Dream and Hustle: A New Chapter Turning Soon

dreamandhustle We have been stating for the past several months that Dream and Hustle blog will transition into a new format, new model second half of 2015. All of the articles in this blog have been captured and rewritten professionally and moving into either HustleSpace which is coming soon or the 3rd Strategic Institute which is coming soon. So anybody new to this blog, don’t get used to it – this blog format and the articles are going away as we transition Dream and Hustle to a new format. If you want to capture some of the older articles where I’m cussing and dissing cats and calling out fakers and creating solutions for our community and promoting economic models, then the best thing is to have a PDF printer driver and print web pages to PDF and keep them as a collector edition. I do this all the time with the New York Times to snatch up free articles to read later. Those Dream and Hustle articles and that style of writing is going away as we focus more professionally and a hard attitude on creating the global empire and task at hand to empower brothas and sistas and take them to another level. At this time, I’m no longer writing new articles for Dream and Hustle and writing new material for HustleSpace and white papers and research for the 3rd Strategic Institute and getting ready for several podcasts I’m releasing and a few other publishing projects. Oh, and the new content for the new Dream and Hustle. But the reality is that I’m real world and a real strategist and spending more times in those arena like the Global Urban Collective on Facebook and will have a new group on LinkedIn real soon similar to the Global Urban Collective for urban STEM professionals worldwide to participate in. Plus some ground game here in Atlanta and up in New York right now. I want to make you aware, it may be possible the web site will go down in a few days and if so, don’t be all scared, it will be back up. But let me explain the new Dream and Hustle to those that don’t know. Those that do know realize that what we are doing is bigger and better. Dream and Hustle is going to be a loosely set of novella fiction based on an urban metropolitan universe and the people who live there trying to get their come up. Dream and Hustle experimented with success on this story model around 2010 to 2012 with great success and not just success but better influence. The thing is black folks love a good story and stories motivate brothas and sistas. So this new Dream and Hustle is better than blogging because we will be ripping from the headlines like Law and Order and stories will take place in a universe that is similar and gritty to the Grand Theft Auto universe and have the same kind of dark humor associated with it. And guess what? Yep, you brothas and sistas can contribute your short stories to the universe. Some stories are going to be free but others are going to cost and may appear as published works not only here but on other bookstores. Think Star Wars universe or the Matrix Universe or the Harry Potter Universe or Middle Earth Universe and so on – so many unlimited stories and possibilities. In this new universe, we can have a story about a hypocritical married comedian lecturing poor black people during the day and drugging and raping women at night. Or the PUA guy who is realizing that he like bros and really gay and decide to come out on his PUA blog and help others PUA brothas come out. Or the sista who bypass every good brotha and wonder why she cannot find a good man. Or the hustle blogger who just cannot scale up and just on some Groundhog Day stuff, same stuff over and over again. How about these sistas who want to have an interracial relationship to spite the brothas? Or the fathead PhD pundit who did not get his tenure and now resort to peddling black empowerment material and lifting other people content and storylines. So, no one is safe and no holds barred that is why you guys going to love the new format. So this latter part of 2015, we are going to be rolling out the empire and take things to a whole new level. The only thing that is constant is change so I hope you brothas and sistas understand we are moving to bigger and better things. Thank you and will keep you updated on our progress. I still have unpublished articles in queue that will be released but I’m not working on any new articles. We are expecting the transition to occur this 3rd quarter 2015 or early 4th quarter, most likely 3rd quarter. Ok, thanks and keep an eye out for what’s in store!

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  1. Update:

    After review, I realize that I would be taking away a serious voice if we moved Dream and Hustle 100% to the fictional model. Because quite frankly, everybody else is busy trying to get followers and brag about themselves instead of providing information and insight. With that said, Dream and Hustle will contain both non-fiction and fiction content, not just fiction. Meaning many of the old articles that are analysis will stay and we will transition those content into a new version of Dream and Hustle.

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