Nothing Is More Beautiful Than Silent Power: How Some Ugly Swirling SJWs Tried to Take on This Boss and Lost.

bossed A web site called beyond black and white thought they can clown on me for calling out two ugly man-hating feminist poets who spitted nothing but negativity and racist vitriol. As I mentioned in a previous article, the lady over there named Crystal or whatever said something like I’m ugly and she posted a pic of her alien-head looking behind. They took my photo above and said they want to spread it around and tell everybody I think black women are ugly. At the end of the day, those ugly cows over there at beyond black and white straight up failed trying to come at this because at the end of the day, popularity and rhetoric does not trump power and respect. Let me give a little background on this picture. This picture of me was taken downtown Atlanta north of Woodruff park where the homeless and vagrants cats hang out at where the waterfall is at, across from the Equitable Building. I just returned from Good Phellaz a black-owned barbershop that was opened, meaning I went downtown out of my way to support a black business and pay a barber to pay their bills. Second, when I leave the barbershop, I go check out many of the homeless who actually stopped by my green kiosk I used to run downtown and give back and pay it forward because they supported me more than most of my friends when I opened it up. And last, I was on my way going north to the Atlanta Public Library to study some business books for an upcoming article for this blog. Oh, if you one of those splashy characters, the shirt is a $125 Polo white linen. The story of my photo is beyond looks – it is showing me going out to support our businesses, go to an area and help those who are less fortunate and where I handled my business back in the day plus going to the library to put in work. In other words, my photo has a narrative of real moves being made by a brotha. The chick from beyond black and white, her alien-head selfie photo has no such story, just her looking in the camera all stupid-looking trying to pose like she pretty when she look a little scrawny – she look like something you see on an Internet dating site that you press the next button on hoping the next chick that shows up is awesome. She is lame, nothing exciting to the average bro but in her mind, she tried to say I’m ugly but she look basic as hell. Here is the thing – I went to beyond black and white and saw their 300+ comments and I noticed two things. Well the biggest thing I noticed is 300 comments over a black man visiting their site must have shaken the hen house - did I do that? But anyway, the first thing I noticed was there was some old cow named trinigirl or whatever talking up the most hate about me. I looked at her description and this was some over-the-hill post-menopause hag who claim she been swirling for 41 years. That would mean she would be over 50 years old and this is a 50 year old hag on a comment section lurking about on a subject she too old to be a part of. Look, I understand arguing back and forth but when I see someone 50 years old trying to enter the conversation, any respectful person would be like “get your old ass out of here!” because this is not her argument, she already wore her vajay out for the past 41 years, she tired and rusted out. The second thing I noticed was this: hustle Do you know what this pic above is? You will think this is a dating site but in reality, this is the oldest Internet hustle in the book. I realized this whole swirling crap is a hustle just for this dating site and here is the thing – dating sites are the biggest manipulated hustles, especially the ones that focus on shallow attributes like the race of the person. How a dating site works is simple – they get you to pay them a monthly fee and then they show you pics of fine looking people, they show everybody paying them money the same fine looking pics. You can tell what pics are popular by the click rate in the back end of the web site logs. You not going to really meet anybody of quality, these dating sites goals is to keep you paying a monthly subscription fee. If you look at all of beyond black and white, their whole hustle is to invent this black women/white male genre and sell sistas on e-books and paying a subscription fee to that dating web site. There was a guy in Japan busted for fraud and they found out he was making $20 million a month running this "dating site" scheme showing the photos of the same cute Japanese girls and cute Japanese guys because the paying subscribing suckers want to believe they got a chance to score at date with those fake profile pics. That is why that alien-headed sista posted her pic because she talking about who is cute. I also saw them post a pic of some white dude that look like a headshot photo to start a convo on how cute they think the white guy pic is – they selling pics propaganda trying to drive these sistas to pay up some dating site subscription fee or buy a book. I just shook my head and was like damn, at least put in some real damn work and create a matchmaking service like the mail-order bride