Swaggerjacking is the Art of Taking Goodies from Cats Sleeping on You

sleeping_on_bill One of the best come up strategies in the Western world is competitive swaggerjacking – taking something that you like and incorporate it into your own hustle expecting the same successful outcome. You will hear cats from time to time talk about someone is unoriginal or copying someone else style or whatever and you just ignore all of that stuff. In this article, we are going to show brothas and sistas the art of swaggerjacking other people ish and make that ish your own to grow on. One of the things I love about my Chinese bae is she is proud as hell talking about swaggerjacking other people stuff and love to talk about whatever someone does, China can do it too and will catch up fast or make sure they are seen doing it also. When I get stuck on something, she is quick to show me how to swaggerjack someone else stuff and use it and I’m sitting here wondering why the hell I didn’t date Chinese chicks when I was a younger brotha trying to get my hustle up?! But I realize what she was getting at – our end goal is to build empires, not be original to get cool points. Many of you should recognize how much other people who be acting like they all that be trying their best to pretend I don’t exist towards you. They trying to sleep on this as if me and my crew are someone that can be slept on. Yeah, okay but guess what – while they trying to sleep on this, we are actively alert and all in their hustle swaggerjacking everything good about them and going to appropriate all their base to belong to us. One of the things we are going to do to deal with these characters in black media is basically swaggerjack the living hell out of them. Black Enterprise – we went to Atlanta Public Library and looked at all their magazines and took all of the relevant topics we are interested in presenting to our people, but in our way that is better. Cats on YouTube, we took every black topic from why black men don’t date black women to black travel and black expat living and we are going to convert this into our own professional polish spin on it, kinda like how Vice operates. And we even going to swaggerjack all of Vice good ish while we at it. So how do you swaggerjack from other cats? You simply observe and learn how to take effective notes. Let’s talk about how to organize and collect information to swaggerjack properly. What you brothas and sistas want to do is know what to swaggerjack from how and what tools to collect the swaggerjacked data. What to Swaggerjack From? trucktoc First, ask yourself what are you trying to achieve? For example, if I want to take everything some mack lessons cat on YouTube is blabbing about I just swaggerjack his books, his videos and what cats in the comment section are talking up on the subjects him and his people rabbling on about as talking point memo – pay someone overseas to do that research for $3/hour using oDesk. The same with the pro-blacks, take all of their talking points and what points people seem to respond to and swaggerjack it with a more less-radical moderate approach to appeal to the middle, larger group. Now, if you are a person trying to model, then you take every damn photo pose that other women are doing that get good feedback and build up your own portfolio. When cats make beats and a song, you take the 8-bar to 16-bar pattern and save that to your music file to layer over another track you working on. You see a mobile app, you capture every screen and look at the interface and text they use. You want to do a layout of a book, go to the library and take pictures and if you creating non-fiction, go to Amazon and look at the table of contents sneak peek to see the topics being covered and combine all into one for your non-fiction e-book. So let’s cover the resources to swaggerjack from: Videos. Learn to take everything from a video from the length, the type of scenes and transitions to the infographics to the topic and also observe the content, especially if the content is a demonstration. Learn how to reproduce these videos and even stage the scenes and actors in your own version. Now another technique and I showed this is learn to look at the content in the video where we regularly look at urban cities worldwide and can look at urban layouts and the stores and other economic points to swaggerjack from. Photos. Again, look at the photos that show people running startups or business operations. What kind of handheld are they holding to track products ready to be shipped out? What kind of shoes is that fashion celebrity wearing? What photos that model is using is getting the most feedback? All of this is important. One thing you want to learn is how to draw on images like you see them do on sports showing how athletes move on the field and learn to draw your notes on what you observe about images. Content. Whether it is books, magazine or blog articles, learn to extract key words and key concepts and summarize the information. Bullet point just the points real quick. For example, if I go to the library and get a how to launch a business book, I’m only bullet point key words like inventory, drink rate, marketing signage easel and I already know how to expand and run with that and there is no sense in highlighting and writing down complete sentences. Tools to Collect and Organize Data? mindmap We talked about tools but the best and number one tool is your mobile phone camera. Your mobile phone camera should be good enough to take a picture of a page and blow it up on a large screen to read the text at a later date. Take advantage of your mobile phone and snap everything from subway signs selling hair extensions to a magazine rack in a book store and stuff you see in the library. Don’t spend too much time writing when you can snap away on your camera then go home to your secret HQ and analyze the photos at a later time. The best tool after that will be a mind-mapping software like Freemind. What you want to do is start organizing the data points you collect and you will start forming some organization on the topics. From here, you will actually surprise yourself – you don’t need the details because you can do additional research on the details and fill in the missing pieces to get going. Another good and excellent tool is many of the cloud services where you can upload all this information to store and share among your crew. What you do is upload all the content, then your crew download everything and then you come together and have one huge mind-mapping section to brainstorm and fill in the missing pieces. Think Like a Hustler, Act Like a Chinese Bae wishwasmybae This proud African-American caramel-complexion brotha love his Chinese girlfriend (not her in the photo above) because she just straight go-getting end-justify-the-means level and will swaggerjack everything that move to get her to where we need to be in life. You wanna know something else that is cool? She can swaggerjack looking Euro and Latino for this swirling brotha. Now that's some serious swaggerjacking right there! At first, I was like the rest of you lame brothas and sistas twisting my lips up talking about someone cop off someone else style or copying and unoriginal but then it was my bae who made me realize my goal right now is not to be original but to be successful. I can do that original ish at a later date when the money is right. That is how we brothas and sistas need to be to fight the war – we swaggerjack other cats stuff and take their conversation away. The only problem is few cats can swaggerjack me because I’m basically keep innovating and changing and growing. You cannot swaggerjack a cat talking about streaming media then switch to talking about blockchains unless you got specialized skills. Swaggerjacking is most effective on lame cats who talk about mack lessons or how to make business moves and stuff like that and also religious and motivation stuff – that’s the best market right there to swaggerjack, motivation quotes. See, what swaggerjacking does is let the other person know you can do everything they are good at and then some. And then you go for yours in your own way.

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  1. Ed, you have been a success in IT for a long time. What path should I take to gain marketable skills in the computer field? I’m attending college this fall for an associates degree in computer information systems. As far as swaggerjacking, I would love to come up with a podcast or IPTV media outlet.

    1. IPTV market is still wide open and I see too many people peddling DVDs when pay-per-view streaming is more profitable and scalable. I do not see Floyd Mayweather peddling DVDs, do you? But Mayweather making money off PPV.

      Look at Amazon and Azure cloud-based media services and learn it inside out. That will help you get a start and a marketing skill. They give you free credits to learn their system

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