Oh Where Do We Begin, The Rubble or Our Sins?

therubble There is a strawman belief out there called “responsibility politics” African-Americans in liberal media outlets use to claim the reason for African-American problems is due to structured systems and not our individual actions. In other words, we African-Americans should not be accountable for our own actions and not take responsibility because it is some superstructure system out there working to hold us back and we have to acknowledge the superstructure system of racists and ultra-rich families of having so much control over our lives. The Barackalypse is approaching and we all don’t have a lot of time or luxury to entertain this nonsense. Right now, August 2015 is the litmus test on who in the African-American community really going to outlast the Post-Obama era. Brothas and sistas who are simply looking for acceptance and validation from others and celebrated the crumbs they received like a job opportunity, media attention or investment are not going to be happy after President Obama become a certified lame duck November 2015. Those who chose to take responsibility of their situation and made the decision to take of themselves, their family, their people, their community are those who are going to last. The Levee Walls Came Tumbling Down on the City That We Love katrina We can look at the last 15 years of history and see what happened to the majority black cities. In New York when the World Trade Towers were hit and the stock market collapse, this caused a major disruption in black economic activity having jobs causing many New Yorkers to leave NYC and move to places like Florida and the Carolinas to find jobs and opportunity. It was also during this time, massive jobs were lost at places like telecommunications and banks where many black people had office jobs. People had interest-only loans on McMansions and could not afford the expensive payments to maintain that look and style. I worked during that period and saw nothing but mass of black people walking out of corporate offices holding boxes loading up their car crying and hugging each other while their family sitting out with the car open wondering how they going to get their next paycheck, I lived through that saw that. 10 years ago from August 2015 to the first week of September 2015, Hurricane Katrina formed and devastated the Florida panhandle but had another city to destroy – New Orleans. Many of us African-Americans watched with tears streaming from our eyes as Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans watching our brothas and sistas left in New Orleans dying and suffering in the streets and basically left abandoned and having to fend for themselves to get food and shelter. These were older black people and marginalized poor who were left. And I watched brothas and sistas having to move out of New Orleans, their hometown like refugees and relocate to other cities all over America leaving the place they grew up and love. Then we saw 2008 when the housing bubble collapse and the stock market collapse and Wall Street went through a massive meltdown. Then we saw a gigantic ripple effect of foreclosures being done with robo-signing and we also saw banks laying off massive people and automotive industries laying off massive people which the majority were black people. Black people were losing their home to foreclosure and found themselves underwater making payments that were more than their home was worth. Many walked away from their loan altogether and I was there driving home from the club on a Saturday night and I see U-Haul trucks driving around filled with people sneaking out of their home in the middle of the night to walk away from their loan. Here in Atlanta, we saw a mass exodus of brothas and sistas moving back to their hometown to live with mom so they can rebuild their lives. Dream and Hustle covered all of these events and more on this blog. We covered the long job fair lines filled with African-Americans who are unemployed. We covered the fuel crisis where prices went up to $6/gallon and more in California and black people driving SUVs had to quit their job because gas cost more than the job where $5/gallon is $65 on a 15 gallon tank which is a week for travel to a grocery store job and that is $130 in gas every two weeks in case you cannot do the math. Dream and Hustle covered where we saw people waiting in line passing out trying to wait for a Section 8 application to fill out, not wait for a voucher but the application! Dream and Hustle also covered where we saw young men and young women who were 18-21 who were sleeping out of their cars or in homeless shelters and I actually had to fund getting someone I used to work corporate jobs with out of a homeless shelter and get a chick off the stripping pole and help her find a job. I would go to the mall during the afternoon and find brothas and sistas sitting in their car in the mall parking lot and give them $20 out of my pocket..and tell them don’t cry, just do what you can. We watched cities by majority black people go down economically in a devastating way. And as a result, we saw violence increase in black communities especially in cities like Chicago but violence increased everywhere. We saw many areas, the land value was basically junk bond status and now they cannot even give away free lots in many cities like Detroit and city budgets were decimated also. School budgets were slashed in black communities and they sold yall on that charter school bullshit and yall bought into that crap. Then they merged schools from across town and you saw black students fighting Hispanic students and also black students fighting other black students from other communities and more high school student violence rampant and out of control. Nothing Changed At All layoff Today, if you close your eyes seeing what we been through, you will feel like nothing changed at all and you have been here before. What I saw in the real world is the black media focused during this critical time to focus on BS content such as ratchet sistas, drama relationships, hire comedians to host the black radio morning show to crack jokes, ignorant black movies that focus on dysfunctional black relationships and black people becoming overnight relationship experts. But then we had the era of fake hustlers and fake entrepreneurs promoting multi-level marketing and other schemes and we saw things like WorldStarHipHop and MediaTakeOut come into fruition as black media. But the reality is, this is what our black people wanted to consume during this critical era and you cannot blame the black media. We saw black media actually lose more and more money and close down and did massive layoffs trying to appeal to the demand for ignorant black media by black consumers who did not wanted to face the reality of the situation around us in the real world. A few weeks ago, Radio One had to do serious layoffs and drop cats at their two radio stations here in Atlanta and earlier this year, indicated that they are losing market share in the Texas market due to new upstarts targeting urban listeners. So you black folks can pretend black media is going great entertaining you with ignorant black content but they are not. Look around, cats are not making money in media selling you that crap. As 2017 approach and the 2016 election season ramp up in full swing, African-Americans are going to see that nothing has changed at all from all the losses we suffered the past 15 years and President Obama only suppressed further damage – which is all President Obama can do and I praise him for doing a good job. But when Obama leaves office, that bandage is coming off or that tourniquet is going to be taken off and the damage will come back and reveal nothing changed. African-Americans in general failed to prepare