Why Did a Swirling Sista Blogger Who Look Like Her Breath Stink Tried to Come At This?

stankbreath If anybody know me and my blog and my crew and what I do, there is something you should observe. Do you notice those that try to hate on me try to hate as far away as possible? I had some pseudo-feminist (these are not real feminists by any stretch of the imagination as real feminists have courage and an actual execution plan) sistas tried to come at me over a post I did about some ugly sistas reciting some vile racist poem trying to attack us brothas but use every other race of women in a negative manner to carry their point. Here is the thing and let’s just be honest – I can easily go hard and go after another brotha or sista but the thing is I don’t want to. I’m not into that black-on-black stuff and besides, I would destroy them in so many ways they would not recover. And I’m not going to go out and tear down other brothas and sistas when I can use that energy and skills to go after real enemies of ours. The only ones I’m going after are those that manipulate other black people and we are not going to play with them. What this sista did was really funny and I want you guys to read it and don’t laugh. In my article, I basically told the sistas to rise above their negative environment. You know what she did? She must read my article about swaggerjacking, took my content and tried to build her base off my own article and conclude with my same message. Then when I responded, she tried to said I’m ugly and she posted that pic of her above. Why is she posting a damn pic of herself? What the hell is this? I don’t want this chick! First of all, I’m not ugly and anybody who see me in real world know that. There is nothing ugly about a brotha who doing for self, helping others doing for self and a good father and entrepreneur and working in the technology industry. A brotha can be physically ugly but still attractive to chicks if he got his thang on. So this woman trying to pull some shallow move showing me her pic was the silliest thing I saw in a long time. I’m in my 40s…we are grown men and we are ugly when we get down and handle business. She should know that. Remember when I told you a long time about a blogger audience. I told you that you can tell the quality of a blogger by their audience. Well this lady audience is full of man-hating sistas who trying to say I’m ugly but they are festering on a man-hating blog. And they full of lies and illogic. So what that tell you is the quality of a person this blogger is – she is garbage. At the end of the day, if the blog audience and the people commenting are garbage, then that is a reflection the blogger themselves are garbage and that is what they attract. So a garbage blogger that shallow enough to show a pic like this is Match.com and having a follower base of ignorant illogical audience trying to go against someone like me is just…far away. You really want to know where all of this is coming from and really about? The problem is that me and the 3rd Strategic Institute is the most technology advanced and most in-depth group when it comes to doing effective work for empowering sistas and dealing with her enemies. And the emotionally worthless black pseudo-feminists are fully aware of what we do and do not like it one bit because they don’t have skills. Just like the Black Nationalist brothas hate that I can run rings around their favorite black economics mouthpiece on any stage, any day, they hate that also. They all will talk but they will talk as far away as NewMe would but the one thing you won’t see them do is try to open challenge us to any arena because I will destroy them. They all try to come at this but they cannot come at this. The pseudo-feminists have no data that can pinpoint the black male PUA activity and track key individuals – we can. The black nationalists do not have a mobile money framework to recycle money in the black community – we do. NewMe got nothing that solves a core issue to attract the interest of the African-American mass, we have those solutions. The bottom line is me and my people put in actual work and gain actual experience and we can execute while these other people doing nothing but all this time, just talking out the side of their necks. That’s what all of this is about and it’s just jealously and fear of not being able to step up to the plate to do the real work that we need to handle. They cannot say I hate black women with a straight face and let that scale because you all know I have a track record of helping sistas. They cannot say I’m not doing nothing when I work with brothas and sistas worldwide helping them do for self. Kind of hard to claim they are better than me on financial solutions for the black community when I can explain and can build blockchain technology and planning to mine $5,000,000 worth of test virtual currency to kickstart mobile-driven economic activity in a black community – oh damn, see I talk too damn much. The point I’m making is that they stay as far away from me because I can sit pretty with a real track record while they cannot do anything but run their damn mouth. And it’s frustrating to them trying to be something but got nothing and that means they have to stay far away. Here is the thing about this swirling sista and you are going to find this funny. She is mad because she want to talk about swirling but she appear mad because I’m having a good time enjoying relationships with non-sistas. I’m in the technology industry, I’m going to meet a lot of non-sistas who like technology also and they look good – meaning, we are dating because we have something in common, not because I’m trying to spite the sistas. She want to do her interracial thing to try to spite us brothas and we brothas don’t even care, frustrating her and her followers even more. So when you see a sistas trying to talk about swirling but openly jealous of a brotha dating a Chinese sista who doing more to help the black community with STEM work than these sistas talking, then you need to understand all this boils down to is jealously and envy. The only thing I want to end this with and apologize to those who had to read this worthless crap when I was going to talk about papercraft subscription boxes for the upcoming holiday season is this – I really hope these sistas over at her blog get some balls to do something other than run their mouth and be emotional. Because while they trying to pretend like I’m the bad guy, there are plenty of things going down where brothas and sistas are going to find some real enemies coming after everything they got. Me and my crew are ready which is why I’m not even looking or acting worried, but I’m really hoping you brothas and sistas realize we are at the crossroad where people need talent, not talk. We are talent over here and I hope everybody else jealous of this learn to at least get some talent to even try to come at me on my level in this game. Bonus: One thing I notice and it is the same theme is I'm keep hearing I have low traffic, no one visit me, I'm a nobody and all that other stuff. Giants sleep and don't awake until they are ready...cats are acting stupid because I announced the empire is launching...

