already know about. Many of you have been through the years and learned a lot since you graduated and it would be great if you share your knowledge on how to help the class of 2015 make it. For the many years Dream and Hustle been around we seen a lot of the challenges the graduating class had to face. Many new graduates around 2007 – 2010 had next to zero jobs available to them and had to work minimum wage jobs to pay their bills and this was a harsh reality. Before that, we saw a lot of graduates prior to 2007 talk about they want to work at Google with a sense of entitlement instead of actually being smart enough to work at Google and contribute something. So it been hard on new graduates in the past. I believe 2015 has more opportunity and great opportunity for both entrepreneurial and career field. What I would tell the graduating class of 2015 is what we talk about here – build a brand consisting of both non-profit social causes and for-profit personal operation and work a good job at the same time. You can do all three nowadays with ease and not feel like you doing wrong side-hustling. We live in a global economy where talent has to outshine and stand out like a bright star. It is expected of you graduates to know how to run micro-businesses on your own to show you can innovate and take risks but at the same time, know how to work in a professional setting and deal with day to day office politics and corporate challenges and take them on. In addition to self-branding and working the corporate ladder, I would also advise the class of 2015 to fully embrace circular economics and engage in the sharing economy. Do not run out and own things if you do not have to. Take the subway and Uber instead of having a car, insurance, parking tickets, gas and so on. Learn to revolve your food around certain food like rice and beans and chopped and filet meats to make it last for dinner and lunch. Do group dating and group lunches and meetups and split the cost of everybody having a great fun time. Don’t hesitate to buy used clothing and used furniture and upcycle it. Look at ways in your community to upcycle spaces and repurpose them for the community to reclaim and enjoy that space. We no longer need to be “ballin” or “bling-bling” anymore and that era is dead and a regrettable moment in history. Learn to spend your money on experiences more than ownership. And most important – be happy. You see a lot of people around here not happy and looking at ways to tear others down. Turn off the TV and go outside and enjoy life. Go to an EDM camping festival, take a backpack trip off the grid, join an urban running club and arrange meetups at the wine bar and enjoy the real world. Social media is not the experience anymore – real life is a lot better to live. That is my advice to the class of 2015, what is yours?

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  1. Greetings Ed-

    My message would be:

    The direction you decide to go in life, in terms of your career is not as important as what you do along the way. Here a a few simple truths for anyone to apply-

    1-Take care of your health–You can have a booming business, booming career but if your health is not in tact, the former are useless. Eat nutritious meals. Take part in physical fitness and meditation daily.

    Just because Krispy Kreme donuts are good, it doesn’t mean they’re good for you. I suggest 6 days a week for eating healthy and 1 day(usually Saturday) to allow yourself to “cheat” and enjoy you favorite “bad foods”. This will help you sustain eating well for life, without you having to do away with your favorite “bad foods”. Over time, you’ll stop taking advantage/using your cheat day. Mainly, because you’ll like how you look and feel on your non-cheat days. It becomes a lifestyle.

    Speed 20 minutes a day in complete silence. No mobile devices, no internet, no TV, no radio,etc…. Allow yourself to be present.

    2-Take care of your wealth–Be it you’re a tradesman or an Investment Banker, make a strong effort to stay out of debt, learn how to invest your money yourself. No one cares about your money, more than you. Not even a so-called “financial adviser”. Most of them earn their living from the commissions they’ve earned from selling you “investments”. If they knew how to invest so well, why are the working on commissions? No one cares about my money like I do.

    Book recommendation: “How to Invest $50-$5,000: The Small Investor’s Step-By-Step Plan for Low-Risk, High-Value Investing”

    3-Be of service. Have an attitude of giving. Always look for opportunities to give or be of service. I’m not talking about major, life changing events. Small opportunities will do. Example—I was standing in line at the bank yesterday. I noticed a lady walking in wearing her work uniform. I said-” are you on your lunch break?” She said “yes”. I said–“by all means go ahead of me, you’re at work, I’m not, I have time”. I insisted that she go ahead of me. That’s being of service. That’s having compassion. That’s living in the moment. That’s being unselfish.


    That’s what I would advise the 2015 and beyond graduates. The above is timeless and can be applied by all.

  2. My message would be a little different from what I would say in the past. I would tell them that their college degree means really nothing in this country and the best you can really do is work for an insurance agency or be a waiter/waitress. I say that because of the debt you accumulate you would find your degree to be almost worthless..but fret not! There are opportunities to chase overseas teaching ESL classes in China as well as other countries. In this current economy you have to learn how to hustle..Nothing else matters. Now you have to learn a trade. Courses you learn on coursera and/or udemy will equip you with tools to really have skills under your belt to produce. Because the only one’s that will survive are the producers. The American Dream with the expensive car,trips was a lie and you have to create your own destiny.

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