ourselves to not repeat the economic and natural disasters we faced in the past 15 years. You look around and you see ignorant ass black dudes taking about PUA and gaming girls and you see ignorant ass black chicks talking about how someone don’t like her because she is dark-skinned with a flat-booty. This is the crap these clowns are talking about when I still remember when I ran that beverage stand downtown Atlanta, two sistas came to me with a baby in their stroller asking for directions to a homeless shelter and they told me they just got off the Greyhound bus from another state and walked from that Greyhound station near Garnett station in Atlanta to downtown Peachtree looking for a homeless shelter to get their lives together. We got ignorant African-Americans online talking stupid and ignorant when we got real-world problems out here in the African-American community. waiting Nothing has changed and what I seen before we are going to see again as early as next month manifest even more. Technology and outsourced talented and the move to global urban hubs is going to alienate and shut out African-Americans in a more massive way than any of you guys can imagine. I can find an apartment and job in Singapore or London or Dubai or even Brasilia just as effortlessly as finding an apartment on the other side of Atlanta – that is how the world is going right now, urban hubs to acquire talent hubs to build urban economies. You African-Americans are not even inside the ballpark and don’t even know where the global economy arena is located as you stay stuck on stupid crap in the 21st century which all this global economy stuff going on around you and wiping out your positions as an entitlement-seeking consumer shopping American minority race of people. traders None of you African-Americans can articulate right now how our people are prepared to move forward in a Post-Obama era. You have zero economic plans that should have been laid out back in 2008 but you guys didn’t do a damn thing but publish Dr. Claude Anderson speeches on YouTube. You African-Americans only know one language, my Chinese and Latino girlfriends help me every day understand the language and local culture. There are Africans who been in Guangzhou for a few years and already experts on international trade with China while you brothas and sistas did nothing but watch reality TV and stood in line for the latest Jordan sneakers at the mall. And the worst of all, none of you African-Americans took Dream and Hustle seriously while for the past several years, I worked with cats all over the world who actually read Dream and Hustle and asked me how to implement everything from self-checkout stores to NFC to pop-up and mobile retailing. Let me say it to your face one more time – you African-Americans for the past 15 years saw true and massive decline and devastation happen to the black communities in America through economic deterioration to economic marginalization and violence and scarcity of resources with food deserts. You African-Americans have zero strategy to fight for global economic resources and ignored the fact China took over Japan as an economic power but you African-Americans think Hispanics haven’t already overtaken you here in America. Mexico City is already the 5th largest metropolitan economy in the world – yeah, keep acting like you African-Americans got some special sauce. You African-Americans have no plans to rebuild the hood, you have no skills to go global, you have no products to bring to market with global demand. All you have is a seat at the Steve Harvey show live taping and talking about self-actualization about your skin color and how your hair look and that you are a classy man or whatever the hell you talking about during this critical period in African-American history. And you consume crackpots on social media who spread lies and misinformation about our people and you believe the emotional part of the lie as you share misinformation through social media sharing. You African-Americans are way into memes and anecdotal story telling instead of strategies. You African-Americans have done nothing but set yourself up for the worst once the 2016 Presidential campaign kicks into gear and President Obama leaves office in 2017. You African-Americans made the fatal decision to claim it is not your responsibility to take care of yourself, your people and your community and your future. You wanted to blame rich families and some racist structure out there for why you African-Americans are downtrodden and entertained those worthless thoughts for too long. It is not going to be an “if” you are okay and there are a billion plus people God also gives a damn about more than you lazy ass African-Americans in this world who did not handle your business after all these bad events and after all these years. We were caught up in our vices and posing ignoring the dark clouds around us and it’s just too late right now for most of us in the African-American community. How I’m Going to Be an Optimist about This goldencalf What we seeing in the African-American community in August 2015 is no different than Noah and the Great Flood where cats were acting like fools while Noah built an Ark. And also when Moses traveled up Mount Sinai while the cats at the bottom of the mountain acted like fools and built a golden calf to worship. Many of you African-Americans chose to listen to fools in the black community who have not built an Ark and you African-Americans decided to worship a golden calf during this critical moment in African-American history when we need to prepare for the worst and have faith for the best. See, while African-Americans decided they going to act like fools with cognitive dissonance, I decided I’m going to take the weight and take ownership of problems we are having in our community right now. I’m in Atlanta and when I go visit the King Memorial, I’m reminded to the core that Dr. Martin Luther King took the weight to fight for our equality with a vision for my freedom and your freedom and it cost him a mortal life – that is what go through my mind when I’m at his memorial and throw a coin in the pond wishing the best for my people through this crucial point in our history. As long as I accepted my path, my mission and dedicated to doing what I have to do, I’m very optimistic about my situation and know with confidence I’m not going to be like any of you. I handled my business because I never pretended like brothas and sistas were not sleeping out of cars at the abandoned mall parking lots in our hoods the past few years and didn’t pretend cats from New Orleans didn’t had to run to their attic and tear a hole in their roof dragging their elder mother to the top with them to escape the flooding from Hurricane Katrina. Unlike you African-Americans, I remember what our people been through the last 15 years and I’m taken personal responsibility to do what I can to say never again to me, my people, our children. But the rest of you African-American people out there decided to carry yourselves like a bunch of fools. So as September 2015 approach and things begin to manifest all over again for African-Americans, let’s try to be honest about where do we begin to place the blame. Do we blame the rubble that we see around us or do we blame our own sins for not taking responsibility to not let what happen to us what happened the past 15 years. I have full confidence our next president will be a Republican and we saw how 2000 to 2008 fared for African-Americans. You African-Americans had your chance between 2009 and 2015 and you blew it. The best you can do now is prepare you and your family for the worst and hope for the best because the Great Flood is coming back and I’m hoping you are smarter than worshiping a Golden Calf during this critical period in our history.

