Are We Black Men and Black Women Ever Going to Love Each Other Again?

Man and woman posing together inside their home Let’s be straight up, brothas do not like sistas and the sistas do not like the brothas here in America. We are not cool with each other except for self-serving quickie sex and pretend to each other our hearts are colder to brush off the cheap sexual encounter. I am in the real world and see and feel the disdain brothas have for sistas and it was not this way growing up and I saw the change in my lifetime. But on the other hand, I see sistas showing disdain and hate for the brothas also in a way that she is let down by his bullshit. But the sad part is I see the hurt on both sides. I see the brothas who worked hard to find the right black woman to marry only to find out that black woman already gave up her pussy to a dude that she got pregnant out of wedlock with who had nothing to offer her but some mack game to get the pussy. I also see the sistas who thought the guy she picked and was her choice turned out to be a betraying worthless piece of shit who cannot hold his own family down, out there fucking other easy chicks and bragging to other guys how he is fucking his girl/wife and broadcasting his male ego than their state of matrimony. But there is other angles here because I see black people talking but you have to realize, these are the ignorant and lightweight black people talking up this dysfunctional black relationship stuff. Here is the hidden part – the true educated, status black women – the Chicago South Shore/Hyde Park sistas – are actually impressive and mind-blowing, the last battalion of good black women for a good black man. What I’m saying is if you do go get the high degrees and high status, and meet the parents and got status and all that other stuff, you actually will have a nice black relationship experience messing with chicks from Harlem you picking up at Midway airport and yall flying down to Costa Rica and rent a cottage and a 4x4 Wrangler to ride around and do real fun shit like shop in Italy and attend her boutique opening in Hyde Park. What I observe and I’m being honest – fuck the bullshit because I’m real and don’t need to bullshit – what I’m seeing is brothas and sistas who complaining are the ones who don’t do much of shit but talk shit on the Internet. These brothas and sistas are not at the Kem concert, not at a black charity fundraising or a black person Internet dotcom launch party – these are just silly ass black people who sit around watching reality TV, at some trifling ass Tyler Perry play, typing too much of their damn opinion on blogs comment section and be on their cell phone talking all damn day. These lame ass black people who work jobs and go home and pay $100/month for cable TV are the ones mouthing it up about bad black relationships and stuff like that. If you brothas and you sistas want to start having quality black relationships, then you have to be quality – this is not rocket science and this is the reality you brothas and sistas are avoiding. The truth is, you brothas and sistas are not quality except in your own damn mind masked behind your ego. You brothas and sistas are basic as fuck, going to church and going to LA Fitness and shit like that for a meat market. Then you want to meet members of the opposite sex in the most shallow form. Then yall want to run to the Internet and talk about how the opposite black sex ain’t shit and you want to look elsewhere after doing all that fake shallow ass shit. You brothas and sistas need to do real shit instead of being on the Internet reading For Harriett feminist bullshit and Tariq Nasheed PUA bullshit – live some real black life stuff out in the real world. Do charity work, show up at professional events and be a speaker, show up at poetry sets and be seen. Go to the concerts not the big ones but the little black-owned production ones and be seen. After a while, you start running into the same hot and smart chicks or got it going on brothas at the Starbucks. I hope you brothas and sistas are realizing what I’m saying – you ain’t about that black life which is why you ain’t running into quality brothas and quality sistas to date and end up in a real relationship. Yall brothas and sistas fucking around chance encountering each other and finding out after the sex that each other is full of shit with an agenda and then yall all mad at each other. Then yall on the Internet filling yall head up with bullshit anti-men/anti-women black relationship rhetoric. If you want quality black relationships, then live a quality black life – it ain’t rocket science.

4 thoughts on “Are We Black Men and Black Women Ever Going to Love Each Other Again?

  1. I don’t have that problem meeting quality women. I just know where they are. Just like you said you have to go to quality places. I show up at bookstores, coffee shops, art exhibits because I want a women who is rounded like that. I asked people who complain about meeting people where do the meet them. Do you know what they said? The club?? In 2015 folks are still trying to look for love in the club?

    1. I totally agree. People blame a repeated selection of who they date on everyone. Sistas and brothas are tired of the bullshit but I agree with Kozi you have to find men or women in places that is not the club or house party or even on a hook up site. Im over hearing the bashing from each side.

  2. Damn right!

    My wife is a black gem. She supports a brother in my tech endeavors, even though she don’t understand what the fuck I’m doing. She held me down for years when my paper and credit was looking real funny-style (yeah, I was on some stereotypical negro shit and WASTED years of my life trying to make it in the music game before I wised up and realize that that silly shit was and is a pyramid scheme that sucks years off your life and provides NO reward.)

    She don’t waste her time with trifling consumer purchases or silly gossip. Because of that, she is rejected by most Black women and has few friends. She reads…nuff said.

    She’s natural and her hair is beautiful. She tries to enlighten other sisters, but it requires a real commitment to do the shit right so they don’t really fuck with it like she do.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I have some truly uncommon, a good, strong, and loving relationship with a loving and down-as-fuck black woman who works with me and NEVER against me. I married her and I’ve never regretted the choice.

    However, I see fucked-up relationships around me everyday and I wonder if most of us are incapable of getting over our fucked-up programming long enough to see that we got to do better for each other. I stay in shape, not so I can go out to the club and find some bullshit piece of ass for a silly ass conquest, but so I can give my wife the bomb sex that she deserves. I stay on my tech grind so that I can give my family the comfortable present and future that they deserve. My wife stay on our healthy eating and herbs so so that we can give OURSELVES the healthy constitutions that we deserve. Fuck grease, salt and (too much) sugar.

    Black people got to understand that we can be better for ourselves and each other, but you have to make a conscience effort to do so. But if we can’t be good for each other, maybe it’s best that we find other functional people to date out with and show us the way…

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