If You Want Black Lives to Matter, Then Create Infrastructure and Solutions for Black Lives to Thrive

blmmarch Victimization advocacy never worked and never will. Going around crying for people to hear your pain – screw your pain and f*ck your breath as American culture enjoy watching others suffer in pain – that’s why most countries like the USA have the death penalty. And in the USA, we have a culture love watching others go through demise and it is celebrated and enjoyed. Here is an experiment - go tell cats around you good news and see how many respond and then say some bad news three weeks later and watch how many respond. Or act like you don’t have $500 to bail out Sandra Bland and don't answer her calls from jail but after she kills herself, you all on TV with a lawyer claiming to be a family member victim of her and yall got money to bury her within a week which is more than $500 because she worth more dead than alive to you. Like I said, cats in America love to see other people suffering so you cats making a movement crying about being a victim of brutality is actually sadistic ego-stroking entertainment to the bigoted cats out here who don’t feel threatened one bit by marches and whining about black lives matter. Overall, the Black Lives Matter is nothing more than sanitized watered down victim advocacy instead of fortifying a strategic position to push a defined agenda and platform to establish a foundation to allow black lives to actually matter in a genuine fashion. I have to stomach watching clueless young ass brothas and sistas having liberals hijack their agenda and not stay focus on what it actually takes to make black lives actually matter. And over and over what you see is when black people try to form a movement that deals with black people and black issues, these punks allow liberals to come in and hijack the agenda to remove the subject of black empowerment from the movement. campaignzero Campaign Zero is a nice solution branch but it is not the core of making Black Lives Matter, in fact this is very low priority if you want to look at the big picture. The only way to make black lives matter is through black empowerment and if that isn’t on the agenda, then black lives will continue not to matter. Over and over, black folks like to have other people hijack their issues and put a de-emphasis on black empowerment. They made you guys want to believe the police is the problem and dealing with the police is the solution. Let me give my analysis of the 10 points. End Broken Windows Policing. This is actually one of the most effective policing techniques and I believe they incorrectly referenced broken windows instead of stop-and-frisk. It is stop and frisk that should be ended. Community Oversight. This is going to involve the community, not some self-appointed jerk who have a hard-on giving cops a hard time. The problem is the black community do not want to be involved in this fight so this is really going to be about us fighting apathy in the black community and the reluctant to stand up for ourselves. Limit Use of Force. You cannot tell a cop or me not to limit my use of force. You escalate a situation with anybody with a gun you better be ready to deal with gunplay. Everybody have a right to defend themselves and the key here is to stop us as a people from escalating and that is conflict resolution teaching that need to happen in the black community to prevent black-on-black and cop-on-black violence. Independently Investigate and Prosecute. This is redundant to Community Oversight and there are already state-level investigation boards that does this already. I thought this one was bullshit fluff thrown in this list. Community Representation. This is also bullshit fluff thrown in because it is the same as Community Oversight. The best way to have community representation is to know the cops in your community and use them as a partner to fight crime. If you know the cops in your community then you can know who is good and who is a bad cop. The black community only see white cops, not names and that’s on the black community to learn how to leverage cops. Many black churches for example already have outreach with cops and support of cop families and causes. Body Cams / Film the Police. Ok, here is the issue with body cams – that is public record and if cats get a hold of it and run facial recognition on it, you are in digital archives that can be pulled up and used against you. In other words, it’s not hard to run facial recognition and then retrieve your face from your Facebook photo profile. If you think those mugshots extortion web sites were messed up, wait until those body cam videos are made public even if it wasn’t a stop that resulted in arrest. Be careful what you ask for. Training. This goes both ways as black people need to be trained to shut the fuck up when dealing with a cop. Black folks need to be trained on having a lawyer on deck when dealing with a police instead of trying to “talk it out” or “act a fool” with law enforcement. So once again, cannot put all of this on cops as if black folks can act a fool because you think you have rights. Your rights don’t mean shit when you lying in a pool of your own blood after being shot – that cop gets paid leave and can play golf and drink beer and visit his nieces and nephews while your corpse is getting buried. You got rights but your life is mortal, keep reality in perspective. End For-Profit Policing. This is misdirected and barking up the wrong tree. Drug seizures are rare and I agree with the incentive to get drugs off the street and a portion of the forfeiture should go back to fund the local police department, have no problem with fighting drugs in the community. But the real for-profit is not the police, the real for-profit is the court/justice system where the judge put poor people on probation having them pay probation fees with the threat of being locked up. That has been proven more profitable than speeding tickets and that requires voting people in office who will change this policy, not dealing with cops. But you have to get black people to vote. Demilitarization. This requires a Congressional Act and the war on terror is not going to let Black Lives Matter override the hysteria of another terror attack. The only way is the local community have to get rid of the military equipment through voting in the right people but black people have to vote. But who want to not have a tank when others have a tank and you need a tank to take care of some crazy stuff that happen? Fair Police Union Contracts. Okay, I see this is a low-blow and personal attack on cops and I like the thinking here. Actually, this is the only one I like from this list. Yes, be there to protest police budgets and salary increases and that is the only one I actually like here. Hit them where it hurts in the pocketbook and keep them cops eating out of the generic food aisle at the grocery store until they learn