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  1. So sad, but true for so many. There is work to be done, and we cant wait for somebody to apologize or do it for us. We dont seem to understand that we have to take the wheel and drive. Change starts on a state level, in our communities, by our own hands.

  2. Good post as usual brotha. Im so glad I found your blog a week ago. It has been life changing for me. Brothas and sistas need to wake up and stop playing and realize that WE are in an economic fight for our lives. Those who don’t make it are gonna be stuck in a perpetual underclass or get monetized in the private prison system. Its not a joke anymore! Black women need to stop talkin that ‘STRONG INDEPENDENT’ mess and realize that they TOO are a target of this economic war. They don’t need bedwenches anymore! They already got us up against the ropes economically. They got tight booty asian and hispanic females now to be their pets and secretaries they no longer want or NEED the black women. We need an economic plan that focuses on innovation, and building new products and getting them to the international market. Not one that focuses on begging the white boy for a job. That is pathetic and akin to slaver. When are bothas and sistas gonna stop living like that and realize they were meant and are capable of BETTER if they just start putting work in and stop watching scandal and basketball wives.

  3. Atlanta should be the nexus of Black American excellence. Virtually every resource that you have explained in this blog is here in abundance. We (supposedly) have a heavily educated Black class, we are strategically located to take advantage of capitalistic opportunities nationally and internationally (Hartsfield-Jackson), real estate is relatively cheap, our local government has a number of Black movers and shakers who understand how to play political games – and win (Kasim Reed and company).