operations, why focus on trying to get sistas to hate brothas enough to run off to date white men? What the hell kind of whack ass business model is that? So this beyond black and white and this swirling nonsense is just a hustle but with one exception – they are harvesting hurt black women to express hatred towards black men as a way to drive a sista to their swirling propaganda. Kind of sick and twisted and lowlife scum stuff right there if you ask me. I was reading their comments and those black women were so full of hurt. I actually felt bad as I read their comments about how black men treated these black women, how men like me are the cause of their problem and pain and how these sistas are determined to find someone better and then I saw my mobile phone alert light started blinking. I looked at the notification and someone posted this fine pic of a Mexican sista on this Black Men who Find Mexican Women Sexy Facebook group! Damn, that senorita was really fine and I had to add a comment saying that’s it right there! Whoo that Mexican sista was fine as hell and I right-clicked “Save As” to add to my personal collection! The problem with African-Americans is we have a lot of our people that think being popular and having a bunch of rhetoric get things done, like a black Twitter or whatever. Things like shaming campaigns and stuff like that. The problem is, that cyberbully stuff works on weak people, not bosses and people who have power. And most important, no one with a big mouth will ever impact people who make shit happen in this world. It does not work that way and never have and never will. The only way brothas and sistas are going to get things done and change things is when we build power, raw honest quality and solid power and foundation and the African-American community has not taken this step yet. tommy This silly alien-headed sista at beyond black and white thought I was Tommy Sotomayor and was someone on the Internet she can exchange cheap shots with. The problem is, I’m not Tommy Sotomayor and I’m not around blogging for rhetoric. What she and others like her failed to realize is she came up against a real-world boss and someone with silent power that no lightweight is going to rally the people to rise up against. These cows at beyond black and white thought they can crap on me but they hit a brick wall real fast. What happened is they found out quickly my name mean something out in this world and quality sistas let them cows know that the sistas out here roll with me and down with me and what I’m about. Those ugly twats got stopped real fast right there. In fact they lost some people trying to come after this and like always, I got new sistas and new people coming to Dream and Hustle and seeing that I’m about it. No one said ever they leaving me or walking away from me because of some ugly cows at beyond black and white was trying to expose me. If there are people in the real world that actually know me and saw them attacking me, they wouldn’t approach me about it. That would be very stupid to approach me real world saying they read about me on beyond black and white because that would reveal that person never knew I been out here putting in real work. So anybody in the real world who found out about me from beyond black and white but didn’t know my other works is an idiot who engaged in petty stuff not realizing people like me are around them hustling and getting our money up. moneyup What I’m explaining in this article is simple – focusing on building up silent power by doing the right thing and be genuine in what you do. When you do, what happens is you gain power and respect of your peers, your community and your people. No ugly cow from beyond black and white is going to convince anybody out there to hate on Ed Dunn because an ugly cow have nothing to bring to the table. No one in the black community is going to listen to a black woman who advocate sleeping with white men on anything she got to say – they will tell her to get the fuck out of their face. If you want to do the comparison - I help put other people on, those cows at beyond black and white are not helping anybody and exploiting hurt sistas to hate black men and feed negativity over at their web sites. My empires are globally scalable can be invested in and benefit the black community, no one will or want to invest in the swirling industry and that swirling garbage ain’t going nowhere fast. And most important, all cats had to do was look at my friends, especially the sistas that roll with me, some of the finest and high-caliber sistas out there. Look, people are always going to try to come at you when you rising up and want to try to see if they can rock you off your boat. Donald Trump and Koch Brothers cannot be shamed and at the end of the day, they create thousands jobs to drive the economy and fund politicians to pass legislation – that is power and that is what matters, not some petty chatter from a bunch of ugly sistas who mad because brothas don’t want them anymore. I’m about that power and I’m making moves and you brothas and sistas out there know that is what really matters at the end of the day.