to treat black lives like they matter. But once again, this require black representation in city council and county board and require black people to vote. Cops Are Not the Issue, You Know Damn Well Who Is the Real Problem theykilledhisdadlol The real problem is not cops – the real problem is white people on a jury being racially biased to support a cop over a black life. That is why you are saying “black lives matter” not to the cops but to those anonymous coward jury people who sat there and failed to convict George Zimmerman, fail to find the cops guilty who shot Sean Bell and fail to get an indictment for the shooting of Mike Brown and Eric Gardner. And you have district attorneys who are advocating for cops instead of the dead victim citizens who are black people. And you dumbass Black Lives Matter people been manipulated to fight cops instead of those bigots that sit in those jury boxes. Now we see all these “white guilt” people running up trying to march with black people but let me ask you a question – do you trust them to sit on an anonymous jury and act like black lives matter in a room seated with other white jury members? That white person at the very basic level should know the district attorney during the jury selection process made sure only white people sit on the jury and sent black people home to not serve on jury duty. So let’s keep things in perspective – this is not about cops and BLM know it, you got mad when the jury fail to indict and convict because those jury members are the ones who said black lives don’t matter when they decided to side with the cop instead of look at evidence. You know the real injustice is being able to trust that white person smiling in your face marching with you if they are going to act like black lives matter when they are seated on an anonymous jury. In addition, black people don’t like jury duty and avoid it – and they complaining they getting screwed over. It’s funny because black people don’t vote and black people don’t do jury duty but claiming they cannot get justice and representation in America. So this is why I say Campaign Zero is a joke and Black Lives Matter movement is some whiny bullshit because these people allowed liberals to hijack their platform and forcing black people to try to war with cops while the court system is the real root cause here and the core of all of this stuff going down. In other words, the typical pattern of white liberals trying to get us black people not to pursue power in the courts and legislation and economic strength to create the structure to support an environment where black lives actually matter. How to Make Black Lives Matter economicinfrastructure The only way to make black lives matter is through empowerment of black people to live quality lives. This is through economic development and gaining power to make influence on others and ourselves to promote a culture and quality of life among ourselves while having global respect to do global trade. That is the core and everything else is just side show and side tracking from the core. You want black lives to matter, the first battle we fight is within ourselves. We got to learn to lawyer up and have legal protection just like any other form of insurance because dealing with police is a risk. But risk can be prevented and that is black people knowing how to shut the fuck up with dealing with a cop and just letting a cop take you to jail and you maintain your right to remain silent – get some balls and go jail like Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela did. Stop engaging cops and write them out of the equation as nothing more than mere actors because we have to focus on the real enemy here. Then we have to be honest about the black community not wanting to serve on jury duty and see that shit as betrayal. Then we deal with black politicians who ain’t doing a damn thing for our community, like those politicians in Ferguson. I looked up those shitty black politicians in Ferguson and was disgusted at their voting record and who they take money from but I will be out of scope pursuing that angle in this article. But black people in Ferguson don’t fucking vote and the same people still in position of power over there. But here is the best suggestion in our black community – we got to make our black lives matter by learning how to Eat to Live and focus on lifestyle/wellness. You cannot do shit as a community when black people are high, fat and sloppy as fuck and eating shit that make them mortally sick before they turn 35. Once we ready ourselves to take care of ourselves and survive, then we can live to make black lives matter by focusing on the actual infrastructure and solution framework. This Dream and Hustle blog and me and my crew is the only one – not Dr. Claude Anderson, not Jason Black, not Tariq Nasheed and not the City of Atlanta or the Nation of Islam or anybody on BLM that cares more about making sure black lives matter and I called them all out but I notice none of yall motherfuckers ever come at this because I will respond and shut the bullshit down. I’m the only one who focus on making sure black lives matter. All you cats can do is act like bitches and say you don't like me but you damn sure cannot put it down like this so let's just be honest here. No one doing more to show black lives matter than us over here - no one and all of yall just about shit talking and emotional attitudes. I’m the one that talked about the garden city concept to create an economic center and I actually have a model write behind me as I type this article up. I’m the one who talks about creating urban-based EV vehicle platforms to create urban transportation solutions. I’m the one who just showed you cats how to use mobile payments and blockchain to learn how money is distributed in the hood and how to optimize it. I’m the one who talked about creating private clubs to specialize in skills and lifestyles. I’m the one who talked about the sharing economy and how we can leverage it. And I’m the one who talked about building a media framework so we can have our own official voice instead of relying on others to speak for us. Kindly let me the fuck know when you got someone who even at this level of the game working to make black lives matter and then we can show and tell because I have an actual empire behind what I talk about. You know where that image above of black folks walking around an urban development came from? That is a mixed-used development being done in South Africa as we speak. They building economic power base up in Africa while you African-American cats ain’t even got a damn thing close to that drawing and cannot even render anything like that because you brothas and sistas in America don’t even have vision like that of yourself or your people. That photo above of that rendering being done in South Africa right now is what it takes to make black lives matter – not trying to battle cops, remember that.