    I could go on and on, but I realize something about Black people – most of us are too heavily invested in victim advocacy to make any real difference in the communities that need the most help. There are several “wise” old men that I had to stop speaking with because all they could mumble back at me is some irrelevant ramblings about how deep The ISIS Papers are when I questioned the practical use of spreading it’s content around and calling it knowledge. The ISIS Papers are not going to bring jobs and quality of life to the SWATS.

    It’s also laughable when I listen to old heads (and youngbloods) pontificate about our Egyptian origins as if that somehow places a shroud of importance over us. They get mad when I say that isn’t a single one of us Black motherfuckers here in the United States that can trace our bloodlines to a single motherfucker who worked on a pyramid AND even if we could, so the fuck what? Talking about how they were all master mathematicians and champion architects don’t mean shit when most of these motherfuckers can barely add and subtract, much less build an anthill.

    Egypt is just like any other civilization in that a few motherfuckers would have designed it and a bunch of broke motherfuckers (most likely slaves) would have been charged with maintaining it. How the hell is that any different than living in the modern world today? There’s plenty of technologically advanced and exquisitely designed bullshit around us that Black folks use everyday. Does that mean you can take credit for it just because you just so happen to be alive in the time it was designed and implemented? What’s the point in claiming all this “ancient wisdom” when most motherfuckers ain’t even in tune with the amazing shit that’s around them today?

    I work with a lot of Africans. I am inspired by them and find them to be some of the hardest working and smartest motherfuckers you can ever ask to be around. A couple of these brothers are straight up refugees. They came here and just grinded until they came up. The more I’ve been around them, the more I realize is that most Black American men are some straight up pussies. I don’t know why the fuck so many brothers are under the false belief that they are so hardbody and everybody is intimidated by them and that they are so deserving of respect just because they claim to be “real niggas”.

    I’m starting to really buy in to the message that my stepfather has told me about how spoiled and entitled Black brothers are today and how they lack any kind of real work ethic. Of course, I would say that the momentum clearly stopped with his peers, but I digress.

    You can go online at any time and read case studies concerning successful entrepreneurial efforts from all across the world, you can learn any technical skill that you desire at the click of a button (I keep YouTube and Lynda running in my house at all times), you can learn to build a fucking house just by showing up to Home Depot and Lowes on the right days, you can look up how to discipline and train your mind and body by looking up videos are checking out the blog of any of the health professionals willingly giving away advice today (or just ask one of the brothers selling bean pies and fruit cups).

    Pop-up shops should be a natural choice, payment systems can be adapted from Africa and used to create a vibrant contained consumer market in the hood (imagine the swap meet off of Lee Street in the West End with a NFC payment system and RFID solution creating a payment system and a means to keep track of inventory – I’m working on it).

    Why the fuck are we out in the streets of Ferguson marching when all these folks could be crowdfunding pop-up shops, buying and tearing down/restoring all the fucked-up real estate, and for goodness sake, doing something about the fucked-up Normandy High School that Michael Brown graduated from? What good is it doing to continue to appeal to a bunch of people who either don’t give a fuck if you get shot or only care about keeping your perceived inability to affect change as their primary agenda so they can “help” you?

    Black Americans are happy to:

    + Stunt-on-credit (I still remember the silly ass spectacle of NBA All-Star Weekend when dumb asses was renting fur coats and jewelry. That was before the recession came and showed us that most Black folks in Atlanta really didn’t own shit and got by paying the minimum on their credit card balance)

    + Engage in Facebook activism (I call that shit Fakebook because most people just use that shit to propogate lies)

    + Fuck raw dog and have babies and spread HIV when it’s not even necessary to do either or. You didn’t have to get the pussy and you didn’t have to suck that dick. However, you could have used a condom or talked with your gynecologist about Mirena. Whatever. We do dumb shit and wanna cry about it like somebody made us do it.

    + Talk about we don’t have positive role models when we live in a city crawling with Black high acheivers that most Black folks simply ignore because they ain’t throwing a ball, flashing their ass cheeks, or holding a microphone. Furthermore, why do the fuck do a person need all these positive role models anyway? Learning, acheiving and accomplishing is a healthy source of self-esteem all within itself. My son’s school don’t spend a month talking about Latin acheivements, it don’t seem to stop the Latinos in his school from dominating the honor roll (SMH)

    + Believe that they better than Africans when they don’t even know any personally. I have this battle with my son constantly. I do my damnest to point to him that his whole life is dominated by intelligent Africans (all of his doctors and teachers were African at one point. He still silly enough to think they have bones in their noses)

    + Think their kids are “smart” because they can use a smartphone when the whole point of smartphone design in the first place was to dumb down the operations so that ANYONE can use it. I’m going to go over to the middle school and high school, get a few motivated youngsters and start teaching them how to code so they can have a fighting chance in this international economic battle THEY don’t even know they’re in.

