African-American Guide to Understanding Black Virtual Subcultures Like PUA and Swirling and How to Address Them

cornball One of the things the African-American community need to be aware about is the black virtual subcultures out there. A black virtual subculture is an artificial social construct invented on the Internet and have little to zero basis in reality. The best example are black PUA and the swirling movement. You also see cats online doing the "splashy" movement – that’s the kid buying the $350 belt from Barney’s to take Instagram selfies. And you have the pro-black virtual subculture out there. I have largely ignored these virtual subcultures and wrote them off as recreational activities for losers, like those Dungeons and Dragons players back in the day talking about Wizards and Halflings all day long. But what we are seeing is these black virtual subcultures disrupting and interfering with real works and efforts in the black community to progress and now we are taking a closer look at these group. sandrablandinjustice What set things off was Sandra Bland – the focus should have been on the cop but some pro-black virtual subculture punks decide to float around conspiracy theories throughout social media of Sandra Bland being killed in jailed and was dead in the mug shot photo. What this done was distracted the story away from the actual arrest incident and made this fake angle of her being dead on arrival at the jail the main story. This was damage and the biggest injustice to Sandra Bland was the data manipulation by pro-black punks looking to be provocative over the Internet to get a reaction. This idiot talking about what the Army taught them - there is a way we teach idiots a lesson in the military who screw things up for everybody: blanket In this article we are going to talk about virtual subcultures and keep in mind there are good black virtual subcultures that focus on entrepreneurship and there are regressive black virtual subcultures like the PUA and swirling stuff. In this article let’s talk about the PUA and swirling black virtual subcultures. Then what I want to do is announce what me and the 3rd Strategic Institute decided to do to reign in negative black virtual subcultures that are disrupting and interfering with black progress through lies and data manipulation. Otaku and Culture Clubs okatu Many of you know about culture clubs and otaku such as Goth, emo, punk, steampunk, Lolita and I can go on and on but these are real world gatherings and groups of people. In the black community you have Black Hebrews and Afropunk. But in this article we are talking about virtual subcultures that are 100% in the online world where people do not even know each other and hide behind aliases and personalities. And the subject is likely an invention of fiction design to tap into attitudes and the ulterior goal is to also sell books and other material online catering to that fiction. Black PUA PUA stands for pick-up artists. These are black guys who go online to talk about how to pick up sistas and how to “game” the sistas out there. In these groups, the guys talk fantasy and have stories of picking up some random girl and banging her and other kind of escapades and others talk about how they manipulated sistas and also talk about what kind of sistas look good sharing pictures of butt models found in magazines. The reality is, most PUA members are masking the fact they are not a real man who got themselves together. Many PUA are negative and have negative resentment towards black women because they cannot come to the reality they are not a producer and they are most likely marginalized. PUA is most dangerous because they have the biggest record of actually committing real-world violence against black women where the guys have been associated with the PUA movement. In the real world, all you need is a nice job with health benefits, a two-step move on the dance floor and a nice suit to pick up a sista – there is no need to form a PUA group to get with a black women. In our opinion, PUA is not a harmless sport – at the end of the day what the black PUA is looking for is exploiting resulting in mental or physical harm to black women for emotional gain. Many pro-black men are also involved in PUA and in a subtle manner. Black Swirl Girls The swirling movement is probably the most artificial and weirdest black virtual subculture in the African-American community. The swirling community consist of sistas who advocate black women start dating outside of their race with a strong emphasis on white men. The logic behind the swirling movement is that there are not enough black men out there for black women because we black men are either in jail, dead or gay. The underlying tone behind the swirling movement is to use the premise of dating a white man and giving it up to a white man as a way to “stick it to the black man” who does not offer the love and respect a black woman deserve. So interracial relationship is used in a taunting manner in the swirling virtual subculture. But when you take a closer look at the actual women in the swirling movement, you begin to notice the obvious. First, these are ghetto birds who do not even know how to have any kind of relationship, much less a relationship with a white man. But the best and this take the cake – the white man they speak about swirling with is a myth. These swirling sistas are just sharing pics of white male models. White men are not an active participant and just used as a straw man for rhetoric. This makes the swirling movement racist and negative and the majority of white men do not want nothing to do with sistas engaged in this kind of racist negative activity. In the real world - we guys practice "bros before hoes" and white guys and brothas play basketball and tag football together, fight wars overseas together and serve on the police force and firefighter station together. The fantasy of a black woman using white guys I go to EDM sets with and rave hard and these sistas are marketing our white male friends as a tool against us bros is probably the most fakest absurd and most racist notion of all black virtual subcultures. While the PUA movement result in harm towards women, the swirling movement at the end of day is self-harming towards black women. The swirling movement does not talk about how to maintain a good relationship, the swirl girls talk anecdotal about seeing a black woman with a white guy together at the mall or know this black woman who have a strong happy relationship with a white guy she met over the Internet. The swirling conversation always seem to take a negative tone and fester in hates and attacks against black men. Cult-Mentality and Damage to Black Progress programming One of the things I noticed about these black virtual subcultures the following from my interactions with them – the people who run blogs explicitly tell their people not to visit the web site or talk to the people they are talking about behind their back. Who does that? The only people I know who does that are cult leaders who believe they control their audience. So you see many of these PUA and swirling virtual subcultures try to operate in a cult-like manner. jmjones That is not normal for anybody to tell anybody on the Internet/Web not to visit another person web site. That simply is not normal behavior at all. And what that indicates is we are dealing with psychopaths who are leveraging the Internet to control and manipulate others for their own personal gain. With that said, this is why we African-Americans need to take these black virtual subcultures more seriously. What I have seen over the years running this blog is someone come from a virtual hustle subculture come to Dream and Hustle and think what I’m writing is for entertainment. But they get mad and disappear when they see real work being done. And this comment section seen more than enough share of black people who are not about business come to this blog to push their PUA or swirling propaganda from their virtual subculture life. But what the African-American community is seeing now is events where these virtual subcultures are messing with social media to manipulate the mass of African-Americans with misinformation. Like changing the focus of the Sandra Bland interaction with that cop to some conspiracy theory that she was murdered in jail and they took a death photo of her as a mugshot. But Sandra Bland was also a virtual subculture person herself with dealing with cops – she was not real world in how to deal with police. A person in the real world who know how to deal with cops know to evaluate the situation before opening their mouth to a cop. Am I’m in a place unfamiliar to me? Do I have a lawyer? Do I have bail money or an AAA card? These are the things a smart person who been in these streets and have interaction with the police in real world would think when dealing with a cop and make the decision to comply or protest the interaction. Sandra Bland was virtual online talking about cops and her rights and it just didn’t play out like that in the real world. Let’s be honest. The Damage to African-Americans fallout Regressive black virtual subcultures can cause harm to the African-American community and we need to be on top of these groups. They interfere with legitimate black progressive movements by inserting lies into the conversation through social media. In some cases, we don’t even know the ulterior motive of the individuals running blogs or other media behind these black virtual subcultures are. In the best case scenario, the individual is just selling e-books for profit. But in most cases, the individual is pathologically narcissistic with the gift of gab and influence. But the worst case scenario and what I suspect – many of these black virtual subcultures are ran by non-blacks looking to manipulate black people on a massive scale. This is why you have to be careful about the information you sharing and passing along to another brotha or sista you find on the Internet. Another threat is these black virtual subcultures from my 20 years of experience are not made up of young hot and sexy 20 years old with a beach body. These groups are made up of people with mental illness, weak-minded people who are easily manipulated and have some kind of traumatic experience and using the group as social therapy and this is the best – old people who are over the hill trying to think and act young over the Internet. Most of the swirling and PUA guys are over 35 years old! These people are highly manipulative and what happens is they become useful idiots who participate in spreading information and attacking others in a bully campaign. What a lot of people don’t know is me and my crew specialize and been hunting down cats for nearly 20 years and in my early days, me and my homeboy kicked in doors based on what cats said online. What we found out almost 100% of the time – we are dealing with a weak-minded moron who have no real life and we have to talk to them about going out and enjoying the real world. And I go away feeling bad because I thought this person online was as bad in real life as they talk online. What We are Going to Do The 3rd Strategic Institute will start tracking real and virtual subcultures worldwide because we find this interesting and a component in urban culture that we are stupid to miss and not consider before. I want to know about the b-boy culture in Indonesia for example. Because that can be a market to sell b-boy gear to and that’s important! So you see there is value in knowing subcultures. With that African-American community, I’m going to start tracking black virtual subcultures and will modify Dream and Hustle to have a special section on these subcultures from PUA and swirling and list all the players and their antics. We want to know about these groups and if they are manipulating information, know who was involved and bring this to the attention of the greater African-American community. Also, the 3rd Strategic Institute will take over and own the conversation of the black PUA and black swirling movement. I will extrapolate their talking points and I will bring it to my upcoming podcast and I will do everything I can to discount these radicalized and regressive subcultures and find real solutions about dating and relationships for black people. I will also do the same extrapolation away from the pro-black virtual subcultures. I hope many of you people do the same thing also – take the conversation away from these radicals and take ownership of the information for African-American people to get better. Please do your part. We cannot allow negative black virtual subcultures with abusive and manipulative patterns disrupt the black community from making progress anymore. They already hurt Sandra Bland distracting us away from the cop and we cannot allow this to happen again.