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  1. I am stunned because I was saying this literally yesterday to my husband — that it seemed to me that people actually got off on hearing racially charged tragedies, almost like, “We got another one. Now what’cha gone do about it?” and our response is cognitively dissonant.

    Sometimes I am disheartened because one day I asked one of my cousins if she wanted to go running with me and she said that she didn’t “have time for that white people stuff,” so I went without her.

    Personally, I feel like black people will be better off if they stopped caring so much about being accepted by everyone, because then they wouldn’t accept every kind of behavior (i.e. getting mad at something that white feminists said. Who cares? Stop giving them a platform to matter in your conversation).

    Thanks for writing this, it lets me know that I am not totally crazy.

    1. Very good points elise. Last week I heard a very wise sister say “we black people must spend less time carrying what white people think or say and fighting racism cause racism will always be here and spend more of our time on self improvement and furthering our agenda”, I tend to agree with her.
      Back in the day Booker T. Washington said this, I somewhat agree with him and these are the people who act as white liberals establishment pit bulls:

      “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

      Booker T. Washington

  2. This article is powerful, plain old good common sense and spot on point! Maintain your dignity, know where you are at and who you are dealing with [a man with a gun, a badge and the power of the government behind him], be cordial, keep your mouth shut, follow your instruction, “Yes Sr. and No Sr. him to death live to tell the story, live to see another day!

    1. You know @True I also think people lack common sense of their surroundings. Even in wars or battles the small armies acted smart and understood their surroundings. I was arrested for speeding once in an area where yes it was hickville USA. However, I knew my surrounding and how to act. I remained silent and never acted out. Of course I was upset but Ive learned it can get the best of people who are literally ready for your reaction because of a stereotype. I personally love the look on people’s faces when I am not what they perceived me to be. But I have common sense logic. I use to play victim but I was someone allowing this to play a part by someone else’s logic that made no sense. I love learning on my own, reading and accomplishing things that I was once afraid of. Black Americans have to decide what they want to do as individuals to be victorious in their own right and that will then lead to a community of people that will make moves.

      1. well said ShayG. “You know @True I also think people lack common sense of their surroundings” You are right. You know that’s suppose to be part of our natural instinct for survival that should be in all animals on the face of this earth, somewhere down the line someone, some group have some how engineered some natural instincts out of some of us black Americans, so much so we are now a new breed who now don’t have the natural instincts to properly protect themselves, their offspring, their family and their community so they can survive, thrive and prosper in a competitive world and a sometime hostile environment, and that makes us everybody’s prey, a breed of willing victim.

  3. Thank you! When the two women rushed Bernie Sanders with Black Lives Matter T-shirts on, I had to pause. I could not determine if this was a slogan, group or a viral hash tag. Then Hillary Clinton meeting with Black Lives Matter to talk? About what? Who? Whatvwas the take away? My head was spinning. No analysis. What you have laid out here is the best analysis of Black Lives Matter since it’s arrival. Thanks!

  4. If Black Lives really matter, then those same people should be:

    1. VOTING and/or getting others to actually vote. Voting can change laws and institutions. Marching changes little more than which foot you happen to be standing on.

    2. Run for political office. If you don’t like the candidates, then BE the candidate!

    3. Become a cop. If you don’t want/like White cops abusing and harassing your community, then encourage youth to pursue careers in law enforcement. That is what the KKK figured out long ago when they traded their white sheets for blue shirts, a gun, and a badge. Today, they can murder any Black person in broad daylight and cameras rolling with impunity. The same youth eager to sign up for military service to be shot at and possibly killed in a foreign land should instead be encouraged to sign up to police their local communities.

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