    + Believe that people give a fuck about them marching up-and-down the block screaming about the police that they clearly depend on to patrol their fucked-up ass neighborhoods. Don’t you think people know y’all are going to march? Do you really think they care?

    + Be mad at President Obama when they ain’t took a second to look up what the JOBS Act could do for them

    + Keep putting their kids in these bullshit ass charter schools run by companies like Mosaica who do nothing but open up some silly shit, run it half-ass, then, take the money and run open up a bunch of other ones after the state shuts it down. It’s simple, take your ass over to your child’s school sometimes and work with the administration AND make sure your kids are doing what they need to do. You are going to be paying the taxes on it regardless, you might as well get your money’s worth.

    This shit crazy. Appreciate that SQL code…

  4. Very good follow up to your Barakcalypse articles. I was young when these things happened but knew I Would not end up like the people I see around me. Beat and given up. I came around more in 2012 when I came across this blog and it changed my whole perception of going to get opportunities and develop dominant skills to compete and be of use in a global economy.
    It’s sad when you try to leverage skill and knowledge to help others and they still caught up in bullshit that don’t matter. Even just learning about the solutions mentioned to others I still came out the loan wolf. I see it as African Americans have full out opportunities to learn to read, and gain skills for anything during this period but fail to do so. People before didn’t have the choices to do so but I have them and take advantage of it as much as possible. Thank you for continuing to contribute because only a few made it on that ark and only a few listened when the walls of Jericho were to fall. I’M aware and doing something about it.

  5. I know how Black folk are here in this condition from where they might have been generationally tougher (if not more educated or smarter) 3 or 4 generations ago. In Ed ‘s editorial, and in these comments, nobody has lied…I just tend to be more philosophical about it.

    Most Black folk have been shut down in a rut so long, but it’s aggravated by living in a world with so many escapes and distractions, that it’s easier to pursue pleasure and temporary thrills rather than do the heavy lifting to get free. Some brothers and sisters get sidetracked on the come-up by thinking street activism and/or romanticism African history or getting caught up in skin-color essentialism will get them and Black folk free…nope.

    Dream and Hustle provides models and clear ideas…but most of us are so undereducated and baffled by B.S. that they can’t focus on the real…they’ve been living a life of existence so long that they can’t conceptualize HOW TO LIVE even when there’s folks that don’t like and despise you.

    I’m trying to bring the people along in love…but I get it.

  6. We’re forever talking about the firsts and the achievers who overcame the 396 years of this garbage, but rarely do we look at it from the status of the people that were crushed under the heel of this thing, and worse…the ones that were broken but they didn’t’t die…but they had offspring and that brokenness continued…

    Too much effort, energy and resources that we don’t have needed to “save” everybody…that ain’t gonna happen. We can try to save the ones willing and ready to be though.

  7. Im going to read the comments but
    Injust copied paste this rapper Nas info

    “A new fund being created by General Assembly, a private New York City technical school with a bent towards programming and engineering, is hoping to redress the dearth of minority participation in the tech sphere. The so-called “Opportunity Fund” will offer scholarships to women, veterans, African-Americans, and Latinos, all groups who have historically and systematically been denied equal access to the sciences.

    Nas, who has stepped up his involvement in the tech world in recent months, is joining Google, Microsoft, and Hirepurpose as one of the fund’s backers. His QueensBridge Venture Partners project will provide the funds for scholarships to African-Americans and Latinos, while Google will fund women and Microsoft and Hirepurpose will pay for veterans to attend the school.

    “This is the start of what hopefully will be a contribution to what will be a more diverse and accessible community worldwide,” General Assembly CEO Jake Schwartz told Betabeat.

    “There’s sort of a like-attracts-like issue in engineering subcultures. It’s the ‘brogrammer’ syndrome,” he added.

    1. Thats a good initiative on Nas part as well as other stakeholders. I’m just wondering why is the fund for African Americans and Latinos. Would Latinos designate a fund for us or just undercut us and out compete us like they do in the construction industry?

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