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  1. This is a great post Ed. Folks are so caught up online that they have no social skills and they hide behind their laptops. It’s a shame the internet has become a trap for people. Most of the social websites were created by dudes with asbergers or social deficets creating an virtual reality of their own. Too bad.

  2. I am so loving this-my book is almost finished as I had editing to do and actually rewrote the section in regards to the culture of society and how PUAs are actually worse now than ever. Anyone can check it out and also purchase the book Protect Me: A Guide to Protect Young Black Women from Black Male PUAs. Ed, once again, you are on point.

    1. Keep in mind there are positive black virtual subcultures in addition to negative black virtual subcultures.

      We should know more about these black virtual subcultures to drive black business models. For example the splashy kids may need a clothing rental model to rent $350 belts instead of buy $350 belts. So this is important and we have black virtual subcultures that does dance moves so we are taking this serious on a positive note while taking on negative black virtual subcultures

  3. Ed, you are correct…there are positive cultures. I support those too! In order for us to get past the negative, we have to address the problem and then move past it. I saw a business model, where someone was renting out high-end designer shoes. I thought it was a cool idea.

  4. Found your blog by accident and glad I did. However I will disagree with you on the Black Pua thing. Most Black PUA’s actually go after white women it’s on the player side i.e. Tarq Nasheed and Macks. That go after the sister/black women

    I should know since I was part of both communities at one point and thank God grew up. Chasing after broads in clubs will not leave you paid, it will make you broke but it sure as hell won’t get you piad

    Good blog btw!~!!

  5. I was reading through your articles and noticed the disdain for “PUA”s. I thought it was for Tariq Nasheeds UPA board. Didn’t know they really could be considered a subculture until I thought how many fake and failed PUA i knew. Although I listened to the rhetoric of Nasheed, Umar and others, I knew the shit they were talking about wasnt about rela progress, pure entertainment if anything. Im through with the entertainment tho thanks to Dream n Hustle.

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