5 thoughts on “Why Did a Swirling Sista Blogger Who Look Like Her Breath Stink Tried to Come At This?

  1. What I find interesting about the woman in the photo above – she appear to have a very narcissist mentality. She want to badly believe she got something or can get something on me not realizing the basic attribute of me – I don’t give a shit and I’m actually worst than what people think .

    But the one thing and her problem and everybody else problem is this – I care about my people more and do more for my people and put in more work for my people and got more to show and tell I’m about my people.

    I can list side by side what I wrote for sistas and what she wrote for sistas and she would run real fast from that comparison…remember that….

    1. But, but, Jim Bob and Bubba got her back literally and figuratively over at the Internet tough-guy festival where they’re farming a whole big hen house full of confused chickenheads, smdh…..,

  2. Excellent observation. That is what I noticed also is this “damsel in distress” belief among these nutty black gals is that she can manipulate white men and white privilege against us black men in exchange for giving up some booty.

    We will go directly after any white male entertaining this plantation racist theory and put him to the test. That’s the first chess piece coming off the table…

    1. lol, talk about a white male entertaining some plantation racist theory that got thrown on its pointy head a few years ago, you ought to peep game on this puffed-up ass-clown named Frank W. Sweet with his backintyme hokum http://www.backintyme.com/

      This authoritarian prick used to run a couple of discussion forums, (I think they’ve been flushed down the memory hole for very good reason) one of his disciples (and the infamous interweb clown who I outed years ago calling himself dragon horse) was a moderator on Frank’s boards. Dragon horse was the only purple negroe I ever met in my whole and entire life who subscribed to racist IQ pseudo-science, he and the still more infamous octoroon David Mills (undercoverblackman) would argue till they were each blue in the face that black equates to lower IQ.

      Frank loved that shit, ate it all up with a big spoon. This was because Frank was the self-appointed independent expert on Melungeon people in Appalachia. You could never get a straight answer out of Frank on the history of the Melungeons, as much as you can never get a straight answer out of the UFO/Ancient Aliens ass-clowns who make a living duping gullible people desperate to believe something about non-existent fairy tales and pixie dust.

      Come to find out a few years ago that the “mysterious” melungeons weren’t so mysterious after all. Turns out, brothers been sowing their seeds in pink fields, red fields, and every other field for a very long time in America. (you ever meet any of the afro-japanese from St. Louis?) The melungeons were a cohort of high-yellow negroes of predominantly black paternity (not the other way around) who had set up a free man cultural kingdom all their own in the middle of Appalachia. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/24/melungeon-dna-study-origin_n_1544489.html

      Good luck educating and informing the hen house brah. Your ROI is going to be shockingly low on this exercise, though it may prove somewhat entertaining. (on a related note, that I would some day like to explore much more fully, there is the secret history of the seminole war(s). That was the longest running insurgency in U.S. history, and you KNOW it was brothers escaping the plantation and taking up with the Seminole tribes as warriors who kept that isht going. Why there are so many military outposts (formerly forts) all through out florida and the atlantic southeast.

      1. I remember Dragon Horse from Blackprof days. A little obsessive character with an oily tail. I remember he spent the whole Valentine Day blogging in the Blackprof comment section. I had to ask him if he had a date.

        The hen house is irrelevant as they sitting on a house of cards. I wrote a while ago the Hillary feminist camp is going to not take kind with black women advocating sleeping with the men these feminists are fighting for power against.

        Gamergate, Reddit, etc with death threats against feminist but over there in the corner…we got black women talking about being validated through sexual liaisons with white males…

        The ROI will be low which is why I’m going to long term it out. But this help me learn how to quickly dismantle groups and establish channels to work with the Tim Wise and Anita Sarkeesin out there to not let fools like this lie about white people co-opting their swirling movement…#notyourshield

        LOL…you know I do most of this zero-sum game theory for entertainment not ROI…

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